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File: 1456386885377.jpg (339.34 KB, 650x660, 65:66, 1456162811535-0.jpg)


This board is for the discussion of alternate economic or political systems and their possible implementation.

This includes, but is not limited to, discussions about post-scarcity economics, resource-based currency systems, technocracy, futurism, and trans-humanism. Most importantly, we want to discuss the memetic advocacy of these concepts.

We must work together to create a better world, free of our current chains.

We are the future.

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Thanks for creating this board.

This beats the hell out of email for our private discussion purposes. There are about 5 people so far that we can likely bring over. I've had different levels of correspondence with different people and this could keep it all transparent so we're all seeing the same shit.

This can be our sounding board where we hone our public material before bringing it to light.

I can test things like 4chan thread starter formats and other "internal" stuff we've been discussing via email.

Congratulations! History will remember you as one of the first thing-doers that changed the world!

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If you want to write up a thread we can use as a sticky that sort of delineates some of your goals, etc, I'd appreciate it


I'll do it tomorrow in the AM. I get burnt out after too many hours shilling my shit. I've had some post trouble too, hopefully it's temporary.

It won't be long before someone more qualified to run this comes along and takes over. You can focus wherever your strengths are in time.



This website is having serious problems.

I think that they are under relentless, massive ddos attacks at all times.


this shit work?



Yeah, it works, but sometimes you have to try more than once to post successfully.

File: 1456378235470.png (4.99 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1456364990364-1.png)


I enabled .pdf uploading and would like this thread to be a sort of repository for e-books about non-mainstream economic models, post-scarcity, and other edgy political (or fictional) things that would be relevant here..

Knowledge is power.


File: 1456378349208.pdf (1.77 MB, Post-Scarcity Anarchism.pdf)


File: 1456378541931.jpg (321.76 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1456170853825.jpg)


Crip Chan, fuck yeah.

Now if we could only upload .epub,.mobi, etc.

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File: 1456379942307.pdf (954.08 KB, accelerando-txt.pdf)

This is the novel that I named the board after.

It is a book named Accelerando (which is the name of a musical time signature) by Charles Stross.

It is full of ideas that are sort of in the context of a post-capitalistic society.

It is one of the most interesting books I have ever read.


File: 1456383856363.pdf (1.45 MB, Technocracy Rising – The T….pdf)

>In a nutshell, historic Technocracy is a utopian economic system that discards price-based economics in favor of energy or resource-based economics. Technocracy is so radically different from all current economic norms that it will stretch your mind to get a grasp of what it actually means and what it implies for a global society.

This guy really hates technocracy, and while I have not read the book yet, I find it amusing that he seems to think that the global elite are herding us into some kind of technocratic system.

This is funny, as it is the ultra-rich who have the most to lose by implementing any kind of resource-based economy.

Anyway, I'm posting this book because it is relevant to the conversation I would like to have on this board.


File: 1456384329674.pdf (330.61 KB, The Artificial Intelligenc….pdf)

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