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File: 1441854670417.jpg (12.94 KB, 251x201, 251:201, israel100%pureevil.jpg)


We need to spread facts about Israel. You must take the moral high ground and think from the point of view of the masses in order to sway public opinion of them. So by all means dig up the facts about Israel that damn them in the eyes of normal people.

I would suggest you hand out pamphlets if you're not feeling lazy.

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Oh, hello.

File: 1441851720310.jpg (35.33 KB, 510x510, 1:1, couragewolfeatzionists.jpg)


Fuck the global rule we need to get things done. 1. Get things done. 2. Try to stay on topic.

Please report shitposters.

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File: 1441921852442.jpg (301.22 KB, 1632x976, 102:61, confederate flag cake.jpg)


I bought 150 confederate flags stickers, and I've been putting them up on lamp posts (which already have lots of stickers on them) in my liberal Midwestern college town.

They get scratched off within 24 hours..

(this assumes me greatly)

Does this count as action?

File: 1441860613443.png (51.43 KB, 2356x793, 2356:793, serveimage.png)


Who red pills on twitter? We need to.coordinate and plan for best results. I got a Hitler account that is doing good so far.


File: 1441864694387-0.jpg (187.68 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, goyimborntoservejews.jpg)

File: 1441864694391-1.jpg (152.61 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, nonjewsarebeasts.jpg)

File: 1441864694392-2.jpg (379.3 KB, 1613x1210, 1613:1210, pedojewsandgentiles.jpg)

File: 1441864694392-3.jpg (211.17 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, proceedcallouslyagainstthe….jpg)

File: 1441864694393-4.jpg (526.68 KB, 1613x1210, 1613:1210, whatajewstelasfromgentilem….jpg)


Here's my twitter account I use for trolling and redpilling. These images are for my current cause of spreading knowledge of the racist ideologies of Judaism.

File: 1441859050667.png (29.14 KB, 900x552, 75:46, 1419233764306.png)


Ok where, who, do we redpill and with what?

My plan is to redpill tea partiers on nigs and spics, anyone see any success in this



it depends how redpilled they are already. You need to pick the right people or you just come off as racist.

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