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Hello, Anon.


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How long has it been since you got your last fix?
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I have experienced every substance abuse problem you've heard of. Not that I'm bragging about it, rather I feel like I'm a veteran of a war I wouldn't talk about if I weren't anon.

I haven't had any benzos in 5 days. (Which was one of the hardest habits for me to kick.) Currently though I'm drinking, (my "final frontier" if you will). There have been few days when I haven't drank in 5 years. Ideally I'd like to be able to stop drinking, but I simply can't put up with benzo withdrawals without it. So I'm kind of in a lose-lose situation.

Much respect struggling anons.

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This board has been created for a specific purpose: to help its users break free of addiction.

Drugs, porn, if you can't live with it but can't live without it, you've come to the right place.

The rules are simple:

1. Be honest.
2. Be respectful.
3. Be supportive.
4. Keep all content SFW.

Let's fight addiction together.
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you're doin a good thing here bud

have a pretty girl


Thanks, Anon.


you got any more of her?


Fuck you false cunt. I dont need your help

File: 1423080298277.gif (175.94 KB, 525x401, 525:401, photo_sheep.gif)


ITT, post your experiences regarding your addiction. Describe what it's like to be you when you need a fix, when you get it and the aftermath.


Someday I'll be ready to talk about it.


I don't drink, I don't use drugs, and despite these facts, somehow i'm always the life of the party.

I was never critical of those who drink, or used drugs, as long as they weren't hurting anyone but themselves. It's their life, I'm not my brother's keeper.

Today, I find myself a little bit more sympathetic to those suffer from addiction.

I had long known that they were victims of their own abuse, and that they felt powerless to change themselves.

I suffered a great lost yesterday. While grieving, I realized that I myself have been an addict this whole time, and I just didn't know it. My addiction was just as self destructive as if I'd been sticking needles in my my arm.

8 years of my life, that I can never get back, wasted, and for naught.

The withdrawal is killing me. I need a fix, but this isn't something I can score, it's gone forever. I tried to find a replacement, and I'm fighting the urge to step through that gateway to something else.

This experience has even opened my eyes to other forms of addiction like obese people that eat too much, and wankers who watch too much porn. reckless drivers who have the need for speed, and other adrenaline junkies.

Don't reply. I don't need sympathy or support, i just needed to share. I can't help being an addict, it's simply human nature, but I need to make better choices about what I become addicted to next. Don't let your addiction define you. Diversify to protect yourself from this withdrawal shit, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you have 8 or 10 addictions you can fall back on the others.

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I want to eat my own cum lol



File: 1428969954050.jpg (8.47 KB, 236x396, 59:99, 668d8751e242568235102d6bf2….jpg)


For pornography addicts, it's best to stop early.

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