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I don't know why I have to go out of my way to say this, but


Suggest an OP asking for advice kill themselves. If you can't offer real advice don't say anything at all. From this point forward I'll start taking action against it.

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age of consent

hey /adv/

the age of consent in my country is 16

I fucked a 16 year old, we both wanted it

I am 22.

what does age of consent mean legally speaking?

How badly can I get fucked?

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Despite how many year I've been here, my english might feel trash.

I don't know how many people are out there reading these post, but for anyone reading this and feeling like they're failing their life in their early 20s, pls take care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself doesn't mean pizza on bed. This is comfort, it's going to end you in pain during your mid 20s.

here's a list of thing you should always do:

>shower every single day

>use conditioner after shampoo

>men shampoo or 2 in one are trash

>look for shampoo ingredient

>you can care about exfoliator

>if you feel down, fasting for a good 24h and take a walk can help you out

>eat no bread, no rice, no pasta, no sugar and you will loose weight

>always have a proper haircut for your head, don't be scared to experiment(look a kpop guy I dunno)

>trust /fa/

>remember zyzz

>mewing work

>always read a book

>always read a textbook

>go to university if it's affordable

>get a job

>don't ever get any debt


>have a dream, even if it's dumb

A complex routine, gives you a complex life with complex achievement.

pleas, if you're an incel, go see psychologist or something. You need it.

take care of yourself. I care about you all. In the end, I grew up with you all.

please be true.

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Hey /adv/

>Be me

>English class, last week

>Partner project (tearcher picks partners)

>Sit beside partner. "Hey Anon, what do?"

>"I'll do writing, you find 15 pics for presentation"

>Anon behind me brings up Stalin

>Political debate with him and others for rest of class

>At home find pics, send to partner

>Partner tells teacher I did absolutely nothing, mentions debate

>Try to explain story to teacher

>Teacher already hated me, so 0 on assignment and email

What do?

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How does one aquire an intellegent clingy gf that likes science?

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How do I share a google drive link without the system detecting it as spam here?

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Well, here goes

No job, no drivers license, still living with parents, 21 years old about to turn 22 in a few months

No job experience

How do I get out of this, guys? I want to move and get out of my parents house as fast as possible, they're starting to crush me and it feels horrible and I just feel overburderened and stressed out because of what they're doing. I'm feeling trapped and helpless. Please help. What should I do? :(

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My Flesh is Weak

How long until a fully cybernetic body is achieveable? I hate the cage I am in

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Two of my friends are going to an event and wanted me to come, but a lot of people I don’t know will be there and I’m not good at socializing nor putting myself out there. One thing to note is one of those friends wanted me to come so it wouldn’t be just those two friends but I turned them down.

It’s very likely that they both would just fuck off and leave me to be stranded in the middle of some people I don’t know. Another problem is if I were to go, one of those friends would be my ride to and from my apartment, so I don’t know.

I get that putting myself out there is important, but it’s my Saturday night and I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot here, though I guess I already am. Any advice you guys can give me on what I should do?

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Hey /adv/

>Be me

>Get call about job interview

>GF applied for same job

>Get phone interview and asking to come in tomorrow

>GF Storms off in a shitty mood

>Locked herself in a room after we get home

What do?

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Hi /adv/

>cute girl with whom i talk

>we have different opinions on politics, philosophy, etc

>we often discuss and she usually ends up angry

>says that she hates me

>somehow, she always comes back to talk to me again

>though sometimes i find her very annoying sometimes, i've started to feel something towards her

>i've realized that we have much things in common

>we always joke at each other

>those last days she's been asking me things like

>"do u have a gf, anon?"

>"have you ever had a gf?"

>"have you ever kissed someone?"

>after that, we discuss again and the cycle repeats

What should I do? I'm not sure if she feels the same way as I do

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Getting out of a shithole country

Any good advice on getting out of a shitty country? I was thinking about enrolling to a college in the US but fuck it's bloody expensive. It is really difficult to get work visa without any degree but I manage just fine finding a job locally. My only options are lottery visa, getting a scholarship, and maybe some random bloke willing to sponsor me for some reason. Any other way you guys can share?

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what lotion or oil is good for sexual massages?

could these be used for penetration?

could veggies be used as sex toys? (do they need to have condoms?)

is it easier to fist her ass or pussy? shes new.

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Memories of an old online friend.

This is probably far too common, but.

I'm having serious problems from the fact that I lost contact with a very good online friend years ago.

And I'm talking around 10 years ago or less.

I've done desperate searches that always seemed to lead to nowhere. I even reinstalled Skype to see if I could read through our old chat logs, sadly they don't seem to be stored serverside so they don't get saved.

There's thee things I know about him;

His name was supposed to be Alexander Key

We played a shit ton of Minecraft together, and his username was mateimrambo

He's also supposed to be from Bahrain.

Anything else I have no clue of and no amount of searching led me any closer to finding him.

he should probably be around 21-25 years old now, I can barely recall his age.

How do I go about finding him? Is there any hope? Have the muslims killed my old Minecraft friend?

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Is there an alternative to KonMari based on fear instead of joy?

>Hold the item in your hand.

>Ask yourself "Does it spark joy?"

>If you don't feel joy, you MUST get rid of the item.

What happens if I'm incapable of feeling joy and literally none of the items I touch fit into that "spark joy" category? I seriously have not felt joy in years.

For example, I own a winter coat, not because it sparks joy, but because it makes me less likely to freeze to death.

I recognize rationally that it benefits me, and I feel very mildly glad that it's available, and I feel afraid of possibly not having it later, but JOY is not sparked within me. The positive emotion I feel is as far beneath JOY as a candle flame is beneath 4th of July fireworks.

Am I supposed to give my winter coat to charity immediately in the middle of January and probably freeze to death, because I don't feel a very specific and powerful emotion when holding it?