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File: e0157e120bcf320⋯.jpg (461.19 KB, 680x467, 680:467, CQa5aOBUEAEluud.jpg)


I've always had social anxiety but my taste for expensive clothing and my new york accent is starting to have people believe I'm some popular person so I get attention from people I despise them and everyone when I'm trying to be alone. sometimes comes in the form of sexual harassment. I used to be a normalfag about 5-7 years ago so its possible that influenced me. what can I do to become unknown and invisible.



>what can I do to become unknown and invisible.

The less you spend time on social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), the better.

In public, if you really want to become unknown and invisible, you'll have to dress more like the average person, instead of your expensive clothes, but that doesn't mean you have to wear ugly clothes.

If you can somehow /fa/ subtly, then that's good.

The trick is keeping less and less contacts with people, no need to be rude.

You'll be 'unknown' and 'invisible' in no time.


Anxiety sux m8 lol


Anxiety is not some illness. If there is a bear outside and you enter a different mental state your brain is working correctly. If humans tend to be selfish douchebags who just want to milk you for what you have then dispose of you, so you don't feel natural around them , that is not a problem. Evil people conspire to have anyone who doesn't trust people until they've proven themselves labeled insane. Instead of them being able to work through their problems , they think they are weird and sabotage their own life.

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