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File: 4b92e9acecd2a9f⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 209x250, 209:250, 1430742599416.jpg)


Is it worth it to get a non-STEM degree? I'm not very good at math/science but I'm a pretty good writer and I like the humanities (history and shit like that). Would a bachelors or masters in some humanities be helpful or is it just a waste of time?



You're probably better off doing a trade. Non-STEM degrees are complete memes and wastes of time and money.


That really epends on what you want to do and if you're a really good student.

If you're just trying to write a novel then don't even bother with uni. Just strike it on your own using internet resources.

If you're trying to become a professor or historian then you'll need to earn a degree for the contacts alone. The paper is worthless but knowing experts in their field can find you a job better than any job site can.

If all you're looking for is a job then >>1580 is your best bet.

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