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File: ec8f532511680ab⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, DIjq1i1.png)


>be me


>CS major still in Community College

>About to transfer to a university

>Only shit UCs like UCSC, UCM, UCR and possibly SJSU will accept me considering my GPA

>3.43 by the end of spring semester

>Can try to re-apply and finish up the last two physics classes I need to take for the upcoming spring 2020 term

>embarassed as fuck to go to CC as a fucking 22 year old man

>still a virgin

>could've had an A and got a 3.5 GPA if it weren't for my Calc 3+ vector analysis course but made a stupid mistake and our cunt prof didn't give any partial credit even though she admitted I just made a dumb mistake

>had an opportunity after cucking two guys to nail a 34 year old cougar but fucked it up by saying some stupid shit at the end when we were at my hotel

>Had a comfy job as a MEAN stack dev at a pretty big company in silicon valley but quit cuz I hated working in JS and Nodejs made my life miserable in general

>got super skelly in the 2nd half of 2018 (dropped from 210 to 130ish in like 5 or so months)

>Now I have a shit job that pays fuck all as a math tutor at my Community College

I have no will to keep going or doing anything even though it feels like I am close, because it feels like life is just playing a cruel trick on me teasing me with everything I wanted but then taking it away at the last moment and now I have to go and suffer by going to a shitty UC like santa cruz or to bear the embarassment of taking another semester to finish up the last 2 physics classes I need which might not even boost my GPA high enough to get in. I legit feel like ending my life at the sametime next year if mediocrity is all I have to look forward to now. What do /adv/?


meditate and observe your dreams


losing all interest in going forward or doing anything is just a really shitty situation. it's shitty because from my personal experiences, i don't think anyone but you to can help you to get out of it because you know how you'll react to things, you know yourself better than everyone.

trying to get help from someone is mostly going to end up you being heartbroken as usually the other side is not as enthusiastic about the thing as you are and may lead you to think that you're broken and nothing can save you.

i don't know anon, i really don't, just stick around for a while, stay away from things that make you uncomfortable for a year then start again, it has a weird motivating feeling to it.



I'm 29 and deliver food for a living and live with my mom who literally beats me and harasses me 24/7 and there's nothing I can do because id be homeless. Holy fucking shit you babies are annoying. Waaaaaah I only make 45k doing nothing not 46k waaaaaah.






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