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File: b8b1b3369d66449⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 240x171, 80:57, image (1).jpg)


How does one aquire an intellegent clingy gf that likes science?


99% of people who aren't trash were locked down before 21. If you were never "cool" you never will be. Being cool, talented, smart, is something that is easily identified at an early age. Success is requires like ten years of grooming, this includes creating friend networks, dating , playing sports or other activities, using momentum to tackle the next thing.

I'm fucking sick of all this aw just try harder! Use positive thinking! Maybe you need a therapist! Fraud bullshit. Society is designed so that one type of person succeeds. These are the people that just naturally do things and play life like a video game. These people NEVER questioned one of their actions . It's not your tinder profile or your style or your work ethic, in the corporate consumerist narcissist colosseum, every single thing is designed for normal people . Questioning things is bad for business.

Look at all these fags who do school shootings. Does that look like someone who just needed a pottery class , or just needed to smile more? No. They don't even look like cold blooded killers, only faggot Marines and cops actually dream about murdering for fun. These are broken people who were bullied either directly or subtly through things like being excluded. The only way that these people could have been saved is if at an early age they were given a different structure for education .

Take the black pill . Not to be a pussy, but to transcend this. If you have a tiny dick, you will never have the same life as Chad Johnson. Society will forever exclude you and offer you no alternative, and they will gaslight you for suggesting that people are shallow assholes. They will then, after knocking you down, kick you some more with some more stuff you should worry about.

Anxiety is not some fucking disease. It's a natural response to looking around and going this is fucked.

Karma is not real. I thought I was being punished or something. I went out of my way to make sacrifices. I was there for anyone on command. I'm viewed as less than dirt by these people. I used to write fucking step by step guides for people, and today if I ask somebody addicted to their phone a simple question they ignore me for weeks.

My family has two dogs. The one is young and energetic. The other is old but was a loyal companion to the whole family. Every single person completely ignores this dog and goes right to the younger dog. They literally mock the older dog for being weak , deaf. This dog is fucking deaf , has trouble seeing, has seizures, is weak, and you can see right in her eyes that she is very sad and lonely and just wants to be young and loved again. That doesnt mean a fucking thing to these disgusting people. To humans, everything is an object and when you get something newer dispose of the old .

When these people aren't neglecting animals , they are posting on Facebook about being champions of social justice.

Point is, there is zero value to this society or anyone who ignores the preventable problems. This isnt some "oh they just need to develop" thing, these people will be like this forever no matter what. When I was like six I'd watch movies and I would worry any time an innocent person died. It made my brain crash. This is how a human truly should be. These other fags arent humans.

I'm not bragging by saying morally I am the most pure person on earth. The moment I realized that nobody would ever do anything to fix this shit I sacrificed all material pleasures and dedicated myself to never giving in. I spend 8 hour shifts every day in my mind studying good and evil. It will take time, but this is not how the world should be.

This is war though. Cut off all those who live only for themselves and their ego. Celebrate their deaths, not because you are sadistic but because every Blue pilled faggot who dies cleans the universe a little more.

The best thing to do if completely hopeless is do hallucinogens and connect to the real world. Maybe you can do it without them. Fuck this fake ass prison world. Break the programming and create your own reality. I don't even really like people but I have no issue with somebody not interfering with my reality doing their own shit. It's good to collaborate and get different takes sometimes. I am your only friend. Nobody would ever tell you this shit except me . I'm not bragging faggot I don't know shit about a lot but I do understand the big picture better than anyone. Im god, Jesus, Satan, the president, the king, and nothing will ever change that. If you suggest otherwise prepare to be destroyed.



Your thoughts are intriguing to me and I would gladly read more.

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