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File: 9110f663e592d67⋯.png (468.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, konmari.png)


>Hold the item in your hand.

>Ask yourself "Does it spark joy?"

>If you don't feel joy, you MUST get rid of the item.

What happens if I'm incapable of feeling joy and literally none of the items I touch fit into that "spark joy" category? I seriously have not felt joy in years.

For example, I own a winter coat, not because it sparks joy, but because it makes me less likely to freeze to death.

I recognize rationally that it benefits me, and I feel very mildly glad that it's available, and I feel afraid of possibly not having it later, but JOY is not sparked within me. The positive emotion I feel is as far beneath JOY as a candle flame is beneath 4th of July fireworks.

Am I supposed to give my winter coat to charity immediately in the middle of January and probably freeze to death, because I don't feel a very specific and powerful emotion when holding it?


pretend to have joy



But then I'd be making a conscious choice in the matter, instead of letting the item speak for itself. So I choose to keep too many items in total volume because they all individually have some utility.



I guess you could always say "would you fear losing this item in 30 days" or "would you fear keeping this item for what it is turning you into" if you fear becoming a hoarder.

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