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File: 371f4948301279f⋯.gif (424.34 KB, 268x270, 134:135, oooof.gif)


This is probably far too common, but.

I'm having serious problems from the fact that I lost contact with a very good online friend years ago.

And I'm talking around 10 years ago or less.

I've done desperate searches that always seemed to lead to nowhere. I even reinstalled Skype to see if I could read through our old chat logs, sadly they don't seem to be stored serverside so they don't get saved.

There's thee things I know about him;

His name was supposed to be Alexander Key

We played a shit ton of Minecraft together, and his username was mateimrambo

He's also supposed to be from Bahrain.

Anything else I have no clue of and no amount of searching led me any closer to finding him.

he should probably be around 21-25 years old now, I can barely recall his age.

How do I go about finding him? Is there any hope? Have the muslims killed my old Minecraft friend?


Did you ever voice call with him? If so, did he speak with an accent? Alexander Key doesn't sound like a very Middle Eastern name. If he's not actually from Bahrain that's going to make this search way harder

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