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File: 1e1383296dbd1e3⋯.png (47.59 KB, 456x450, 76:75, 1552760842552.png)


Hi /adv/

>cute girl with whom i talk

>we have different opinions on politics, philosophy, etc

>we often discuss and she usually ends up angry

>says that she hates me

>somehow, she always comes back to talk to me again

>though sometimes i find her very annoying sometimes, i've started to feel something towards her

>i've realized that we have much things in common

>we always joke at each other

>those last days she's been asking me things like

>"do u have a gf, anon?"

>"have you ever had a gf?"

>"have you ever kissed someone?"

>after that, we discuss again and the cycle repeats

What should I do? I'm not sure if she feels the same way as I do



Try keeping your power level in check

If you guys know each other's stances but like each other it's possible to put it aside and see the other things

Just be prepared to not talk politics with her ever


Don't compromise what you really believe for anyone, if you feel that what you believe is true, just, honorable, etc. Darkness has nothing to do with light. Either make the whole tree good and the fruit good, or the tree bad and the fruit bad. Just because you've gotten "closer", don't expect that she will become a different person to suit your stance on life. Be patient. You may look back wishing you had waited for someone more compatible.

No matter how many times they tell you "opposites attract", that's literal "coexist" bullshit. It's not real. Arguments can end relationships, disagreements cause instability, shaky foundations can ruin joy down the road.



In an ideal world, everything would be good and we'd all agree on everything. And there would be peace and we'd all believe in Jesus and there would be no more war, etc. People would even be reasonably forgiving and all relationships would last to their death. People would make honest commitments to one another and keep them, but sadly, only a percentage of society does. Gotta make sure to choose wisely, make conscious decisions. That's my goal anyway.

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