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/Advertise/ is for finding/advertising boards. Use the stickies to leave a "permanent" link to a board, but don't post duplicates in the stickies. You can also make a new thread for advertising a board. If you know of a cool board that isn't here, feel free to post it even if you didn't create it. We also allow people to post their revenue links with a back story too it, please read or rules & tips page before helping anyone out!

24579e No.15[Reply]

Hi i want to post some sites where you can get revenue when people click their links

- Adf .ly

- Adfoc. us

- shorte .st

- admy. link

- shink .in

- ouo .io

- linkbucks .com

- linkshrink. net

- adyou .me

- ad. ly

- bc .vc

- gcash. com

- clk .im

- urlcash. net

- blv. me

- coinurl.com (bitcoin shatoshi)

- victly. com

This article is created by SafeTricks.com.

we hope you like these link short link sites. If you have any best URL shortener network which we have skipped. Must leave you comment i will review and update it as soon as possible.

7df131 No.14[Reply]

Welcome to /Advertise/

I've claimed this board so people can advertise their shit and still be able to have a great conversation with others about it. Here you are allowed to advertise your board and post your revenue links, there are rules though!


0) Global rule 1 applies, do not post or link any under age crap even clothed check https://8ch.net/dost.html

1) No bots

2) Don't link your revenue links to a porn site (meaning all sexual shit)

3)Minimum of 20 characters explaining why we should go to your board or click your link.

4)Do your research before clicking a link and cover your IP adress!

5) A maximum of 2 links going to the same thing in one post

6) Don't ruin someones elses tread by posting your own revenue links go create your own god damn tread

7) Put effort in it, if i or my volunteers see that you don't put effort in this shit we will delete it, probably with warning though.


- This is not a porn board

- To make this board active we have to put effort in our treads and keep it alive

- 8chan.co, 8ch.net /advertise/ and I are not to held accountable if your IP gets out there or you download some virus, We will try to keep it to a minimum

- https://8ch.net/shortenspam.html

Since some time ago they will not allow you to post link shorteners that make you earn money on whole of 8chan, i personally will donate so that we can still do so. just put a space between the domain so the people can copy paste it their self

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