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File: c7fc56fb25859d0⋯.png (91.42 KB, 719x719, 1:1, 156278606151.png)


Would you unironically pay for Aggy bathwater? I feel disgusted by Belle Delphine but i think i would pay for Aggy bath water kek


I'd suck the shit outta her ass if you know what I'm saying


File: 325d0244335e1f2⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 736x538, 368:269, 325d0244335e1f2e8b6c777779….jpg)


Of course, just thinking about it my cock gets hard as a rock



no dude, I don't get it


gross. I would never waste my shekels on trash



>I'm trash

Agree, i would never spend my shekels on Nika, Ciara or Sunny



Yes, but Agatha was way too wholesome sell her bathwater, so no because I know it would have to be stolen from her.



I don't get it


how much would /r9k/ or /agatha2/ pay for Agatha's sweaty socks?



6 million dollars



>but i think i would pay for Aggy bath water kek

You really shouldn't. Considering that Agatha neglects her personal hygiene it would be murky with scraggly hairs on the surface. The reality of buying bathwater is pretty disgusting. Imagine it was an impulse purchase then it actually shows up at your house and your left with an ice cold vile of water with specks of filth floating around. I'm pretty sure not much else happens after that.



>impliying Aggy wouldnt scam the goys with normal water

>Impliying the reason to buy the water its because we do want her dirt water with DNA included



I'm sure Ciara would do it, but Agatha would never do such a thing.



Very much yes :) I asked her once when she was still engaging with fans about buying her panties and socks. She wasn't offended but declined my offers, but in a humorous way. She said people had asked for that before and worse and she was flattered.



Did you pretend to be Japanese or something? I have a hard time believing that wouldn't earn a simple ignore and block.



If that was in 2016, then it's probably true. Earlier on her comment sections weren't as sterile. I remember on her Halloween make-up video one of the top comments was someone jokingly telling her to put mascara on her nipple hairs.

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