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/ahmi/ - Anime History & the Modern Industry

To promote the discussion of Anime under historical contexts as well as the state of the current industry in Japan.


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This board opened just today on 03/19/15!

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Welcome to /ahmi/! This is not your typical Anime discussion board, so please read the following in order to get an idea of what goes on here!

Introduction to /ahmi/

Why frequent /ahmi/ instead of another Anime-discussion image board?

It's hard to find an online environment with high quality discussion regarding Anime, the reason being that most online environments are decentralized communities with no clear goals in mind, and therefore, no solid foundation to base quality discussion on, as well as no incentive for the individuals of the community to do research on their own in order to give back quality responses to the community.

What you then have is a saturated internet (digital) ecosystem consisting of mainly shallow jokes and memes purported primarily by bored individuals who've done zero research on the topic (if one even truly exists) with no end.

But instead of complaining to no end, I've decided that I will build my own environment with a clear goal in mind: To promote the discussion of Anime under historical contexts as well as the state of the current industry in Japan. Although I've summarized my goal in just a single sentence, the implications are grand. I will clarify these implications below through time and constant revisions to this post.

First Steps As A Community / Getting Started as a Knowledgeable Poster

I would like to begin by recommending a book I picked up a year ago on a whim - a book which turned out to be one of the best reads regarding the topic of Anime I've ever read, called Anime: A History, written by Jonathan Clements. I would like to consider this book the SICP (in reference to /g/) of Anime, because reading it will give a newcomer the absolute essentials in order to see Anime in a different light - under historical contexts, which relates directly to the original purpose of this board. In reading this book, a newcomer to this board will be ahead of the typical Anime-fan who frequents online casual communities such as Reddit, /a/, MAL, etc. and be much more capable in creating quality posts with historical depth on the topic.
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Shirobako is a great series to get into and discuss if you're new to this board. It shows the details of the production processes in the industry that the typical anime-watcher is not aware of.

New episode is delayed today on HR though.

File: 1426789372660.jpg (125.2 KB, 425x600, 17:24, A15632-1532404881.14240589….jpg)


The succession of LWA2 is literally Anime history being made before our eyes; The Kickstarter project which made the production possible allowed for $150,000 to be smoothly transferred from Trigger's audience to the company in less than five hours. (Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-07-09/trigger-little-witch-academia-2-meets-kickstarter-goal) This is fucking amazing; such a method of fundraising was never even thinkable in the animation industry a mere decade ago.

The new episode will be forty minutes of pure bliss. (Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-08-07/little-witch-academia-2-kickstarter-ends-with-us%24625518-pledged). May can't come soon enough.

Anyone know if a more accurate ETA was recently announced?
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Edited to include sources.

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