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File: c89efa2e2f69af2⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180401_151247_noexif.jpg)

af390d No.500[Reply]

Check em!

File: e0c52cbb1c37caa⋯.jpg (109.24 KB, 960x641, 960:641, Dionysus.jpg)

188474 No.134[Reply]

Anyone dance the edge of functioning alcoholism?

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188474 No.464


>what happened to me is an eventuality for all

188474 No.465


I'm in agreement. It's always the same story,

>"you're fine now but you WILL fuck up eventually"

Says who? You? Industry has been established with a drink in hand by men up until current year. Other people can find success while drinking, but because you're a fuck up everyone else will be?

7bf3c1 No.466


Not that guy but...

There is a difference between finding success and sustaining a life that you want to live.

If you an actual Alcoholic, your life revolves around alcohol whether you are sober or using.

I think what you are referring to is not alcoholism. If you can control it and only use on weekends or casually with work and stuff intertwined that is not alcoholism.

I'm saying when you're at your worst, you are slamming hard alcohol straight. You go to a bar and are never satisfied because you need something stronger. You start drinking when you wake up and don't stop until you pass out.

The point of the thread is "functioning" alcoholic and I'd argue that there are varying degrees of this. What exactly constitutes functioning? Does it mean getting to work and having a passable social life but little else?

You can be functioning in that sense for a while. Some longer than others but it always catches up with you at one point. You sleep in on accident, you get in a car wreck. Something happens that wouldn't have happened if you had been in a sober phase.

87ad3b No.475

File: 9bde5e32a2fda0c⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 380x348, 95:87, 1403493693190.jpg)


>what happened to me is an eventuality for all

That's not what I said you dumb nigger. If you can't control the impulse of drinking 24/7 then you're an alcoholic. If you don't have the impulse or physical dependence of drinking 24/7 then most probably you're not an alcoholic.

Indicators of alcoholism are pronounced withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, not being able to stop drinking, not getting any hangovers anymore and drinking at improper times (morning, work, driving).

If you can drink and lead a normal life good for you, you're a normal person, but don't go out saying that you're a "functioning alcoholic" like it's a badge of honor, alcoholism or addiction is not a joke. If you can sort your shit you're not alcoholic.

c8d38b No.499

No. I stopped drinking for the past week to save $

File: 55891838971626e⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 474x266, 237:133, weed.jpg)

63f642 No.455[Reply]


the thread

Do any of you drunks smoke weed? Where I'm living right now it's not legal and not even readily available. But, tbh, I think if it was I wouldn't drink nearly as much or at all.

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233b2f No.461


Like alcohol cannabis takes some tolerance to be able to be fully enjoyed. When I would first cross fade it would knock me out, a lot of sensations plus drunken vision can be hard for the brain to handle at first. 5 years later now when I cross fade it's like I'm taking a fun xanax.

286aa7 No.477

File: 5855259b6fddbfe⋯.jpg (126.85 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 97276459-a-man-getting-ver….jpg)

i have pretty much religiously stuck to alcohol even though many of my friends/people im associating with do weed and even worse. the buzz has always just made me paranoid and paralyzed in social situations.

that being said I've been binging for a few weeks and was "that" kinda hungry you cant feed without vomiting. i was starting to feel weak and sick because all i could eat was liquor.

but then

>boobperson is over house

>it's 4/20

>i just got of probation so no more jews taking my urine

>say fuck it... why not

>instead of high anxiety experience, we smoke and she just plays candy crush and does facebook girl things

>i order and eat an entire pizza i could hardly eat one piece a day before while drinking

>i zone the fuck out and finish dmc3 hard mode on vergil

>the energy from actually eating fills me with energy and i spend the whole day working out

>feel like a million bucks

>instead of brushing my teeth with rum i smoke up and drink coffee

tbh fam it was a really positive experience and i hate psycodelics. i can feel slight mind fog from smoking and never want to be one of those slow talking faggots who cant finish a sentence but may still smoke the weeds occasionally, like on those kind of days where you have nothing to do but play vidya

8f3a7f No.493

I like weed and even prefer it to drinking a lot of the time, but my job does random piss tests so I stick to drinking only. A lot of the guys I work with smoke a lot of meth and they can get away with it because that's out of your system much faster than weed. I don't touch that shit though, I've seen it fuck up even more lives than alcohol.

fb30c9 No.497

Portland cunt here, I guarantee you you'd just do waaay too much of both if it was available

82d0ae No.498

Weed is for niggers

File: ea7b50dceea897b⋯.png (33.62 KB, 500x499, 500:499, ea7b50dceea897b8ea3222deae….png)

771dd7 No.30[Reply]

What is the best cheap liquor available? Can be vodka, whiskey, rum; any hard alcohol. Under $20 for a bottle.

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846fe4 No.476


You should see Canadian taxes. >>157 talking about $10 handles, they're $50 here so around $40 American. The closest thing to "cheap" here is bum wine that's 40oz of disgusting 22% fortified wine for about $6.

bd766e No.482

File: d73bece310bd023⋯.jpg (20.38 KB, 270x480, 9:16, 253527190_1.jpg)


Dyc Spanish blended whisky 10euro for a liter, good taste and smooth for that prize.


That is on of most vile things ive drank, Good choice 10\10

bed937 No.484

File: ee409dc777a44f3⋯.jpg (128.04 KB, 604x453, 4:3, if there was ever a time f….jpg)


>американская водка

уиди отсюда, сталкер

bd9f61 No.488


Thats freaking insane.

On one hand, the low taxes in my area make having fun in your early 20s a LOT cheaper and easier.

On the other hand, it makes it much easier to become a day to day shitshow that never really accomplishes your dreams in life.

74e38a No.496

Good ol' Old Crow. Ten bucks for a fifth, you could go cheaper but anything less than this isn't whiskey anymore. It's what you have when you order a well whiskey literally anywhere.

File: d57ac5ecd5d9934⋯.jpg (209.94 KB, 633x823, 633:823, 1519569754516.jpg)

93c7d2 No.436[Reply]

We all know why we love Alcohol, not all of us know what it does to our bodies.

1. Alcohol directly lowers the amount of the coenzyme NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) inside liver and testes, which is essential to testosterone production.

2. Alcohol stimulates the brain to release beta-opioid endorphins, which disrupt testosterone synthesis.

3. Alcohol consumption causes oxidative damage in the testicular leydig cells. Leydig cells are the cells in your balls that produce testosterone.

4. Alcohol boosts the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which works by converting the male sex hormone: testosterone, into the female sex hormone: estrogen.

5. Alcohol causes Vitamin B deficiencies as well as Zinc deficiencies, the mal-absorption of fats and proteins, among other things.

Booze ruins your testosterone, it hurts the cells in your balls that make testosterone, it turns testosterone INTO estrogen, it damages your liver so it can't filter the estrogen out, or produce the enzymes needed to make more testosterone, it damages your stomach lining so you don't absorb zinc (which is needed for sperm count), or fats (which are needed for testosterone production).

Alcoholics who cannot quit get Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido.

Don't drink your sex drive away, take a month off to get your liver healthy again, reset your tolerance, let your hormones balance themselves out, start lifting and dieting instead guys.

You'll have rock hard boners and balls full of cum, what's the problem? "

Being a Drunkard won't be funny when you can't get boners anymore.

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52382d No.458

Is this a board for alcoholics or is it just about alcohol in general? It's strange that one thread can be talking about trying to recover from addiction and the thread right next to it is about drink recommendations.

bec896 No.459


> It's strange that one thread can be talking about trying to recover from addiction and the thread right next to it is about drink recommendations

Alcoholism/addiction are a wild ride :^)

I'm sober by force and I keep googling pictures of drugs and my favorite drinks or shitposting in this place.

51e4bc No.481


I just wanted a place to talk about booze and then this board popped up.

4942d3 No.494

I know an ex alcoholic who literally can't shit without his medicine. He told me if I ever need the strongest laxatives you can get, let him know. All his friends died from drinking.

16002f No.495



dude you type too much and every time i come here im drunk so ill just guess at the general idea of what you said.

im sorry you got whiskey dick once. it happens to the best of us. with practice you'll be spreading your seed even while looking like the comic town drunk.

there is no such thing as chronic alcohol abuse life is a dream and were the imagination of our drunk selves

File: e1c00e9b543b244⋯.png (11.21 KB, 175x255, 35:51, ac1b6e3e638aed154d9de7435a….png)

d7fc39 No.446[Reply]

Has anyone here actually tried AA? Anybody think it actually works? I've been in and out of it, and everyone I go back I feel like I'm finally ready to commit, but after a couple months it just feels kinda preachy and fake and end up missing the drinking

bbc204 No.480

I've been to a few AA meetings, and I've lied about going to a lot more.

Honestly I can't get into it because everyone is so earnest about this Higher Power nonsense. Yes, they hand-wave any explicit religious commitments with the "however we understand it" bunkum, but I simply can't commit myself to something that requires admitting that my own volition will never be enough.

I'm glad that AA is around, because there are those for whom it works really well, but I'm not one of them.

ed3293 No.483

File: b4b58a6cc971c60⋯.jpg (5.78 KB, 290x174, 5:3, 124253346474.jpg)


Despite what everyone tells you, AA is its members, not the literature, and the only physical and tangible manifestation of AA are its members/groups. If you go to a group with individuals who are very different from you, you won't like the group, and you won't like AA. If you go to a preachy group, AA will look preachy to you. The list goes on.

Also AA is not the only way to stop drinking. AA or self help groups are nothing more than cognitive therapy groups, if you take the literature as scientific medicine you're a deluded fool like the preachy people.

The truth is, cognitive therapy along with a psychiatric treatment (meds) works for addiction and other psychiatric diseases. I've found that smaller groups are usually less preachy/annoying that bigger groups. If you don't like AA try going to NA, in my region NA tends to be less religious/preachy but it still highly depends on the specific group. I sometimes go to NA myself because I also use drugs and I feel more "accepted" there. Also I tend to find a more diverse demographic in NA, in AA it's usually old men (where I live).

When I'm taking my Mirtazapine as instructed by my doctor and follow my doctors orders I don't relapse. When I get bored of everything I relapse and fuck up even harder.

3f2585 No.491

id use the pamphlets to make it sound like i went to my mandatory probation meetings.

i liked them during rehab but could never willingly walk into one. i thought about it before relapsing but when you're a NEET with more money than you know what to do with there aren't many reasons to stop drinking.

3f2585 No.492


i hate to doublepost but just wanted to add:

na meetings are how junkies get connections in new towns

fucking heroin junkies will stay junkies until they litterally cant and everyone at na is a relapse waitingto happen

File: b25d95170174d86⋯.jpeg (84.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, CB20D7F6-C7DE-4D67-AF53-D….jpeg)

38b692 No.264[Reply]

post itt every time you drink

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869e0c No.435

File: 5145d8d7d031a99⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 506x643, 506:643, Considering the levels of ….jpg)

brushing my teeth with irish rose. where my /alcoholics/ at? has anyone else noticed that drinking/eating nothing but blie four lokos can make your shit green?

a05ec2 No.438


I like the knife. Really ties the scene together.

e4e3ba No.485

948adf No.486

best horse time

93c5e3 No.490

its fucking almost the time where the store wont sell booze and im phoneposting on my 30 minute walk to family dollar

File: fa2e0b5ad3d6edb⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fa2e0b5ad3d6edb447ab8c0a88….png)

e27e95 No.46[Reply]

finally a board of my people. ive not sober for 5 months of constant binge. when i dont drink my body hurts and i shake like a retarded cat. im told these symptoms can kill you but the last time i detoxed i was in rehab so all i had to deal with were wounds from a fight and mild hallucinations. im about to go to jail and dry out and am pretty spooped. any tips?

also ITT tell detox stories

23 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aa5bd0 No.369

File: fb6891a4e0505f0⋯.jpg (33.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8829101102-c.jpg)


Withdrawal is no games nigga, do it like your doctor tells you to do; or do it under a doctor.


>be me

>be alcoholic

>also abuse drugs, legal or illegal, including benzos (this detail is important)

>always carry one of this fuckers with me (sugar cane "best horse", 35% ABV, drink it everywhere I go)

>try quitting multiple times, keep relapsing hard

>go to doctor (addictionist psychiatrist), tell him I want to quit

>he tells me to stop slowly, that I can't quit cold turkey unless I want my shit to get fucked

>I quit cold turkey (everything, opiates and benzos which also cause physical dependence, unlike weed or cocaine)

>shakes, fever, wanting to puke, constipation, stomach cramps, anxiety, see tracers/visual noise

>after almost a week of sobriety, pass out in the middle of the street

>I started hallucinating for 10 seconds, then I just black out, apparently had a seizure

>get 911ed to ER by strangers

>deep wound in my head, no internal hemorrhage

>they give me a benzo to calm down

>they just stitch my head, send me home

>they remove stitches after 3 weeks

>as soon as they remove stitches I relapse again

>binging exclusively liquor, cocaine and benzos for a week because I want to quit and I had quit everything else

>chest pain, my head hurts, keep drooling like a retard from the mix of cocaine and klonopin

>tell mom to take my to ER

>get sent from hospitalPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a8042c No.411


CoIntel Pro

c62a64 No.412


>butthurt his shitty board didn't win


c215f1 No.487

I thought I was going to die during mine. Started on a Monday. Went to work and was pale white as fuck. Normally chew tobacco but couldn't all day long. Didn't eat anything all day long. Had no more than maybe a small glass or two of water. Had my gf bring me one of my favorite meals for dinner to try and get something down, literally couldn't hold a fork and get it to my mouth. SO FUCKING SHAKY.

Was switching from shivering with blankets on and sweating naked all night. Couldn't sit still. Was pacing in my house over and over again all night. Couldn't sleep obviously. May have dozed off a little bit at one point but I could still tell I was awake. It was like in between sleeping and being awake. Almost a phycosis. My bed was soaked in sweat.

Wasn't much better the second day. Couldn't really eat or drink water, and was shaking like crazy. Maybe pissed once or twice over the course of two days.

Looking back, I definitely should have admitted myself to the hospital. I'm glad I made it through and it got better on the 3rd day but there were still a ton of hurdles in between. My hand eye coordination came back a few months later. I literally couldn't like shoot a basketball with even Alzheimers accuracy. It was crazy. I had to relearn to do basic things because my coordination was so off.

ALSO STINKING. When you detox you stink like fuck. Some bad shit coming out of you.

The more it hurts though the more it helps. 2 months later I'm still battling and doing everything I can to win. I slipped up once and nearly got arrested/hurt but I said fuck that and jumped right back on the wagon and kept fighting. I'm not going back to that point where I was so miserable I couldn't even sit on a fucking couch. I know I'll probably fuck up again and I know this fight will last until my dying days but I'm fucking ready for it.

36a4cd No.489


dayum anon now im even more spooped. they didnt lock me up long enough to truely detox and still havent been sober for a few years. can you actually just admit yourself to a hospital and be cured of the long term effects or must you just embrace the suck?

File: 0286461cc5b6ccd⋯.png (153.73 KB, 612x1000, 153:250, bf536616eb747db2e831ce7469….png)

552fae No.14[Reply]

Any of you guys brew your own stuff? I've got some hobo cider fermenting in my closet right now. It would be something a little fancier, but I don't have access to my equipment and had to make do.

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1a30aa No.427

File: fea08c7e7bd2896⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 1519330617264.jpg)

Ive suffered alcoholism at age 18 I couldn't buy my own so I made my own wine with costco grape juice and wine yeast

b4d490 No.434


They actually let you buy wine yeast? What do you just have to pinky promise the cashier to not use it to make alcohol?

1a30aa No.444

File: 094f8ba79bfb8fc⋯.png (122.21 KB, 500x531, 500:531, doggo.png)


I use online storesm but you dont have to use wine yeast it just taste better and makes a little stronger wine

Regular yeast produces stressed amino acid that makes it taste bitter and more like rotten and dies at 9% ABV

Wine yeast does not do that and gets it up to 12% without anything else.

470b40 No.452

File: a51c262fead1bc2⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1500x2093, 1500:2093, Sakura Sooks.png)

Yeah I make my own cider. Do it right and it is fucking amazing. What yeast are you using? I use Safcider 40725. It's a drier yeast but perserves the flavor of apples really well so you can get a bit more kick in you shit. Good stuff.

Also proper respect to onibros.

1a30aa No.478

File: 473b07f2bf9c87a⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 20180424_194309.jpg)

I Used this

File: fe59172ee2ce885⋯.jpg (602.46 KB, 1530x1084, 765:542, The_Drunkard's_Progress_18….jpg)

85886b No.463[Reply]

In this graph where are you located and what's your favorite drink? That one drink you'd wish if you were stranded in an island.

>halfway through step 7

>Fernet Branca straight, no ice

>78 proof

cff70a No.467


>Step 6, close to 7.

>Jose Cuervo straight, preferably chilled

069baa No.471

File: 7c6b1797962121d⋯.jpg (49.5 KB, 450x530, 45:53, caravaggio-bacchus.jpg)

Step 5, and consciously maintaining with my own made up religious practices and dosing

069baa No.472


Also best horse straight in shots or a bloody mary

File: 7cfd4d71e79640d⋯.jpg (87.79 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fernet branca.jpg)

2c5de2 No.396[Reply]

Have any of you actually tried to quit multiple times, only to keep relapsing over and over again?

I miss being drunk, I liked being drunk. Picture related was my favorite, it hurts to know I'll never be able to drink it ever again, only to relapse again, fuck up in life harder, only to quit again, relapse again, fuck up every chance I'm given, fuck up even harder, to quit again, relapse again, the ride never ends.

Been sober for two weeks and I know deep down that I will drink and use other shit again as soon as I realize I've been unemployed for a month to cope with the grief. I know deep down that I will never be able to stop, that I'm destined to die young, that I don't even want to live, that only drinking and using other shit feels good and nothing else compares to it.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

579a77 No.439

I feel for you anon. I've been to rehab, aa, na, tried it all, but I keep coming back to it. You won't ever stop fucking up in life whether you're drunk or not. AA pretty just teaches you how to accept fucking up and just live with life being total shit. Personally I'd rather just pretend like I'm having a good time on my way to an early grave

d0ac4b No.440

never tried AA or anything but have done rehab a few times. i always kinda believe im quiting but it never sticks.

>day three clean

>walk into gas station

>only a couple of tallboys for vidya time later couldnt hurt

>next day dont have work

>might as well get drunk

>dont get sober, start drinking in morning


>end up completely drunk 24/7

every time

126e75 No.441

Yes. Monday is the worst because I've been basically chugging tequila straight since after getting out of work on Friday.

Sunday night, I figure

>ehhh get drunk and get to bed early

>black out on ground in vidya room at like 6 or 7 pm

>sleep 12 hours

>feel like absolute death the next day

>spend Monday night either shivering under a blanket or sweating my ass off shirtless, it keeps switching

>have ate nothing all day, would throw it up

>have drank only a small glass or two of water, would throw it up

>hands so shaky, can't even hold a fork to eat anything

I always convice myself on Monday night that this is a turning point in my life. Its going to end.

I've made it about a month to a month and 1 week before. Its strange because my hand/eye coordination and my touch are all messed up. It takes a few weeks for me to feel normal, to be able to perform basic things like shooting a basketball or writing my signature with any sort of normality.

Its awful and I hate it. My relapse always ends up as "well its a big birthday party and I need to have a few beers to be social" or something of the like. If I stick to beer, I'm fine. Its not really possible for me to get drunk on it anymore.

But a few beers lead to 'well I'll just get a small bottle of tequila and fight fatigue/hangover with it' and then it turns in to full scale "how can I chug tequila rapidly without alerting my spouse"

I end up getting a bunch of white tequila and pouring it in to bottled water bottles in the liquor store parking lot and disposing of the evidence. I know where that bottle is at ALL times and I protect it more than anything.

Its a pretty sad state of affairs. Life is basically "stay sober enough to make sure you gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c70a91 No.451

File: 39299a4886b9e5b⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1422862043961.gif)


you will not get better until you truly want to get better. you will lose your spouse over this if you keep going, i'd imagine. they probably suspect something already

good luck, anon

b0c5d2 No.460

File: 2220efb8be04a35⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1468774799864.gif)


>got enough self control to only drink on the weekends

>still has a spouse

You're not even halfway through the rollercoaster. Remember the ride never ends.

File: 6a8630c8240a6ef⋯.jpg (338.61 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Whiskies.JPG)

2c0c5e No.126[Reply]

Let's talk Whisky.

>What's the last one you drank?

>Bourbon, Irish, Scotch, or maybe something else?

>Blended or Single Malt?

>What's you're favorite?

>Most expensive one you've had?

I've been trying to get into Whisky the last few months and I've had some mixed results. I'm looking for a decent, affordable Scotch.

My last bottle was a 12yo Bowmore, but I don't think I enjoy peat/smoke like I imagined I would. Kind of a bummer.

9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6fde1b No.378

Personally, I enjoy Wild Turkey. Yet, I was wondering if it's worth having?

131aba No.391


If you enjoy drinking it, why not?

34a64d No.409


moved into my friend’s grandfather’s house and was cleaning out the garage. I meant most bottles we have here are plastic and don’t have handles. also they’re phasing out non filters cigs. the world is just so gay now.

34a64d No.410

I used to drink Kentucky’s best with cheap iced coffee. For 20 bucks you had enough for a good night with the boys.

2c0c5e No.454


>Yet, I was wondering if it's worth having?

That's kind of a weird question considering you said you like it. Drink what you enjoy bruh.

File: 1d9b5ac0f83e1f4⋯.jpeg (215.48 KB, 960x800, 6:5, 1d9b5ac0f83e1f42413bd745c….jpeg)

94dc23 No.450[Reply]

What is this nigger shit?

8957aa No.453

Pour yourself a drink then, since you're here, faggot.

File: 720d8c7717652d9⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 20110505-074324[1].jpg)

3264a4 No.266[Reply]

I tripped over the chromosomes and now I'm allergic to all grasses. That includes wheat, barley, all forms of rice, and a bunch of other shit. My problem is that bourbon was my favorite liquor.

Does anyone know of some bourbon that is 100% corn based? It's been so long since I've had some I can't even remember what brand I liked. I remember it was of a honey variety.

"Request a Drink General", I guess.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

21fc30 No.313

Corn is still a grass. You need to develop s taste for brandy.

077e2b No.324


>corn is still a grass

Weird. I get no reaction from it.

d042a5 No.432


>I tripped over the chromosomes and now I'm allergic to all grasses


d87bb1 No.447

you're an idiot, even if you're gluten intolerant or celiac you can drink spirits

if you really are worried, do cognac or armagnac

2dc5a6 No.449


Drink best horse.

Best drink.

File: 3d589379f320b32⋯.png (570.39 KB, 1561x754, 1561:754, ClipboardImage.png)

bbd202 No.11[Reply]

Do you drink beer at the same time that you drink hard liquor? Do you avoid mixing?

Is there any truth to the common idea that mixing will make you much more sick?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d2366b No.22

File: de64ff2e81f4547⋯.gif (819.85 KB, 245x140, 7:4, boilermaker.gif)

>what is a boilermaker

'Beer before liquor never sicker, liquor before beer' I think that's just for kids who think they can drink whatever, and are much more susceptible to drinking as much well liquor as they think they can drink lite beers. If you're gonna drink you should know what your bodies can handle.

So sure, there's some truth. But only because people are stupid. Like, don't put chocolate in your pocket or you'll get ants in your pants.

a03f5a No.41

File: 6bee058916158a3⋯.jpg (54.26 KB, 720x480, 3:2, pour.jpg)


I mix all the time anon. Whenever i go to a bar i get some whiskey neat and a beer and keep it that way the whole night. Inability to handle simultaneous drinks is for noobs

26a34c No.47

It's about shocking the stomach. Alcohol fucks with your guts. If you've been drinking beer all night, then decide to start doing shots, your stomach freaks out and you start puking. What this rule really means, is should should drink higher alcohol content beverages earlier in the evening, and if you're going to switch drinks, don't suddenly increase the alcohol content of those drinks. It doesn't literally refer to liquor and beer.

Say you've been drinking beer pretty heavily for the last four hours, and want to switch a a liquor based mixed drink. That's fine as long as the drink isn't much stronger than the beer you were drinking.

0cb622 No.127

File: 05b726183735853⋯.png (343.53 KB, 720x577, 720:577, whiteniggas.png)


I often mix drinks. Nothing chases a shot of liquor quite like a few sips of beer.

77d288 No.431

one bourbon, one scotch and one beer

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