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Mud floods, Tartarians, Fomenko, even Annunaki


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File: 51f9fcc37e30cc0⋯.png (20.75 KB, 950x735, 190:147, 2018.png)


In mid-April of 2018, there was a sudden and extreme flood of material Internet-wide regarding Tartarians, giants, mud floods, and the like. This is how it usually happens: for decades there is barely a peep about a given subject, then overnight a thousand articles appear. Is this how disinfo and/or distractions are seeded?

Google contains far more censorship than information, so if you find Tartarian-esque material online prior to mid-April, 2018, please give it a mention here.

File: dfcf80f089a1f93⋯.png (613.01 KB, 826x1049, 826:1049, m2.png)


While a plethora of videos dot the YouTube landscape, presenting some very good information on many alternate history theories, there seems to be nowhere online specifically dedicated to the subject. Reddit and other locations are spread out, disorganized, and difficult at best to work with.

This board exists to facilitate research into, and discussion on, most any altered history subject matter. There's a lot out there, and its implications on our world today are staggering.

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I keep trying to embed a video …. I enabled the option …. it won't show up.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Delayed reaction when you change the board's settings.


As I always do, I back tracked on Google to see when the overall subject of mud floods and Tartarians first showed up. Typically when something is a planned disinfo injection, you'll see hundreds of articles, videos, etc. suddenly appear out of nowhere in the space of a week or so.

The first writing I found was a posting on steem(sh)it.com on January 31, 2018. The flood of articles occurred between 4/17/18 and 4/30/18. All of a sudden, for no known reason, dozens and dozens of videos, blogs, etc. started showing up about Tartarians.

There was no obvious trigger for the flood gates opening.


A hypothesis …

Only ever once did I read an account of some guy who somehow got mixed up on the elevators at Denver International Airport, and ended up in some subterranean level he was never supposed to know existed. He didn't get very far; he got to the men's room, freaked out, and got right back on the elevator. What freaked him out? The urinals were taller than he was. Enormous.

Most people are thinking the Tartarians were wiped out or met with some terrible fate. But if we connect the dots, that isn't the picture that gets painted.

The most striking commonality among SO many photos from the period of the reset is the empty cities. Where are all the people? Again, we see this and we figure the Tartarians were wiped out or met with some other demise.

Maybe they didn't. The sheer size, collectively, of so many huge cities that were sitting so empty for however long suggests they are farms, carefully prepared for the animals to arrive en masse. We are the animals. The Tartarians are the farmers. They haven't gone anywhere except into hiding - at least from us.

Cataclysms were hitting everywhere when we animals were installed onto the farm land. The Tartarians were very big on harvesting free energy from the atmosphere. Maybe that harvesting created enough of an imbalance in the Earth's energy fields to where the mud floods, etc. began occurring all at once, worldwide, as a result.

An awful lot of expense, time, and effort went into seeding those cities and preparing them for the arrival of us animals. All exactly while the cataclysms were going on. How much of a stretch is it to suggest that maybe the farming of us was a direct response to the cataclysms?

The one thing human beings produce, in exponentially higher volumes than anything else in our existence, is negative emotion. How much does this energy offset the drain of positive electrical or whatever other energy that's being harvested by the Tartarians?

Again, consider thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Ran across this article today … it was published right in the middle of the sudden flood of Tartarian-based articles; 4/13/18.


File: 419af4dc77c416e⋯.png (3.13 KB, 128x64, 2:1, cave_spider.png)


In 2017 a man named Jash Rupert Mark in Newzeland was taken away never to be seen till the first day of January 2019.

I saw his scarred naked body and took a photo of him standing outside a McDonald’s screaming for help. All the phones in the vicinity of him weren’t able to call I even asked many others if theirs worked around there and it seams a blocker of the number 111 was activated of the wifi in the McDonald’s, I posted the photo on 4chan (before I found 8chan) and my phone crashed before it fully uploaded

My phone was fully wiped Nothing left on it

Like it was factory reset

I tried to find him multiple times and whenever I try and ask a cop I just get arrested, each time they plant a weapon on me.

Last year I went on here and paypalled some strangers for help and I ended up getting a picture and a name, a while later I had cops pulling up at my house ready for arrest yadda yadda yadda I got arrested and a knife planted on me again

And now I’m here asking for help with a VPN on and picture missing again

(Picture unrelated)

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