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/althist/ - Alternate History and worldbuilding

Discussing of alternate history, worldbuilding, conlangs and the like. Will probably be about teddy roosevelt, nazis and tolkien ripoffs, lol.


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File: 1411241966005.png (283.54 KB, 1556x1032, 389:258, decades_of_darkness_2011_b….png)


Here's a board for discussion of alternate history and worldbuilding.

The alternate history part is about things like "what if the south won the civil war", "what if the nazis won world war II" or "what if alien space bats invaded tomorrow" and the like.

The worldbuilding is for things like concultures, conlangs, conworlds.

Backup site: https://voat.co/v/alternatehistory (yes, it's a reddit-clone but it works if things go downhill on 8chan.)

1) Follow overall global board rules. This should go without saying, but needs to be said.
2) No #gamersgate content.
3) Keep all threads at least tangentially related to alternate history – for purposes of this alien space bats-level stuff like islands being sent back in time counts as on-topic unless it's REALLY dumb like "what if people had tastebuds in their anus" or "What would you do if you had a sex slave". Yes, threads can go off-topic, but if it goes off topic it has to stay in that thread.
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File: 1426482188868.gif (12.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1412825615607.gif)


Wow this place is dead


8chan is to halfchan as Mars is to Earth. We don't quite have the mass to contain an atmosphere.
Luckily cuckchan mods keep fucking up and banning people for relevant discussion. Case in point the recent femThor shit.


File: 1427216101573.jpg (127.21 KB, 437x437, 1:1, 34dj669.jpg)

Board Owner here. Yeah, I didn't expect this board to get overly busy tbh.

I created it for myself/a few friends.

That and to make ure AH.ian's cucks don't dominate 8chan's AH scene.


Here's your motnhly reminder that John "haggis" O'Brian is still a degenerate.


File: 2f7ed0914784a44⋯.jpg (315.52 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, another-wtf-pic.jpg)


>Wow this place is dead


File: 1427216326112.gif (63.16 KB, 741x421, 741:421, pckalmea.gif)


So who else is a fan of zompist?

If you don't know who he is go to: www.zompist.com


I like his stuff, his tone seems to be changing in recent years though.


His website looks like shit, but that inland sea in Lebiscuri look like the absolute tits for founding a civilization.

File: 1446740495573.png (40.62 KB, 540x580, 27:29, Stormfag Justice Warrior.png)


Reposting something from /b/

What would happen if Hitler had won WWII?


>1945: Hitler becomes supreme leader of Europe.

It is unlikely that America would be conquered, as a German victory would most likely come from America never joining the war.

>1947: By now, The Third Reich would be economicaly/productively secure, compared to other countries

>1953: Hitler dies suddenly

This could theoretically happen at an earlier time period, but the exact date is unimportant. 1953 seems like a good date, however, as it marks 20 years of rule.

>Hitler's death +1 year: A new leader has taken over the Reich by now. This leader is far more corrupt than Hitler.

>Hitler's death +4 years: New leader has mismanaged funds and has chosen advisors based on friendship instead of merit. Corruption grows

>Hitler's death +6 years: New leader is also incompitent. He declares war in middle east for expansion, and just like in our history, America funds the rebels. Reich has tenuous hold on the middle east, but the war is costly and unpopular.

Quick note: Nukes may or may not have been developed in this alternate time-line, since there would be no need. There might still be Nuclear power, however, depending on what happened to Einstein

>Hitler's death +7 years: War in middle east has gone on for 1 year already, and is emptying the Reich's treasuries quickly (no bankers to borrow from either). This isn't a war about freeing Europe or Aryan strength, and the Populace don't get why the lives of soldiers are worth sand dunes and oil. State propaganda and newspapers don't help much, and the people stop trusting them entirely. For the first time in almost 30 years, Germans hate their leader.

>Hitler's death +8 years: New leader says "mission acomplished," and pulls troops from middle east. some countries have pro-reich puppet governments, but less than was hoped for. New leader thinks this will pacify populace, and they're glad wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Oh, and pic unrelated



Oh, and pic unrelated

File: 1431428079208.jpg (56.72 KB, 800x615, 160:123, valkyrie.jpg)


What would be some situations in history where a distinctly matriarchal society could have come about?

Some issues to consider:

>after the Bronze Age or so, military success depended far more on discipline, skill, tactics/strategy and technology than on the relative size and strength of the soldiers

>gender roles have typically come about from the fact that more people have been the primary resource in human history, and women often die in childbirth, so it worked best to protect women from other threats

>also bateman's law

>so it would be most likely after the industrial revolution, but that's purely from a material perspective


>case could be made that men get vastly shorter end of stick in "patriarchal" society, women would be reluctant to abandon home life in favor of hard labor

>right around IndRev, gender roles were probably at their strongest ever in the Western world. Not so sure about other places so much, but in Europe or America, it doesn't seem likely at all



WWI somehow lasts 10 or 20 years.



Elaborate plz?



I think skilled nurses and doctors are important to reduce childbirth deaths

also knowledge of pain-killer medicinal herbs

File: 1417802621130.gif (26.67 KB, 81x81, 1:1, tumblr_inline_mx5e5ue4JJ1s….gif)


WI no Bill Gates?

Would we all be in apple hell?


We'd be using foreign OS's more I imagine.

Sony, Samsung, or perhaps a european company would make "windows" (an OS equally good at home and work)


Whatever social and possibly scientific/political trends caused by the internet slows down some.

An internet/computer tech in a consumerist sense is likely inevitable but this might blow things for a while.


File: 1421894549834.png (109.32 KB, 181x262, 181:262, 1418434420234.png)


OTOH, you could just as easily say it speeds it up by a year or three by dodging the issue of crashes of early windows


The "compatibility wars" of the 1980s would still be going on.
Without the total dominance of the IBM PC format then software and hardware would not be interchangeable like it is.
It would probably settle into something like the American auto industry; 3 or 4 major manufacturers share 99% of the market but a Dodge soundcard or game program will only work on a Dodge computer.
They would all specialize to grab a piece of the market; one does smart phones another does business equipment and another does home entertainment/game systems and so on.
Eventually, and it may take 100 years one will win out and have a monopoly.



That sounds just dreadful.

sounds just like OTL's situation with phones.

File: 1432451764871.jpg (29.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner 5.jpg)


Hello everyone, I created an history and social sciences board with a more academic perspective. I invite you to check it out and share some of your point of views of the world, well structure arguments about your ideas and materials to enrich our understanding of reality.


Hopefully you can visit it and if you do, please enjoy it. Luckily the board will grow and have lots of materials and opinions to share

File: 1411464342472.gif (110.59 KB, 502x530, 251:265, newpg4opener.gif)


How can a 1905 Russian Victory possible?
2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


That'd be a little bit too late for that war, though.


File: 1421895073243.jpg (415.55 KB, 1807x1384, 1807:1384, 1421696333972.jpg)

It's an uphill battle for them.

That said, if ASBs allow it to happen, there's more institutional continuity for the Russian Navy, which means that it won't go batshit in the early USSR era, so communism is slightly less discredited. Russian morale is helped of course by winning the war and is seen as a bit scarier even into the communist era.

Japan still expands and probably plays up the anti-white/anti-european propaganda more. I don't know how the navy losing will play into things, although it would probably make Japan go crazier if anything. It loses harder in the world war?


>some genius level russian engineer
On one hand this is the biggest cheap cop out in alt histories.
On the other that's because it is so perfect.
Each and every human birth is a die roll to produce a game changer like Da Vinci and who dies of a fever at age 8, who does or does not get an educational opportunity or merely meets an influential mentor is nearly as random.
On great mind and all bets are off.


I haven't seen such gross incompetence since the Emu war


If the war was prolonged and the Tsar wasn't so conservative, then the Duma may have been able to introduce important laws that stopped officers paying for ranks, instead men were promoted on their ability

This could also work if Tsar Alexander the Third had a revolution during his reign, perhaps if the big industrial boom had not occurred or if Witte had not been hired as a minister

Also, the Trans-Siberia railway could have helped but the incompetence of the navy was one large reason for defeat in Russia

File: 1428728857079.jpg (65.85 KB, 500x456, 125:114, 1395458168973.jpg)


The year is 1941.

>The fall of france is complete

>The nuclear program started earlier in the reich is near finalization
>Three plans move ahead
>Rott, Grun, Blau
>Rott is the development of a sea based warhead delivery system. An abandoned plane carrying a nuclear warhead within launched from a U-boat. The pilot is recovered after ejecting and sending it towards Washington

>Grun is the same project. But land based, and aimed towards the UK. Specifically: London

>Blau is an artillery based system that is rail carried and would hit Moscow.


Blau, Grun, and Rott are all carried out within the same weekend.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Third reich collapses in civil war once Hitler dies in 1945 due to stress.

The soviet response once order is restored is to make sure german is only spoken in hell.


Only Britbongistan is decapitated, SovUnion briefly stutters what with leadership gone, but lower leadership is competent enough to pull everything together and keep the trains running, eventually makes Germany roll for anal circumference. U.S. isn't really hurt at all, in fact, we're mad as hell and with Washington out of the way, Adi has to deal with 50 Americas now. Fuck logic, it's fifty times as bad.



I disagree, without main leadership a Russian Civil War would start, the Germans would fund Russians that agree to end the war and the war will last for three years. Germans would then be able to focus their attention on the British. Britain would fall and America will be alone without allies. The Germans threaten to bomb the Americans again which results in the unconditional surrender of the USA

File: 1423442293462.jpg (64.89 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 5167458__469527c.jpg)


How can the 7th Marquess of Bath gain an imperial title in his lifetime? Any POD can be used, but one during said lifetime is ideal.


WWIII happens. He survives since he's in his waifu-bunker.

The last 5 members of parliament crown him king.



oh fuck


Fun fact, he's at heavens gate (near where i live) and i have a friend who got caught hotboxing there not long ago. In fact i suspect the very night that picture was taken there was probably about 6 cars full of stoners. Also he would probably just buy back longleat, he sold it not long ago if i remember correctly.

File: 1411248090990.png (61.21 KB, 1425x625, 57:25, 1980a.png)


This is my map.
Looks more like an anti-zionist mental masturbatory thing, but anyway….


Make china pro-hungary/'sovereignty pact' and india pro-USSR like it was pre-1989 but otherwisr great map


File: 1411302103967.png (63.37 KB, 1425x625, 57:25, 1980a.png)

How bout this version?


That's better.

That said, If we're talking random butterflies I'd remove tibet and make Cuba non-commie. Cuba's going red in OTL was extreme bad luck.


Poland and most likely Southern VietnamIbutterflies) would possibly be Sovereignty pact members.

Israel, I coudl see going the way of OTL south africa/rhodesia in TTL given even more pressure against them.

File: 1427127890157.png (373.76 KB, 537x400, 537:400, ClipboardImage.png)


An idea I had for an alternate history setting. Not doing anything with it and just wanted to see what anyone else wanted to flesh out about it. Add to it, critique it, whatever. It's a sandbox, play in it.

POD: AIDS virus mutates in 1990 to go airborne, 65% worldwide population dead

Faced with the imminent collapse of the nation, the US government in recalls all US soldiers worldwide back to the US.

A vast network of soldiers and volunteers maintain a tenuous connection between states in an attempt to keep the union together; the East and West coasts are largely independent of one another, and the center of the country is largely empty ghost towns.

As the lights go out in millions of homes across the country, the government maintains a hold on communication via radio. President Colin Powell, elected in 1992, gives weekly updates to the American people about what the government is doing to restore normalcy to the country, including the emergency powers granted him by Congress to suspend elections during the plague and its aftermath.

24 years later, Powell is stepping down from the Presidency after putting into plan an action from the US military to contact the new towns and enclaves that have sprung up across the nation and help rebuilding the country.

But some towns are resistant to give up their previous 25 years of independence, and are prepared to resist absorption into the union.

File: 1417375542782.png (292.26 KB, 2000x1015, 400:203, 2000px-AIDS_and_HIV_preval….png)


What if: no HIV/AIDs epidemic? Have the virus's evoltuion delayted a bit so the first time it breaks out into humans is in say 2024 instead of sometime between 1850 and 1950.


Sexual revolution goes on, at least until a potential new deadly STD takes over and/or the pre-HIV crop buries in worse.

Gay culture is more visibly affected by SJWdom because they're seen as less psychopathic earlier which helps at first, but look how feminism evolved OTL for a parallel. We probably see some stupid issue like ageism erupt because aging gay boomers can't attract teens anymore.

Social cons do slightly better due to the continuing sexual revolution and Phyllis Schlafly is read a bit more.

Anyway, if HIV pops up in 2024, things will likely be worse than it coming earlier due to a presumably more interconnected world by then and the mass orgy being ended far later than OTL.


Sexual revolution going on… gay marriagy natioanlly by 2010, hardcore porn legal on broadcast TV even if no channel would do it on broadcast(cartoon networks shows hentai on adult swim).

Gay culture would be less degenerate, without a need to work with the bugchasers, or evolution of the bugchaser crowd as we know it.

SoCons? IMO I'd argue the reverse without AIDS as a sign. Expect them to lose faster on sexuality or other 'vices' in general – no national age 21 drinking age, mmarijuana legal in more states.

Well, keep in mind I just says it crosses over to people in 2024, not 'becomes an epidemic'. It took anywhere from a century to a few decades for the fire to start rising with HIV.


File: 1424386267306.gif (86.38 KB, 266x200, 133:100, cosby.gif)

>Have the virus's evoltuion delayted a bit

So that when it takes center stage it is far more contagious and can survive outside the body for hours.
Because of the culture described above and the virus' strength there are a million people infected worldwide before the HIV virus is even identified.
People's habits and lifestyle help it spread fast. Normal people have a harder time staying safe and a horde of full blown sex addicts aren't even trying.
300 million dead by 2027
Religious fundamentalists around the world say "Told you so." and gain great political power in their countries.
History books call the 21st century the "second dark age" and the "plague of Lust".


Bruh, it hasn't happened yet in OTL. Why would that happen in TTL?

File: 1411822695649.png (37.23 KB, 1425x625, 57:25, GbsS[1].png)


Hungary, Poland, Austria and Italy formed the Quadrumvirate in 1933, to oppose both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It doesn't last very long - Italy ends up betraying the Quadrumvirate to ally with Germany (and form the Axis) around 1937, Austria surrenders to the Germans in 1938, allowing the Anschluss to happen, leaving Hungary and Poland as the only ones remaining to oppose German expansion. And then WW2 starts in 1939…
6 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Karadzic isn't butterflied away, so it's very plausible.


File: 1414086048094.jpg (251.28 KB, 1920x1088, 30:17, doncherryhnic20091024.jpg)

traditional hungarian military attire


Amend Trianon?


This thread made my behind really painful



File: 1421037595682.jpg (69.65 KB, 567x774, 63:86, tumblr_nf9m6gp4JY1qzo8iho1….jpg)


What if the instead of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact we got IRL there was a full-on open alliance between Nazi Germany and the USSR?


File: 1421891347195.gif (104.08 KB, 424x500, 106:125, 1418052658314.gif)

for starters, a longer WWII.

The war ends in 1949 with the nuclear destruction of Leningrad, Moscow and gorky.

The USSR broken up into it's constituent parts and de-sovietized.

Lots of knock-on effects like the right being more acceptable in the west and hard leftism significantly less-so.

For starters "muh holocaust" wouldn't be an acceptable argument in TTL since people would just point to Stalin's death toll.

You could go on ALOT about this world.


Go further in describing it, I'm curious now. Is it a better or worse world compared to IRL?


File: 1421893878947.jpg (56.02 KB, 373x457, 373:457, tumblr_ltifwbavr71qzjzm4o1….jpg)

Good question.

One answer is this:

The members of the frankfurt school dying in concentration camps helps things.

Communism being discredited helps more.

Less social decay in the west, but same basic trendline.


File: 1424386888839.jpg (41.59 KB, 717x544, 717:544, hitlerandalien.JPG)

>The war ends in 1949 with the nuclear destruction of Leningrad, Moscow and gorky.

Germany would have had nukes by then but let's go with your line.

What does happen to germany?
Does something like the National Socialists still exist?

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