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File: f28c630e8017171⋯.jpg (583.89 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-231130.jpg)

ac1c70 No.7697[Reply]

I was using a app to post..

db40bd No.7698

If you think that your app got your banned you're fucking retarded.

3c42dc No.7699


d06494 No.7700

File: 5da6ef3db14ee0d⋯.png (182.75 KB, 424x358, 212:179, 725a3ba2292ce655365c06e271….png)


File: 4f77d859591acf2⋯.png (141.38 KB, 1605x1335, 107:89, banned_82-102-24-166.png)

File: f3529c3f5198697⋯.png (20.01 KB, 678x116, 339:58, PIA.png)

81954d No.7656[Reply]

Just thought I'd let you know that this IP ( belongs to the PIA VPN and hence whoever this ban was intended for has long since evaded it. The pool of IPs is probably large enough that it doesn't make any difference, but I figured I might as well post here anyway. It's annoying if too many VPN IPs end up perma-banned.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

f7b288 No.7686


And again. This is getting annoying.

84e4ec No.7687

Are you sure that isn't a global ban, anon?

090bb3 No.7688

043b4f No.7689

Gee OP, that sounds like a personal problem. Good luck with that.

e6670e No.7695



You're right, it is. It was given for a post on /ameta/ and one of the meidos is a global mod, so I thought they might just fix it.

There's no sense posting on /sudo/ though - by now it should be abundantly clear to everyone exactly how few fucks the admins give about this site. If the /a/ meido won't fix it, it's not going to get fixed.

File: acd4a180a37f72a⋯.png (54.45 KB, 710x725, 142:145, BannedWhy.PNG)

a5d4d2 No.7691[Reply]

I just got a 3-hour ban for the following post. I'm not upset, I just want clarification of why I was banned because I feel like there's multiple reasons.

The first thing that strikes me about the post is the very casual, "bloggy" nature of it as I discuss discussions that were had elsewhere. I feel it may go off a bit too far on a tangent to really be considered on-topic (although it is on-topic in the end).

The second thing is, of course, the "may Allah forgive me for uttering this name". It's a mannerism I got from /pol/ but it didn't occur to me that perhaps it's too /pol/-ish to be taken out of /pol/ (or at least, posted onto /a/)

The third thing is the crapping on "TL-kun". Are the mods also part of the TL-kun defence force? Or is it possible that the mods just hate drama in general? What went down with TL-kun stayed within the little Ikusei Keikaku threads and died within them but nonetheless, is drama the issue? Should I have not mentioned this? I don't think /a/ is really the place for any kind of "celeb" discussion, mind you but I do remember Daisuke getting a lot of discussion back in the day and he was anime-related so perhaps it's okay? In any case, I never intended for him to become the focus.

a5d4d2 No.7692

I just checked the rules. I believe it may be because I used the abbreviated form of "If I Recall Correctly". Is that correct? I know that "tbh" and "lol" and whatnot make a post look bad but I thought "IIRC", due to having more letters and typically being capitalised made it look more "professional". Is that abbreviation not accepted?

ff4b96 No.7693

013843 No.7694


The only acronyms that get a pass are /a/ and /jp/ related ones (LN, AOTS, JC, etc)

Luckily there is nothing stopping you from re-writing that post now that you have been unbanned.

a5d4d2 No.7696


Thank you very much!

File: fad6c1aad2880ff⋯.jpg (662.32 KB, 1920x1364, 480:341, 001.jpg)

8df341 No.7683[Reply]

Hello I made post with the following text and my pic in the manga thread over at /a/. Can someone please explain what I did wrong? I got rule 11, bad grammar, as a reason.

"What do you think of siscon ani to brocon imouto? I feel that there is a serious lack of conflict in the series, even the shitties of incest manga, "onii-chan control" has a central conflict, also the fact that both siblings are into their relationship, and neither of them are saying 'mabye the two of us in a relationship, isn't such a good idea.' Also feels like a weakpoint. Shoujo incest manga is generally better btw."

8df341 No.7684

…I should probably mention that I got banned.

28333f No.7685

66cc17 No.7690

>being so retarded that you don't understand what using proper grammar means

File: dd8cbc79b8666b0⋯.png (961.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out062760.png)

c006d0 No.7681[Reply]

Voat, a reddit-alike, went down, and the users of that site have made >>>/voat/. I hope the cancer doesn't spread too far.

f86889 No.7682


They'll probably go to reddit or something in the mean time.

Why can't people just use real life the way it was intended when shit's fucked?

File: 4d761a37e4865b2⋯.jpg (72.71 KB, 1024x391, 1024:391, IMG_20180422_234153.JPG)

70fd07 No.7677[Reply]

>Autobanned per #11. Posts should in general use correct capitalization, punctuation and grammar and not use emoticons, this isn't IM

What exactly is this suppose to be? Sure as hell not an emoticon. Guessing "insta-" was the problem, requesting unban or at least tell me this was legit

3d4151 No.7678

af207b No.7679

Fuck off.

4282ba No.7680


Working 100% as intended, fuck off.

File: 1de0d63bafec9c9⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 180x260, 9:13, 04-23-36-13947-tetsudou_in….jpg)

89fed0 No.7661[Reply]

Congratulations, the new meido killed the board.

9 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e15ce8 No.7671

I'm pretty sure the new meido removed themselves.

912557 No.7673


Never saw a report or I would have removed it. I know some faggot was reporting shit for rule 11 that was weeks old at one point so I was ignoring it since it was past the expiration date/would be petty to go after, but I try not to dismiss reports.

a87a71 No.7674


>Elf Thread

Pretty sure that's bumplocked.


It was made like a week ago, got a handful of replies, and is currently wasting away to nothing. Think of it like the Dragonball threads, it's a containment thread.

>example b

You do know we have ESL folks here, right? It's important to note the difference between ESL shitty English and pidgin-level trash.

>Other two threads

Absolutely nothing wrong with them other than being lower-quality. It's important to understand that even borderline-shitposting can bring some fun results, and it's more important to trim the hedges rather than chop off the roots.

I mean anon, half the threads you're upset about haven't even seen shitty bump in like a week. I understand being upset about some shit threads, but you can't honestly expect a board to be tailored to your exact and refined tastes, right?

a87a71 No.7675


Shitty bumps*

Anyways this is backlog season. Of course anons are gonna make some crappy threads when there's only so much to discuss.

70bad8 No.7676

File: 0c0bdbca8dd7790⋯.gif (492.17 KB, 460x345, 4:3, kaiba rain.gif)


The thread is shit but don't you shit talk YGO season 0.

File: 840927f0df854a0⋯.jpg (32.04 KB, 265x374, 265:374, DARLING_in_the_FRANXX,_sec….jpg)

8cfe1c No.7657[Reply]

(Autobanned per #11. Posts should in general use correct capitalization, punctuation and grammar and not use emoticons, this isn't IM.)

I always take care with my spelling, grammar, and use of language, I imagine reading what I write out loud, and seeing if it sounds right in my head before posting, I was quite surprised that I would receive this type of ban, so how was my spelling in error? maybe I should have replaced the commas with periods or semicolons? or changed BTW to by the way?

I don't understand, the following is the summary of my two posts, please point out the error and tell me how to fix it, I shall do so and re-upload the new version in the thread as soon as my ban period has expired. Thread was for the anime "darling in the franxx", I was detailing why a character was a shit-tier waifu.

02 aka Zero Two is a serial killer, she was responsible for the deaths of countless innocent boys, she is also completely self-centered and highly antisocial, easily able to deceive and manipulate others without a shred of remorse or hesitation, her wanton rejection of authority could be justified as the authorities are corrupt, she is also insane, unable to accept that she will never be able to become human, this delusion is what drives her to murder so many people, her main driving emotion is self-hate and wanting to recapture a lost period of happiness in her life, her sexual promiscuity and penchant for mischief/mayhem (and her general love of causing disorder) is likely also linked to the despair that has made her into a figurative monster, whereas before she was simply a literal one.

I hope this bitch dies, she is the true villain of the show, although I will give you the concession that is is a sympathetic one, but after a while, seeing how she continues to act, and everything she has done, I can't help but fucking hate her, even if I can see why she acts as she does and did what she did, doesn't change the fact that she is an insane pathological liar, a manipulative bitch, and a homicidal maniac.

BTW, her pubes match her hair and eyebrows.

another thing, in addition to being a remorseless murderer, she is also unable to form any kind of interpersonal relationship that isn't purely antagonistic or sexual in nature, she hates herself so much that a true coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b25b62 No.7658


>or changed BTW to by the way?

Yes, that's no the list the bot looks for.

b25b62 No.7659

You're also unbanned.

9e18ec No.7660

You forgot to take your meds again, you fucking lunatic.

File: 239c227f8d206cd⋯.jpg (137.71 KB, 650x651, 650:651, ac3d62773a3efea30cd7222fde….jpg)

163bc3 No.7627[Reply]

Is anyone getting sick of all the cross boarding faggots on /a/? The majority of users on this site are /v/ and /pol/ which would start trouble on /a/ with their bullshit. We have a bunker on smuglo.li, can't all of /a/ just migrate there to be free from the other 8chan faggots? I'll be at the bunker, later.

13 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

71b83c No.7647


>Is anyone getting sick of all the cross boarding faggots on /a/?

Yes, I'm getting pretty sick of you.

fd973f No.7651

File: a4d34c89e0edf2e⋯.png (83.24 KB, 717x284, 717:284, thread user.png)


Meanwhile, regular contact between /a/ and /tg/ has been quite good.

b58895 No.7652

File: 33c6366211e170d⋯.jpg (156.96 KB, 1100x1500, 11:15, 3b23c47f2dd8d4bdb2b1def59b….jpg)


OP is shitposting to rile you gullible fucks up.

Played like a fucking fiddle.

26bcb4 No.7653

All crossboarders come from /animu/. Ban all crossboarders and they'll go back to /animu/ whining about their shitpost. It happens every time.

a7266d No.7654


No crossboarders come from /pol/ or /v/

File: 681469bba8927cb⋯.jpeg (33.5 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 5dd526f94b04e09af6f9f9bf0….jpeg)

b781ea No.7635[Reply]

Guess I'll make a thread, since the forces of shitposting are already aiming at the fan.

Why was the Crunchyroll thread deleted? Couldn't you have just left it alone? Wan't there a Netflix thread not too long ago that was allowed as well?

>remember to include an archive link/screencap of the thread/post in question

I didn't make the thread nor was I even interested in it but I'm pretty sure some people will use it's deletion to stir up drama.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

445c40 No.7645

Why isn't OP here to bitch about his own thread? It couldn't be that he spammed the same fucking thread on every anime-related imageboard on the site and now he's just feigning outrage/trying to act like a martyr because someone called him out on his faggotry, could it?

7f3ca1 No.7646

wtf I hate /a/ now

b3c0dc No.7648

>you are not allowed to discuss anime and manga on /a/

445c40 No.7649


>Game about worst girl from worst normalfag series of the season released by SJWeeb-tier normalfag company that has a history of censorship is related to /a/

Next you'll say dubs belong on /a/.

5fd093 No.7650


Who are you quoting?

File: 869a19cc7719c89⋯.png (31.26 KB, 724x783, 724:783, Untitled.png)

45e12a No.7618[Reply]

Which part of this is incorrectly written?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d59f94 No.7622


For fucks sake, read the rules before posting on an image board.

Rule 11 is partially enforced by Hoihoi-chan, this is done via an autoban word list.

45e12a No.7623

File: 47d577839bc940a⋯.png (90.37 KB, 508x508, 1:1, 125664423.png)



>you have to keep up to date with latest goonslang to post in /a/ so you know which common acronyms you aren't allowed to use

I read that list once and I understand "tbh" and the like, but this is a bit too much.

1026c9 No.7624


Maybe you should just kill yourself then.

296033 No.7625


You could always migrate to >>>/animu/

2365e8 No.7626


>Keep up to date

I don't think it's been updated since echoes were added half a year ago.

File: 800ee63f3a69bb5⋯.png (47 KB, 841x577, 841:577, Screenshot from 2018-03-20….png)

9d5b8e No.7526[Reply]

Is your ban bot on the fritz? Do you need somebody to fix the bugs? What's the problem here?

14 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f0c28d No.7553

File: 92dbd77c511aa59⋯.jpg (551.62 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Beginners Guide to Anime &….jpg)


>I don't really get it but it seems that the mods on /a/ believe that ephemeral posts on imageboards should always have immaculate spelling and punctuation.


<8/a/ has special rules different from every other image board

<you don't belong

>Pure project

You people are acting like this is something new and particular to 8chan's /a/.

33dfd9 No.7584


Visit >>>/animu/ sometime.

eb321c No.7603


>Meidos. Not mods, meidos.

The correct term is borudo varentiru

72da91 No.7616

File: 788bab84a9b4c76⋯.jpeg (210.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 98c53d57b1f2aeb3004963ffa….jpeg)


Jesus, this image is too accurate. Granted I came shortly after the first panel (2009) but still kinda sad.

4c06a1 No.7617


Lurk more, you fucking newfaggot.

File: cd750722de8e2bb⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 190x250, 19:25, 825814270aa40d2508.jpg)

989d66 No.7604[Reply]

The rules should be updated so people understand one thread per topic/series. People won't have their threads deleted and not know why. The manga tread also shouldn't exist. It's unfair to manga only series. A series should be able to have it's own thread even if it is just a manga or it's anime has ended but the manga hasn't.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

432279 No.7610



That's just reinforcing what I said: Manga threads are allowed. The only time that doesn't happen is if it's a duplicate thread or if the thread already has an anime thread.

3fd74b No.7611


Not even that. The SSR threads were split into manga and anime threads because manga discussion required regular and major spoilers. There's no rule against having both anime and manga threads up, and they generally get condensed into a single thread to avoid dupes, but if talking about the manga seriously spoils the anime, then separate threads seem to be just fine.

187816 No.7612

File: c6f755b835382ea⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 784x785, 784:785, c6f755b835382ea25696795203….jpg)


>The rules should be updated so people understand one thread per topic/series.

I can see how that would make sense, yeah. But then again, is there anyone who posts on /a/ for more than a week who doesn't get that already?

And if they haven't posted on /a/ for more than a week, should they really be making fucking threads? This leads me into:

> People won't have their threads deleted and not know why.

Most threads that are outright deleted are deleted for reason of being shit, low-effort, newfaggot-created garbage (Kuso thread as ban reason.) that have no place on /a/. And even those are sometimes left up for a while in case they might spawn some meaningful discussion and de-shittify themselves so to speak.

As for manga series, it is perfectly acceptable to dedicate an entire thread to one manga in particular if there is enough interest in it.

Most of the series in the manga thread are followed by a handful of anons at best so it really wouldn't make sense for each of them to have it's own dead thread. On top of that, the manga thread is also a good place for anons to browse through when looking to pick up something new since it's easy to see everyone's opinions on a variety of works.

4cd11f No.7614

File: 2edcf6bbede978e⋯.jpg (514.69 KB, 1600x1111, 1600:1111, 527xx12_p0.jpg)

The rules should be removed so newfags will have to lurk and figure them out.

2a537e No.7615


> The manga tread also shouldn't exist. It's unfair to manga only series.

Manga chapters contain less and release no more frequently than anime episodes, so there's often less to talk about, and less frequently. There's no point in an entire new thread for each chapter of a monthly release, getting 10-20 replies before falling off the board.

There are far more ongoing manga than ongoing anime, and we just don't have room on the board for all of them. A smaller fraction of the board will generally follow any given manga than any given anime because of this as well.

A general manga thread also provides a way to find more series. With anime you can just check anichart to get a list of everything currently airing. Can't do that with manga.

There's nothing stopping more a popular manga from having a dedicated thread even if it's never had an adaptation. Just look at how many Mousou Telepathy threads we've had.

File: cad442cfacf2026⋯.png (143.6 KB, 700x613, 700:613, Screenshot_2018-03-26_21-2….png)

0ebf2c No.7555[Reply]

There was a story event in the SIF mobage that was pretty clearly on-the-nose health and flu shot propaganda. This post was just in reference to it. Just setting the record straight.

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

212277 No.7574


>damage control already


73ab1b No.7577


>Where did the bad jews touch you?

My foreskin, with a surgical knife.

Never forgive.

2930bb No.7582


>that will surely make them ignore

If only. To bad we can only ID+ filter you here

0b5e83 No.7583


You could always go to >>>/animu/ for that shit.

79b1f2 No.7613

File: 351801e79907fb6⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 351801e79907fb664cf083ea17….jpg)


>posting Ebola-chan and not wanting genocide

File: 676446e0bfd20c4⋯.png (126.28 KB, 658x338, 329:169, B&.png)

dad510 No.7579[Reply]

How was this in violation of rule #11?

16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1ad37d No.7599



Anon it was a six hour ban. That's a quarter of a day. It's not even like you were banned for a week or some bullshit like that.

db50cf No.7600




It's irrelevant. Such bullshit bans shouldn't happen AT ALL. It's like saying "you've only be shot in the leg, why are you making a fuss?".

It's downright retarded to police speech like that. Especially for common shortening like "What the fuck" to "WTF".


Do you read the ELUA every time?

Do the rules have to make sense and be good?

fcc92f No.7601


Have you tried not typing like a retarded nigger?

3f5281 No.7602


Have you tried taking the cock out of your ass lmao

a3be90 No.7607


>comparing getting shot in the leg with getting a six hour ban in an anime imageboard

I'm glad the internet exists.

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