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781dc3 No.1[Reply]

At this point, this board is meant to remain hidden (as it is on the boards list), aside from the project team.


We have yet to decide whether we will stick here or have it hidden in the first place, as there are no additional layers of protection. For this phase, it will serve us well.

2) IRC

IRC has been suggested, and indeed, a chat-like communication will be needed at one point. However, before we know what time fits us, we will put that on wait.


At this point, 3 interested participants contacted me via email. No roles are yet set, nor is single-tasking mandatory (as suggested). That being said, we have one potential narrator.


Feel free to post and create your own threads for anything that you deem important for this project.

I will only ask you to namefag so we can recognize each other in the beginning. Tripcodes are up to you, as you will easily detect any anomalies. If you wish to use names that can't be tied to anything in your email, just notify me there. It would be odd if new faces popped up without any ties to any of us.

That being said, there is no need for formalities.

I will create several threads that could be important for this project later on, feel free to do the same or ask anything.

That's it for now!


781dc3 No.2

Hello everyone!

Alexander Morganson here, looking forward to seeing what we can come up with through this little project. I definitely think all individuals should post introductions so we can get an idea of how our numbers are looking. That being said, I'm hoping that we can get this thing up off the ground.

781dc3 No.3

File: 1449759794120.webm (7.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FILM1.webm)


Indeed introduction would do good, hope the other guys join in.

Here's some promo, got myself some reading materials.

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781dc3 No.4


We'll probably have to get some things together to get more people interested.

First off, what is going to be the main purpose of A-.

I know it's going to counteract the A+ movement and modern fedorism in general, but what else did you have in mind?

781dc3 No.5

Wouldn't it make more sense just to have a thread on /pol/ first to gauge interest?

Once we get that going we could shill the board. Also filling out the catalog with some more topics is a good idea

781dc3 No.6


We definitely need a couple more shilling threads to see if we can get more people interested. We should try to get some concepts to put out into those threads, if it looks like we've actually done some work maybe people will be more interested.

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