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File: 30304c4e8261b43⋯.png (1.52 KB, 245x240, 49:48, _disurd.png)


Is there a server? Or should we make one?

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Well it's not really social media or anything like that.



>or anything like that

Except exactly like that ('that' being Facebook, Whatsapp etc) in the case of having CIA software WILLFULLY INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER taking the backdoor straight into your rectal cavity.

I'd say continue to use IRC until for a month or two and then install the next versions of Tox and/or Tor Messenger (when Matrix protocol is supported). They just need to fix some usability issues / bugs before I personally start using them (and they're fucking getting there, which is great).

Proprietary software mixed with radicals can have disastrous effects, you may not only put yourself in danger, but also potentially your associates as well.


File: 6b8e5054f71f666⋯.png (572.88 KB, 850x687, 850:687, fuckoffgoogle.png)


This. Radicals need to understand that using proprietary networks is not a "personal choice," you are inevitably snitching on your comrades.

Never trust anybody who uses Facebook or Discord or whatever is hip these days.



Is it bad that I just, keep that sort of incriminating stuff off the internet in the first place?


>corporate closed-source anti-freedom software


File: 1467404627730.jpg (158.3 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, d269561046aeb9cb02153d7acd….jpg)


What are you exact frustrations with capitalism and why do you oppose it? Also what do you think of people who oppose capitalism cause their surplus value is being abstracted or sutch abstract something.

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Capitalism is mediocre. Even well-off peeple capitalizing are mediocre. Shopkeepers morality, and not just shopkeepers but the defenders of capitalism if you hear them speak, they are really mediocre. And I think capitalism has its roots and its current ideological support in mediocre social patterns of segregated conformity.

Marxists are huge bores and rather mediocre.



And that's a bad thing? Fuck theory. I gave up university because theory is just a waste of time. We need is action and making stuff happen.

Theory only works inside the university walls.



wtf…are you me? Who are you?



employer bears risk of bancrupting and he has to pay employees regardless of profit for a company so it is not bad that he has some profit (surplus value)


Capitalism can make your best friend consider you as an object. That pisses me off.

File: 41b8d137cb0c8d8⋯.png (4.46 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Untitled.png)


Do we have a reading list picture like the board that shall not be named?

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nietzsche created transhumanism, he was not a socialism at all



He didn't create transhumanism tho…

The question of Nietzsche's politics is also kind of a tricky one. He was certainly against 19th century anarchism and socialism, but because of what he perceived to be the inherent liberalism in both. He was very much opposed to the same things anarchists are opposed to, but he understood that being an anarchist means rejecting the Enlightenment.



Did Nietzsche actually know anything about anarchism? I haven't seen him quote an anarchist or reference any by name like he does with other things he criticises.



I'm kinda new to anarchism, and so far I've read The Ego and His Own, some Proudhon and Malatesta stuff, Mutual Aid by Kropotkin

How are Individualist Anarchism and Mutualism related to each other? And is Egoist Anarchism different than the Individualist movement?

Also the books at Classics (as far as I recognize) are mostly from an ancom position. There would be nice some "anarchism without adjectives" book there (even if it's from an ayncap view, it's useful either way)



>How are Individualist Anarchism and Mutualism related to each other?

I would say Mutualism is more individualist than ancom for example, because it advocates mutually owned property instead of collective property. Also it has markets.

>And is Egoist Anarchism different than the Individualist movement?

Egoist Anarchism is on brand of individualism. You can have non egoist individualism (Spooner, Tucker, Goldman…).

>There would be nice some "anarchism without adjectives" book there

Any suggestions? I'll edit the image, it's been a while.

File: 1467317863350.jpg (89.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1466340234312-1.jpg)


How many users are there actually on this board?

Does everybody use the irc?

What anime are you currently watching?

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I don't post much, I got a book from here.

IRC confuses me.


I'm starting to check this board now along with /liberty/. I don't use IRC because it doesn't appeal to me at all. I am currently watching Brave Witches.


File: 1ddbb43856fe0d6⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 1ddbb43856fe0d6abfe073410d….jpg)

Im not in the mood anymore to post here or lefty/pol/. Lefty/pol/ is now reddit and this place is fine but unactive and my interest has been terribly low latelty in chans.


File: 77fe8f8f25ebce0⋯.gif (2.93 MB, 956x474, 478:237, 1479434640815.gif)


I'll miss seeing your posts anon. I remember you recommended for me to come here a while back on /leftypol/, and if it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't have read Stirner, which had a big impact on me.


>How many users are there actually on this board?

A few

>Does everybody use the irc?

I did but no ones awake when im on so i just call everyone mother fuckers then leave

>What anime are you currently watching?

Rick and morty

File: 1428842541221.png (106.33 KB, 1024x634, 512:317, anarchist-disorganizationa….png)


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Unfortunately - as far as I know at least - For Ourselves was never a hugely influential group. They're considered more of like a precursor to post-left anarchy, it seems. Which is really disappointing, because as you noted, anarcho-communism doesn't get enough dank theorists like them. The communist tendency in anarchism seems to generally be preoccupied with the same 19th century shit that has no real practical relevance to how capitalism functions today, and like you I think that's unfortunate, because there's certainly value I think in synthesizing the two tendencies.

You may want to check out Nihilist Communism by Monsier Dupont. It's a fairly recent, and IMO very relevant, communist piece that is written from the nihilist stance in anarchism. Not quite the same as egoism and insurrectionism, but very closely related, and that book in particular gives a really excellent critique of the state that communists/ancoms are in today, and what we can do with communist analyses of capitalism today.





Than you <3


File: eef4656991ba318⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 600x272, 75:34, CAn1CEZWUAATt8y.jpg)


I remember having a discussion elsewhere about how to apply syndicalist ideas to post-industrial programs; like how can you seize the means of production when the production itself is globalized? What are we left with, seizing the means of distribution?



>being misanthropic and dangerous (I am sympathetic to anarcho-nihilism)

Aww <3

We aren't all antisocial sociopaths opposed to cooperation via voluntary association by the way, and personally I would probably not be so misanthropic if this big spooky world wasn't making everyone so goddamn brain-crazy with their borderline psychotic obsessions with controlling what others do via force rather than the (typically) more productive persuasion (personal logic behind this worldview being that forcing people into doing things against their will generally nets me a shittier final product than obtaining it through nonviolent means anyway, to say nothing of the guilt I'd have to live with after the fact since I don't lack empathy). At the same time I'm not a pacifist either obviously. I think the biggest thing for anarchism in general is getting everyone to realize that violence has its time and place, which varies from individual to individual ofc but it is nevertheless always true that neither one will work for every situation. Once this realization occurs, psychopaths and other "dangerous" types will inevitably weed themselves out of the gene pool via their cognitive disabilities outing them as dangerously antisocial, which in turn gets them killed by this or that more rational organization of people who discover their actions and each recognize them as threats to their individual autonomy (I imagine the thing happening rather quickly, in relative terms).

So basically organization is not impossible within the egoist framework, it is simply free of any delusion that such alliances are to be sacred or in any way extolled as more important than its composing members. Typically egoists who have no further reason to associate with each other will part ways (potentially amicably, if any other members of said union prove charming enough).

File: 1421959344795.png (10.07 KB, 500x500, 1:1, anarcho.png)


New(er) board owner here, as before, this thread will be used to discuss moderation, prospective volunteers, etc.

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Post last edited at



fallacy fallacy



fallacy fallacy fallacy



fallacy fallacy fallacy fallacy


File: baca56807f60b94⋯.png (290.88 KB, 800x1185, 160:237, 1467039355786-0.png)






I am right and you people are wrong!

Subjectivity wins again!



may all the nonexistent gods bless you, you sweet beautiful angel

File: 1467993022217.png (34.02 KB, 697x515, 697:515, EOW1.png)


ITT we discuss the settlement of communes.

Reformism doesn't work, and the revolution isn't coming soon. Escaping this authoritarian world seems to be the best kind of direct action. A self sufficient isolated commune will allow its members to live without partaking in wage slavery, while at the same time prepping for the next economical/ecological collapse. The means of producing basic necessities (food, water, shelter, clothes) can be build by the members themselves from basic hardware supplies.

The plan is to find a few comrades and move together at once. Either squat or buy the property, and keep a low profile (becoming a tourist attraction doesn't sounds great). There has been a lot of previous experiments like these, especially right after may 68. A lot have failed and we should learn from their mistakes (some say it was because they had a "free love" policy and people were getting jealous).

My advice is to go for the mountains, it's easy to hide and you'll be safe from rising sea level. A commune in an urban environment sounds nice for recruiting and all, but it doesn't allow a lot of space for farming.

Come home, comrade.

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File: 7329b8fc5c2cd1d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1639, 1080:1639, 1456016912333.png)


None, anarchy is only possible if the current system is abolished in its total totality. Its useless now to plan and fantasize for the future society while capitalism exists now.


How is progress? Is it nothing like usual internet projects?



> anarchy is only possible if the current system is abolished in its total totality

Why is that?



>How is progress? Is it nothing like usual internet projects?

It's not even a project, it's something I want to do, I have to find like minded people first.



Agreed. We can thank polemicist dear lord Bookchin with his ridiculous "lifestylism" claims for that, I should think.



Go make real friends with real skills is my advice. I have similar dreams but I do not think it wise to collude with complete strangers online for such projects.

File: 1470967180896.png (359.93 KB, 1040x540, 52:27, 2IMN3b7.jpg.png)


Whats your thoughts on gender abolition?

Is it an essential component in anarchism at large or mere FIDF - Feminist Internet Defense League horseshit?

Is gender hierarchical by nature?

Or is it only hierarchical if enabled in such a way by class antagonism?

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File: fc12bdb9f82aed1⋯.jpg (148.99 KB, 1661x954, 1661:954, 123JimProfit123.jpg)

How does gender definition help the commoner? Seems to be a wholly white, middle-class problem, and you cannot deny it if you also take into consideration the contradictory argument trannies make up like 0.8% of the population. Well than it's wholly not a problem. But I'll humor you comrade…

Originally I wanted a complete free market method of insuring everyone's rights were secured. We'd put security guards at bathroom stalls. This way cis women felt safe from the clutches of super predators, and trans could use whichever bathroom they pleased. It satisfied both parties while simultaneously creating jobs.

I gave it some thought though… and while it's still a pretty good idea, is it what Keynes would've imagined was the true potential of anarcho-capitalism? I don't know and. I think we can do better.

I actually emailed Gary Johnson about this and he said it was good enough to be an official platform of the libertarian party where we subsidize trans-surgeries if those "women" sign a contract to leave the workplace. This opens up new job opportunities for the rest of us, gives them free transitioning tools, and they can meet a nice hubby and he can provide for both of them like the pinnacle of the 1950s America.



Your complete dodge of the sum of arguments and inability to counter them shows that you have very little grounding to stand upon. For some lack of reason you still found it necessary to debate.

>I think this outlook on gender is stupid and intentionally overcomplicated

If you find it overcomplicated then you must have a rather shallow analysis of gender roles and their functioning over individuals who are subjected to their perpetuation both historically and in the present reality you are currently a part of.

>…to try to attack the material institutions that have turned something good

Good means something different for any person using it. Are you suggesting that you identify the complete historical domination of the female sex through mystic, legal, economic and inherently gendered forces to be your definition of 'good'?

>I think that things like culture, music genres, etc., are on a naturally horizontal (non-hierarchical) playing field, and human beings, such as with cooperation and mutual aid, are inclined to keep them horizontal and their power out of the hands of the few.

I'm not sure what music genres have to do with gender relations but I'll bite anyway:

So a Tibetan Throat Singing Quartet that releases through an independent, perhaps even cooperative label, vs a Tibetan Throat Singing Quartet that is signed to Sony Music Entertainment…

- https://archive.fo/gnTvv (Five Truly Terrible Record Deals Compiled For Your Convenience 1/2)

- https://archive.fo/LcLve (Five Truly Terrible Record Deals Compiled For Your Convenience 2/2)

…have no differing potential outputs as a result of the social structures they're subjected to in this shitty analogy of yours?

>They by themselves can't set themselves above Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>>11589 (cont.)

>Every means of expression and an equal social system of identites of all kinds must be open, not abolished as a means to be open. This applies to gender, that people should be free and to a very small degree encouraged to express themselves in a gender (or not, whatever) that suits their personality, and where people be men, women, nb or what the fuck ever and just get along.

>Why not just have both Boss and Worker Identities™ and just get along?

I think we should just cut to the chase and rename the genders to something more accurate and up-to-date. I vote for the Winner and the Slave gender. Because after all that hard work perpetuating the objectification and swift market-based enslavement of all Earth-bound life then one just -has- to have their bed made, clothes washed, dinner waiting and cock stroked by a ever-happy VOLUNTARY™ Slave! Any other way would truly be Unnatural™.

>Yes, its socially constructed. Boo fucking hoo, everything is.

It's not only that it's socially constructed and therefore unwanted. It's that it's socially constructed, hierarchical (you're supposed to be an anarchist, remember?) and completely arbitrary to the functioning of the human species. Hunter-gatherer tribes were not rigidly divided in terms of labor and sex. There is mountains of proof for this, both in archeology and anthropology.

>You don't get to remove yourself from the social sphere […of the status quo of which I'm defending and trying to maintain]

Forgive me pastor for I have sinned! Will you please prevent your adherents from stoning me in the streets? I am sorry for having transgressed your Sacred Binary, I will immediately start to address the mental faculties of my significant other as if they were that of a toddler, after all, she is just a W-Woman!

>its where your reality is eternally centered. Medicine, Science, Math, and the posibilities that got us from one place to another is. Its how humanity and animals and organism work.

>"rape, the female slave-trade, promiscuity laws, the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 6e0529f43fcb626⋯.jpg (102.68 KB, 799x710, 799:710, 1455652127363-2.jpg)

I'd like to be able to wear dresses, I'd be down.

>Is it an essential component in anarchism at large or mere FIDF - Feminist Internet Defense League horseshit?

Yes, and sadly again, yes. While many would like to see gender abolition through, they also make a damn fool of us by not even abolishing it alltogether but simply making up new genders. It's fucking hilarious how deluded almost all gender abolitionists are on this point.

>Is gender hierarchical by nature?

>Or is it only hierarchical if enabled in such a way by class antagonism?

No, nature itself is hierarchical through the will to power.

Sort of. I'm not sure on this point myself. Wouldn't saying the hierarchy of nature being arbitrary make life, and therein the system of the universe itself arbitrary? Hierarchy seems to me to just be a result of the extent to which we can exert power over others as individuals.

Let's not also forget that all social constructs no matter what, fetter us with invisible chains. Even if you do not feel them, chains nonetheless.



I already wear dresses

File: 1417206365034.gif (3.54 KB, 190x200, 19:20, anarchybook.gif)


For those unfamiliar, the gist is: the community votes on a book, we then read it and discuss our interpretations, objections and other insights relating to said text. Naturally, the books would be related to anarchism and related topics.
What should be our first book? Do we have enough regulars to make this work? Is this a retarded idea?
55 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1470909579204.jpg (96.24 KB, 594x892, 297:446, 3TDSuHZ.jpg)

Shouldnt there be a seperate thread just for subject based reading groups? I naturally always avoid sticky's and shit and dont know if others do the same.


File: 1470997378178.jpg (691.63 KB, 3357x3863, 3357:3863, 57e3c7e6dc85b5557924a9b5ce….jpg)

Shouldnt there be a seperate thread just for subject based reading groups? I naturally always avoid sticky's and shit and dont know if others do the same.



I think unstickying the thread, making it cyclical, and linking it in a sticky would probably be a better idea, yeah.


File: a870ac354cf5814⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, socialjusticeandthecity.jpg)


Anyone read this?


Since i know no one actually keeps to a schedule for reading here (it would be nice but lets face it, the board is too slow) how about we just discuss book instead?

anyone wanna talk about debt the first 5000 years?

File: a7e655068b3474a⋯.jpeg (101.35 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 900x900px-LL-861aebba_Son….jpeg)

File: 8744e74254467cd⋯.jpg (266.29 KB, 650x434, 325:217, PCM001.jpg)


Time to do Anarchy Podcasting everyone. Let's get it going and get the words out.

7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1d8c724a54f04eb⋯.png (571.96 KB, 701x720, 701:720, 1d8c724a54f04eb611a0432786….png)


>actually judging the coer of the page

I would recommend waterd down anarchist shit for you then.


File: ab31fc23a0289ef⋯.jpg (328.58 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Ae3QqtC.jpg)


thank you for the suggestion, i will try it



i was listening to if for a moment and the speaker said about Araghorn

is Araghorn a podcaster as well? he is pretty popular amirite?




these are not podcasts

File: b7c2061cf13059b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 11d0951cec36c036722fae4f64….png)


How does self-image and the way you see yourself relate to the anarchist project? How does the way other people see you relate to it? What can we do to get to know ourselves and reach the greatest possible fulfillment in our lives, and not feel ashamed or scared, whether it's on behalf of authority, society or our own spooks?

10 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 179b421e73a1092⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 640x626, 320:313, k.jpg)

I hate myself but I hate (most) everyone more. All company is bad company except among equals.

As for anarchism, it's just made me more wanton about the value of others' life, and more indulgent with my wrath towards cops, bureaucrats, anyone who says happiness is all that matters. So edgy af basically.


File: 616abb71fbfab43⋯.png (487.45 KB, 1000x822, 500:411, 5b598cd5902187dedc67f60eb5….png)


How do you consider others equals? Share your hate for most people or something?


File: d6ec398b098915e⋯.png (852.46 KB, 600x848, 75:106, d4f72f8690c1f450e97dbdf7a0….png)


>I hate myself

I did this before reading Stirner



>How do you consider others equals? Share your hate for most people or something?

Ah man that's a good question, tbh the people I really enjoy being around I consider way better than myself. But I also think they have some respect for me or wouldn't bother being near me either. It's confusing but rationalizing it all is just a house of cards anyway so why bother?


The hate makes me want to be better fam.


File: ff468723cd30177⋯.png (545.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ff468723cd301770389a4a3632….png)


>The hate makes me want to be better fam.

There is litteraly nothing wrong with hatred! In your context it could be consider to be le spook for perhaps hating the present for not being the future wich you want to be.

Those of us who desire the destruction of power, the end of exploitation and domination, cannot let ourselves succumb to the rationalizations of the progressives, which only serve the interests of the rulers of the present. Having chosen to refuse our exploitation and domination, to take our lives as our own in struggle against the miserable reality that has been imposed on us, we inevitably confront an array of individuals, institutions and structures that stand in our way, actively opposing us — the state, capital, the rulers of this order and their loyal guard dogs, the various systems and institutions of control and exploitation. These are our enemies and it is only reasonable that we would hate them. It is the hatred of the slave for the master — or, more accurately, the hatred of the escaped slave for the laws, the cops, the “good citizens”, the courts and the institutions that seek to hunt her down and return him to the master. And as with the passions of our loves and friendships, this passionate hatred is also to be cultivated and made our own, its energy focused and directed into the development of our projects of revolt and destruction.



File: 1467421763669.jpg (478.78 KB, 1458x1401, 486:467, 05b056be22d6b52a3dd4f5d870….jpg)


How does /anarcho/ outmaneuver their boredom? I can't seem to bring myself from either despairing at having nothing to do (or perhaps too much to do) nor from despairing that I'm no good at what I do, and the result, for me, is a proclivity towards boredom and sleep. Need some personal advice or something, really.

25 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Boredom is a root of all evil. The Gods were bored, so they created men.


File: 29ee842aec9b0f2⋯.jpeg (84.38 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1463947321779-1.jpeg)


Whats your main hobby and wich is your secondary?

Man im bored as fuck i need a secondary hobby cause i feel like i cant read every single minute of my free time.. do people even do this? Besides reading i do alot of walks but cant really walk at night cause its all so dark.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not him but you should learn an instrument anon.



main hobby: psychiatry, secondary hobby: exotic pets keeping, secondary hobby: playing strategic games, main hobby: anarchism, main hobby: philosophy



gods do not exist

File: d14c059eff1f22a⋯.png (101.67 KB, 450x443, 450:443, 1472844210138.png)


Mfw banned from leftypol for 6 months for no reason

12 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: b4c788ccf9f60bb⋯.jpg (163.31 KB, 836x1100, 19:25, d5513d3fb9e300940d09e5e3ad….jpg)


Rebel could you give me all the works that have influenced your opinion on Stirner? Is it only Schmidt and Danish virgin or more? If so wich specific works?



Rousseau's Social Contract

Kierkegaard's Either/Or

Lacan's Ecrits

Kierkegaard's Sickness Unto Death

Hegel Hegel Hegel

Schmidt is useful but he was kinda wrong on Hegel.

Danish virgin is useful for it.

Rousseau. Rousseau. More Rousseau.

You gotta be at the point where you learn

1. stirner is ahistorical and wrong from the very psychological beginnings

2. stirner rejected Hegel and is a dirty materialist


File: 5d1ae5ee311967c⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, Cq5GSDvWgAAV2IX.jpg large.jpg)


>very psychological beginnings

What do you mean?

>dirty materialist

How? I actually am thinking the same with Stirner his stance on truth and idea's in general.


File: 9e9525f6bfa40f4⋯.jpg (53.94 KB, 409x574, 409:574, 1ae8be13e7e64060a667cbca53….jpg)


>Rousseau. Rousseau. More Rousseau.

Also how.. big is his shit on the spook man? I allready have his work and well would it change ym mind verry quick after i finnished the social contract?



It means that human interaction blurs the line of the individual. "Creative nothing" is a cop out to say there is a part of person one can identify as immalleable. But this is false. We are changed irreversibly by our interactions. We *are* our obsessions.

It also means read kierkegaard you poo, he had a huge influence on psychology.


Rejected the Hegelian universal. He believed there was nothing but ego, and everything external to ego. That's materialism basically.


It's just about how living ethically is cool n shiet.

Read Discourse on inequality first and social contract will double to be one of the only books you need to read to debunk capitalism

File: 1468204202429.png (992.87 KB, 801x1239, 267:413, Alunya Lelnin traitor.png)


This thread is for sharing resources (memes, quotes, infographics, etc) and organizing resistance against factions and sects of the left that opportunistically or functionally try to hijack the popular movements.

This thread specifically concerns itself with Leftism (LeLnin boys, tankiddies, soc-one who studied interracial porn for educational purposess, the odd trot and so on, but the authoritarian or anti-popular elements of leftcoms and "libertarian marxists/(un/anti)-anarchist communists" must be confronted as well).

The fash and the ayncraps can go in another thread.

Critiques of left-reactionary positions as well as counter-critiques to common left-reactionary arguments against us are also welcome.

If you want to comment on the state of other leftist boards and coordinate activities that involve them, that is fine too.

Let's organize the resistance.

Post-lefts are welcome if they behave and make themselves helpful.

27 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




there's also a free VPN in the sticky thread that is run by companeros but you have to message them or get an invite



I'm pretty sure you only need an invite to create an email account on Riseup.


File: 849c6da05a38858⋯.jpg (68.56 KB, 400x500, 4:5, sp_kyle_by_sujk08_23-d4das….jpg)



Man i am to lazy to get one cause i just want to play around instead of working to get it like Bob Black.



As far as I can tell its all hosted in the US which carries a lot of the inherent privacy risks that any 5 Eyes country has. Tread with caution comrades. If you really need privacy, invest a little into a good service.


File: efef647b24e31dd⋯.gif (184.59 KB, 450x504, 25:28, tankie.gif)


>>This is also what the Paris Commune looked like which is why Marx called it "proudhons grave".

>Obligatory: http://anarchism.pageabode.com/anarcho/the-paris-commune-marxism-and-anarchism

[A Wild Tankie Appears!]

I'm sorry, is this official Anarchist point of view?

Because it's hideously childish. I had to struggle through several pages of constant accusations before things got relevant (to Paris Commune; author does not provide any basis to the first few pages of ritual shit-flinging).

You do it the other way. While short statement "this position is dumb" is acceptable, you should begin by proving opponent wrong. Only then it is acceptable to be impolite.

And when things get relevant, they are thoroughly unconvincing. And even minor research (Engels' quotes) proves author's bias: Engels opinion that Blanquists were wrong (public did not support their ideas of authoritarian dictatorship) is used as an example of Engels hypocrisy:

> Clearly a “free federation” of Communes is bad when anarchists advocate it but excellent when workers in revolt advocate it! Why this was the case Engels failed to explain.

Apparently you have to choose either Blanquist dictatorship or Proudhonist non-state. Alternative is impossible.

And the best part? This is right after:

> For most Marxists, any form of co-operation or co-ordination is “centralisation” or “centralism” and, correspondingly, decentralisation implies isolation and atomisation of forces. The anarchist system of federalism simply does not fit into this stark dichotomy.

Just to be clear: I think it is not hypocritical to consPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1412630722549.jpg (174.44 KB, 640x640, 1:1, question-nozomi.jpg)


Is there any anarchist anime?
99 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1433789849588-0.png (167.16 KB, 834x1200, 139:200, img000003.png)

File: 1433789849588-1.png (216.61 KB, 834x1200, 139:200, img000020.png)

File: 1433789849588-2.png (157.76 KB, 832x1200, 52:75, img000001.png)


Also, Ira is a miracle of the universe - and I'm not even that much of a weeb.


File: 1441715624176-0.png (1.48 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Demiurge_007.png)

File: 1441715624176-1.jpg (15.73 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Max.JPG)

Shinometa seems like it may have anarchist undertones to me. While not directly related Demiurge in Overlord seems to be inspired by Friedrich Engel's depiction of Max Stirner.


File: 1441921656428.jpg (216.56 KB, 1055x1425, 211:285, shimoneta_asahi.jpg)


Not anarchist, but it's definitely against the establishment and backward traditions and values about "purity".

Still, it got a full-page advertisement on Asahi Shimbun, Japan's left-wing newspaper, so yeah maybe they're onto something. Maybe not.



know where I can read more about this?


File: b5c3f026078b707⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1472898122174.jpg)

This is an important thread.

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