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File: 1be24f71fe4fe1c⋯.png (165.37 KB, 643x537, 643:537, 1be24f71fe4fe1ca3a21f87b65….png)



Seeing as this is specific and divisive enough of a topic to render it separate from the Debate Anarchism thread >>10259, I am re-purposing this thread to be the "x is not anarchism because y" debate thread in the interest of conserving the diversity of discussion on this board. All other threads that fall under this category will be saged. If you feel the need to discuss this tangentially in other threads, please first consider the possibility of doing so here, instead.

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File: 658c9890fb4f128⋯.png (658.04 KB, 789x3087, 263:1029, anarcho capitalism.png)

why would we want to participate or even read a thread if it consists entirely of "hurr corporations will take over who will build the roads durr"? what incentive is there to post here? to "defend" ourselves? no ancom, especially not one enough of a faggot to post le laughing reaction faec xD memes, will ever change their ideology or come to agree with us on anything, rather than just endlessly shit-fling and damage control. so why would we even post here as opposed to a thread filled with other ancaps or /liberty/?

i'd much rather you just hang your head low in shame for making such a shit thread and go back to /leftypol/, moron.



the point of the thread is obviously to make fun of your utterly idiotic ideology you dingus.



the point is that everyone hates you except yourselves, all anarchists laugh at you guys as your claim is unhistorical and retarded

anarchism was always an anti gov, anti cap and anti hierarchy ideology


File: b370bb80ff78939⋯.jpg (48.7 KB, 480x479, 480:479, alignment.jpg)


>argues that state has no right to exploit people

>still thinks it's fine for individuals to exploit people and call it a business

This is why bougeoisie must die, they can't be re-educated.


File: 1c83f7ee486c4d3⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 181x279, 181:279, download.jpg)


yes, fucking retard, and I'm saying that, if that is the point of the thread, why would ancaps come in and defend ourselves? The thread was made from the get-go with the explicit intention of being anti-ancap. Why would anybody take the time to argue in a space that defaults as not being neutral towards all sides? Learn to read.


>anarchism was always an anti gov, anti cap and anti hierarchy ideology

and now it isn't. words are only defined based on how they're used- "literally" inverted itself in definition because of the way people used it, for example. I think it'd be fair to say that, out of all ideologies with "anarcho" in it's name, anarcho-capitalism is the second or third most popular. Thus, the definition changes to accommodate for its use in the real world. Literally no one will listen to you if you start screaming "stop using that word that way!!", because as soon as that interpretation of that word gets a foothold in the public (and it has, because 99% of people talking about ancaps say "ancaps" instead of "privatists" or "rothbardists") the definition changes and now the person throwing a fit is the incorrect one.

Words don't have centralized definitions and standards for usage, and the fact the most prevalent argument against ancaps by leftists is literal semantics that can be shut down with the above short paragraph is pretty sad, tbh.


lmao ok



> Literally no one will listen to you if you start screaming "stop using that word that way!!

Regardless, the entire basis for anarcho-"capitalism" was nothing more than trolling socialists.

>the most prevalent argument against ancaps by leftists is literal semantics

No, they have a detailed critique against capitalism, you just opted out of reading it.

>Words don't have centralized definitions and standards for usage

War is peace, freedom if slavery, ignorance is strength


Anarcho-Capitalism is not a real thing, it never was. No one truley ever really believed in it, perhaps not much before 2010.

Anarcho-Capitalists are just regular neo-liberals who are trying to be edgy for one reason. Many if not most of them are simply closeted /pol/acks,

Anarchism has a history. There are/where anarchist communities. Rojava, Revolutionary, and many smaller collectives. There has yet to be an Anarcho-Capitalist society, and there won't be. Because its nothing more than concern trolling against real anarchism.

When pressed on this, An-caps will claim very authoritarian capitalist regimes as signs of capitalist success. They often tote their own social status in these same authoritarian regimes, or otherwise tout the status of individuals within these authoritarian regimes. All while skittering out of any responsibility of the larger system with "no true capitalism"

Most Anarcho-capitalist rhetoric is merely Socialist Anarchist rhetoric with capitalism replacing socialism, and with it makes little sense when spoken. Its mostly popular in the USA, who's political discourse is so screwy to start, that it seems relatively sane by comparison. There really isn't any political representation for the working class, and you just see two parties of id-/pol/

Anarcho-capitalism is not only not real, its an argument made in bad faith



>No, they have a detailed critique against capitalism, you just opted out of reading it.


>War is peace, freedom if slavery, ignorance is strength

yeah that's exactly what i'm saying my dude

i'll give you the benefit of the doubt of being dense on purpose for multiple advanced layers of irony i've yet to understand


holy shit imagine being this dumb

>*throthing at the mouth* NOT AN ARGUMENT NOT AN ARGUMENT!!!

yeah, i'm not arguing, and i explained why in my previous posts.


File: 5ceb726f789b66f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1092x1390, 546:695, ancaps.png)


Anarchism is anti-capitalist by definition since it seeks to abolish all social hierarchies. Capitalism was created (enclosure, imperialism) and is perpetuated (state-enforced property rights) by violence, of the capitalists towards other classes. Ancaps think "everything trade-related = capitalism", so of course they don't see it as a hierarchy.

There is no use for a dialog/debate between anarchists and ancaps, it's like trying to convince your president to become anti-authoritarian. Some of these autists even worship Pinochet, they deserve at least a pair of broken legs.



>Anarchism is anti-capitalist by definition


>Capitalism was created (enclosure, imperialism)


>and is perpetuated (state-enforced property rights) by violence

read >>12521's image or get a brain for literally a second

>Ancaps think "everything trade-related = capitalism"


>Some of these autists even worship Pinochet, they deserve at least a pair of broken legs.

yeah, you fucking moron, if the opposition makes epic joeks about hurting you, you turn to jokes about hurting them back, you goddamned imbecile, fucking idiot,

in summation; no, no, no, read the thread, no


File: 6c059a6fa3b0d3a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.78 KB, 560x366, 280:183, 550862a274a4a02eb4cd656fa3….jpg)


Just saying no is not a argument juste a meaningless retort.

Private firms is the state in this regard.


File: 9abf0a20d99ce33⋯.png (598.48 KB, 946x1680, 473:840, ancap.png)



The post he replied too wasn't an argument, therefore he doesn't need to provide a counter argument

>>12577 Literally just quote mining


File: 8586b43997500c9⋯.png (857.25 KB, 768x944, 48:59, 1506397204063.png)





total spergout, as usual ancaps embarrassing themselves

>words don't mean what they do!

how post-modern of you, faggot



Suck my dick



truly the epitome of intellectual debate, when your idea are challenged, tell people to suck parts of you, that ll defiantly convince people your not a fucking idiot.



lmao i m not looking for "intellectual debate" u fucking nerd. fucking dork lmao



*defiantly dumbass. moron





Aynclaps, does it ever disturb you that agorism, market anarchism, etc all revolve around the fact that a free market would bring your envisoned society and its leadership crashing down? No gods no employers?



No, and there really isn't a difference between any of those things other than focus and aesthetics. I guess you could claim that Market Anarchism sometimes claims egalitarianism as an end-result, but that doesn't make it incompatible with the other two in practice.


I think Ancaps need their own board. Or go to /liberty/. They just don't fit with any anarchist or socialist views.



>What are individualist anarchists

>What are market anarchists

I bet you're one of those "mutualists," anyways



Technically, /liberty/ isn't an ancap board. And it's not like they ban authoritarians because they "don't fit," anyway.


BO here. I'm away from my computer right now, but I think I might make this thread cyclical and turn it into the designated "x is not anarchism" containment thread so that we don't see this cropping up elswhere/crowding out other discussion, as it's distinct enough of a topic from the "debate anarchism" thread. I'm also considering turning off IDs. Let me know what you think.



I'm not actually. The funny part is you don't deny you don't fit in.


Aware but they have more in common there than here. I'm just actually trying to a suggest something more viable than a bunch of ancaps running around shitting up the place at the displeasure of every single other ideology of anarchy.


Do what you must BO. Thanks for maintaining this space for us. leftypol is 90% unbearable now.



Perhaps you should rename the thread or change the OP then.



I can empathize with Spooner, Roderick Long, Bennamin Tucker, Konkin, even Proudhon sometimes when he's not being a dickhead to Bastiat…


File: ce9fcf38d338628⋯.gif (718.79 KB, 500x384, 125:96, 1422173399470.gif)

I have now disabled IDs and enabled Oekaki, SWFs, and combined text. Go wild, anons.



All the old anarchists like spooner or Proudhon had facial hair. Is a beard a defining characteristic for anarchism, or is it something that doesn't matter?


>hey man if you do what I say for a few hours each day I'll compensate you for your time

What part of this is exploitative?


Pinochet's death toll is entirely swallowed up by even the less deadly socialist tyrants.



>hey man if you do what I say for a few hours each day I'll compensate you for your time

>What part of this is exploitative?

1. Capital's relation to labor and private property is built on a history of violence and coercion. It is not in any way a voluntary relationship in the first place. Stop believing the myth that capitalism happened when people just one day decided to stop doing communal farming and instead die in dangerous factories 16h/day

2. The worker is not fully compensated for his time, if he was there would be no surplus value to extract, no capital growth and no capitalism.



>Pinochet's death toll is entirely swallowed up by even the less deadly socialist tyrants.

>this tyrannical dictator is okay because other tyrannical dictators killed more people than him!

So much for the libertarian right


File: f7bb821102ed472⋯.jpg (31.09 KB, 600x434, 300:217, b4f.jpg)



>being a namefag

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