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File: 20a2a18a5b5bdd5⋯.png (118.35 KB, 568x649, 568:649, 1515687872882.png)


How do we make this board more popular? Currently this place is basically dead.



Problem is 8chan really fucked up things with us leftists in the first place so now most leftist groups are way too spread across the internet now. It's harder to have need for a place to call home for shitposting and stuff as anons of anarchy.


Being a dead board is a vicious cycle. We have to ignite a virtuous cycle of activity.



How? Should we advertise this board elsewhere?



By posting a lot! Though obviously we need new people, but they won't like it if we show them a dead board. Activity catches attention.

Thread quotas!



Well I found this place not too long ago, and I think it's pretty comfy.

My advice is (as toxic as it may end up being)

Discord server. More can invite one another to a discord server with ease than an 8chan board. On the Discord server, link to the 8chan board.

That's my idea. What other ideas do you guys have?


Discord is capitalist and proppy. Matrix forever.



The issue is also there is no third /pol/. I can side with the reactionary board where the only anarchists or free associationists or minarchists are "an"caps and then I have /leftypol/ when I am not against private ownership, so where do I go as a Stirnerfag?


I think spreading the word elsewhere is legitimately the answer. A lot of people only come to /leftypol/ because they want to discuss politics without the Nazi bullshit of /pol/, myself included. The problem, I think is that for anarchists, as well as other left wing ideologies like democratic socialists, greens, and even left-liberals, is that as soon as you post anything reasonable on /leftypol/, a bunch of authoritarian pieces of shit who literally fetishize Pol Pot and Stalin try to shut you down. Plus they're into a lot of the same bullshit racist conspiracy theories as the right wing /pol/. The issue is, they don't think to go to /anarcho/, and we should change that. Note that while I obviously identify with anarchists over the ideologies I just listed, I'd take dem socialists, greens, and liberals over retarded Stalinists any day.



>>>/leftpol/ is where a sizable chunk of the libertarian socialist posters of /leftypol/ has migrated.

Don't legitimize lefty BO's censorship.


Inform them that some people want to make loli illegal, and that we believe what goes on between consenting adults and pretend lolis should go unrestricted.




Raid 4taba with anti-Nazi posts.



File: 453245c90007c6f⋯.jpg (36.01 KB, 698x674, 349:337, s35MKBy.jpg)

File: 58e916ec6cf0bbd⋯.png (80.12 KB, 900x600, 3:2, nMIsRAZ.png)

File: b6081cb1f0df696⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 275x283, 275:283, bakunin3-e1311921662597.jpg)


Normalize libsoc and /leftpol will come here. Infuse post with disdain for the state while espousing socialist values. Also link to the dsa-lsc.org website through usining the news stories posted there. For example: https://dsa-lsc.org/2018/01/24/statement-in-solidarity-with-afrin-and-the-rojava-revolution/ . Talk about Chiapas and the EZLN. I know that there are those here that do not necessarily agree with this brand of anarchism but it will show the people that you can keep your liberal sensibilities and still be against the state.

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