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File: 44f5e4a7511e816⋯.png (109.91 KB, 381x448, 381:448, dogenstirner.png)


Crass as it is, adolescent media is helping define the direction of politics. The Alt Right wouldn't have happened without the Ron Paul Libertarians and the South Park Conservatives, who rejected the sensitive posturing of polite society. The Trump movement capitalized on that.

It's time for the Left to do the same. Stop being wilting flower pussies. The modern Antifa are pathetic cowards who virtue signal against irrelevant white nationalists, and they're bad PR. They also tend to be weirdo trannies. They're a pathetic shadow of the old Left revolutionaries.

The left is supposed to be a rejection of shallow consumerism and capitalist alienation. It's about a connection with nature and truth, and of striving toward fulfillment.

Perhaps the biggest error of the modern left is in vilifying masculinism. You don't have to reject and vilify masculine energies to stand up for feminine ones. Feminism without masculinism, and vice versa, are nonsensical without one another.

Embrace truth and nature. Reject false hierarchies of the corporate political system, and archaic religious systems. It's time for the Revolutionary Left to come back. Leninist-Statist pigs are not invited.



>the left



>South Park conservatives

>Implying that South Park isn't poking fun at everyone and that anyone who likes South Park is a conservative

>Fight Club Liberals

>Implying fight club fans are liberals

>Reads like a 15 year old's crackpot theory for his supposed AntiFa initiation

>Shops Stirner onto eastern philosopher that is not Dogen Zenji

Am I supposed to take this shit seriously or laugh?


the left needs to get organized, but I can say safely that OP is not doing that




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