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File: df6ee4b005dec28⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1967x1967, 1:1, 1533215970166.png)


What do you think Engels was seeing in "the Ego and its own"? There was a brief time in which Engels wrote a letter to Marx about Egoism and that whilst he thought Stirner a bit still liberal, that Egoism is the basis of which communism must come from. What do you think could have been budded if Engels and Stirners thought was to be combined and applied?



I think the deeper point is that stirnerian egoism is going to vary depending on how much empathy you have.


File: b5513d1777467c3⋯.jpg (104.88 KB, 491x374, 491:374, nietzsche-stirner.jpg)


This is true, but not. It just means you will behave differently because different things make you happy or satisfy an inner want, such as kind deeds. I would consider myself egoistic, though I want do do charity work and be charitable.

As for OP's point, I think they would just play off each other their own ideas and discuss, we wouldn't see a synthesis of communism and Egoism as one is a perspective on life whereas one is a perspective on society. Provided Stirner never came into contact with mister mosquito, we would see probably a slightly more defined and refined egoism and communism. You must remember Stirner and Engels for a time were good friends, however Engels still worked with Marx. The question is how would Stirner's more elaborate interactions with Engels, prehaps preventing his death by bugbite just by sheer butterfly effect, eventually go with Nietzsche later on?



I also want to clarify, by life versus society, I mean one goes into the idea of life in society and the other is more based on class conflict. One casts off the idea of society whilst the other wishes to utilize it. I am shit at wording things, apologies.

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