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File: 1417206365034.gif (3.54 KB, 190x200, 19:20, anarchybook.gif)


For those unfamiliar, the gist is: the community votes on a book, we then read it and discuss our interpretations, objections and other insights relating to said text. Naturally, the books would be related to anarchism and related topics.
What should be our first book? Do we have enough regulars to make this work? Is this a retarded idea?


Regular here.

Pick a good enough book to start out with and see what happens.


Do you have any suggestions?
I was thinking Qu'est-ce que la propriété? by Proudhon as a classic of anarchist theory.
We should probably throw around a few possibilities and then put up a poll.


i was thinking "God and the state".

Its good and its somewhat introductory.


Another interesting one is Nationalism and Culture by Rocker.
How many regulars do we even have?


I would be interested, I've just finished reading Anarcho-syndicalism by Rocker and while not explicitly Anarchist I'm currently reading Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell. I would suggest that if possible choosing something that is also on theanarchistlibrary.org to make the book club more accessible to those who don't have enough money to purchase the book.


Should start off with a book ANY anarchist should read.




Rest assured, we will provide free digital copies of the books for discussion. I will make the effort to provide multiple translations for your comfort whenever possible.
The Anarchist Library will be a very useful resource, and I've already glossed over some of their available texts from some of the most prominent anarchist authors.

Our current suggestions are:
>Qu'est-ce que la propriété?
>God and the State
>Nationalism and Culture
>Anarchosyndicalism: Theory and Practice
>Homage to Catalonia
I'll throw in Kropotkin's La Conquête du Pain as well.

Any more suggestions? I'll put up the poll tomorrow.




Same author, but not the same book.


Sure about it? If I read the prologue correctly, your text is supposed to be a fragment of that other book I linked.



If we are going to read books, we should do it as chapters.

The note says it's from there, so I guess it's just a section or something.


>If we are going to read books, we should do it as chapters.
Too hard to standardize. Some texts have chapters of about a single page.
Besides, I don't think there will be too much discussion to be had revolving a single chapter.
It all depends on the specific book, though.


File: 1417277335349.png (25.13 KB, 861x937, 861:937, Borealis.png)

Just on the off-chance that you're still considering adding other books, could you throw in Anarchy in the Age of the Dinosaurs?


Poll is already up, strawpoll won't let me edit it. Sorry.
But if the poll ends in tie which is what we are looking at right now, I will add that book for the next poll.
By the way, if the poll indeed ends in tie, I'm looking at repeating the poll with multivoting so people can better push apart the ones they don't feel like reading and then we can work from there.


Roight, thnx mate


Currently the advantage is on What is Property? and Anarchosyndicalism: Theory and Practice. Could someone vote on either of them so we can close the poll?


>Currently the advantage is on What is Property? and Anarchosyndicalism: Theory and Practice. Could someone vote on either of them so we can close the poll?
I'm probably closing the poll tomorrow. What should we do about the tie, /anarcho/?



it's a 3 way tie. i'd go with sudies in a mutualist political economy since it references and quotes from the other two books


Should we close the poll now?


I say we do.


Okay, I'm trusting the dubs.
Qu'est-ce que la propriété? wins.
See >>5014 for the thread of our first meeting.


By the way, how often should we make these book discussions? Monthly? Biweekly?
Also feel free to suggest new books for future meetings.
Let's use this thread for club metadiscussion.



I think bi-weekly.


File: 1417728609848.png (397.04 KB, 439x619, 439:619, manifestolarge.png)

We could do The Telekommunist Manifesto next time:


What books should I get a physical copies of?


I'd like to say that we should keep the books anarchism without adjectivism here.


Nobody can even properly define what "anadjective anarchism" is, and it's more of an umbrella term to indicate convergence of many schools of anarchism.
If you want to suggest a book you like, go ahead, we will put it up in the poll for the next meeting. But don't try to dictate what books we should or shouldn't read, this is a community club and the community will decide what it wants to read.


Yes I can define anarcho-adjectivism. People who are unwilling to accept any economic system apart from their own. Communists would only accept communism and capitalists would only accept capitalism. If all cloth makers were to become mutualists, the communists would overthrow them just because they don't follow "anarcho-communism".


>If all cloth makers were to become mutualists, the communists would overthrow them just because they don't follow "anarcho-communism".
Hey, didn't you make your own dead board to stay away from us evul commies? Then just GTFO already.
On topic, the entire purpose of the club is to learn and discuss anarchist philosophy, ideology and practices. Going by your definition, all an anadjective anarchist book would say is "but every system must be allowed under anarchism", then either never explain how to achieve such a feat, or tell the model and procedures to achieve it effectively imposing his own model on the rest of us.
So yeah, anadjectivism pretty much doesn't exist. Even if you had a model where you had mutualists next to communists, it still wouldn't be anadjectivist, it would just be a mix of mutualism and communism. So stop your moral self-aggrandizing, you're no better than the rest of us.
If you want to propose a book, go ahead. Otherwise shut the fuck up and don't tell us what we are allowed to read, authoritarian.
Alternatively, fuck off already >>>/anarchosyndicalism/


lel, don't tell me to stay on only one board you fascist pig!

It's for refugees who don't want to be victims of your communism.


New book when?


>New book when?
When we are done with the one we are reading now?
>>5014 it doesn't seem like anyone got the chance to finish the book yet.


Since this thread is stickied, i just started reading "God and the State".

Im on page 18, does anyone wanna talk about the book?


File: 1421985462998.gif (827.37 KB, 224x255, 224:255, checked em.gif)

Make a new thread to discuss it, if you want. This thread is for club metadiscussion.
Through I'd strongly encourage we give some closure to our current session at >>5014 before we start a new one.


I tried to go along with the last one, but it seemed like no one else was sticking too it. Shame really, i would have actually read it if i knew their was anyone else to give any input.


File: 1427161936425.jpg (68.57 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ynMJk.jpg)




The best anarch book is Ernest Junger's Eumeswil.

“As an anarch, who acknowledges neither law nor custom, I owe it to myself to get at the very heart of things. I then probe them in terms of their contradictions, like image and mirror image. Either is imperfect – by seeking to unite them, which I practice every morning, I manage to catch a corner of reality.”

― Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil



if i recall correctly jungers "anarch" construct is not the same as an "anarchist"

an anarchist seeks to abolish power, whereas the "anarch" is ok with simply breaking all ties to said

its more of an enlightened state if I understood it correctly, he also says that you can only reach this state if you go through a metamorphosis of sorts(cant remember all the other stages but one is "the soldier")

the 4pt crowd loves Junger, theres some interesting stuff there but also a lot of…esoteria



fuck my mouth and my ass and mytits.

I completely forgot that eureswil basically foretells of the internet, calling it the "Luminar"

I gotta read that thing



Yeah, Junger wasn't really an anarchist but something else entirely. Guido Preparata compares his views to Bataille's, and Bataille was not an anarchist but a kind of nihilist. "Nihilist" doesn't quite capture Bataille, though, as he didn't intend to destroy Western values per se but invert them so as to destroy Apollonianism and, by extension, Christianity, reason, and all organizing principles.


Letters of insurgents by Fredy Perlman is a great starting place. Fun fiction read with great symbolism of different interpretations of anarchy.


This is probably a stupid idea.


File: 1440176983665.jpg (55.75 KB, 468x600, 39:50, image.jpg)


n.e one out there?

This seems dead, but im just sending out a voyager to see if aneone still wants to read + discuss- because I'd like to read and discuss.

/anarcho/ is a good place to have a book club about, but let me know if there's any other places that have more active reading groups ~.~

Books on my reading list that we could read:

Zizek - Living in the End Times

David Graeber - Direct Action: an Ethnograpy // The Utopia of Rules on Technology

Rancerie - Politics of Aesthetics

Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Opressed

Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj (Nadya from Pussy Riot + Slavoj Zizek)

++ I'm open to reading other things too



I'm in.

Any chance we can finish our current session?

Also, Zizek is a quasi-stalinist leninist. If you want pyschology work, I'd recommend Castoriadis.



whats the current reading?



Anyone on this thread?


File: 1458015801189.pdf (1.63 MB, [Richard_J.F._Day]_Gramsci….pdf)

this was pretty good, and also if anyone can find a pdf of it, "Sociology For Changing The World" was surprisingly militant and pragmatic despite the name. I had a paper copy of it but it's been lost and I haven't been able to find a pdf anywhere, but it's top tier shit. i also lost my pdf for The Logic of Connective Action (the full book; the research article of the same name has been available for a while) but that was also real solid strategic sociology content


This stirner thing is mind blowing. Better start studying.


"Direct Action: An Ethnography" by David Graeber seems to be decent, though I havent finished it tbqh




These both seem like fine suggestions to me. Should we have a poll or something or wait for more suggestions. is there anybody here anyway



Traffic has kinda died down the past week :^(


File: 1470909579204.jpg (96.24 KB, 594x892, 297:446, 3TDSuHZ.jpg)

Shouldnt there be a seperate thread just for subject based reading groups? I naturally always avoid sticky's and shit and dont know if others do the same.


File: 1470997378178.jpg (691.63 KB, 3357x3863, 3357:3863, 57e3c7e6dc85b5557924a9b5ce….jpg)

Shouldnt there be a seperate thread just for subject based reading groups? I naturally always avoid sticky's and shit and dont know if others do the same.



I think unstickying the thread, making it cyclical, and linking it in a sticky would probably be a better idea, yeah.


File: a870ac354cf5814⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, socialjusticeandthecity.jpg)


Anyone read this?


Since i know no one actually keeps to a schedule for reading here (it would be nice but lets face it, the board is too slow) how about we just discuss book instead?

anyone wanna talk about debt the first 5000 years?

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