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File: 1448388129267.png (118.64 KB, 1115x761, 1115:761, cab.png)


Let's talk about anarchism in Brazil.

We have grown too much in recent years to go unnoticed.

Also, we need new political analysts, if I see that fucking Felipe's face again I'll snap.


American here. I don't know much about the status of anarchism in Brazil. Do you mind giving a giving a rundown of the situation or some sources?



resurfaced in the 1990s

black bloc strategy caught attention in 2013

now there are thousands of synthesist anarcho-punk collectives, a nationwide collectivist People's Anarchist Union, and a nationwide ancom/ansyn Brazilian Anarchist Coordination

since 2013 the numbers of member in BAC tripled

however the is strong media backlash (as always) and opposition from the centre-left government (PT-PCdoB-PCML) and from the trotskyists in PSTU.

the trotskyists in PSOL and the M-Ls in PCB-PCR-PCdoB(AV) are fine with us tho.



>synthesist anarcho-punk collectives

If that is real ill be the happiest man alive.

>the trotskyists in PSOL and the M-Ls in PCB-PCR-PCdoB(AV) are fine with us tho.

Why are they fine with that? From my experience, non-anarchist leftists tend to despise and undermine anything anarchists do.



Because the left in Brazil is basically divided amongst the pro-government "left" and the anti-government left.


PT - socialdemocrats, social liberals, some trotskyists (grantists), some MLs (stalin)

PCdoB - strongly ML (hoxha), socialdemocrats

PCML - ML (stalin)

PCO - trotskyist (altamirist)


PSOL - socialdemocrats, trotskyists (mandel/moreno)

PSTU - trotskyists (moreno)

PCB - MLs (khrushchev/stalin)

PCR - MLs (hoxha/stalin)

PCdoB-AV - MLs (mao)

CAB - anarcho (ancom/ansym)

UNIPA - anarcho (collectivist)

OATL - anarcho (synthesist)

Among these anti-government groups, the ones who are most anarchist-friendly are the PSOL (because they are eager to unite the left) and the PCdoB(AV), specially through their student organization, MEPR (Revolutionary People's Student Movement), because they are the only maoist group in Brazil. As they are marginalized by that, they look at us as another marginalized leftist group, and we organize joint acts, etc. In Rio, there is a strong collaboration between anarchists and the MEPR through the FIP (Independent People's Front). It sound crazy, because of our huge theoretical differences, but we are both generally despised and have a down-to-earth method of revolutionary action.

The MLs in PCB and PCR constantly try to undermine us in debates, but overall respect us, and we respect them. We acknowlege our differences and collaborate when we can.

PSTU, however took a strongly pro-police, anti-black bloc, anti-riot stance to demonstrations. They condemn any form of direct action. Then they began releasing books and articles poking fun and diminishing the history of anarchism.

Then they started scapegoating us, and assaulting us at protests.

And, as you know, you should never assault an anarchist at a protest.

After getting their asses beaten countless times, they retreated to trashtalking us on their notes.

The pro-government left despises us because duh, we're against their "people's democratic state".



My main concern is whether or not their is any direct collaboration between the various non-anarchist left and the anarchists, because in my experience and observations that's not a very good idea.



To clarify: UNIPA is not merely 'collectivist', it adheres to (indeed, is arguably the main founder of) Principled Bakuninism (we had briefly touched on the issue in another thread).

I'm still somewhat ambivalent about those guys, on the one hand many of their proposals sound solid, but on the other hand they seem hellbent on tearing down Specifism while forming alliances with trot groups and the like (their sectarianism is pretty trotskish in fact).

Maybe it is also worth mentioning that their main international ally was the (democratic centralist) OPAR in Mexico, since dissolved I hear.

So yeah, given that UNIPA has directed some vitriol in your direction for the charge of "eclecticism", what are the current relations among anarchist organizations?

I would also like to ask, what is wrong with Correa? I seem to remember him being okay.

>The MLs in PCB and PCR constantly try to undermine us in debates, but overall respect us, and we respect them.

Be on your guard. They trying to undermine you in debates is a direct ideological attack, treat it as such.


what about COB? They are the Brazilian section of IWA.


Brazilian here. I don't know nothing about anarchism in Brazil.

How it's going?



COB is fine. I like them. Actually, they are the fourth largest labour union in Brazil nowadays. I just forgot to talk about them before. HU3

I really don't know what's going up that front.


I think you've picked up I'm an ancom, hahaha.

I've met people who are friendlier to CAB in the PCB than in UNIPA. Their obsession to "make anarchism 'serious' (in their own definition of serious, of course)", has led them to be friends with all kinds of trotskyists (who also want to "make marxism 'serious'").

CAB and OATL are fine, the same for OATL in general. But UNIPA has better relationships with the CST (an internal group in PSOL) than with any other political organization. They're picking up on some kind of vanguardist solipsism that would make any ML jealous.



Also, I don't have anything against Correa. It's just that he is the only serious anarchist theorist in Brazil right now, and his face is everywhere in anarchist circles, HEUHEUHE.



Black blocs and small pollitcal parties that have no voice on the congress



I recently found out that there is a Brazilian book, De baixo para cima e da periferia para o centro, that contains an annotated edition of Bakunin's complete manuscript of The Knuto-Germanic Empire and the Social Revolution, which will only see the light in English when the Bakunin Library gets around to publish it sometime in the coming decade.

Holy crap this was long overdue.



share the pdf



i can also translate it to english if you can get me a version in portuguese


File: 1468070178129.pdf (3.78 MB, De baixo para cima e da pe….pdf)



If you guys want me to translate i will do it. It's just 80 pages without the preface, i can do it in a week or less.



I would love to see it, yeah.






Brazil is a shit hole.



…is…is that last one a real group?


I wish you Brazilians the best of luck.

Don't let those other groups try and purge you guys once you get rid of capitalism.



Not ONE group. Three.

PCB = Brazilian Communist Party

PCR = Revolutionary Communist Party

PCdoB(AV) = Communist Party of Brazil (Red Wing)

The third one exists mostly through its newspaper (A Nova Democracia) and its student group (MEPR). They're Maoists.






but it can be changed


How has the whole 'fascist president' thing hit the anarchist scene in Brazl?



Sorry, but I think the Anacharis groups in Brazil are different with what they say. Probably, with the new goverment of right, they come together even more with the left political parties. For my, the anarchism in Brazil is a little bitch of Brazilian's Left.

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