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You have been visited by


Upon viewing this message, good luck and prosperity will come to you, but only if you accept that:

>This board now belongs to Katy Perry and merely exists to discuss her and her alone

>Forget who you worshipped before, you worship Katy now, she will be your sole goddess for infinity

>You must sacrifice at least one load of semen towards Katy every day from this point on to ensure maximum luck

Thank you, and may Katy bless us all.

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If you're semi caught up in the post-rock scene, it isn't hard to tell that bands are ditching a crescendo-laden gimmick for a noisy, dense, and droney front. GY!BE's newest release focused on drones and feedback, Julian Casablancas's newest 'solo' project seemed focused upon untraditional structures in rock and a high level of dense sampling, and many small bandcamp bands seem to be heading towards projects similar to those described above. Is it a possibility that we're on a verge for a new wave in post-rock?

File: 1438572410264.png (78.16 KB, 318x227, 318:227, 3b65239c633f9e61f8c7e2879a….png)


>Favorite Album?

>Favorite Song?

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