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File: e13e5ac1b09a875⋯.jpg (122.31 KB, 390x552, 65:92, mary_flower2.jpg)


Good shit



It's awesome




Link. I'm not getting anything.



I'm not here to hold your hand, faggot. If you don't know where to download anime what the fuck are you even doing here, r/anime is more up our speed






Could you please continue to keep us up to date about what all your friends on reddit are thinking?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Dude nyaa.pantsu got nothing, as well as other cartel and non-cartel owned pirate establishments.



Your right it's pretty fucking bare.


I only just found out this existed, what the hell, Ghibli films tend to be a bit more "hyped" online so I thought I would have known if they released a new work.


File: f13094fd9ef8ee6⋯.jpg (321.59 KB, 1000x1145, 200:229, 1397252414392.jpg)


>Ghibli's film

It's Studio Fonoc actually.

I thought it was Ghibli at first too.



>It's Studio Fonoc actually.

It's Ponoc and it consists of Ghibli employees that jumped the ship after Miyazaki went full retard


File: 17e4071919d3628⋯.png (168.54 KB, 1082x848, 541:424, Untitled.png)



I know where to download shit, but what you and OP are saying is that it's out when it clearly isn't. I've had this movie bookmarked for over a year so I'm not believe your lie, damn it.



What specific full retardation caused them to jump ship?


File: 4d258cba2c1e739⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 349x450, 349:450, yonebayashi.png.jpg)


I'll give you the reasons

> Miyazaki is going to die any fucking moment due to being old as sin

>Ghibli is pretty much done or will be very shortly after Miyazaki's final film

>the guys behind Ponoc saw this coming a mile fucking away in 2015 so they took half the studio with them

>the remaining staff will most likely leave to Ponoc or fucking off to Shinkai after the last movie is finished

>Miyazaki while truly a great director and animator is kinda of a fucking asshole to work with but the results show

>Miyazaki and Suzuki pretty much all but in name considers Nishimura and Yonebayashi to be the successors of Ghibli



>I know where to download shit

>anime tosho


no you don't

kys normalfag


File: 01e93c3261e1e36⋯.png (59.25 KB, 1774x225, 1774:225, anon on Miyazaki.PNG)

Fuck it I'll post this here.



Wait a moment, why isn't there any anime that takes place in cram schoo?







Yeah, I think that's fishy too.

Don't want to base all my knowledge from anime alone, but a lot of high school anime focus on their clubs' after school activities (not sure how that counts as cram school, since it usually involves an interest on the student's choosing) of afterschool work.

Still, it's possible Miyazaki lived in more lenient times regarding school-hours. So the argument might still be roughly true



because cram school is for studying not anime shit

except for that one arc in love lab


What's the defining Ghibli/Fonoc factor?

Is it just Miyazaki's artstile?

Or is there a trend in theme/plot, some self-references, or some other thing?

I never really got into them. Remember watching Princess Mononoke and liking it a lot, but other works didn't quite catch me, and I eventually drifted away. Will try to watch this one, for /animu/'s sake.



Monogatari has the abandoned cram school. There's also a quick ad Shinkai made for a cram school.



For me it was the brilliant world building through nuances in cinematography. Art style is deceptively simple with clean colours but the films don't seem to hold your hand at all. Something both kids and adults could enjoy, much like classic Disney.



>why isn't there any anime that takes place in cram schoo?

anime about a group of autistic kids destroying all japan cram schools when?


So guess this will the overrated film of the year.



*will be



It's been well liked but not really mentioned as the second coming like Your name.



Because Cram school is such hell that no one wants to be reminded that it exist.



Then why isn't there an anime about going to a cram school in hell and fucking a tired/bored demon grill so she feels less stressed out about her studies?


After seeing the movie I can safely say they are pretty much the successors to Ghibli and captured the 80s magic of the studio's early years.


Anyone else see it yet?



Bump because it's actually out now, BDrips you should be able to find.



well that should give this thread more discussion


File: c2f81b8b5fb5888⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 450x253, 450:253, Yuu.jpg)


Not set at one, but Yuu in Noein gets stuck attending a summer cram school for upcoming enrollment exams, all because his mother foists her own old aspirations of going off to better schools like her sister did on her son. Note that Yuu is fresh out of sixth grade, and is generally stuck studying in his room and at cram school every night whilst his friends are out enjoying their summer, and the feeling of the stress and having no life of his own makes him feel he's going insane. At least his friends feel pretty damn bad for him, and try to at least visit (and get shooed off at the front door by his mom) and sneak him out for some fun (which just gets him in trouble). Becomes pretty understandable why he's such an angsty fucker that carries a box cutter around when his home life's a wreck.



Worth watching. Maybe a bit too Disney-y - especially the villains - but I could still enjoy it. Animation was top notch. Voice acting OK too, nothing special tho.


File: 524a3a983da4d26⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1264x683, 1264:683, FRIENDS.png)

Was okay. Like the artstyle, looks like they've brought pretty much everyone across from Ghibli to keep the style going.



For a first film with small funding it did pretty well in Japan so for their next film should be much better.


It's pretty much 80% of Ghibli's ex staff.


if you're watching it and it seems like mc is too much of an unbearable mary sue, just keep watching its part of the plot. during the 2nd act the story shifts.

the story overall was kind of weak, I particularly take issue with the motivations of the antagonists: the "bad" guys wanted to give everyone magic, an amiable goal overall and in pursuit of that they lost sight of what was righteous and ended up doing human experimentation - it seems like they just decided to go full retard after their first experiment failed with a willing test subject. it appears that the witch's flower gives normalfags magic anyways so why bother with the human experimentation when you should be mass producing mp pots and charging exorbitant prices

the mc was really cute and had a lot of nice scenes.


The story is retarded, and the characters are shallow.

I thought it was going to be another Spirited Away, but man it was a letdown.



for a first move it's not awful and they legit started from nothing so I'm holding out on their next film being better.



I was talking about the writing specifically.

The art, animation, sound and music were all great.

Unfortunately they can't write for shit.

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