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File: 0f7e49ad6d73141⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bartender-loli-freaking-ou….png)


https://archive.fo/gw5vA Thoughts on this /animu/ think this might be the end of pixiv or is it just nothing to worry?


Seems like something to worry about, but not quite the end of Pixiv as a whole just yet.



I'm not into loli but the principal of it being banned is what bothers me.



I feel the same way about yaoi and femdom. No love the for stuff but ban them and my kinks could be next. Is Nijie in English yet?



That's a good question.


File: 49c79cc76e00365⋯.jpg (96.82 KB, 660x810, 22:27, 49c79cc76e00365e7c271e03d0….jpg)

I'll put some good faith in Japan and believe that there are multiple third parties making the reports to Pixiv.

But on the other hand, it's terribly silly for those organisations to consider any individuals under 18 to be considered underage children (児童) despite the Japanese national law stating that the age of consent for females is 13. They deliberately impose their own interpretations on law and force other people bend their knees to them. You can bet some of the people making these reports and taking actions based on them are under influence of the pozzed (((western))) powers.

If shit hits the fan, we still have NND's equvalent of Pixiv, and at least the Comic Conventions are sporadic throughout Japan, so we'll get our Eastern smut one way or another. But this very event itself is a warning, that a slow cultural dilution, and eventually degeneration happening in the West is now happening in Japan too. Fuck this timeline.


From what I saw in caps that I don't have on me right now is that tumblr and other sjweebs have made multiple attempts to shill on pixiv or colonize but where bullied near suicide due to Nip autism it so I wouldn't put it past them to really try and fuck Pixiv up.



Japan has been the bitch of the West for decades now. Have you even read Welcome to NHK where it starts by white knighting the kikes and tell you how paranoid you're being?

It's more likely that Japan is trying to appeal to the international market as they see their dating sim/slice of life animus failing more and more in Japan. Their only hope is to appeal to Western interests and start applying Western standards to their major productions. At worst the loli content is moved to a new host and other wise left alone. Think of it like pirate bay at the extreme worst. Goes down for a week once in a while.


I look forward to the replacement for Pixiv that isn't fucking Twitter.



I've noticed Japs post art on twitter nearly as much as they do pixiv.


File: 7e776bb4f8943d2⋯.jpg (102.76 KB, 767x700, 767:700, 7e776bb4f8943d2311ca23ca18….jpg)


But loli sells in Japan, and even then sometimes you have titles like Monobeno and Maitetsu being sold to Western audiences. On top of that, that argument doesn't seem really relevant to this matter since Pixiv provides free service to everyone (albeit the paid service give bonuses), does not reap rewards from popular user submissions and does not pander to western audiences except the part where they added a half-assed English UI. They do not open themselves fully to welcome western shekels and do not seem to plan doing so. Why would they submit to western industry standards?

I don't know much about the subculture industry getting making less profit, any source on that? That is still possible considering how the consumers' standards getting inevitably higher and higher while the Japanese economy is still struggling for recovery.

By the way, thanks for the stealth recommendation, anon. Reading NHK now.



>Have you even read Welcome to NHK where it starts by white knighting the kikes and tell you how paranoid you're being?

You again? You got tired of /tv/?



Oh it's that anon.


I bet it's European Union, they once tried to shot down rule34 and late wwoec amonth others, and got my late friend ST777 to retire. That said, I sometimes saw disgusting things on pixiv, with photorealistic 3D babies and all. Lolis are one thing, these sick things are another. Even though I am not especially into lolis, I wish they would only delete the sick things and let the anime/toon lovers alone.



Japan is tiny compared to the Western Market. It doesn't make sense to try appealing to the aging otaku market when you can start posting your shit on youtube and hit a larger audience than your entire population.


I don't go to /tv/. Do (((you)))?



Its funny how much 3dcg loli content there is on pixiv. If faggots cry about 2d loli wait till they see the 3d shit.



>Do (((you)))?

God, you don't even know how to use that meme right? Lurk more, please.



>If shit hits the fan

>massive protests all over rice island

how united are the artists anyway?


File: 90abed111509213⋯.jpg (282.05 KB, 1797x811, 1797:811, Pure nerdrage.JPG)


Doujin circles are like a fellowship and Otakus in moonland can lose it this is a old cap on this old fag /v/ /a/non hybrid giving some pretty neat insight of how crazy otakus are.



what happened to the 26 dollarydoos



Lolis mean freedom. Banning lolis is proof that they've entered the slippery slope and will soon ban more. It's going to be dead in five years.

Doesn't matter if its government pressure, now that they've given in there'll be a whole lot more pressure by a whole lot more groups.


Nip otakus are fanatical beyond what you can imagine and they spend all their money on this stuff. Smaller market, sure, but they're perfectly willing to outspend the vast majority of the western market.


File: b0231dd58e4e29c⋯.jpg (215.69 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, akb48-crazy-voter-2.jpg)


>abusing (You)

Lurk 2 more years before posting, also:


This whole post tells the truth. NSFW loli content is the penultimate symbol of Internet and Artistic Freedom™, next to government confidential document leaks.

Plus, ever heard the Pareto Principle? All the rich Otakus a.k.a whales probably contribute 80% of the industry earnings while the rest are content with enjoying free anime stuff. After all, they're the ones willing to gamble their entire salaries away for some obscure gacha goods, merchandises spread around different merchants in their countries and the anime BD kikery.

Pic tangentially related.



>Japan is tiny compared to the Western Market. It doesn't make sense to try appealing to the aging otaku market when you can start posting your shit on youtube and hit a larger audience than your entire population.

youre really fucking delusional


Do you even know that means?

It's more likely this is just a copyright issue, the guy did use copyrighted characters, I find it unlikely one random guy would be forced to remove loli images.


File: dec1d8ae7e07c48⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 566x318, 283:159, 6.jpg)


Do you know what it means? Apparently not.

The Japanese market is small, very small compared to the American market and that's not including the European market. You can see the difference in shit like game sales. Sword art online games are niche as hell in the West and yet they sell similar numbers to all of Japan. Consider how big the market is when a weeaboo dating sim crossed mmo on the vita/ps4 is out selling the Japanese market where this stuff is designed to sell.

What's happening to Japan today is what happened to Europe in the late 80s and early 90s. Air travel becoming affordable made it very easy for people to move to the American industry which had larger budgets and larger markets to sell in. The European market was booming while the US market tanked, then the US market recovered and all the talent left for it. Now Japan has figured out the internet exists and it can use digital distribution and hire a cheap translation team to make a localized version of games to sell to that US market.

Netflix animes, putting series up on crunchy roll and youtube just after they air. Game releases within a month of Japan and if there's copyright issues then international editions you can import from hong kong in English. All this is because the Japanese market is dying and not being replaced as the birth rate isn't creating enough people interested in it. That's why we're seeing more desperate appeals to the waifu crowds and slice of life stuff.

They're not investing millions of dollars in live action hollywood anime movies and turning up to comic conventions in the US for the fun of it. They see an untapped market with more potential than their current one and they are moving in on it. This isn't even the first time they tried it. They thought about it in the 80s but decided against it, then in the early 2000s they gave a few American focused shows a try but didn't see much draw (SD Gundam force being the primary one) but now Netflix has given them a direct line into the market and we see American focused animes being produced in Japan for American audiences.



>we have to become /pol/ ubermench to break this!


The screencap cites several examples of things going bust, but cites zero examples of 'his' method being worth jack. You're just saying PEEPLE POWER!, idiot.


File: 10cc3a8bfb420a0⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 463x613, 463:613, 10cc3a8bfb420a0677851e2bc9….jpg)


>Netflix animes

> Game releases within a month of Japan and if there's copyright issues then international editions you can import from hong kong in English

>That's why we're seeing more desperate appeals to the waifu crowds and slice of life stuff

So what you're saying is you're 12 and this is your analysis of the anime industry. Thanks.



The japanese would be more keen on internationalizing their stuff if going global wasn't such a hassle. Even welling stuff that's supposedly "universal", like meat, has a number of hoops you have to jump through. Imagine something as niche as entertainment. Japanese-styled entertainment even. Digital distribution does help smalles studios, that's absolutely true. But if someone just wants to produce something more niche, they are still better off catering to nips only. And I don't mean "am I kawaii ugu~", I mean any remotely anime-esque design, since PC culture would never feature an add with bikini-clad heroines to the masses, or at least would keep it to a minimum. I may see nips ALSO producing things for an international audience. But the niche stuff won't disappear. More the reason to start learning japanese, though



I was more talking about how crazy the otakus in japan got then the rest of his shit.



Might be small but they pay far more, most animators get like 10% back from crunchyroll and the likes at best.

>That's why we're seeing more desperate appeals to the waifu crowds and slice of life stuff.

You know Japanese like that kind of anime hence why it's popular?



>waifu and sol

wouldn't it be funny if no one really liked it and both westerners and japanese blamed it on each other


I like those genres



Yea, if only we had examples of a complete shift in the market where people used to say niche anime game series would never seen translations and now every one of them is in English a month after release and getting Steam releases on top of it.


Meats a bad example as it's the most regulated food on the planet. It's the easiest way to fuck up your food chain if it goes bad. you can infect people with diseases or damage your own meat supply if you screw up meat.

Niche Japanese is not the same as Niche international. Persona was niche Japanese, then it was niche international then it sky rocketed to infinity and became one of the biggest game series around. There is a history of appealing to the US market since the PS1 where series like Silent Hill were made all but purely for the US audience.

Or do you just consider it a pure coincidence that companies like Konami and Capcom started to use Western devs to make their games in order to appeal to the West since the PS3/360 era?

Pokemon makes 65% of it's money outside of Japan. Do you think companies are just going to ignore that fact?


I said the Japanese like it, but that's because the anime market is increasingly becoming otaku neets spending their parents money on anime figurines.


File: ceaa1d52ca8de01⋯.jpg (11 KB, 282x276, 47:46, 13248928594.jpg)




>Meats a bad example as it's the most regulated food on the planet

But that's the point I wanted to make. A certain market has a certain amount of regulations, those regulations vary from place to place (so if you want to sell to various countries, you have a mountain of paperwork to do, muslim countries only buy chicken that was killed facing mecca, I'm not even kidding).

I understand that there's money to be made even then, and that's why companies will still cater to western tastes, just as you mentioned. but those will be games/anime made with that intent in the first place. My point is that niche games won't change to apease western markets because the risks of not having your game accepted somewhere only adds to the risks of going global. And like you said, Persona really had to fight it's way into the tastes of western audiences (authough the whole localization process might have worked against that in the first place).

In the end, it depends on how niche you like our media. If you can wait the time to localize something or for that thing to become popular. But if you reeeeeeally want your niche culture, then your best bet are fansubs and learning nip ourselves.

Nothing inherently bad with any of those options, to be honest.



<hurr these pedololi mysogynists btfo

>post trump pic to appear as a drumpf poster to make guillible anons into hating trump while hating censorship

<ha take that u naziwebbs x^dd



Why are most loli artists silent about this?



I thought you'd be on /sudo/ crying about how /loli/ needs to be removed cuckchan.



They probably have a bunker

not even joking



I think they bunker down on other less know sites that westerners don't tread.


File: ed0ec8555e8f449⋯.jpg (111 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DIJVQ1kU0AEnC7l.jpg)


Seems like they post to Twitter far more than they do Pixiv.



That's Hank Hills fetish


>Persona really had to fight it's way into the tastes of western audiences


>Not luck into meme waifus with P4

You can say that about its spinoff Shin Megami but not Persona.



>Seems like they post to Twitter far more than they do Pixiv.

Japanese Twitter is actually pretty good and not cancerous but Twitter itself is a total shitshow that is more ban happy then /a/.


File: f29e7593b24b69a⋯.jpg (199.09 KB, 1456x819, 16:9, f29e7593b24b69a34c3b79d7a7….jpg)

You could have prevented this. You should've used freedom respecting platforms, Anon.



Persona 3 is the game that broke the Western market. It had a lot of style and was edgy but bitch basic. It was the perfect storm by pure chance.



I think you mean FF


File: d84f65d8d1807c3⋯.jpg (188.03 KB, 590x900, 59:90, 44953505_p0.jpg)


It was the game that drew western attention but P4 is what made the series popular and sell beyond the usual niche numbers. Also helps that P3 and beyond existed during the PS2 JRPG boom.



We're talking Persona not FF. FF was dead by the time persona 3 took off.


3 was what made it popular. 4 was the first game to be hyped up because it was popular.

JRPGs didn't really boom on the PS2, that was the PS1 and SNES. PS2's boom was hack and slash adventure games.


I'm not into loli but this sounds like the Nip gov are trying to equate 2D lolis with 3DCP so they can use the existing anti-3DCP laws against certain otaku groups.



twitter doesnt even support pngs fuck that, also they ban every account i make for no reason



Probably. They're cleaning up for 2020. Let's hope they don't go full poz.



Could be.

I don't think they would go full retard and keep the changes though, on the account that a world cup/ Olympics don't bring any real lasting economic value. Imagine changing the face of your markets just to have a passing economic boom that fades as soon as tourists go away, leaves a number of white elephant stadiums, and doesn't appease your local consumers later on.



Well, feminism is getting stronger there and we know how they hate this stuff.



They paid the international shipping.


Bump for news.



Feminism already dominates most of Asia, it just takes a different form. Shit like women being given the entire man's pay check if they live together and destroying the family home/removing the father from the kids life through work.

Remember the Korean cult?


Don't most olympics end up costing the country more than they make?


File: 8701f12274b43e3⋯.png (900.97 KB, 1013x963, 1013:963, IsDisNiggaSerious.png)


>Steam sells shitty censored VNs so the west is taking over

So, you're a retarded 12yo. I see.



I see someone isn't reading his post.


File: 839de05100a8bb0⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 4963x3508, 4963:3508, 45673742-B510-4624-A710-0….jpeg)

File: 53abac844c428cb⋯.png (488.44 KB, 1744x680, 218:85, EF75C33B-3085-4112-B75A-B0….png)



Sounds like an NPO affiliated with the Japanese National Police Agency at work; the U.S. has had similar groups working to push other issues using convenient reinterpretations of laws, often for a good cause. I wonder why it took this long for the JP equivalents to mobilize. Somebody was probably pissed the author didn't do a commission and reported for revenge.

Pixiv is garbage anyway; they require you to pay a premium subscription just to be allowed the use of sorting tools and advanced search features, no idea how a huge chunk of the Japanese population put up with this garbage + the constant invasion and flooding of DevianTard weebs. Japanese artists do use Twitter more nowadays because it encourages more audience interaction anyway.




Bullshit. China and the rest of Asia are the largest current consumers of Japanese pop culture. If anything, the Western “influence” is the reverse what with the trend of taking manga and trying to turn it into the new YA Novels/comics by making movies out of it. Pics very related.



Japan does have feminism, but they focus on society rather than media. There are markets and genres aimed specifically at women. They don't try to make everything fit the standards of a small vocal angry minority (they’ve been mocking them forever), instead they try to appeal to every taste. And people who respect American media in the first place are a tiny minority.



These are true, but I can imagine it’ll be the same routine as the 2000 Olympics. Tokyo and Akibahara will obviously be full of tourists and weebs, which generally scrape the surface of Japanese degeneracy anyway, so it largely goes ignored. At most, officials will have to temporarily close down or relocate soaplands, porno shops, etc. until all the hysterical cunts go back home. Give it a few weeks, and it’ll probably be business as usual afterwards.



>I don't understand how feminism works so the fact that it's been mocked forever means they're not gaining ground

Except int he 90s they constantly got made fun of as well.



The guy was tracing real child models.

Sankaku is just clickbaiting as always.



I always wonder how this is found out.

Anyone recognizing a traced image as such has evidently seen cp. So the only option is for a cop or some officially hired firm to go through all loli stuff being uploaded and compare it to a cp database they had to memorize.

or it's a program running over things, but even that would need actual confirmation which means someone's looking at CP.

And if it's not cops, what do you do when someone reports an image as traced? If they send you proof, gz you now have cp. If they don't, you can't tell.



A traced naked kid doesn't mean the guy owns CP.

There's legitimate reference books for legitimate artists full of naked children. Cherubim don't draw themselves, for example.


File: e27a3b67357ea1a⋯.jpg (169.29 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, nc.jpg)


No wonder USA comics all show big boobed girls (even Jubilee and Laura X-23)



It won't change anything. Artists generally distribute their works over numerous platforms anyway.


File: 5130e6c31ef2026⋯.jpg (268.22 KB, 600x832, 75:104, thinking anime girl.jpg)


>That map

>North Korea is green

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