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File: cff7bc48ca725d4⋯.png (434.86 KB, 820x780, 41:39, matsuri nene wish meme.png)

f0d81b No.2014635


f0d81b No.2014636

File: e1f7e6cfa6808a1⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 750x768, 125:128, Satania wish edit.jpg)


f0d81b No.2014637

File: 976adf7813f8bfc⋯.jpg (100.72 KB, 624x533, 48:41, wish hug meme.jpg)


f0d81b No.2014638

File: cb6723375fe12b6⋯.jpg (150.57 KB, 954x760, 477:380, wish jumbotron.jpg)


f0d81b No.2014639

File: b5946664898c658⋯.jpg (118.3 KB, 800x450, 16:9, wish cnn.jpg)


e947fc No.2014682

File: d84f591cb996738⋯.jpg (298.65 KB, 720x880, 9:11, evilplots.jpg)

I appreciate the work that went into this.

59d72a No.2014686

I found out yesterday morning that an infection in your scrotum is possible

Guess who has an infection in their scrotum

459215 No.2014687

File: 581840fb81b37ca⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1517177267.gif)


9a7b25 No.2014688

cut it off

bdce16 No.2014689

File: 26a01b4bb5d6537⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 225x350, 9:14, gai1.jpg)

e43f75 No.2014690

f0d81b No.2014691

File: 74280f75748850c⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 365x366, 365:366, photo.jpg)


I have to make so much OC to pick up the slack



22f745 No.2014692

File: 3d610977314f5f0⋯.gif (1021.97 KB, 450x253, 450:253, 1386189630530.gif)


You're cruel....

7c6ff2 No.2014693

weed makes time go by way too fast for me jesus christ

e43f75 No.2014694

Wait. Don't they need that to turn into his pseudovagina thing?

e947fc No.2014695

File: 1c7b825d24cf488⋯.gif (640.33 KB, 250x265, 50:53, tumblr_okd4l9QAij1v6bs4yo1….gif)


I'm like 6 feet! I am a hugger tho. I'll hug you until you faint.


Canada didn't go too well. It's not a very fun story, went pretty big into a depression and stuff. I got better tho. I don't like a lot of how I acted around that time.

I never properly apologized to you did I, I'm sorry.

22f745 No.2014696

File: f79eb29b0c76226⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1382509790724.gif)


Think they use it to make the hood and lips or something.

9a7b25 No.2014697

File: bd1696d1432d195⋯.png (237.77 KB, 456x438, 76:73, not boobs.png)


And unusual~

459215 No.2014698


Alright look, this might come as a surprise to you, but not everyone 's following in your footsteps.

f0d81b No.2014699

File: f7d1ff123ee4514⋯.jpg (237.55 KB, 854x784, 61:56, Matsuri 5.jpg)


I think it fucks with my perception of time but not in any specific consistent way

22f745 No.2014700

File: 916a3c2d0b1a1a3⋯.gif (980.41 KB, 500x223, 500:223, 1336253834670.gif)


See. Adorable.

bdce16 No.2014701

File: 8330ec769e7ffc1⋯.png (43.29 KB, 301x154, 43:22, rk15.png)


>I'm like 6 feet


Ah, 5'10"

I'll try not to look down on you too much.

e43f75 No.2014702

File: c7193afa072c0a4⋯.png (85.67 KB, 280x271, 280:271, ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR….png)


I don't know whether to be disturbed that you know what becomes what.

7c6ff2 No.2014703


it definitely messes with your perception of time

e947fc No.2014704

File: ea35f44fb6df480⋯.jpg (503.29 KB, 988x1000, 247:250, sleepy.jpg)


Mate i'll punch you in the dick

9a7b25 No.2014705


Alright look, this might come as a surprise to you, but that's not even what I was getting at.

f0d81b No.2014706

File: 309fb5ab2e8c7aa⋯.png (210.14 KB, 432x589, 432:589, giggle meme.png)


What indicates that?

bdce16 No.2014707

File: ab1b8301ba428a0⋯.jpg (29.64 KB, 480x268, 120:67, Hoteldusk-1.jpg)


Well, you're at the right height to do so I guess.

9a7b25 No.2014708

File: 5e7b6d5043e86d5⋯.png (95.39 KB, 382x373, 382:373, (1).png)


SHUDDUP >/////<

22f745 No.2014709

File: a0fb35025990fb4⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 370x553, 370:553, 1384807246711.gif)


Sadly, I saw a video of it on /gif/ one time. It was like a trainwreck.

e947fc No.2014710

File: aafc81af02631fa⋯.jpg (65.27 KB, 736x1041, 736:1041, oldwitch.jpg)


I kill u.

59d72a No.2014711


Shit fucking sucks



bdce16 No.2014712

File: e8ae4f54fd20ebf⋯.png (95.51 KB, 578x195, 578:195, rk13.png)


Can you jump that high?

f0d81b No.2014713

File: a870fe9886ef974⋯.png (206.18 KB, 429x507, 11:13, Matsuri 8.png)


You said to guess

e947fc No.2014714

File: a2429cf39be0ec3⋯.png (133.61 KB, 658x640, 329:320, suciest.png)


I bet you're not even 6'

e43f75 No.2014715

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


Will Theresa May even let you have more than a plastic butter knife?

1e438c No.2014716

File: 5fe8a19bd3abafa⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 67280012_p0 - なでしこちゃん.png)

What the fuck?


Fuck 'em

bdce16 No.2014717

File: 102f54ac479ab96⋯.jpg (128.38 KB, 1200x901, 1200:901, xof.jpg)


6'2" nigga.

459215 No.2014718

File: 1e303de3cd9fee2⋯.png (373.05 KB, 645x637, 645:637, 1517131036863.png)


I'm sorry to hear - for the most part you seem quite happy and well put together now. So things have come a long way, and we all change over time.

Apologize for what? I can't think of anything that'd warrant it...


This isn't fair, you can't turn my shitty joke against me like this!

22f745 No.2014719

File: acae7b490644b9e⋯.gif (530.94 KB, 166x189, 166:189, 1382647807993.gif)


Alright alright. For now.

e947fc No.2014720

File: 6f134e91f8cce32⋯.png (259.92 KB, 572x558, 286:279, kids.png)


No joke the first day I was in the UK I went to buy some metal scissors at a local grocery store. The cashier asked to see my ID, then asked to see my friend's ID, who wasn't even buying anything.

f0d81b No.2014721

File: 542b3e9408bdaee⋯.png (833.26 KB, 1055x766, 1055:766, Matsuri 2.png)


It's a mural of my love for you

59d72a No.2014722



Yes, it's Blood Chan

e947fc No.2014723

File: 6a28758627586d8⋯.jpg (90.7 KB, 850x871, 850:871, punishme.jpg)


I'll fuck'u




Yeah we've all changed I suppose. I definitely think I'm in a much better place now.

And well I suppose it doesn't matter then.

e43f75 No.2014724

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


How the hell does buying kitchen knives work then?

bdce16 No.2014725

File: 2887c296fd7951a⋯.png (37.02 KB, 286x162, 143:81, rk4.png)


So, you're less than nothing?

bdce16 No.2014726

File: 488ccab5208d6d2⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 636x519, 212:173, bb.jpg)


Rectal exam.

459215 No.2014727

File: d59aadcb73cd770⋯.png (379.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1517680366826.png)

e947fc No.2014728

File: ec6123d415a4f90⋯.jpg (344.24 KB, 576x828, 16:23, inshadows.jpg)


You take ID with you. And i'm white by the way, I can't imagine how it'd be if I weren't.


Your face is less than nothing.


Ur good

bdce16 No.2014729

File: 1b10f630ea6b333⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 434x409, 434:409, o8.jpg)


>I'm white by the way

Wow what a fucking shock who could see that one coming

How would you know, it's too high up for you to see.

1e438c No.2014730

File: d117db59f334933⋯.jpg (931.95 KB, 1200x1532, 300:383, 67237702_p0 - 初夜ぼのたん.jpg)


How much time did you spend doing that?


Wow, lewd...

22f745 No.2014731

File: f6e1da3c6358427⋯.gif (721.88 KB, 220x480, 11:24, 1383689560295.gif)

Fucking nanny states.

459215 No.2014732

File: 521e20f799e3e7c⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1516327514353.jpg)


Only sometimes.

9a7b25 No.2014733



e947fc No.2014734

File: 2dad598cbb03367⋯.png (477.53 KB, 800x1097, 800:1097, heart.png)


What's got you so grumpy




You're generally alright~

bdce16 No.2014735

File: 0befed3e4e0ca1b⋯.jpg (70.87 KB, 776x699, 776:699, ofghj.jpg)

e43f75 No.2014736

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


That doesn't really make sense and I'm not a particularly hardline about gun legislation to either end.

e947fc No.2014737

File: fc6570084f61c44⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 695x786, 695:786, casual.jpg)


Does it pay well at least? You seem to be constantly working and stressed over it.


It's not even a gun thing, it's insane.

22f745 No.2014738

File: 5000faa46ac9a60⋯.webm (1.55 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1518293509494.webm)

f0d81b No.2014739

File: e60cc61b470b7b0⋯.jpg (128.49 KB, 478x625, 478:625, large.jpg)


Btw you're part of my Valentine since /animus/ is my Valentine and u posted here today



See >>2014703

So basically idk

High Photoshop is relaxing to me

1e438c No.2014740

File: 28e8d574aec3f9f⋯.png (528.02 KB, 682x988, 341:494, 67261194_p0 - 水着ミコッテちゃんズ.png)


W-We barely know each other...


You're fuck a fuck boy

59d72a No.2014741


Oh cool

My waifu is my valentine

bdce16 No.2014742

File: 174facb8df711da⋯.jpg (132.03 KB, 723x1142, 723:1142, ofghjd.jpg)


Yeah. Plenty of dosh. Probably will get more soon.

e43f75 No.2014743

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


It usually has the same sort of political backing is what I meant. People wanting to restrict/lax laws surrounding one tend to want to restrict/lax laws surrounding the other.

e947fc No.2014744

File: afc864db42f30c2⋯.png (328.72 KB, 1000x1379, 1000:1379, oh.png)


I know enough. You feel the same way I do about python.

I'm willing to look past your use of MSVC.


So what's up with your scrotum, is it gonna be ok?


That's good.

bdce16 No.2014745

File: 69988db23ad8cf5⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 358x500, 179:250, eb6fb24b0bf6bf9ff080064cb0….jpg)


I'd give it all away to just work 40 hour weeks and that's it.

f0d81b No.2014746

File: 80eb8dd0f278dda⋯.png (268.64 KB, 852x480, 71:40, analyzing wish post.png)




I was insulting myself when I made that diss poem about your waifu?


e947fc No.2014747

File: 7000357590410d7⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 210x240, 7:8, meh.jpg)


I'm afraid to try and guess how much you work per week... 60hrs?

bdce16 No.2014748

File: a016c0cd0db588d⋯.png (57.28 KB, 580x156, 145:39, rk16.png)


Depends if I'm on call or not. 50-60 is about right. Unless there are some big storms coming through.Then it's about 70-80.

59d72a No.2014749


Taking antibiotics for it. So hopefully


Which diss poem

1e438c No.2014750

File: 268ce3b0e071276⋯.png (2 MB, 1191x1670, 1191:1670, 67274982_p0 - 「ねぇ、こっち向いてよ・….png)


Why about your boyfriend?

How does he feel about python?

W-What am I supposed to use when compiling for Windows targets?!


I don't know how to type.


8b1d31 No.2014751

File: c96bf28c505f9df⋯.jpg (115.68 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 29dffa5eee953e2f0c0dc3e471….jpg)

Dick me to life with your hugs.

e43f75 No.2014752

File: c7193afa072c0a4⋯.png (85.67 KB, 280x271, 280:271, ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR….png)


Only if I can put googly eyes on the tip and you call him your Valentine.

e947fc No.2014753

File: cafa44c9e83219d⋯.jpg (100.5 KB, 600x1147, 600:1147, bullying.jpg)


That's a lot of dosh.


Good, don't die. Yet.


He doesn't code enough to have opinions on it yet. He only started this year.

You use it but you're supposed to be ashamed of yourself.

bdce16 No.2014754

File: b72bd94da446686⋯.png (28.73 KB, 190x160, 19:16, rk30.png)


Yeah then the Government takes it.

59d72a No.2014755

8b1d31 No.2014756

File: 1ba964f050cffb4⋯.png (117.71 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 1517648728300.png)

e43f75 No.2014757

Wait. Is that Merc?

e947fc No.2014758

File: 62fce98d072707c⋯.jpg (47.86 KB, 310x285, 62:57, blblbl.jpg)


Barely, compared to most modern countries. Especially mine.


Self-preservation should be a priority of yours.

e43f75 No.2014759

File: c7193afa072c0a4⋯.png (85.67 KB, 280x271, 280:271, ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR….png)


My dick obvs.

f0d81b No.2014760

File: 95e25c273441e95⋯.png (675.36 KB, 600x647, 600:647, citrus___matsuri_coloring_….png)


That short one about Japan getting hit by a typhoon and stuff


Don't you like when I meme about you? ^^




Without love


I can't get enough


I like it rough

Cause I'd rather meme memes than nothing at all


bdce16 No.2014761

File: 6f71feb3d04e109⋯.jpg (154.39 KB, 681x1023, 227:341, o.jpg)


Yeah, well I still like complaining about it.

Because fuck them.

8b1d31 No.2014762

File: d81567af2074718⋯.jpg (88.34 KB, 800x665, 160:133, OXbVvqB.jpg)


Can confirm

100% Mercury

You can tell by the underage ponies


How high are you ?

f0d81b No.2014763

File: 020bc8a1314614a⋯.jpg (157.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, citrusmanga.ru_2016-06-02_….jpg)


I've been taking resin hits; those are always weird

Arguably my response was warranted cause u technically made an Evanescence reference

1e438c No.2014764

File: eb39d83ff9ece1e⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1000x1278, 500:639, 63722192_p0 - 紫水宮装備.png)




Oh wow, how embarrassing...


I mean, I suppose I don't hate it.

But it doesn't get me giddy or anything either.

e43f75 No.2014765

File: c7193afa072c0a4⋯.png (85.67 KB, 280x271, 280:271, ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR….png)


No marshmallow fleshlights modeled after underage cartoon horses so it's obvs not.

f0d81b No.2014766

File: 73e9be394b94901⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 316382.jpg)


It's a known fact that you stroke your dick five (5) times for every unit of attention u receive

8b1d31 No.2014767

File: d0814e3be3d5862⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 736x1040, 46:65, 01f6c93f360079160901740cdf….jpg)


I wasn't trying to make any reference to be honest.


Thanks for the support


I play a lot of minecraft with this person

8b1d31 No.2014768


f0d81b No.2014769

File: 9054cb1f3db4c41⋯.jpg (96.16 KB, 668x521, 668:521, ed289819357cb12d9aceeda175….jpg)

e43f75 No.2014770

File: 83e5bd90d4932ee⋯.png (4.55 KB, 247x248, 247:248, FACE.png)


Who even is it?

1e438c No.2014771

File: a03359f9ec6229a⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1343x1000, 1343:1000, 67273479_p0 - 嫁と娘からチョコもらった.jpg)


I'd be non-stop stroking if that was true.


Of course <3

8b1d31 No.2014772

File: e49eb5b2d2ccced⋯.png (6.71 MB, 2752x3374, 1376:1687, a6ab48c258c54bf886c368cb26….png)


I was just being anti-Wish.


I'm not telling

I do know though

f0d81b No.2014773

File: 020bc8a1314614a⋯.jpg (157.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, citrusmanga.ru_2016-06-02_….jpg)

I dream of the day when my Valentine /animus/ accepts that I'm a memelord

e947fc No.2014774

File: f9df3a2cb63f38e⋯.jpg (137.41 KB, 421x595, 421:595, interesting.jpg)


Much better.

I don't think I'm going to be staying up with you. I am already sleepy.

So I guess your virginity is safe.


You're right.

e947fc No.2014775

File: 6a28758627586d8⋯.jpg (90.7 KB, 850x871, 850:871, punishme.jpg)


You have pretty good meme taste.

bdce16 No.2014776

File: 6907c5eb4e4c43e⋯.png (18.46 KB, 104x186, 52:93, rk1.png)


Go to sleep.

8b1d31 No.2014777

File: c5cc6bdac1c92e8⋯.png (620.94 KB, 600x849, 200:283, super_saiyan_kanna__by_kaz….png)


Now crush me with your big strong arms.

f0d81b No.2014778

File: a5ae46df62ebb30⋯.png (322.7 KB, 500x375, 4:3, matsuri___citrus__by_nunoc….png)


You aren't non-stop stroking?


le death of le author

Oh, right, I posted five iterations of a meme at the beginning of the thread and that's what you were referencing

I see now

You didn't even want hugs then; u cheated me


Thanks gurl

You have good anime girl taste because Sucy is pale skin masterrace

e947fc No.2014779

File: 0f0489f18dde98c⋯.png (625.49 KB, 1800x1181, 1800:1181, valentine.png)


Alright alright.


Pink hair, don't care.

8b1d31 No.2014780

File: c73b2d14128949a⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 556x556, 1:1, 6a1f228b730755a4cd9fe911a6….jpg)


I'm keeping it anyways.


e947fc No.2014781

File: 0a9d7aedab5b5fe⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 700x979, 700:979, bedtime.jpg)

Night thred. Don't be mean to wish.

d297b4 No.2014782

Somebody please make a really offensive Valentine with Naota please.

e43f75 No.2014783


Kill yourself.

8b1d31 No.2014784

File: 66494fdd88fafba⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 2cc3d9f56bccb4ab7262fb5749….jpg)


┃  ● ══  █ ┃




┃█ ur a bitch. █┃

┃█ -Mom&Dad █┃




┃   ○    ┃


Wish your phone is ringing

1e438c No.2014785

File: 4127ac7242fbc46⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1141x1614, 1141:1614, 67144023_p0 - チノちゃん.jpg)


>>>>>>>implying I'm a virgin


I-I'm not very strong...


I don't remember the last time I stroked tbh

bdce16 No.2014786

File: b23fac3691623ae⋯.png (22.71 KB, 200x177, 200:177, rk12.png)


"I couldn't score it with a sexy alien chick so I guess you'll have to do."

1e438c No.2014787

bdce16 No.2014788

File: 7ac1f113d718069⋯.png (15.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4884366694c54b09c8821c22b3….png)

8b1d31 No.2014789

File: 81ff7bee4bf6c3d⋯.png (135.21 KB, 388x418, 194:209, 1512394842189.png)



I told you that you would get stuck here fag.

59d72a No.2014790



Why though


I didn't see it

f0d81b No.2014791

File: 3bcb50b8e61be70⋯.png (179.23 KB, 375x302, 375:302, Matsuri quote.png)


I should give you hugs since you're part of my Valentine, anyway


Sleep well; I wouldn't meme about him if he asked me to stop :3


You just save hentai for fun and never masturbate to it?

Maybe you're saying you only use anal stimulation

8b1d31 No.2014792

File: 4857ef69ead13b1⋯.jpg (560.47 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, me and that one autist.jpg)


What do you mean ?

f0d81b No.2014793

File: 73eaa6a002853b9⋯.png (138.68 KB, 387x370, 387:370, Matsuri 7.png)


You said you did

It was just a short thing I wrote off the top of my head and u weren't very fond of it because all I did was insult ur waifu and say I hoped Japan would get hit by a typhoon

Who was your waifu actually, btw? I don't think I ever asked

f0d81b No.2014794

File: 020bc8a1314614a⋯.jpg (157.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, citrusmanga.ru_2016-06-02_….jpg)


/animus/ is my Valentine

I asked /animus/ to be my Valentine and Sucy accepted the request on behalf of you all

59d72a No.2014795


Oh, you mean in this thread. I thought you meant you posted one in waifu when you were there the other day

My waifu is Анастасия

8b1d31 No.2014796

File: 81d4e464ee5c7e9⋯.png (419.27 KB, 630x675, 14:15, TegnLSY.png)


Am I cucking you when I post ?

9f883c No.2014797

File: 557eb30ee16ad9e⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 260x322, 130:161, 1479822926424.jpg)

ya'll still being gay on valentines day?

f0d81b No.2014798

File: a870fe9886ef974⋯.png (206.18 KB, 429x507, 11:13, Matsuri 8.png)


One I posted here like, months ago lol

From Idolmaster? She's kawaii


No, since you're part of /animus/

Everyone replying to each other = my lover masturbating to itself


I still haven't gotten tired of being single after my last relationship

e43f75 No.2014799

File: a9cbec2fd482e60⋯.png (14.11 KB, 374x494, 187:247, (Me).png)


You still being fat on Valentine's Day?

1e438c No.2014800

File: 8ce968bcdb1e40a⋯.png (831.13 KB, 753x1075, 753:1075, 67264273_p0 - あるいはこんなバレンタイ….png)


I don't masturbate to the hentai I bookmark on pixiv, at least.

f0d81b No.2014801

File: 51f020090127410⋯.png (228.35 KB, 422x750, 211:375, matsuri_mizusawa_citrus_by….png)


Pixiv doesn't have hardcore enough stuff? ^^

1e438c No.2014802

File: 28df3b1446eb549⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1500x1896, 125:158, 67267527_p0 - 指揮官、たべて.jpg)


Single images just don't do anything for me...

59d72a No.2014803


If it's the one I think it is, yeah, I didn't like it so much

And yeah, she is. She helps keep the loneliness from becoming overwhelming

f0d81b No.2014804

File: 542b3e9408bdaee⋯.png (833.26 KB, 1055x766, 1055:766, Matsuri 2.png)


I guess you

Do you even look at non-2D porn ever?


That reminds me, I should try Monika After Story

f0d81b No.2014805

File: c8204ccd76fa9a4⋯.png (192.5 KB, 250x523, 250:523, matsuri_citrus_manga_by_ma….png)


Idr what the first sentence was going to be

59d72a No.2014806


DDLC? I still haven't played it as I don't have the ability to make a pillow fort

f0d81b No.2014807

File: 73e9be394b94901⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 316382.jpg)


Just do it, it's not THAT bad ^^

e43f75 No.2014808

DDLC is shit.

1e438c No.2014809

File: 1fbe4932ae93a57⋯.png (959.77 KB, 786x1000, 393:500, 67249237_p0 - 曜:千歌ちゃんにばれちゃ….png)


I guess I

Mmn, I do, yeah.

59d72a No.2014810


I just want to be comfy when I play Van's

I have a bunch in waiting to play

e43f75 No.2014811

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


>She helps keep the loneliness from becoming overwhelming

How the hell does a nonexistent person from a cartoon lessen loneliness?

459215 No.2014812

File: 79910327b108f87⋯.png (203.82 KB, 385x363, 35:33, 1515899171748.png)

59d72a No.2014813


The answer is more pathetic than that statement, so I'll pass on answering

f0d81b No.2014814

File: b707e341563e797⋯.png (273.48 KB, 476x631, 476:631, Matsuri 6.png)


Maybe you just weren't high enough when you played it


Oh, I was starting to think you were a superweeb who just masturbates to hentai ^^


Oh I thought you meant you were afraid

It's the only VN I've played all the way through, lol

I started KS years ago but dropped it

Maybe I should try more

22f745 No.2014815

File: 389036ca2fa3971⋯.jpg (70.31 KB, 720x480, 3:2, drunky.jpg)

59d72a No.2014816


I played narcissus before, that's a good story, of sad

e43f75 No.2014817

File: 162bb99a0515d47⋯.jpg (380.17 KB, 691x470, 691:470, coraline.jpg)


Meme games are shit.

22f745 No.2014818

File: 270e97785d6901d⋯.jpg (78.36 KB, 720x480, 3:2, drunky.jpg)

Sorry, I forgot the whole to from thing.

459215 No.2014819

File: a4216bd2b816f07⋯.jpg (814.95 KB, 1200x1523, 1200:1523, 1516897542356.jpg)


Calling DDLC a "game" feels wrong.

I have no idea what it should be called, but game isn't really up there. More like, gimmicky overly interactive marketing toy.

7fa561 No.2014820

File: 86be891188032d6⋯.jpg (149.47 KB, 700x1225, 4:7, 1416536869643.jpg)


It's a trailer for an upcoming 2018 game starring Yuri as the protagonist.

It's an interactive trailer.

459215 No.2014821

File: 131599b6e316dfe⋯.jpg (159.21 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1516921730880.jpg)


I know...

f0d81b No.2014822

File: 3de6bdcb4bd9622⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1280x1666, 640:833, DWBYNR2VMAABhdD.png large.png)


Looks interesting

I'm not a fan of that Clannad kind of art style tho

I remember Wish's first avatar was in that style

Those big kawaii retard eyes

22f745 No.2014823

I hope drunky sees my valentine.....

1e438c No.2014824

File: 62ba631f75834e4⋯.png (1 MB, 1086x1500, 181:250, 67277124_p0 - しむしゅぅ….png)


I exclusively masturbate to 2D and 3D twinks.

f0d81b No.2014825

File: 675ffc0e70e185c⋯.png (217.35 KB, 446x594, 223:297, kinky pee stream.png)


Gay boi :3

Twinks are good tho; they're usually the only gay porn I like unless I'm going through a phase

f0d81b No.2014826

Wish do you still have cute retard eyes gril

f0d81b No.2014827

File: 2074129a925fd6c⋯.png (6.93 KB, 233x55, 233:55, shooting the guns.png)

1e438c No.2014828

Retard eyes?


9fcc37 No.2014829

File: b63df869e9e1e3e⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 405x519, 135:173, Misaka 33.jpg)

How do you have retard eyes?

f0d81b No.2014830

File: 95e25c273441e95⋯.png (675.36 KB, 600x647, 600:647, citrus___matsuri_coloring_….png)

Wait, you used that avatar because you have retard eyes IRL?

1e438c No.2014831

File: 7930242709f11a4⋯.png (603.47 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 67273587_p0 - うちの子からチョコ貰いた….png)

Which avatar?


Lazy eye turned astigmatism so I'm legally blind in my left eye

f0d81b No.2014832

File: 73e9be394b94901⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 316382.jpg)


See >>2014822

The avatar was what I meant by "cute retard eyes gril," I think you knew this :3

I guess she wasn't your first though; I think you posted a K-On girl when you were brand new, come to think of it~

f0d81b No.2014833

File: 49caf3b4ceacb24⋯.png (1.03 MB, 692x1000, 173:250, ClipboardImage.png)

It was this retard or something like it

1e438c No.2014834

File: 00ca0ce22bd8a4a⋯.jpg (529.74 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 67271114_p0 - 「んー♡」.jpg)


Ohh, yeah.

I posted Azusa first, but apparently Tak or someone posted her already.

Ayu from Kanon.

7fa561 No.2014835

File: c83478f1bed6740⋯.gif (4.34 MB, 216x296, 27:37, c83478f1bed6740adc3a49aca3….gif)





7fa561 No.2014836

File: 9e7cea524d5cd1a⋯.jpg (111.7 KB, 1163x1079, 1163:1079, Wish 106.jpg)

what this one

b24266 No.2014837


f0d81b No.2014838

File: 3bcb50b8e61be70⋯.png (179.23 KB, 375x302, 375:302, Matsuri quote.png)


I feel bad if you actually read that as me saying you have retard eyes irl

I don't think you've even told me about the thing you mentioned

7fa561 No.2014839

File: aff4d15a1756583⋯.png (284.95 KB, 535x699, 535:699, Wish 123.png)


1e438c No.2014840

File: 83dc8f71c330492⋯.jpg (804.42 KB, 1000x1362, 500:681, 67273330_p0 - 手ブラ猫耳霞ままん!.jpg)



I'm retarded, but yeah I read that as "did you use retard eyes girl because you have retard eyes"

Mmn, I've been pretty open about it I think.

7fa561 No.2014841

File: 685f4bdc0773b2a⋯.gif (720.71 KB, 381x360, 127:120, Wish 204.gif)

>has disability

>bullies other people


b24266 No.2014842

It was not your best.

f0d81b No.2014843

File: 8c0668982943710⋯.png (108.18 KB, 317x305, 317:305, Satania46.png)


I mean this post >>2014826

After that was just meme-ing because I assumed you were meme-ing

And okay, I guess I should just stalk you more

9fcc37 No.2014844

File: 74966563b5cec5d⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 225x350, 9:14, Misaka 34.jpg)



f0d81b No.2014845

File: 95e25c273441e95⋯.png (675.36 KB, 600x647, 600:647, citrus___matsuri_coloring_….png)

When u accidentally bully Wish in a way u didn't mean to :(

1e438c No.2014846

File: 739c3653d2a7d16⋯.jpg (349.77 KB, 715x1000, 143:200, 67267127_p0 - チョコ・エンゼルなイリヤ….jpg)

I'm my best.


OH, uh


I deleted all my folders but I have them backed up on MediaFire because I gave them all to some poster once.

b24266 No.2014847


7fa561 No.2014848

File: 7ccf82207cbadd9⋯.png (197.59 KB, 452x576, 113:144, kldnsasdbfjhkevqjr.png)

>wardin doesn't post his old images anymore

shiggy diggy

b24266 No.2014849

File: 0bd74d9a03045a2⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 765x534, 255:178, Hello, darkness my old fri….jpg)

Others took them.

7fa561 No.2014850

File: 81574cb9fcf26cd⋯.png (288.05 KB, 678x576, 113:96, pdmnaepejape.png)

nobody posts this one ? unless goggles did

b24266 No.2014851

Erin did.

1e438c No.2014852


7fa561 No.2014853

File: d1878126a6719d9⋯.png (162.63 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 4h3gj2vhg43.png)


oh I have that person filtered

explains it

do they still post?

3b5c6c No.2014854

File: cd818f64763ea5a⋯.jpg (223.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 07080825.jpg)

I had a fun day of indulging

I spent a lot of money on fun things ive been wanting for a while

I eated alot of tasty food and now I have a bunch of tasty pastries

I stayed up super late last night

and now tonight I am going to sleep for a long time


I'm okay

wbu guys

b24266 No.2014855

File: 49e1cfae0a9fd73⋯.png (480.41 KB, 600x771, 200:257, pinchlu.png)

Post your best: yourself.


Not to my knowledge.

3b5c6c No.2014856

File: e52a675c2ff5a60⋯.png (226.63 KB, 443x359, 443:359, 5099.png)


w-what? was this directed at me

1e438c No.2014857

File: 754e849d3795a06⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1000x1520, 25:38, 67265336_p0 - 和風ありすちゃん.png)



f0d81b No.2014858

File: e60cc61b470b7b0⋯.jpg (128.49 KB, 478x625, 478:625, large.jpg)


I wasn't asking for it but anyway ilu


Tell me about when u first found Wish-chan

b24266 No.2014859

File: 96d1455c906cf49⋯.jpg (373.96 KB, 1280x1312, 40:41, 1517513481723.jpg)


Do you want it to be directed at you?

3b5c6c No.2014860

File: 2bb4f52eb62ff15⋯.png (216.47 KB, 365x432, 365:432, 1police.png)





I think


f0d81b No.2014861

File: a870fe9886ef974⋯.png (206.18 KB, 429x507, 11:13, Matsuri 8.png)


Idk, just random curiousness that came to mind

I've been taking resin hits and it's a weird high

1e438c No.2014862

File: 7f986e785269462⋯.jpg (632.59 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, 67259794_p0 - みかねえ.jpg)



3b5c6c No.2014863

File: c5831ce8cdfd3c9⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 341x480, 341:480, 08020s611.jpg)


I dont want to talk about that

if you want to talk about wish you can go talk with them

7fa561 No.2014864

File: d1878126a6719d9⋯.png (162.63 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 4h3gj2vhg43.png)

>when the torrented copy of the movie is better quality than the DVD you bought

this shit barely looks like 720p at best

f0d81b No.2014865

File: 73e9be394b94901⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 316382.jpg)


Bratty boy ♥


You should make up :3

But yeah, I feel really weird right now; should prob sleep soon

What did you buy?

459215 No.2014866

Aren't DVD's only 720p anyway?

9fcc37 No.2014867

File: 92cc726f0d4f0e7⋯.png (166.1 KB, 431x431, 1:1, 1414339074730.png)

HD DVD's are the higher quality ones.

b24266 No.2014868

File: 679c8870955ffb2⋯.jpg (79.54 KB, 650x650, 1:1, aerylu.jpg)


It was all for you, Master.

3b5c6c No.2014869

File: 0cdd29523f58b13⋯.png (782.64 KB, 1546x563, 1546:563, ClipboardImage.png)


That's not my choice

i bought a new guitar and a new amplifier and a new looper and a bunch f cookies and doonuts

3b5c6c No.2014870

File: be5bd0cca310981⋯.png (315.87 KB, 443x406, 443:406, ClipboardImage.png)


i've been waiting for 2 days 2 how you this image

1e438c No.2014871

File: 3c6d3cf8ab3c3d2⋯.jpg (380.45 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, 67259625_p0 - バレンタイン青葉ちゃん.jpg)



Gross boy

b24266 No.2014872

I saw this earlier. :3

b24266 No.2014873

I mean it was sent to me, without me browsing filthy websites hosting such decadent content.

1e438c No.2014874

File: e54ae23430a35ed⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 2000x2417, 2000:2417, 67184405_p1 - JCになったあいちゃん!.jpg)

Wow, footslut

3b5c6c No.2014875

File: cf912a8e3c00354⋯.jpg (201.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 07082753.jpg)



7fa561 No.2014876

File: b67c9a815271262⋯.png (8.51 KB, 300x90, 10:3, (.png)

3b5c6c No.2014877

File: 64c40a3bb6de8c5⋯.png (15.4 KB, 304x89, 304:89, ClipboardImage.png)


b24266 No.2014879

Gotta spread the love.



1e438c No.2014880

File: 1fbe4932ae93a57⋯.png (959.77 KB, 786x1000, 393:500, 67249237_p0 - 曜:千歌ちゃんにばれちゃ….png)

>trying to justify your promiscuity


b24266 No.2014881

File: 3e53dc68e68b6a6⋯.png (388.32 KB, 460x580, 23:29, Thumbs up.png)

You know I only have eyes for your feet, lover boy.

1e438c No.2014882

File: 3fb9219896f187e⋯.jpg (395.08 KB, 836x1180, 209:295, 66777454_p0 - ロリコンを⚪︎すあいちゃ….jpg)

Too bad you'll never see them~

b24266 No.2014883

At AX, I will.

1e438c No.2014884

File: 1fd0569e64fc049⋯.jpg (419.52 KB, 729x900, 81:100, 63471516_p0 - 油断.jpg)

I'll wear socks and shoes everywhere.

b24266 No.2014885

There is no fucking point in going now.

1e438c No.2014886

File: 8642b89ab9943cb⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1141x1614, 1141:1614, 67239406_p0 - チノちゃん.jpg)


3b5c6c No.2014887

File: 6efe457882579ae⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1407x1108, 1407:1108, ClipboardImage.png)

b24266 No.2014888

File: c1656119e222bd4⋯.png (561.87 KB, 709x705, 709:705, ebinlu.png)

Frankly, I have no idea what events transpire there outside of Ian having his ass shaved.


3b5c6c No.2014889

File: b993e1943fd3ab1⋯.png (433.92 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1e438c No.2014890

File: 7ea6776b5cbc4bf⋯.jpg (539.39 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, 65706455_p0 - はむまん.jpg)

We can buy otokonoko doujins together

b24266 No.2014891

File: b36f0440f3870a4⋯.jpg (272.86 KB, 1813x2160, 1813:2160, holding some meat bun.jpg)

My Lord, is that legal?


That would fit well in this one.

3b5c6c No.2014892

File: 07c1fdf29ea820d⋯.gif (114.04 KB, 300x367, 300:367, akarin.gif)


whenevr I see naaah pics i hear the 'naaaahhh' sound

depending on hwat the picsi depends onthe tone of the naaah

1e438c No.2014893

File: 49cdbe33fc49cc1⋯.png (663.32 KB, 824x1170, 412:585, 67175870_p0 - 姉弟子.png)


7fa561 No.2014894

File: 9cdd589716a7c5e⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 529x401, 529:401, 5fdgykdw13701.jpg)

wait if dvds are 720p how do people get 1080p copies to upload

sorry im stupid i've never known much about dvds

1e438c No.2014895


b24266 No.2014896

File: 5154ac25c8993ad⋯.jpg (413.98 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, looking at you expectedly.jpg)

Let us share a cell.


To tell you a secret, I have never heard her say Nnaa; I have not seen the anime yet.

b24266 No.2014897


DVDs are 480p.

1e438c No.2014898

File: 0c3d5f121a23a75⋯.png (689.99 KB, 1000x1411, 1000:1411, 64470338_p0 - nya-.png)


1e438c No.2014899


also this

459215 No.2014900

File: 14a4ffbdef3153d⋯.jpg (58.14 KB, 774x960, 129:160, 1518576028057.jpg)

9a7b25 No.2014901

File: 6a56ce7dd781612⋯.jpg (417.96 KB, 2953x3508, 2953:3508, weighing the pros and cons….jpg)

b24266 No.2014902

What is gross about sharing a space in a men's penal colony?

3b5c6c No.2014903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


actually tbhTBH this vid is alli've seenof this series

3b5c6c No.2014904

File: 57555285a7da7b5⋯.png (253.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 134042382394.png)


no dont do that I didnt mean to make you sad..........

b24266 No.2014905


Kinda soothing.

1e438c No.2014906

File: b33993723e12939⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1012x1800, 253:450, 67206868_p0 - ゔぁれんたいんめぐみん.jpg)

Jail is gross

7fa561 No.2014907

File: 10d3253c8cb5ac4⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 308x326, 154:163, 10d3253c8cb5ac41891cae210e….jpg)


what the fuck

nobody I know has a bluray DVD player?

why is it like this

only way people seem to have Bluray player is if they have PS3 or whatever

3b5c6c No.2014908

File: b1305773639be9f⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 800x546, 400:273, 1371167742387.jpg)


This vid and your posting nanachi in 2015 is what made me like this anime ;~;

3b5c6c No.2014909

File: b46c9b883be4620⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1916x1080, 479:270, 1336853772581.jpg)


are blu ray players even things?

like just a blura by itself?

I remember in the early 2ks I had a hybrid vcr dcd player and Youd' think that modern players would be like

blu ray

dvd hybrid

9a7b25 No.2014910

>watching hard copy movies like plebs

b24266 No.2014911

File: 065d2a6c22e0c9c⋯.jpg (133.08 KB, 950x1000, 19:20, I came here to nnaa~ bun.jpg)

It is not gross. They even have nice, communal showers especially for that.


Physical media has been DYING for years.


I started posting her last year, though.

7fa561 No.2014912

File: 6ad209658e420a1⋯.png (280.63 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 15b763b0ef83117cfb263c0e11….png)




b24266 No.2014913

9a7b25 No.2014914


You make me weep for the future, but that doesn't mean you're worth holding.

1e438c No.2014915

File: f3f296e505a96cc⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 717x934, 717:934, 65583869_p3 - お兄ちゃん…最低….jpg)

You're gross too

9a7b25 No.2014916




b24266 No.2014917

Muh VHS tapes.

b24266 No.2014918

You are Canadian, but I still like you.

7fa561 No.2014919

File: 755c568776e4a49⋯.png (9.92 KB, 514x128, 257:64, ss (2018-02-14 at 11.28.52….png)

3b5c6c No.2014920

File: 28e4677ae84af78⋯.gif (178.73 KB, 450x350, 9:7, 1371192711226.gif)



where does the time go

I could have swear I remeber you posting her on 4ch

1e438c No.2014921

File: a35b81e935aecd7⋯.jpg (884.2 KB, 1167x2010, 389:670, 63536468_p0 - プリントを回すときに後ろ….jpg)

Kill me.

9a7b25 No.2014922


459215 No.2014923

File: a98d6289d245aec⋯.jpg (196.47 KB, 1920x1082, 960:541, 1518573093181.jpg)



Thank you for the pic.

b24266 No.2014924

File: a44cc2b9796af90⋯.jpg (116.62 KB, 846x920, 423:460, buns face is getting crush….jpg)

Pretty long queue for that.


It could have been some other furry thing. They can be cute.

1e438c No.2014925

File: 63ffca9d6f82ea4⋯.png (778.72 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 67256514_p0 - ステソフィ.png)

Bump me to the front.

3b5c6c No.2014926

File: 959a32aac1cddef⋯.jpg (345.21 KB, 601x614, 601:614, satannytrauma.jpg)


yeah probably but........

Fuck dude i am like

in my memory its like one hundred percent there

I remember when I learned about the made in abyss anime I was excited because I'd remember seeing you post that character before I'd even heard anything about it

b24266 No.2014927

File: f0fd3e15067512a⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 600x418, 300:209, 67174726_p6_master1200.jpg)

I will force you to stop eating poutine.


Memory can be deceitful.

1e438c No.2014928

File: a4bfade1973d546⋯.png (2.56 MB, 1300x1818, 650:909, 67162825_p0 - ぴったりがあるず その2….png)

I said kill me, not torture me.

b24266 No.2014929

We will get there eventually.

1e438c No.2014930

File: 4624f78ff56ea92⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1300x1818, 650:909, 67191387_p0 - ぴったりがあるず その2….png)

I want it to be swift and painless though.

9a7b25 No.2014931

How's it feel to want?

1e438c No.2014932

feel bad tbh

9a7b25 No.2014933


7fa561 No.2014934

File: 88ad77ebf204fc7⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 754x281, 754:281, ss (2018-01-11 at 06.46.04….jpg)

*looks at picture you posted on 4chan in the middle of the night*

mmm roasted~

3b5c6c No.2014935

File: f0f34066aff2b2d⋯.png (175.36 KB, 480x783, 160:261, 21740151_1272510019521398_….png)

bf2b5c No.2014936

File: 27c43d8d3205d53⋯.png (854.79 KB, 2022x1341, 674:447, 1446763827620.png)


Hey there.

9a7b25 No.2014937

A) Gross

B) It's all been posted here before, m8


1e438c No.2014938

File: 93312db068a50a0⋯.jpg (332.1 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 67084596_p1 - ポニーテール.jpg)


Good morning, you're up early.

7fa561 No.2014939

oh i didn't know that

*deletes pic*

b24266 No.2014940

File: 79d97416b80d4f2⋯.jpg (346.65 KB, 850x698, 425:349, 67174726_p2_master1200.jpg)

How about I let you watch Riverdale to alleviate some of that pain, as counterintuitive as that seems.


9a7b25 No.2014941

>tfw even Fishy doesn't like me

bf2b5c No.2014942

File: 8d8b8176ba0811e⋯.png (1 MB, 800x916, 200:229, 1452192784855.png)


Of all the things to be.

1e438c No.2014943

File: 4d9e20f37cc417e⋯.png (919.03 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 64304617_p0 - ~.png)

It's on a month break though.


I wish I was a cricket tbh

bf2b5c No.2014944

File: 042f3960d16f039⋯.jpg (56.72 KB, 477x431, 477:431, 1455496675196.jpg)


That's some stupid shit Tenka.

1e438c No.2014945

File: 14f226879978e7a⋯.png (885.79 KB, 801x1043, 801:1043, 65468325_p0 - チノ.png)


You'd get to be the biggest piece of shit and just ruin someone's day constantly

b24266 No.2014946

Sounds just like marriage.

bf2b5c No.2014947

File: ed969a44a28583d⋯.jpg (150.9 KB, 500x699, 500:699, 1451777831773.jpg)


I get to be all that but smart all the time like it isn't my bedtime yet.

1e438c No.2014948

File: e519f0c500bc60d⋯.png (395.86 KB, 550x814, 25:37, 62938614_p0 - 黒猫レミィ.png)

I don't want to get married.




3b5c6c No.2014949

File: 7053f90b117d335⋯.png (27.13 KB, 112x112, 1:1, wape.png)


bf2b5c No.2014950

File: ade78f2c562e914⋯.jpg (436.27 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1450212201231.jpg)


Dont get married.

7fa561 No.2014951

File: d438ae7ccea516a⋯.png (488.46 KB, 540x608, 135:152, 9f77ui6h3ag01.png)

3b5c6c No.2014952

File: 43e9ef0e45c6e77⋯.png (6.83 KB, 108x108, 1:1, cri.png)

3b5c6c No.2014953

File: c9dcba83faf6fcd⋯.png (269.3 KB, 667x960, 667:960, ClipboardImage.png)

me the left

7fa561 No.2014954

File: b5e1c37da3bea83⋯.png (308.68 KB, 448x750, 224:375, every day2.png)

i'm the one in both frames

7c6ff2 No.2014955


you just have to find people that don't repulse you on an instinctual level

3b5c6c No.2014956

File: 3a226cef401f2eb⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 370x320, 37:32, ehhh.jpg)


relatable desu

5a9efc No.2014957

Put Feku on your puzza.

5a9efc No.2014958


7fa561 No.2014959

File: b00c652945be641⋯.mp4 (697.77 KB, 600x338, 300:169, lbkc2eu.mp4)

>you will never put your head in a woodchipper

3b5c6c No.2014960

File: 00684901fe74d37⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1075, 216:215, ClipboardImage.png)


Says you

459215 No.2014961

Shredded Bard.

7fa561 No.2014962

File: 339165b8721c972⋯.jpg (102.4 KB, 755x890, 151:178, j3e1a53hqd901.jpg)

3b5c6c No.2014963

File: b8f2d0e095e4187⋯.png (65.93 KB, 141x241, 141:241, ClipboardImage.png)


Moustache Loli reacts only

459215 No.2014964

File: a64b2e997fe7e4d⋯.jpg (114.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1518289004391.jpg)

3b5c6c No.2014965

File: 197aa43042992a8⋯.jpg (20.04 KB, 370x320, 37:32, roflmao.jpg)


haha yeah I couldn't imagine how horrible it must be having to go on without me

I'm literally laughign my ass of at you right no

459215 No.2014966

File: 4f36d8d79582e06⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 551x849, 551:849, 1517959198678.jpg)

3b5c6c No.2014967

File: 3a226cef401f2eb⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 370x320, 37:32, ehhh.jpg)


H-hey I was using her.......You can't just go and use that smug reaction at me.........

227536 No.2014968

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