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Meta Thread

Opinions or criticisms of this board and its members go in here only, and will be deleted from any other thread.

And please remember that you are not forced to reply to someone.

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Jeanie Vanek likes this site!

how are you, This great website in a hateful world welcomes people like yourself to http://8chan.twilightparadox.com Share the word! Your fortune: slave tequila epic

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Lashell Wedell fawns over this site!

good day, This strong website in a crappy world welcomes people like yourself to http://bigjimmy.chickenkiller.com Share the word! Your fortune: rude aids noob

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What the hell happened to this board? Where has everyone migrated to? I need to worship our Goddeses.

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Let's all talk about our wonderful Goddess, Cardi B. She is proof we are going into a female supremacist society, as she has talked about robbing males and has gotten no reprecussion. She is awesome!

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we need more aoc content. she needs to be the president.

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Womyn are superior to men. Womyn are enlightened beings.


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Official pr0n thread

Pr0n thread. Shops, captions, illustrations you name it. Post it ITT. We are starting over!

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Where are my worshippers?

I miss you.

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Why haven't you subscribed to feminist frequency's patreon yet? Your Goddesses wait for you.


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The future is female.

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Goddess promotion thread

ITT: we share some lesser-known goddesses. I start.

Stephanie Guthrie. Toronto-based goddess, diversity consultant and co-founder of Drunk Feminist Films. She was a target of harassment during GameGate, after campaigning to get one of Goddess Anita's critics fired.

Nowadays, she is working to install a pro-female workplace in organizations like the Mozilla Foundation. Quoting her diversity guidebook, she aims to create "a culture of women supporting women and women helping each other GET HIGHER in our careers".

Website: https://stephguthrie.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amirightfolks/

Merch: http://drunkfeministfilms.com/shop/

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Zoe thread

ITT I dump all the pictures I can find of Goddess Zoe Quinn.

Contributions and discussions of Her beauty and work are very welcome.

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In need of financial assistance

Alright boys. Te-Erika Patterson needs our help. To give you a few words about her, she's the founder of the websites http://lovingflr.com/ and http://femaleledsociety.org/. She's a firm believer in female led relationships (not bdsm-fantasy type) and that a female led society would benefit everyone.

Now as you can see on the capture, she's about to be evicted. I'm sure if you guys see this, you can help. I donated as well.


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Old caption thread

Did anyone save the anita hypno caption, is the anon who made it still here?