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People sure love to say anprims hate disabled and transgender people


>no hormones

>no medicine

>no surgery

>no sterile environments

That's because you do hate us, you fuckers

File: 9d92859579ca5fe⋯.jpeg (20.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 72D2CAFA-75B7-4DB2-9088-D….jpeg)


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Wouldn't an anarchoprimitive society be extremely vulnerable to more organized and technologically advanced nations?



this desu, it would instantly become colonialized by another country, i can't see a way to get around that beyond keeping at the minimum things like guns for guerilla warfare


Since the human is the only animal on this planet pretending to be no animal, it also is the only animal on this planet unable to live in natural peace/anarcho primitivsm. Pretty ridiculous actually.



anarcho primitivism is impossible, but what are your thoughts on a minarchist agricultural lifestyle (à la the way people lived for most of recorded history, pre-renaissance)


It may be possible for an Anarcho-Primitivist society to exist within an authoritarian fascist country as a type of nature reserve for humans who wish to live a more simple and natural life.


the entire concept of having an organised society is anti-anprim. in modern times, the only true way to live an anprim lifestyle is to jump off the grid entirely and live on property that’s not yours

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