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File: 1412828369276.png (130.74 KB, 304x224, 19:14, Metal Slug shell.png)


Fuck yeah, APNG.
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File: 466eea632bd49cb⋯.png (8.57 KB, 468x450, 26:25, clapping.png)


File: 97534abe028b125⋯.png (82.02 KB, 300x168, 25:14, coffee.png)


File: 8b76c4c86a5b00e⋯.png (394.9 KB, 500x455, 100:91, laughing loli.png)


File: b8ca4b4becd966d⋯.png (806.92 KB, 500x281, 500:281, puff puff.png)


File: a0269c936c95f20⋯.png (53.29 KB, 310x266, 155:133, kirby confused.png)

File: ce0905f339f4437⋯.png (61.95 KB, 100x100, 1:1, Animated_PNG_example_bounc….png)


I often find when asking for apng support that i'm told they do support mng.

But i've yet to find a single example as to what a mng even is.

From what i have seen is that mng is just apng in another form and less known, which is confusing as fuck because no one saves .mng files.

What the fuck is this supposed to be?


MNG was supposed to be the PNG group's dedicated animation format, but their libraries ended up too big so nobody wanted to use it and it never caught on. I've only ever come across a single program that bothers with it: MAME has to option to dump raw video to .mng rather than AVI.

APNG could be considered MNG but with a ton of features removed to make its library lightweight, though I think it might use a different implementation for animation entirely.

File: 1412611560053.png (2.41 MB, 290x189, 290:189, glorious pngs.png)



This thread is for tools of the trade. Here are some tools I have found useful so far.

Convert your decrepit old GIFs to glorious APNGs.

VirtualDub mod for APNG dumping and loading support. Allows you to create APNGs from AVI files. If you're planning on using a frame rate that GIF doesn't support you should start here! VirtualDub usually doesn't make the most optimized GIFs or APNGs so that's where GIMP and other optimizing tools come in.

GIMP GAP plug-in for opening and saving as APNGs.
I haven't gotten this damn thing to work properly myself but as I use GIMP regularly for making GIFs I imagine it would be extremely useful for those that can get it working.

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File: 5b54a626a8b9f0c⋯.gif (4.21 MB, 645x708, 215:236, d73d2b23f220f5036c9541467e….gif)


So apparently, there are things such as true-color gifs. It's kind of a hack, but it works. Wikipedia was unfortunately the best source I could find, but it has more sources if you're interested.


When I open the image in gimp, it says it's a true color image. This is why it looks worse when I convert it. I also tried converting it to an indexed gif and I got something that looked similar to my indexed apng with a larger file size (but smaller than the original gif).

I think this is only useful if you have slightly more than 256 colors you want to use though.



As I understand it the way you simulate more than 256 colors in GIF is you superimpose multiple frames of 256-colors each onto each other to create "super-frames". A simple conversion tool probably won't be able to catch this since it can be done in many different ways, so it seems to me the method of converting one of these to an RGB PNG is that one will have to open the GIF up by frames manually, find the sets of frames that combine to form super-frames, dump those as discrete PNGs, and assemble them together as an APNG.




Although apparently GIMP cannot discriminate the static frames composing each super frame, if my understanding of how this works is even indeed correct.


What's the best photoviewer for apng, I know that there are plenty of add-ons for fire/waterfox that let you view them, but what about for windows?



I honestly have always just used a web browser. Not just for APNGs, but GIFs too. Standalone viewers are notorious for not playing at the proper frame rate.

File: 1412610611205.png (271.47 KB, 256x224, 8:7, yourbrainonpng.png)


APNG is the animated extension of the PNG image format.

It has many advantages over GIF that you may not be aware of.


-has far better compression than GIF due to not being locked down to a proprietary compression scheme

-is not limited to 256 colors (GIF technically isn't either, but file sizes explode because you lose compression past that)

-is not limited to ~50 frames per second due to calculating frame display times in 10 millisecond increments; APNG has vastly finer frame rate control

-has gradient levels of transparency rather than a binary on/off, allowing one to do some things that cannot be done easily in GIF, such as transition animations or blending colors between frames

Why use APNG instead of video formats like WebM?

APNG is especially good at traditional 2D animation.

WebM animates like most compressible video formats with heavy image compression over every frame and is able to achieve very small file sizes at the expense of visual fidelity. In contrast, like Animated GIF, APNG has the advantage of outright discarding visual information that doesn't change from one frame to another ("alpha compositing") while being a lossless format. Alpha compositing allows animated formats to typically achieve smaller file sizes than lossless video formats when dealing with limited colors and animation. APNG additionally outperforms WebM's lossless animation-supporting image format sibling, WebP.

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Could you show me how this is done?, i tried but failed miserably


File: 1446057439917-0.png (391.13 KB, 784x596, 196:149, framestoapng.png)

File: 1446057440120-1.png (2.73 MB, 320x224, 10:7, Gradius III lizard core.png)


Sure thing.



Thanks, nice tutorials btw.


bumping for apng!!!!!!!



File: f94c976a3dcb08e⋯.gif (106.24 KB, 160x128, 5:4, 1334155516238.gif)


Hi i've stumbled upon your board and it's supposed to be full of these funny moving images but they're not compatible with google chrome. Can you guys post .gifs please so everyone can enjoy them? They're really simple and easy to make here's an example


Chrome is adopting the APNG library actually, if they haven't already. In the mean time you should just use the browser extension to achieve the same end. .apngs are really useful, they can save loads of bandwidth and have more features than .gif.


Already implemented in Chrome, but it's currently in Beta channel. Almost everyone is running Chrome in Stable channel, they will see APNG in the next update, which I think is scheduled for May 31.



Why the fuck would you even use chrome anyway?



Maybe somebody is bullying you?

File: 1445976502462.png (3.69 MB, 450x260, 45:26, Krystal 4.png)


I'll show you how to get this old plugin running on GIMP 2.8 for Windows 7 x64.

First you need to get the required files:


The zip contains 2 files:



These files need to be copied in specific folders, the following paths assume you did a default installation of GIMP. If you didn't , it shouldn't be hard to locate them.


C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins


C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\32\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to this last path, notice this goes into the "32" folder, this is NOT the same folder were you copied the first file.

You will need to navigate to :

C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\32\lib\gimp\2.0

THEN CREATE the "plug-ins" folder

THEN PASTE file-apng.ui inside that folder.

Next we'll see how to use it to load and export APNG files inside GIMP.

we'll continue this later tonight

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Open in a separate tab to see it more clearly.



Of course my GIMP/GAP could just be really old. I did this on GIMP 2.7.3/GAP 2.6.0. Maybe they've provided better frame display time precision in newer versions.


goddamn i forgot how to do this and now had to came back and check my own tutorial, shame



What are you trying to do? I've kind of given up on GIMP at this point aside from mass editing frames. I don't use it too often.



I disassembled several webms i made with Apngasm, because somehow i lost the original files and was too lazy to search for them individually on the internet.

File: 6a7a71f4e4dafcd⋯.png (8.66 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-604-5wc.png)


Starting with game 1 in reverse order.

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File: b2914948aa9aa32⋯.png (8.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-304-3w-1.png)


File: 29b5d87fd53c14c⋯.png (2.75 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-304-3-2.png)


File: 287d75ab09affbf⋯.png (8.98 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1-304-3-1.png)


I am very apprehensive about allowing porn here because I view it as exactly what ended up killing 4chan's original /gif/ board. A long time ago people actually knew how to make good GIFs of their own, but then the board became overrun with porn by 2010 or so. People would stop by, masturbate, and then lose any interest in learning how to make quality animations. It became a lost artform.



just keep things contained to a few threads

File: 1455490428657.png (402.28 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, chrome-big.png)


It isn't working for me!

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Neat, did you do it with that piece of code from the WebKit library?



There is a Chromium patch, it's a similar to WebKit patch.


>that tiny gap on the left side where the red and green meet



File: 1459470658529.png (458.48 KB, 350x196, 25:14, magic.png)


I modified that script that animates agif thumbnails.

Click on options in the top right corner and paste this shit into your User JS.

$('document').ready(function () {

var animateGif = function () {

if ($(this).children('img.post-image').attr('src') != '/static/spoiler.png')

$(this).children('img.post-image').attr('src', $(this).attr('href'));



$(document).on('new_post', function (e, post) {




It should animate all of the apng thumbnails on this board.



Oh shit that was the gif edition.

Here's the png version.

$('document').ready(function () {

var animatePng = function () {

if ($(this).children('img.post-image').attr('src') != '/static/spoiler.png')

$(this).children('img.post-image').attr('src', $(this).attr('href'));



$(document).on('new_post', function (e, post) {





File: 1459539628832.png (47.95 KB, 404x416, 101:104, taylorkek.png)

Thanks anon, I'm sure someone will appreciate this.


File: 1442358454808.png (1.17 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1440125595247.png)


I would really like to know


File: 1442418784724.png (41.19 KB, 203x202, 203:202, poo.png)

There's not really much point to animate something like JPEG to be honest. If you're going to go with a lossy format you might as well just do a dedicated video format without audio.


File: 1442610125293.jpg (35.19 KB, 300x199, 300:199, fagggot.jpg)



File: 1442633375545.png (29.9 KB, 300x199, 300:199, faggot identified.png)


A GIF saved as a .jpg isn't really the same as an animated PNG anon.



yes its called mpeg

File: 1471559491046.png (3.73 MB, 512x410, 256:205, MEDIPACK.png)


Simple image with true transparency


Neat, is that from Tomb Raider?



Yes it is

File: 1469579546457.png (10.14 KB, 300x100, 3:1, sudo.png)


Hey /apng/,

I got McRonald to put an apng banner up on /sudo/.



I don't get it. Some nice relevant banners for this board would be great but I don't see what this has to do with APNG.



>I don't see what this has to do with APNG

There is now an apng banner on an important board.



Derp, just realized it was animated. Nice.


Maybe we can get some of our good friends on /ani/ to make us something already.

File: 1422856727312.jpg (93.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ultr.jpg)


APNG is only dead because chrome doesn't support it

How do we get the botnet to support apng?
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>using chrome

I don't understand.




Looks like it's actually in development now:



Looks like they've finally decided to go forward with putting APNG support into the botnet.


>Hi all,

>A quick update here: we've decided to moved forward with implementing APNG. We're looking for staffing now and should tentatively be able to start in Q4. Thanks for all of the information and motivation to get to this point! :)


File: 1466560654538.png (58.35 KB, 394x523, 394:523, yeee.png)


An apng crisis is presently occuring.

I've posted two apngs here today, and both of them mysteriously turned into un-animated pngs hours after I posted them.

See this pic right here? I posted it as an apng. The letters should be continuously changing color. Now if this happens like the other two happened, it should animate at first and then later on lose its animation. Let's see what happens.

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File: 1466595305174.png (28.69 KB, 200x200, 1:1, anim_colors.png)

Let me try…


I see the animation here >>451 but not here >>446



Yeah, same here. Must be something's wrong on OP side.



it worked for a while then it stops


works fine


OP used to be static and 23 kb, now it's animated and 58 kb.

File: 1451079148241.png (5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, wait_for_it_____xd_by_sale….png)



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File: 1453151177300.png (481.51 KB, 601x650, 601:650, ayylmao.png)

What do you guys think of this?


File: 1453168459876.png (596.12 KB, 141x141, 1:1, 8ch approved.png)


I like it!

Some of the text might be a bit small for scalability though. Ideally you would want to make a base template in the default 8ch thumbnail size.



There's no need for a readable thumbnail. If you're a chromefag and you click that image you're going to see the apng account message full sized.


Is it possible to make the apng logo not flash on screen when it loops, basically just not showing on the animation and only in the thumbnail

I tried adding 0/0 delay and it didn't seem to work


File: 1466125293786.png (388.15 KB, 366x464, 183:232, animated cast_opt.png)


Nvmnd i found how, skipping the first frame is a nice feature, as expected there is some increase on the file size

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