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>What is considered retro?

Anything that came out before the year 2000.

Other good boards:






The board has a new owner as of now.

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Choose one

If you don't choose Rei, you're brain WRONG

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SInce she's obviously the official maskot of /ar/, Lum thread!

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Since I also made a sci-fi thread, I might as well make one for fantasy as well. Some notable titles I've seen so far:

-Heroic Legend of Arslan

-Legend of Lemnear

-Lodoss-tou Senki (currently in the process of rewatching this)


-Princess Mononoke

Are you watching anything from this genre?

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The old era of anime mainly focused on the science-fiction genre so we'd need a thread on this I'd say, what are you watching?

I'm currently watching Irresponsible Captain Tylor for the first time and having a great time with it. I'm going to watch Nadesico soon after it as I've heard it's quite similar.

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How many have you seen?

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Visuals in retro anime

If you had to pick a single entry in all of pre-2000 anime (that you have seen yourself) that you'd say would be the best purely in terms of visuals, what would it be? While something like End of Evangelion or even Evangelion itself would be a common choice for its fluid animation and immersive surreality, I was personally very impressed by how both Patlabor films looked. The shots of the city were amazing to look at but I also really liked the realistic character designs and facial expressions. Akira would also be a good choice for the amount of work that went into its animation and for not having aged a bit in terms of how it looks, as opposed to most anime from the 80s.

I think the visual aspect of these works is what really stands out to me when it comes to retro anime as opposed to modern-day entries in the medium. In this decade, 2D animation has become more and more scarce and lots of studios are replacing it with CG for certain aspects of the animation like mecha sequences or anything with cars in it.

I guess this could also be a general sakuga (in retro anime) appreciation thread.

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Is this board officially dead? Is there just not enough interest in retro anime on this site? I liked the concept of this board personally.

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This board needs more Kimba

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Key the Metal Idol

A robot girl hears a final message from her grandfather, telling her that with the help of 30,000 friends, she can become human.

I just watched this. It wasn't what it seemed to be at first, and it was pretty great. A good trip in piecing together various puzzling details over the course of the series and seeing how close you got when you watch the final episodes. Key is a cutie.