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File: 4ed29c16626e3bd⋯.png (7.71 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, __deedlit_record_of_lodoss….png)


Since I also made a sci-fi thread, I might as well make one for fantasy as well. Some notable titles I've seen so far:

-Heroic Legend of Arslan

-Legend of Lemnear

-Lodoss-tou Senki (currently in the process of rewatching this)


-Princess Mononoke

Are you watching anything from this genre?


I have seen Lodoss.

People say that one was really influential on later fantasy anime—what are examples of such influences?



I can't think of any, especially because there aren't even that many fantasy adventure anime that aren't parodies of sorts. Maybe Berserk? But I don't think Lodoss is very different from pretty much every clasisc RPG narrative-wise.



>I don't think Lodoss is very different from pretty much every clasisc RPG narrative-wise

It's literally an adaptation of a serialization of actual D&D campaign transcripts, so that would be why.


Deedlit was very popular back then and is basically the prototype of elf characters in most Jap fantasy settings afterwards. Most else is probably coincidence since it shares some of the same influences as later Jap fantasy settings.


File: b4cc5d98f7a9304⋯.png (652.64 KB, 571x522, 571:522, slayers.PNG)

Just finished the first season of slayers. It was fun but I don't think it's geared towards my demographic. Good theme song though.


-Ruin Explorers…

-Would Rayearth count as Fantasy?

-I remember one named "Fortune quest", about a ragtag team of rpg characters with weird jobs/skills. think it was more like a parody. There were OVAs and later a 26 episode show.

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