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File: 44b18b2d39997cf⋯.jpg (262.32 KB, 950x1023, 950:1023, __amano_kazumi_jung_freud_….jpg)


Is this board officially dead? Is there just not enough interest in retro anime on this site? I liked the concept of this board personally.



I check here every once in a while, I like retro anime but I'm not really well-versed on the topic. Maybe advertising on /animu/ would bring a few folks over.


File: deeed34c4a8fb50⋯.jpg (994.64 KB, 1631x2870, 233:410, 20th century anime.jpg)


I'm pretty sure someone already did that in the meta thread.

>but I'm not really well-versed on the topic

Well, you can fix that by watching more retro anime. Do you need any recommendations?


What did you expect? Even the most active board on this website is still slower than the least active board on halfchan, so obviously a niche board like this one is bound to not survive. I have seen some "pre-2000s" threads on half/a/. Someone who isn't banned there should go shill this place on those threads.



Seeing as desuchanners only come here to shitpost I'd recommend against that. I'm not sure why you'd bring up that shithole in the first place.




I meant c.u.c.k.


OP here, I have decided to claim the board, the old owner had probably lost interest due to the lack of activity. I'm going to participate in the attention-hungry games on /sudo/ and maybe that will make more anons aware of this place.



Cool. Hopefully this place gets a bit more traffic.



Me too but I think it would help if people were actually making threads and discussing anime so there'd be a reason for others to come here.


File: 1ae602ddd13f16d⋯.gif (30.53 KB, 510x700, 51:70, lainredacted.gif)



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