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welcome, fellow aristocrats of the soul!

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So what the fuck is Nick Land's deal? He goes from accelerationist-ultra cuckunist, to the "founder" of the dark enlightenment? Is all this just his plan to push capitalism to its own demise? Did something happen to his ideals? Or is there a connection I'm not seeing?

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We're bringing it back lads

Should we stick with this board or a new one?

Potential topics:

Jim vs Social matter

Is moldbug redpilled on cuckolding

Just wtf is Land's deal

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Remember, Israel is white civilization, goyim!

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Trump Alienates Sperg Lords

No NRx votes for him….

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Why haven't you gassed the kikes yet, /aristoi/? Gassing the kikes is NRx.

"Gas the kikes, race war now" - Mencius Moldbug

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Seventh Son (TRS) Revealed

Seventh Son from TRS (The Right Stuff) revealed himself on a stream.


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This is a thread for esoteric political theory with respect to the Jewish question ("the JQ").

Esoteric political theorists only. No Twitter followers or other hangers-on allowed.

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Jim watches inter-racial porn


>Most of this stuff is pretty icky. A majority of this material is interracial porn, with the white insert character (the character the female viewer is intended to identify with) being brutally abused by several black men. A large plurality of the material is cuckold porn. The insert character treats her husband with utter contempt, and then gets banged in front of him by several thugs and pimps.

>Where there is enough story line to identify the class, personality, and motives, of the characters (and there frequently is not enough story line for that) the males that the female viewer is intended to fantasize having sex are, in the majority of identifiable cases, low IQ thuggish scum, and thoroughly nasty and unpleasant people.

>Only a small minority of the sex in these videos is actual rape, but most of the sexy is pretty rapey, being degrading and coercive. The male characters just stick it in without waiting for indications of consent. The females seldom object very strongly.

>In the majority of cases, where there is any story line at all, the old patriarchy is represented as impotent, powerless, and afraid in the face of the you-go-girl empowered slut insert character. However the you-go-girl empowered slut is promptly disempowered, degraded, and humiliated in a spectacularly politically incorrect fashion by thug males. Husband is impotent, but thugs rule.

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RIP Mike Anissimov, killed by anime poisoning

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Mike Anissimov Meltdown!

Mike is in full meltdown mode as we speak. This may be his biggest meltdown yet!

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Monarchy or fascism


I say Monarchy

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Is infecting mainstream writers a viable strategy with which NRx can spread among the cognitive elite?

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Jerking off to anime can be cured by boosting testosterone


>As I grew older my testosterone levels gradually fell, and my estrogen levels gradually rose. I found myself taking a gradually increasing interest in anime girls. Then I had medically prescribed correction of my hormone levels, and after several months with normalized hormone levels, anime girls started to look excessively cartoonish, while real girls looked way hot again.

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Nydwracu fell off a blimp

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>tfw no gf

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NRx cuck pics: Make em!

We need pics featuring Anissimov, Spencer, Aurini, Tunney, and more! Also, make them have an interracial, sensual element. Okay, get to work guys!

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NRx: This Could Be Your Daughter

White women just can't get their hands off black bucks. Your very own daughter may betray you and your race, and bed one of these brutes. Just imagine the primordial negroid goop dripping down your little girl's pale face, and seeping into her blue eyes. And she'll come home looking for daddy's money, just so she could get satisfied by that big, black, musty meatstick. As white men, what should we do about this? Garrison, where are you?

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Why does Michael Anissimov support white genocide?