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Listen here, baby boy, these here are the rules. If you see anybody violating them, report them. It helps me out a lot.

Threads or posts containing the following will be deleted and may include a ban:
• Spam
• Pornography
• Blatant shitposting
• ALL "dox" discussion (even speculation or fakes)
• Inciting e-drama

Stop the drama, it's been picking up recently. You will be banned for it.

The subject of this board is the discussion of Ashley's videos, off-topic threads will be pruned as necessary.

Also, newfriends, please lurk more and use the catalog before asking, "Who is Ashley?"
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File: b96f4a82a175bd4⋯.gif (92.41 KB, 496x495, 496:495, kdsA4o9 .GIF)


How old is Ashley? I recall something about business college. Haven't been keeping up with the latest info.

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why are you trolling with disinfo like some secret agent? fucking liar troll on a dead board


File: 1ea807f9565827b⋯.png (942.2 KB, 529x761, 529:761, 1494782440141.png)


You're pretty fucking dumb if you think I'm trolling. I don't have anything to prove on an anonymous image board. I'm only revealing more info about her to curious cucks. I'm not going to release any details about her personal life to some random nigger on /ashleyj/. You need to watch her videos again. She even tells you she lives near a specific conservatory, there was even a pic of the place shared on this very board. She's wearing her local sports team shirt in one of her videos and even said it's the only sport she likes. The pic of her family has two friends or relatives wearing shirts from a local organization and college. Even the event they are at can be looked up as that organization keeps public records. Someone even shared a pic that was supposedly shared from Ashley on this board of the Dairy Queen she goes to. You just have to go through all the Dairy Queens on Google Earth in her state to match them. On top of all the other things that are not so obvious that I'm not going to share with you, I'm the only anon who's ever seen Ashley in public confirming a visual. Why do you even need her info? Fuck off back to /r9k/ with your ad hominem.



Newfags beware, Laughing Boy is literally insane


File: 1288797ee9da9a1⋯.png (960.71 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2017-05-22-12h54m1….png)

I like Ashley to death but take whatever she says with a grain of salt. Her ambiguities are full of ambiguities.

One thing is definite though, in one vid she's playing the guitar as a righty and in another vid she's playing as a lefty. Just an observation; that and a buck will get you a cup of coffee(not Starbucks)


File: 552e976c3fbcd4f⋯.png (128.49 KB, 320x258, 160:129, vlcsnap-2017-05-22-12h59m3….png)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why are we still here?

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prob depends how much she's gone out to meet new people since 2015 (job, college etc)

without actually talking to Ashley and falling for those mannerisms of hers it would purely be physical like 'wow that's a cute girl over there'


I envy the guys who only found her after she left. it means they never got caught in the web of false hope that she might like them any more than the other 500 people messaging her



>Yeah, if you had the nerve to talk to her. I bet most chads overlook her mistaking her for being underage and cucks prefer to keep their distance preferring to crush on women from afar as usual. I think she is or was looking for a job because of her parents finally getting tired of her being NEET which seems likely. She probably has to contribute to their overall expenses. The cost of living where she lives is pretty expensive and seems to be on the rise. I bet Ashley is dying for someone to actually talk to her.



shit, didn't mean to greentext this.



yea I don't envy her father's task of using his fry-cook wage to cover Colorado living expenses for himself, his NEET daughter and her younger brother who's still in high school. ofc that's assuming Ashley doesn't just live with her mother, mother's husband and her 2 half-sisters now

either way Ashley will be making friends through work sooner or later. that means the closest IRL orbiters and even a chad or 2 will be her co-workers in some retail joint, ruh-roh



What is hilarious is they live within walking distance of one another. I'm sure Ashley can stay wherever she wants when she feels like it. Probably why she has two current addresses on record?

File: de79e2f8a4a2595⋯.png (8.68 KB, 362x358, 181:179, 1491076425207.png)


Is she happy? That would make me happy, if she's happy. If she's not happy, that would give me a loose butthole sad. Maybe we could have a widget-thing that lets us know how she's feeling each day. This way she can sort of communicate but not feel threatened.

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ok I get that there's at least a 50% chance she hasn't been with an IRL bf yet, a decent sized minority of early 20s girls are still virgins these days and Ashley fits the type.

but you know she just literally talks to a guy and has a potential boyfriend in him. did she not have at least one or 2 guys wrapped around her little finger when we all found her? (the whole Luke bf drama)

the point stands that she has life far better and easier than we do, that she doesnt actually know about or care about anyone here, and that she's drowning in sexual options in the current marketplace


File: ed6d2ff129736f9⋯.jpg (133.73 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1495380751591.jpg)


Ever considered that your life is the consequence of your actions?



pics of a 4/10 man with a 4.5/10 woman don't prove that Ashley gives a damn about anyone here



If he's a 4/10 I'm a fucking 11/10.



Go get your own Ashley, this one is mine.

File: 4f2f529de27fe4f⋯.jpg (63.05 KB, 1024x831, 1024:831, 1495185913002m.jpg)



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Ha ha she posted that making fun of people oogling over her legs and feet - but it clearly backfired and became the most fapped to Ashley picture in history


File: cea889c211aee26⋯.jpg (126.35 KB, 584x768, 73:96, 1494115139936.jpg)

>fapping to ashley




File: a775fec9d44c997⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 640x856, 80:107, 030840284.jpg)


>the most fapped to Ashley picture in history

mabye when it first came out, but i would bet that the prone-top-down pics she took where she sometimes includes some boobage with her thighs get fapped to the most


File: 1dc1697023fd13f⋯.jpg (93.53 KB, 589x1050, 589:1050, 1431237215042.jpg)

File: eb4514bfdf22f9d⋯.webm (5.69 MB, 480x360, 4:3, You remember. During the ….webm)


What would you guys say to Ashley if you could have one more conversation with her on Google Hangouts?



Blue was the best boyband in modern history


File: e6db1efcd389987⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 500x687, 500:687, ..jpg)

Thanks for the memories, thanks for the laughs and if there is something in particular you're looking for out of life, I hope you find it.


Don't marry Laughing_Boy.




File: c20c0fbcf656e35⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 400x470, 40:47, 1494140641226.jpg)


>meet short haired qt

>instantly fall in love

this place ruined me

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She took it to the next level though. The pops where cleverly arranged and funny.She even popped her boobs once. Sam only popped once then beat his girlfriend.



Sam popped Marky's butt cherry and Marky has yet to deny this. That is all.



>implying Marky wants to marry online beta-orbiters who dream of pixie "virgins"

nigga Marky has experienced 1 or more literal 6'4 Chad Thundercocks, one of them was even famous

she's the definition of alpha-widowed and there's no way she can look upon sad regular guys and not feel disgust now


since Marky was only 16 when it happened it's likely Sam was first to take all 3 of her holes



Too loose butthole 16 is legal in Rhode Island.


File: a6084f9cb34236f⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 250x250, 1:1, tWUo1tO.jpg)

File: 6a38fd13264cb27⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 564x752, 3:4, 1c7fabb883cf8606efb7c85a3e….jpg)


anyone else here have a weird thing for noses? Nasophilia?

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File: 617138b83912829⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 2384284.JPG)




Ur the fag choosing to stay here



and you are the one who give the feedback… thank you btw


File: 4f9bdc40456161a⋯.jpg (133.76 KB, 660x960, 11:16, 1450334000941-0.jpg)



>I've had little to no motivation for the last 2 years

>i've jsut been working part time just enough to sustain myself and playing videogames

this tbh senpai. it's taken me this long just to (mostly) get over pining for a camgirl to whom I don't even exist

there needs to be a name for this affliction, where you don't care about improving because you still won't have her… Ashley Induced Deficiency Syndrome or something like that



>there needs to be a name for this affliction, where you don't care about improving because you still won't have her

There is, it's called being a nigger.

File: 2f24cca48680890⋯.jpg (66.33 KB, 645x773, 645:773, IMG_0877.JPG)


>tfw you have a 8.5/10 pp she made just for you

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Oh yeah as soon as she started doing the green screen vids the hate was incredible the comments were like 90% hatred. That's most likely the plausible reason for her leave. The people she actually talked to regularly most likely never come here because why? They probably still talk to her they have no reason to come here.



I liked the green screen videos.



Three cords and the truth, that's all there is to it.


>found Ashley Nov 2014

>G+ messaged to her a few times each week

>not a single PP in all those months

god damnit. coming here just reminds me that I'm the cuck of cucks. it's like being the king of kings only the opposite, loose butthole version

there aren't even any new pics posted fuck this place


File: a2d65c810adf569⋯.jpg (108 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 04_2017.jpg)


>there aren't even any new pics posted

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


so what are you guys who still linger here listening to?

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


if we're gonna get serious with music I know alan the lead singer


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

also sloan. some real shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know Hootie.

File: 1c7153f18567ea7⋯.png (28.51 KB, 335x139, 335:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks guys you suck at doxing

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You suck at getting over girls who wont fuck you


File: a7aa429ef791d25⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 638x684, 319:342, a7aa429ef791d2520236dd6c0….webm)





I stand by my original statement



I have no idea what this means.


>subbing to an archive


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New Ashley bideo!

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I find her boring too. Watching her is like watching paint dry. I watched a few of her early vids and she eats, talks about her autism and that she's gay and introduced her lesbian girlfriend. Who cares.



I don't think Ashley could be underwhelming no matter what she does even eating a bowl of cereal as one poster said. No matter what she does, she just draws you in and peaks your interest. A rare quality


Ya watching anyone else after Ashley is like driving 30mph after you've gone 100.


File: 1dff975355bf763⋯.gif (5.05 MB, 960x408, 40:17, ff1.0.gif)


Spot on metaphor


File: 3a3691b2e1e262b⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 1280x783, 1280:783, Vesaro-195-r1_12801.jpg)



It's tight butthole to know I'm not the only one who watches her videos that way.

File: aa241ec0de29edd⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2017-05-16-120657.jpg)


Hi. My name's Steve. Can this board be about me now?


File: d757a72e9509fa3⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2017-05-16-120705.jpg)


File: 2eec970251123ab⋯.jpg (37.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2017-05-16-120638.jpg)


File: 06bbdd637039215⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2017-05-16-120650.jpg)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




File: b43c3cb88ca5a97⋯.png (628.92 KB, 553x1000, 553:1000, 14700074263512.png)


File: 7be235f3f126096⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 35:37, 1043.gif)

File: 5b7d023550710d0⋯.jpg (14.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, mpi-move-past-it.jpg)


> I woke up in my neighbor's bed with a headwound, yesterday's paper and an empty bottle of sleeping pills. And my nightmare in that putrid shithole of a board /ashleyj/ finally mercifully came to an end. The users all deserve to rot in jail, though having to spend every day with each other on that vile site is a decidedly tight buttholeer punishment. That is why I decided to not to press charges. Leaving them to live in the hell on earth that they've created for themselves for the rest of their pathetic and miserable lives.



File: 34e32ac19f97e76⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 500x268, 125:67, giphyhuh.gif)

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