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"This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on." - Oswald Spengler


Hello please read the board pages to understand what this board is about. It is essentially my personal board and a place for anyone to ask me, ☻, questions. This particular thread is mostly for dumping links and stuff you want me to have longer (other threads can 404 more easily).

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how do you do cool css like on /fringe/, /edgy/ and /looshfront/

where did you ever learn to do cool css

i want to learn from you


Why do you keep asking these same questions over amd over?

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You hyped for the inauguration ceremony today?


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Go up fam


Were you ever *really* fucking drunk in ur life, like so fucking drunk you lost half your belongings and woke up in your own vomit at some random place the next day?



Fucking 4cuck jannitards keep deleting my posts claiming they're "off-topic" on the warning page even when they're very clearly not lel, they're so autistic they even stalk my posts and do this hours after the fact

Just today when i came on again i was greeted by a warning page from fucking 24 hours ago with a completely innocuous and on-topic oneliner post on /tv/ being cited as the reason lel

Fucking buttblasted (((SJW jannitard))) spergs fuccing seriously

When was the last time you got banned unjustly

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I really can't get over how beautiful she is

Like it actually physically hurts just looking at her, knowing i will never meet this semi-divine, perfect rendition of the human third density female form

God why is everything so shit


She sounds like Petunia Cat Girl!


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Ok and wats by far the most beautiful woman you ever saw


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Exercise trance is really fun.



tfw 4 hours of running, cycling, calisthenics, etc. leaves me able to smell everything that I can't normally smell, senses all better, circulation all better, etc.



Happy belated birthday dude. I know you hate your birthday but I wanted to give you some well wishes.


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wats ur opinion on dis



Only taken one minute to look at it. I have seen SO MANY sites just like that one, which try to withhold information, and which present themselves in that way... and they're all shit. I've always investigated because I had the time but now I don't, so I'm not going to dig in there any further, I don't have time to go through another shit site like that and find out the 100 different ways the author is a retard.




wtf does that mean?



>cant upload images

Why u do this


You can post images on the other board >>>/looshfront/


Hey FoKy is there anything you might want from me?

Thinking of giving passwords to all my accounts to maybe Chansey for safekeeping.

I've got lots of PDFs, endless notes, tons of memes, and more stuff.

I also got myself a 256 GB thumbdrive and I'm probably going to put everything on there too.

I am 24 and I'm still alone, /4chon/ just wants me to die, and I feel I need sorry AFK


when r u going to play wow with us




realm: anathema (formerly known as nostalrius)


Back. Anyways I want to make sure I am not having any second thoughts about stuff because I have things still left to do or give away. Gonna do probably option 5 in that one poal, which is extremely fucking risky, as it causes you to be forever dreaming while awake.



did u jus fap to eris



No I didn't. I got my thumbstick price matched and got $20 back.

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Wat u think bout dis


Now it goes up

Jesus that's some cringey shit i'll put it on my kino backlog for now heh


He's probably just going to bait endless pakis with this shit. Might as well call himself the paki hunter, lmao.


>triggered twitter-using soccer mom that used to take anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs switches to microdosing on LSD


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tfw the masculine qualities of Nordic women are why they are superior to other sorts of women and especially Jewish women

tfw they have feminine grace

tfw they are nothing however without their men to keep them on the right path


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Just finished watching that. What was the point of that vid exactly? All it shows is women fall easily for stupid cognitive dissonance inducing marxist memes.



Now that I think about it for a while, this makes a lot of sense. I want to go deeper.

I feel like feminine energy has been fucking my shit up for a while 2bh.


These feels are why I am NatSoc tbh.


Is martial law still in effect on here? Also did things calm down or are the kikes still sending you pizzas all the time



I teamed up with some competent meme magicians and launched a counter-offensive.

Not much more can be said. Sorry I am being vague. This thread should probably be deleted, less it stir up further issues. I could say much more in detail but privately.

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