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Get well soon, Ken!
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"This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on." - Oswald Spengler


Hello please read the board pages to understand what this board is about. It is essentially my personal board and a place for anyone to ask me, ☻, questions. This particular thread is mostly for dumping links and stuff you want me to have longer (other threads can 404 more easily).

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I'll give you a hug.


Update: I can't procure the emotions needed to evoke Curechan. While I can easily contact Ebola Chan, I absolutely can't tune into Cure Chan. I am too deprived of any love or positive emotions needed to spark a Curechan evocation.

Need to return one book to a guy and get a few things in order then I'm going to finish exactly what https://8ch.net/fringe/suicide.html (vaguely) refers to. I will either die, enter a permanent nightmare/hell scenario, not have enough power to get the ritual started and have to try again another time, or succeed and be a completely changed man. I am putting my very soul upon the altar, it shall be judged fully as by an angel. My mind must then remain undivided and my desire be singularly focused and all-consuming to guarantee my success. I shall think of and attend to absolutely nothing else then and submit myself fully to the archetype. I shall think nothing of anything but the task at hand and I have been purifying myself through rigorous exercise and thought-control in the last few weeks for this. I may disappear from the Internet for a long time or I may be back with great news very soon. When I am ready to actually start this, I will post perhaps a new locked and stickied thread, or I might not as I may not want to think about imageboards at all as the requirements of the ritual are such that absolutely nothing exists outside of the focus of the ritual. My mind must be completely clean and silent and only the objective and the thoughts that originate from that objective shall begin to occupy and fill my mind. I have to be reborn, as a new man with little or no memories, and a greatly altered personality; then so be it. I shall desire the one thing only, more than my life, more than anything I could ever attach myself to.

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Can you please explain this suicide hotline meme?


You should make a sticky explaining that there are impostors of yours running around and to contact you through email.


[redacted] was only a friend on the steam account hanz had. Occasionally he would pop in and tell her stuff with criticism towards her looks, that he was making a thread or small stuff. Things like, asking her cup size.. telling her that she had no tits, big vagina jokes;implying that she was a whore and loose, talking about his perfect ideal female,talked about an heroing, telling her more about how her figure sucked,asked her to move in... changed his mind,his favorite video game;mass effect,going to the doctor to get shots and bike riding. Last thing he told her on steam was that she was fat and ugly. This all happened years ago btw. He never actually had a conversation with her ever.


They were friends on Skype for a couple minutes until he pretty much told her to stfu. lol


Everything was through text btw. He literally never talked to her.. hardly through text and never did any skype calls/voice chats.


Why are my eyes itchy as fuck already it's now even spring yet? Also what are some greenpilled cures for hay fever


*when it's not even



What are by far the best and most powerful magic spells


Why is this even a thing that is allowed? Insurance never ever fucking pays out, they always find excuses not to pay out, and the people who run insurance companies are literally filthy rich even though they provide any kind of product. All they fucking do is have people pay LOTS of money to them like some ponzi scheme and then they promise to MAYBE give some of it back if something goes wrong but they always find some excuse not to. Usually they are like "well you broke it, it was your own stupidity, it wasn't a manufacturing defect" or "holy shit an entire city was just wiped out by katrina, nothing even exists there anymore and everyone is dead". Insurance is such bullshit. Insurance should just be abolished and only some basic programs provided by the government should be there like FEMA for resettling people after a disaster and what not. Hey, if we can give free housing and dental and everything-fucking-else to a bunch of fucking rapefugees, why can't we do that for our own people when there's an issue? I hate the insurance jew.


because medicine as a whole has been taken over by jews and jews practice usury. medical usury = blood libel


Yes me too


I noticed a long time ago that the tripspergs always seem to flock to the board in droves. Like as soon as one of them comes online/appears/makes a post the other immediately follows. It's like they're in a herd or something. They did this back on /new/ all the time aswell. What they mean wit dat


Grand wizard when will u do an autosomal DNA test such as 23andme or ftdna heh


Is every post wordfiltered to Retardese or is everybody posting like retards?

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I could have lived a quiet little life in my town. Working in a tolerable dungeon, slowly building up my hand strength. Devoting myself to my hobby. Finding pleasure in things outside of not spanking ass.

But nooo, none of that was good enough for me. If I was going to be a Slapper, it had to be justified. I couldn't just be different from Normies, I had to be superior. Yes, I'm weak now, but its just because I'm the Chosen Slapper. I'm destined for great things. I will be a Warrior in a Great Battle. I took an impossible burden on my weak shoulders and now I've ended up crushed.

Yes, HURT is the answer to everything. But here I'm I havent Hurt myself yet. And if I could delay for 10 years I could delay for 40 years. There didn't have to be some great meaning. If not spanking ass was no more intolerable than not hurting butts, I could have endured it. Then come home to my hobby. Its a tolerable ok life. And thats all I have the right to expect from this universe. Minimize the disutility of work, such all the little Wizard pleasure you can get from the utility of butthurt. I fucked it all up. It didn't have to be this bad.


GAhgham,,m,,, THAs HEcKgin Fumyn,,


She is a fat ugly bitch! So is so fucking old and is aging like milk! She is an actual retard! Smiley doged a bullet!



DO you have a spanking fetish? DO you like being spanked?



Who is this even addressed to?


Are you concerned that u will turn uglier as you get older even tho men generally age like fine wine


*compared 2 wimmins



Smiley isn't ugly. Shut your whore mouth!



Kys i dident say he was


No. At least my acne will go away. The younger I am the uglier I am. I will turn into a based old wizard hopefully with a proper beard.


How does it feel to be this BTFO?




Bump for truth.





Grand wizard wasn't BTFO. Shut your whore mouth KIKE


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le new flag



Now up




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