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"This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us; to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves; to act in such a way that some part of us lives on." - Oswald Spengler


Hello please read the board pages to understand what this board is about. It is essentially my personal board and a place for anyone to ask me, ☻, questions. This particular thread is mostly for dumping links and stuff you want me to have longer (other threads can 404 more easily).

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. ▂▃▅▅▅▃▂     ▲◢◤▀◥◣▃ ▍◢◤

       ▂▅▓▓▅██████▇▅◢██▀   〓 ★ 〓

      ◢▓▓▅███■▀████▓▓█◤    ◢◤ ▍◥◣

    ◢▓▓▆███▀▐ ▊▀▓▀█▓  ▓▲

   ◢▓▓▆██▀ ▼▍▍▲▌▐▓◥█▓▓█◣

 ▃ ▓▆███▓ ▍▎▌▍▍▼▍▌▓ █████▅

▐█▓█████▃▼▌▐ ▐ ▌▍▼ ◢█████▓█◣

█▊■██████◣▓ ▌▍▲◥◤ ▅██████▓█▊

◥■ ████████▅▼▀▃▆███████▓▓▼


███▓▓▀██■▀     ▀■▓▓█▓▓▓▓███

▐██◣▓▓■▀   ▍▎     ▀■▓▓▓▓█■▀

 ▀■◢▅▂▅▃ ▐ ▍ ▃▅▂▃▅ ▼◢▓██◤

    ▌ ▀█■▆▓▓▇■█■▀  ▲█▀

    ▲▀▓◣▀ ◢▍ ▐◣▀ ◢〓◤ ◢■▀

    ◢▓█◣ ◥〓▌ ▐◥〓◤  ▃▓◢▉

  ▐▓█▓◣  ◢▍  ▂◣   ◢▓███▋

   ███▓▓ ▐◣▃▅█▅  ▃▓████

   ▼██▆▇█▅ ▀██▅▓▓▓████

   ▀███■▀   ◥▌▀■▇█■▀





tfw would-be suicide pact partner from Craigslist keeps putting things off and also has stopped mailing me back now for awhile

Don't know if they're just busy or what.

Really comfy with dying, don't care about my life and body anymore, it's an unsalvageable wreck.

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I know Kenneth well enough that he doesn't have the patience for Stroustrup's exhaustive 1000+ page book. I'm getting him to skim through Overland's shorter book so he'll know enough to work with SDL and make fun little projects as soon as possible, not to become a computer scientist or get hired at Microsoft. Literally the only C++ feature anyone really uses with SDL is classes anyway, a programming style colloquially known as "C with classes." He might opt for using vectors or lists instead of arrays in some cases, but that's pretty much it.

>He has a more advanced book called The C++ Programming Language that I haven't finished and therefore cannot comment on.

The C++ Programming Language is just a reference book. It's not meant to be read from front to back. Personally I found little use in the book since it's quicker and easier for me to just google things I don't understand.


learn C++ in 21 days is superior


teach yourself c++ in 21 days i mean




Nvm fuck that book, code's full of errors, read Lazy Foo's SDL tutorial first in >>4790


Made some CSS for the Lazy Foo tutorial pages to make it easier to read and less ugly. See http://endchan.net/css/res/4.html on how to paste it in your firefox current page style editor

body {
color: black;

h1, h6 {color:black;}

div.tutPreface {
background-color: #E9E9E9;
font-family: Arial;
padding: 6px;

div.tutCode {
background-color: #E9E9E9;
border-color: #E9E9E9;
color: black;

div.tutText {
background-color: white;
border-color: white;
font-family: Arial;
padding: 6px;

div.tutFooter {
font-family: Arial;

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



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>LED Corn Cob Bulb 28 Watt E26 Base (80W Equiv) 3080 Lumens by LumeGen

https://www.amazon.com/Corn-Bulb-Equiv-Lumens-LumeGen/dp/B01MRUK13D/ ($19.20 & FREE Shipping)


>SODIAL(R) 60 5630 SMD LED Corn Bulb Light Lamp E27 2400Lm 360¡ã 15W 110V 6500-7000K White Energy-Efficient

https://www.amazon.ca/SODIAL-Light-2400Lm-6500-7000K-Energy-Efficient/dp/B0186P76RU/ (CDN$ 4.98 FREE SHIPPING.)


>Sonline E27 30W 5630 SMD LED Energy Saving Corn Light Bulb White Lamp 110V New

https://www.amazon.ca/Sonline-Energy-Saving-Light-White/dp/B00YWKUO0K/ (CDN$ 9.74 FREE SHIPPING.)

>LED Corn Cob Bulb 28 Watt E26 Base (80W Equiv) 3080 Lumens by LumeGen

https://www.amazon.com/Corn-Bulb-Equiv-Lumens-LumeGen/dp/B01MRUK13D/ ($19.20 & FREE Shipping)

>SODIAL(R) 60 5630 SMD LED Corn Bulb Light Lamp E27 2400Lm 360¡ã 15W 110V 6500-7000K White Energy-Efficient

https://www.amazon.ca/SODIAL-Light-2400Lm-6500-7000K-Energy-Efficient/dp/B0186P76RU/ (CDN$ 4.98 FREE SHIPPING.)


Most computer parts have some form of RGB diode in them these days, it's the newest fad


I ended up buying two 38 watt corncob LEDs from Home Depot and just getting them pricematched with Amazon.com











YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gilbert and the doors C/SDL1.2 video and source code


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My first 2d game (C++/SDL2) video and source code


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Super Mario Bros C++/SDL2 Game video and source code


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My first C++ & SDL2 game (Insanikaze) video and source code


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bricks Game using C++ SDL2 video and source code


smiley when will you get /fringe/ back and will you ban the larpers when you do?

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>I barely can even manage to login to this board (which is my only board I have left) and to get onto imageboards at all.

It's the end of an era.



the kali yuga is ending bucko



It's just spring. I have to get all my gardening stuff done now. Once summer comes I'll have more time.



Will do. Right now busy af but later it's a high priority.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Why don't you have a boyfriend, dwarf?

Oh, shit. Wait. I know. It's because you're a wreck, both mentally and physically, and emotionally stunted. You think you're smarter and more intelligent than everyone around you, and therefore rationalize your own lack of success as a laughably absurd conspiracy theory wherein the world has passed you over because you're somehow too edgy for the mainstream masses to understand.

Or maybe you just tell yourself and others that you "don't give a shit" in a desperate attempt to make it hurt less when you see yourself getting older, fatter, and more out of touch while those you look down on are adapting to suit the needs of the world, and learning their limitations while you childishly deny your own.

Perhaps you have taken to telling yourself that men are only interested in "Alpha Stacies", those that reside at the top of a scale that only you adhere to, and it is THIS rigid table of identity that is holding you back, and allowing society to pigeonhole you. Perhaps you tell yourself that people don't share your very narrow range of hobbies and interests aren't (or wouldn't be) interested in you, and therefore do not even try to engage them. In actuality these are all mechanisms that allow you to blame your own failings on everyone around you, and project your own narrow minded perceptions onto society as a whole.

You instead choose the easy option of sitting at your computer all day, shielded by the anonymity of the internet, screaming abuse and nitpicking about the goals and achievements of your betters while arguing the tiniest deviation in the interests of your peers from your own with a startling lack of understanding and empathy. They are the only other people on Earth that you can relate to, and you hate them because they like slightly different things.

Oh yeah. That's why you don't have a boyfriend. I forgot, for a moment.

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Face the facts, NIGGERS, your race are a failed race because you're a feckless, unruly, uncivilized horde of feral proto-humans. You never figured out how to live in a society bigger than one or two squabbling families. Abstract thought and problem- solving have never been the black man's strengths, have they? Did they invent a long-lived and intellectually coherent religion? Nope. Did they ever build a city? Nope. Did they even invent bricks? The reason there's no Stonehenge in Africa is because it took more than 20 people to move the slabs of rock - clearly a non-starter in Africa, where assembling more than 20 niggers normally results in a war. heh



This expression indicates a NEETurkpermavirgin's confusion and lack of understanding.

When confronted with quality content which the retard can not understand or respond to in a non-toxic, non-condescending manner, the brainless sissy manlet NEETurkpermavirgin mumbles, "Muh Niece" or "Muh Niece muthafucka".

This is usually followed by ad hom shitposting aswell as spamming homosexual propaganda and trying to distract from the fact that he himself still remains an unfuckable fugly non-white shitskin turkroach permavirgin loser sperg with no future (let alone the slimmest chance of ever procreating with another woman) and who will never have children or create a family of his own.


what's going on here dr pavel i'm cia i'm a big guy for you what did he mean by this just fuck my shit up little white dicks big black cocks interracial breeding grounds flicks movies films cinéma absolute kinography who will play him in the inevitable biopic it ain't me starts playing literally redit: the movie hol up you saying we some kinda su side skwad mom's gonna freak i didn't go to film school i went to films oh it shows quentin a real human bean and a real hero classic paul dano dude weed lmao dumb frogposter well hello beautiful the rest of y'all know when i durn to yah theater showers no singles policy crabs legs chili and sea bass luke did i ever tell you about sheev he was a good friend was he autistic or just a cuck stop my invincible son robert downhere junior why was satan in star wars my hands are a little dirty i bet he enjoys the films of wes anderson a nigger cuck somebody once told me so why did marv turn into a skeleton so did he really kill all those people you just know imagine being arnold is this outfit age appropriate what does /tv/ think about her body of work the war was lost you can have any beer you want as long as it's mexican pisswater itt: actors you could take in a fight why didn't they just fly the eagles into mordor still posting this old hag my kid coulda got killed is there anything she can't do garlic bread somebody get this hothead outta here bin al'flek clean western toilets it's 2015 people the biggest one anyone's done since the silent era it's like poetry it rhymes dan "the man" schneider he can't keep getting away with this bebe jews are responsible for all the wars in the world now this is podracing she's a slut help me tony jonah hill's next big roll say that again i'm going on an unexpected journey mediocre no more dead cops three stinking days may i have the password n tipping watersports paul blart 20 good men fucking retard let's see paul allen's dubs desu senpai what did he mean by this





Take the Heh Pill.

>has been severely traumatized and then desensitized to everything

>has learned every argument for and against anything

>carefully listens to dissenting or novel viewpoints

>observes the spectacle

>has watched every gondola vid and identified himself with the gondola

>isn't shocked or disturbed by anything, thinks very little of himself or anyone else

>could function in any society or circumstances, indifferent to any apparent suffering

>perfectly calm, knows to trust in God and let his life run its course

>simply thinks "heh" after reading or witnessing anything

>has found the meaning of life in "heh"

>probably has attained a level of pseudo-omniscience, knows everything, heh

>can sum up everything with "heh"



is smiley ded?

(Why Do You Care?)


no, hes still actively posting on fringe and 4chon



No he just got back from the astral (was remote viewing North Korea).


because I liek shitpostan with you laddo



shitposting w/ smiles has been the highlight of my life


Pepe has transformed me. I am #1 now. I am like one of those mascots who walks around and everyone gets a hug and poses with them and so on. Normies can't fathom the power of a Pepe shirt.


post pics


So smiley besides wwa, franz bardon and the others on your recommendation list, what kind of material do you read and find interesting



Mostly random PDFs people post. e.g. Israel Regardie, Realization Through Hearing, Seila Orienta, and God's Debris are some random shit I'm reading right now.



>Realization Through Hearing

can you upload it?


>it's another "I'm too depressed to do anything today" day



>tfw HDV isn't reading your emails

>tfw he isn't viewing the special unlisted video you made just for him

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