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File: 53dc52054ee2c54⋯.png (48.76 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, 1488.png)

4efd20  No.101488

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

"The Greatest Story Never Told"


b2f478  No.101490

Only real Whites that is. Not some sudanese chick with a fake dna test in her hands.

fd4c52  No.101497

ok, but do you have any good ASMR videos or what? at least post some nazi ASMR.

4efd20  No.101503

File: 4be53e9c7993495⋯.mp4 (367.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4be53e9c7993495cae9ceb1416….mp4)

fd4c52  No.101506



I wonder if nazi cosplay would get a youtube channel demonetized..?

068199  No.101513

File: d1dd64ddf16a1a1⋯.jpeg (125.16 KB, 570x988, 15:26, EED6D8B1-9789-44AC-AF0B-5….jpeg)



4efd20  No.101514

File: 8135b19d35b8fc9⋯.jpg (47.49 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Sarah_Silverman_c15-0-625-….jpg)


That all depends on if one of the (((chosen))) do it. They can get away with anything. Goys like us would probably have their channel nuked and possibly arrested, if you live in the UK.

4efd20  No.101515

File: df284a410c5d586⋯.gif (490.24 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 43392700c7e40955946ee680ba….gif)

c5903e  No.101518

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e5037d  No.101555

Gingers are the true white people. Look it up.

b4c0da  No.101561

The Naziposting Cancer must spread to every board on 8chan, and then spread further!


c6963e  No.101591

File: f719dedbb5c3160⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 747x422, 747:422, Untitled.jpg)

Jawohl, Herr Unteroffizier!

03449f  No.101825

imagine unironically being a nazi. also how’s this asmr? larper faggot BO remove immediately

1311d2  No.101834

File: 53ddd325aaf0947⋯.jpg (42.66 KB, 480x666, 80:111, Deletos.jpg)


This. Imagine the amount of autism needed to unironically go hurr durr immanazi irl

9bee1c  No.101983

File: 5afc1f19341c058⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 650x381, 650:381, addtext_com_MTYzNDMwMTM0Ng.jpg)

49f2e3  No.102044

File: b1ad8b40a32258b⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

619a87  No.102066


Who is she?

a7668d  No.102068

79e487  No.102077

official /polASMR/ colony video


credit to /asmr/ and /aggie/ goyim, for making it possible

trigger warning for ciara haters

9b6d56  No.102091


Finally, this filthy Jewess Agatha has been bullied off the internet! Good job, Hate Dungeon!

96e1d0  No.102198

File: e2cff386c504e74⋯.png (28.04 KB, 281x153, 281:153, 2066.png)

619a87  No.102219

File: 2c3aade9a9f1d63⋯.jpg (65.3 KB, 356x461, 356:461, Blond Polish girl imprisio….jpg)

The Nazis did not care for white people. They intentionally brought devastation to Europe, the home of white people.

The Nazis had an hypocritical racial standard, based on convenience, not facts. They considered Eastern Europeans subhumans (to justify invading them) but Japanese rats were “honorary aryans” because they were their allies. They applied the same hypocritical logic to the Italians. If this is not hypocritical, then I do not know what it is.

The irony is that Eastern Europeans are far better representatives of the National Socialists' Aryan ideal than the German people. Eastern Europeans have the finest facial features of white people, and a big proportion of them (esp. Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine) are blond with blue or green eyes, fine facial features, tall, and very pale skin. See the attached photo of a Polish girl imprisoned by the Nazis (note the “P”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_concentration_camp_badges).

The Nazis knew no word of honor. They signed a non aggression pact with the USSR in 1939 just to break it in 1941. This resulted in the death of million of white people, both as war causalities, collateral damage, but also many that they killed *intentionally* in death camps.

The few good things they did, like euthanasia (already existed and was practiced by the time of ancient Sparta), encouraging a family-centered society (that was basically like all of the Renaissance), were not their invention. They just copied that.

4c99b2  No.102244



they wanted their country back from the jews, who were ruining it and saw the devastation that the jews caused during the bolshevic regime and then the weimar republic era.

and its eugenics not euthanasia

619a87  No.102254

File: b0f5e24991ebf1f⋯.jpg (231.56 KB, 818x593, 818:593, German_Brennkommando-firin….jpg)

>they wanted their country back from the jews, who were ruining it

Alright, so what did they do about it?

>saw the devastation that the jews caused during the bolshevic regime and then the weimar republic era.

Here is what the Nazis did: They caused even more devastation to Europe themselves, *intentionally*. Just an example: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Leningrad>, <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_destruction_of_Warsaw>. The photo is a squad of German soldiers setting fire to buildings in Warsaw after they had captured it.

Also, even if Jews as a group are a collective parasite, not all individuals are bad. Some Jews have made valuable contributions. Lumping them with the rest is unfair.

Anyway, even if you want to believe that absolutely all Jews are evil and literally behind every move against the white race, the fact is that the Nazis did not care for the white race. That was only their slogan, to make the German people support them.

What about naming some gooks “honorary aryans” and trying to exterminate white Eastern Europeans? That is not what white people who love their race would do.

>and its eugenics not euthanasia

You are right here. I know the difference but I made a mistake when I wrote that.

Actual nazis

>Invaded white countries

>Brooke military pacts *they* had signed in the first place (that is how the Eastern Front started)

>Segregated and eventually killed non-jewish well-doing people because they had distant Jewish ancestors (Nuremberg Laws).

>Bombed civilians in their own homes. Wanted to literally exterminate fellow whites to the east for “living space” (even today Germany has enough land; only tiny countries like Singapore are genuinely in need of living space).

Hitler said some nice things for propaganda, but he was an hypocrite, like any other populist politician. It was him who was the invader and other people, mainly the USSR, had to drive him out.

Hitler did not care for even the German people. Even when the Soviets literally forced him to hide underground like a rat in his Berlin Bunker, he insisted that the Germans continue fighting a lost war, yet again wasting millions of lives of white people (both in his own lines and the enemy lines and at home) for nothing.

9bee1c  No.102256

File: f7657a9ad7eacd0⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 500x281, 500:281, bbc4you.jpg)

4efd20  No.102259

File: a119a9382c8ba54⋯.webm (14.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, History of Multiculturali….webm)

a7668d  No.102293


first off, the soviets were mobilizing troops closer and closer to germany and it was obvious to everyone that they were going to invade sooner or later. if someone is pointing a gun at you, and you shoot them first, it isn't betrayal, it's self-defense.

next, the nationalsocialists didn't consider slavs to be subhuman. if you believe they did, cite actual sources from nationalsocialist documents rather than postwar propaganda. considering them to be less than germanics is not equivalent to considering them to be subhuman.

next, the concentration camps primarily focused on detention of those who had committed treason in some manner or were jews. jews were destroying germany from the inside and thus their placement into the concentration camps was justified.

next, the holocaust is a lie and there was never a single jew who was gassed by a german, and they were thus not death camps.

also, hitler never said that the japanese were honorary aryans. he even says in public speeches that they allied because they had similar goals for their respective regions, however you wont find a single quote of him saying japs are honorary aryans because it doesn't exist. provide evidence that's of the time period rather than postwar trash, or stop shilling.

furthermore, the nationalsocialists did care greatly for the white race which is why they sought to protect it from the jew-run soviet union. this is why hitler allied with hungarians, slovaks, romanians, (to a lesser extent since not officially part of axis) finns, and why he wrote in mein kampf, written 15 years before the outbreak of ww1, that ENGLAND was the best possible ally for the germans and how he constantly tried to get england to ally them despite the english throwing it back in the germans' face repeatedly.

>Segregated and eventually killed non-jewish well-doing people because they had distant Jewish ancestors (Nuremberg Laws).

if someone has a single jewish ancestor then they're a kike. jews are a race, not something you can choose to opt-out of just because you have a portion of aryan blood in addition to kike blood.

furthermore, hitler didn't hypocritically tell the germans to keep fighting because he put his money where his mouth was and instead of fleeing like most politicians would or tried to, he took his own life so they he wouldn't fall into the hands of the kikes to be made a spectacle of.

>Bombed civilians in their own homes.

the english started the bombing of civilians, and hitler only started doing so in kind after 3 months of trying to convince the english that they shouldn't do that.

tl;dr if you're not a kike yourself i'd be surprised, you lying sack of shit. kill yourself.

619a87  No.102305

>>first off, the soviets were mobilizing troops closer and closer to germany and it was obvious to everyone that they were going to invade sooner or later.

First, the Soviets and Germans were co-belligerent in the invasion of Poland. Thus both of them had mobilized and had a reason to have troops. And this was known to each other. Your argument gets you nowhere, because then it follows that Nazi Germany entered into a treatise with the sole intention of breaking it. So I hold my claim that they had no word of honour.

Second, you have entirely reversed the situation. It is Germany who had rearmed in violation of the treaty of Versailles and already started a war in Europe invading Czechoslovakia. Thus in your analogy, it is Germany who was pointing a gun at its neighbors, not the other way. If you see a man next to you pulling a weapon and shooting a passerby, it is to be expected that you will ready your own gun in case it becomes necessary to defend yourself.

>next, the nationalsocialists didn't consider slavs to be subhuman. if you believe they did, cite actual sources from nationalsocialist documents rather than postwar propaganda. considering them to be less than germanics is not equivalent to considering them to be subhuman.

I do not have access to a collection of Nazi propaganda to read, nor do I know or will learn German. I am not an historian. My knowledge is based on some history books. Now, you will say that it is all lies made after the war, a-la conspiracy theory. To this I reply: If you are going to hold that I can not claim to know anything about World War II from just reading history books, then how could *you* possibly know what they did or they did not do? You can't. All we have is recorded history and recorded history clearly shows that the Nazis purposefully killed white people, not just in death camps but also in uninhabited areas and in their own villages. I will just mention 2 examples, but this happened many times: They killed thousands of innocent civilians at Babi Yar <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar> and literally razed the village of Lidice <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidice> to the ground just because the habitants defended what was theirs.

>if someone has a single jewish ancestor then they're a kike. jews are a race, not something you can choose to opt-out of just because you have a portion of aryan blood in addition to kike blood.

Literally it is. Being Jewish is a religion.

Anyway, it is a fact that some Jews have done useful things, many of which you use daily. For example, the Jew Adi Shamir is the “S” in the RSA algorithm, used by many web sites for HTTPS.

The Christian H. R. Hertz who is a “Jew” according to your concept performed the first physical demonstration of the existence of electromagnetic waves. This is just one of the many experiments that established electrodynamics, on which all post-20th century technology depends (everything that uses electricity, chemistry or optics).

The point is, again, that even if Jews are nefarious as a group, individuals can be productive people. Each individual ought to be judged for his own virtues and vices.

As for bombing of civilians, read about the siege of Leningrad.

a7668d  No.102319


the treaty of versailles was unjust and germany had no reason to honor a single letter of it. it was in the interests of saving the german people from starvation that the treaty was violated, and there is nothing morally wrong regarding that. next, germany only invaded poland in the first place, not because of expansionism, but because poland had unjustly annexed much of germany as part of the treaty of versailles and had refused to give any of it back. hitler made several appeals to poland on how to resolve this peacefully by simply giving the land, which was inhabited by germans and unjustly occupied by poland, back to germany, and poland refused every offer. on top of all this, the poles had begun slaughtering thousands of civilian germans living in this occupied land as early as 1936, and none of the other nations would speak out against it. the soviets had no such justification, and only invaded poland out of expansionist aims, and thus were still the aggressor and the ones who it could be said were mobilizing against germany to begin with.

next, you continue calling the camps 'death camps' which is basically aditting that you believe in the holohoax. no doubt many whites were killed in wartime; it was a war, and every single side killed other whites. if you insist that hitler cared nothing for the white race because some whites were killed according to his orders IN A WAR, then you must insist the same for every other leader and thus lose any moral highground.

furthermore, many massacres were committed by germany's enemies and then blamed on germany, for example the massacre of katyn forest, and many more were simply made up. undoubtedly some happened, but it was a war and every single side committed such actions, for example the firebombing of dresden committed by the allies. if you hold germany's actions as the exception then you're a hypocrite and if you admit the truth, which is that every other leader did far worse than hitler regarding civilian deaths, then you lose any moral highground.

next, the jews are a biological race, who also happen to have a religion. the religion is secondary, and there are many atheists, and even some converso socalled christians who are ethnically jewish. they are a foreign people who immigrated into europe while remaining amongst their own communities, and even if the years have given some of them the appearance of europeans, they remain a foreign, biologically-distinct race. by calling the jews a religion and not a race, you've outted yourself completely and have shown to everyone reading that you haven't made the last effort into studying the jewish race, since even amongst themselves they admit to their being a race.

and regarding jews doing useful things, no amount of good deeds can alter a jew's blood. if a jew creates an invention that's good, for example coding large portions of the original GNU software, the jew is still a jew and thus remains a threat based on their actions as a race.

regarding the siege of leningrad, the soviets had done far worse far earlier and events such as that were responses to those actions and not the instigation of them as such. additionally, leningrad was an extremely important city to capture with much industrial capacity.

finally, you claim that neither of us can know what really happened, but this is another lie you've told. the difference is that reading material created by the germans at the time (which has been translated into english) trumps anything written by later historians if such writigns contradict the contemporary accounts. hitler writes in mein kampf that he considers the slavs less than germans, but he simultaneously says that they're still white. he doesn't put them on the level of 'culture-destroyers' i.e. jews.

you're the one making the claims repeated by modern historians while trying to lie and say that because you can't read german you can't read contemporary accounts, in spite of the fact that much of the material has been translated into english and you would've already known this if you had done any research at all into things written by CONTEMPORARIES rather than postwar writers, rather than just running your mouth off like a nigger.

lastly, it bears repeating, that you call the jews a religion and not a race is testament to your lack of knowledge, for if they were a religion only and not a race at all, then the state of israel could not grant citizenship rights based on ancestry alone regardless of whether the jew believes in the religion or not, nor would they be able to exclude hundreds of thousands of negros who believe in the jewish religion from citizenship as they have done. you have nothing to stand on and you remain a liar.

103c48  No.102327


>Eastern Europeans

Jews. Jews, anon, are not people.

103c48  No.102328


Jews are parasites, created usury and have been kicked out of every host country they infested.

2cfabc  No.102334


Jew here. This is correct. Now go back to your meme shit-posting while Zuckerberg and I divide up your delicious country.

The inferiority complex of goys will never cease to amaze me. You would win too–if we were in a state of nature. Thanks to social contracts however, the true wars are fought ideologically. Jews are on average 15 IQ points smarter than goys. You have as much chance of beating us ideologically as you would one on one with an African American.

tl;dr–you're fucked. Don't be mad. Just go watch Black Panther with those friends you don't have :)


a7668d  No.102335

File: cb653bb14f17c38⋯.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 500:501, this-is-a-fucking-fishing-….png)

8f9e1a  No.102336


>average IQ of 97

>implying ideologies have anything to do with intelligence and not truth

>implying jews aren't the ones with inferiority complexes

>implying you are actually jewish

cf8d6e  No.103356

File: 6e523dc6fab5fa7⋯.jpg (115.09 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 1518332606824.jpg)



>being hu-white

>not securing the existence of your people and the future of your white children

c3d1ae  No.103371


Who the fuck would want to do that? Aren't all white women whores, or is that a meme?

300107  No.103397

File: ef86e62f3feab69⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 392x378, 28:27, demographics.jpg)


>all white women are whores, or is it a meme?

It's true that most white women have their priorities wrong and are being grossly misled by the ruling class. Being a nazi and being a nationalist is NOT the same thing. I tell all people that nationalism is for everyone. (inb4 CivNat) Whites are NOT a majority. Maybe in their own homelands and we'll be minorities in our own homes in a few decades. See pic related.


To disagree with the 14 words means that you do not believe that whites should exist or have a future. Only someone who wants to see whites become extinct would disagree with the 14. Why is nationalism for everyone? Blacks and hispanics are a global minority too. The rulers love race mixing. They said Obama was the first BLACK president. No. He wasn't. We still haven't had a black president. Obama is only half black. He's half white too. Notice how blacked memes are forced and blacks continue to get less and less melanin? Soon, blacks will become extinct in the west as well. Same goes for hispanics. Open the souther border into Mexico and you can say goodnight to La Raza and all of your Mexican history and heritage. Asians are the real global majority. A hundred years from now, Pedro's great grandchildren will be weeping as millions of Amerimutts come pouring across their borders, pushing into south America. "Why didn't they build a wall? They're destroying our history, our culture, and our religion. Why didn't we stop this?" Oy vey, goyim. Nationalism is racist. You don't want to be nazis do you? Even if you're not white, you need to become a nationalist for the sake of your own race.

Your rulers want to create a global communist slave race, a one world currency, and a one world government. This is why your rulers hate racial purity and nationalism so much. In the future they have planned for us, there is no white, black, or hispanic persons or culture remaining. A beige future where all things are controlled by the state.

propaganda paid for by the Canadian government… must watch


ccf087  No.103416


Hilarious how all people from the same continent everywhere are all the same "race" lmao . You people can't even come close to agreeing on what the damn term means

Explain something to me though , what makes people of some mixed color more susceptible to this hypothetical communism on steroids?

300107  No.103425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Generally speaking, all people of the same continent share similar traits. Why else would we call blacks "Africans" no matter where they reside in the world? Most Asians look Asian. Most Europeans (once upon a time) looked white. Latin Americans look like Latin Americans. I know, I'm painting the world with a wide brush, but you get the gist. Etc etc.

Why would a global mutt race be easier to control? No sense of belonging coupled with a low IQ and lower impulse control. No individualism. Race and IQ is real. Just like race and physical characteristics are real. There have been studies on this. There is scientific evidence that backs this up. Nobody disputes that blacks are great athletes. They're tall and fast, on average, with a healthy diet. Asians are brilliant engineers. Africa isn't known for it's technology in the same way Asia isn't known for it's athletes. Social Marxism would have you believe that it's unfair that Chihuahuas aren't guard dogs and that German Shepherds aren't house pets. These dogs have different IQs and different physical characteristics. "THAT'S BREEDIST!" We acknowledge these differences in every other animal except for ourselves. The Marxist SJW answer to this would be to force all dogs into the same cage till one final mutt triumphantly appeared when the dust settled. Any animal lover would be outraged and cry out that it's evil, genocidal, and insane! But, at the same time, this is what they want to do to the human race. Perhaps you'll live long enough to see millions of Asians and Africans invading south America. Just like the Asians who are colonizing Africa at this time, but your beloved TV news reporter didn't mention the Chinese in Africa, did he? Probably because he's being paid off by the Chinese and the jews don't want him talking about it. In current year, the goal is to force white extinction and destroy western civilization. Tomorrow, it will be the hispanics and the blacks. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that "hispanic privilege" becomes a thing in the US within the next 20 years.

Oh wait…


2905f6  No.103494

File: ec8c50ed54ea744⋯.jpg (921.5 KB, 2257x2481, 2257:2481, juden.jpg)

File: 32149e77253f26f⋯.jpg (53.23 KB, 598x260, 23:10, juden2.jpg)

File: df62c265282363f⋯.jpg (160.91 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, juden3.jpg)

File: c8945fbe7fad9f4⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 329x450, 329:450, juden4.jpg)

File: df6e7787ad47c88⋯.png (475.41 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, juden5.png)


Any ASMRtists out there that would be willing to read Mein Kampf (the uncensored version)?

d3dc20  No.103559


Unironically, given that Mein Kampf is immensely fucking boring it could be superb ASMR.

c3d1ae  No.103608


>To disagree with the 14 words means that you do not believe that whites should exist or have a future. Only someone who wants to see whites become extinct would disagree with the 14.

not everything is white and black, I couldn't care less if the white race becomes extinct. If white women decide that they want to fuck black guys and have kids with them, that's fine with me. I also couldn't care less what race my children are and I wonder why would anyone care? Nationalism is a plague and I'm glad to see it being suppressed in Europe.

103c48  No.103615


Their hatred of white supremacy, and dependance on welfare.

103c48  No.103616


You should seriously, no joke here, kill yourself now because faggot cucks like you will soon be slaughtered in the coming Civil War/DOTR. This is not LARPing, we all know Civil War is coming. Go ahead laugh. You laughed at the thought of a Trump Presidency. Who's laughing now? Civil War is coming and faggots like you will get the rope or the bullet.

c935e3  No.103617


>Not everything is white and black, I couldn't care less if the Yorkshire Terrier becomes extinct. If Yorkies decide that they want to fuck Beagles and have pups with them, that's fine with me. I also couldn't care less what breed my pups are and I wonder why would anyone care? Wildlife Conservation is a plague and I'm glad to see it being suppressed.

This is literally what you just said, if we were talking about dogs or any other animal. "I don't care if the Bengal Tiger, Blue Whale, or Timberwolf go extinct. I don't care if the Mexican race, Japanese people, Indians go extinct. I don't care about my people or my children. Why should I?" Spoken like a true mutt. Loyal to nobody. A Global Citizen™ with no sense of belonging. You think nationalism is a plague. I know we give Pedro and Pajeet a hard time here, but they deserve a homeland, a people, a culture, and the right to exist on this planet, just like whites do. Globalism is the opposite of Nationalism and Globalism equals genocide for all races. You deserve a bullet for your toxic ideology. Viva La Raza.

c935e3  No.103618

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1c28fb  No.103871

File: 4e42d50f05f7735⋯.jpg (82.37 KB, 540x788, 135:197, the motive of the anti nat….jpg)


>not everything is white and black, I couldn't care less if the white race becomes extinct. If white women decide that they want to fuck black guys and have kids with them, that's fine with me. I also couldn't care less what race my children are and I wonder why would anyone care? Nationalism is a plague and I'm glad to see it being suppressed in Europe.

there is so much wrong with your comment I don't even know where to begin since I can't post 5 pics at once. Not that it will change your intentions, anti-white cattle.

Actually >>103618 puts it perfectly.

6d5874  No.103885


Multiple pic uploads are enabled.

c3d1ae  No.103919


Wait, why would slaughter me? Black people? Because certainly these bunch of virgin losers on /pol/ wouldn't do anything.


>I don't care if the Bengal Tiger, Blue Whale, or Timberwolf go extinct.

Yeah dude, If that naturally happens, I couldn't give a less of a fuck. If all Americans or Japanese died because of an Earthquake, shit happens. On the other hand, if other people targeted them and made them go extinct, I don't think that would be okay.

>A Global Citizen™ with no sense of belonging.

You may try to make it look as a bad thing, but caring so much about something as meaningless like the piece of land you were born in is retarded. Why would anyone care about their race? That's what something I would do if I had no education or if I haven't achieved anything. The only group of people that should be discriminated against are religious people, they deserve a bullet for being that retarded.


>Not that it will change your intentions

I would never say that I won't do something or will never change, if the argument is good enough I believe I can be swayed to the other side. But I also believe that a basement dwelling loser from /pol/ wouldn't be able to change my mind by posting an image with meaningless quotes trying to appeal to emotion.

>anti-white cattle

I see, I'm anti-white because I don't go out in the streets to fight those niggers and spics that are targeting white people everyday, right?

de72ab  No.103921

File: 0f42651ac85a2ba⋯.jpeg (86.68 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 5a64edc85f689.jpeg)


>Sarah Silverman

I hope that vile jewess dies a horribly painful and drawn out death at the hands of feral niggers. I hate that disgusting evil gutter cunt with a fury reserved for only the most repugnant of semitic trash.

de72ab  No.103922

File: 07b993183a6828d⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 902x2268, 451:1134, jew iq is bullshit.jpg)


>Jews are on average 15 IQ points smarter than goys.

Still clinging to that old chestnut eh? One of the fatal flaws in you kikes is that you believe your own bullshit. Never ceases to amaze me how yids will tell a lie so often and for so long that they'll actually start to believe it themselves.

The house of cards you vermin have been sheltering yourselves in for the past 80 or so years has already started to crumble, kike. This time around there will be no rebuilding for your people, only extermination.

103c48  No.103932

File: 1bd8cd956ffabb8⋯.jpg (554.99 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, NurembergRallySS.JPG)


Checked. 14/88

0589d1  No.104000

Jesus Christ you guys are so insecure the SJW snowflakes pale in comparison to you. I signed in for the nudes why is this faggotry pinned

103c48  No.104078

File: f648511392031ba⋯.jpeg (205.32 KB, 675x941, 675:941, 515AB036-D6E4-48ED-AE5F-F….jpeg)

File: 60c232e6d09e2a2⋯.jpeg (46.25 KB, 200x292, 50:73, 18544C51-F418-4F3C-8412-C….jpeg)

File: f3ec974040611cd⋯.jpeg (152.82 KB, 439x592, 439:592, 79020723-48E2-4429-BE9B-5….jpeg)


Wasted get. You’ll never understand chaos magic, the power of Kek, numbers, memetics, and chan culture. It’s staying pinned to remind you, National Socialism reigns over all things; it is the natural order of the universe.

b05ab5  No.104080

>Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

These aren't the 14 words and shouldn't be treated as such, this is white knight bullshit.

b05ab5  No.104084

File: 596dd056a104fe2⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2355x2356, 2355:2356, OKCupid race relations sum….jpg)

File: 0ca81e2d1b19f9c⋯.png (188.33 KB, 1024x1163, 1024:1163, OKCupid race relations 1.png)

File: e4de4285fa2baec⋯.jpg (43.93 KB, 495x391, 495:391, OKCupid race relations 2.jpg)

File: 70e6f74a0b2e810⋯.png (18.08 KB, 495x391, 495:391, OKCupid race relations 3.png)


No. Western culture is diseased, but there's nothing particularly corrupt about white women. White women are actually the least likely to racemix in the US despite being the most desired of all races.

103c48  No.104100

File: cfbb646fb42b1d1⋯.jpeg (79.47 KB, 770x578, 385:289, 2B690685-6AB6-4FD4-90D4-9….jpeg)


Nice file names. The source of this is Ok Cupid? The dating site? Anon. Stop shitting /our/ NatSoc thread.

b05ab5  No.104114


Yeah, OKCupid is (was?) a dating site that released an analysis on a bunch of information on their users recently. Anonymously of course, just summaries, nothing on individuals. It's fair to say this is a certain demographic that uses dating sites so the info may not be applicable to all groups, but it's still promising info. You can still find it all on their website or blog unless they took it down.

As for your second sentence, I'm assuming you messed up your post quote there.

2eeb62  No.104122


It's listed along side the original. How do you expect to create a future for white children without white women? MGTOW isn't the answer. Why do you think the kikes focus all their brainwashing on white women? Lead the white woman astray and subvert the family structure is the ultimate in jewry. Nazis believed in the natural balance between masculine and feminine. They complement each other and attain their highest level as a union. Saying "fuck all women" is just more of the same kike D&C trickery meant to divide us. There are still both men and women of honor. Find each other, form a family, and create children. In this, the 14 words are achieved. MGTOW is a nihilist tool of selfish hedonism and white genocide.

103c48  No.104175


Checked. 14 words forever.

2eeb62  No.104195

File: 83fc3689cd706b0⋯.gif (424.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1501496822973.gif)


New banner for our beloved BO.

103c48  No.104200


Thanks mein brüder!

699f31  No.104222

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Post last edited at

a7668d  No.104224

103c48  No.104245

File: 127726ee1303246⋯.jpeg (332.67 KB, 463x672, 463:672, iu.jpeg)



Fixed to acceptable National Socialist standards.

03449f  No.104280

anyone remember when this was an asmr board and non asmr threads got deleted? bo is indisputably a faggot

fa856e  No.104323

BO, where is Jellyscam thread? Something happened?!

103c48  No.104334


Hit 250, bumplocked.

d4035f  No.104358


And who posted all those images and after that locked and anchored the thread? Can we open a new one?

f01652  No.104366


What? Open a new JBN thread? You're beating a dead horse. I hide those threads, personally, but whatever. It's getting to Laserdisc levels of faggotry at this point. I can't believe orbiters are still fighting over this. You guys are almost as bad as the Pelagea faggots.

f01652  No.104394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"One day we'll shut their dirty, lying, Jewish mouths.” - Dr. Joseph Goebbels

c3d1ae  No.104609

e54a68  No.105180

File: 2c28e221415c162⋯.jpg (78.76 KB, 236x306, 118:153, checken'em.jpg)




c6963e  No.105439

File: 2b145b6d8b99746⋯.gif (26.6 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Hitler-Banner.gif)

I made that a while ago but previous BO was a pussy.

768cd8  No.106348


and jews did?

gee, it must opposite day.

768cd8  No.106352


>not using Iranian neo-Darwinist rhetoric as will to power.

are you even trying?

fab2ae  No.106481


Sounds like you didn't get past the first chapter, you should stick to your comic books.

3c8646  No.106575


Read and finished it, dickhead. Murphy translation. Solid translation of some total shit.

fab2ae  No.107107


Well, not all can appreciate works of high arts. You clearly didn't understand what was written on the pages. To say you're against what is written in Mein Kampf is to be against what is good for the destiny of the Aryan.

43ed99  No.107370

Posting in an 𝕰𝖕𝖎𝖈 thread 14/88

4aaa69  No.107683


>perfect women don't exi-

464963  No.108021

File: 5b3ad47a7c6026d⋯.jpg (104.6 KB, 636x833, 636:833, Sarah Dumberman.JPG)

06b819  No.108088

File: cf648bdf20ade9d⋯.jpg (78.71 KB, 567x633, 189:211, cf648bdf20ade9de71b8a192f5….jpg)

Happy Birthday, Adolf.

cc2680  No.108128

File: 8a4826371ecd50d⋯.png (641.3 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, adolf.png)

Happy Birthday

ed47c0  No.108227


Nice repeating digits, very fitting.

5ad043  No.108273

06b819  No.108283

File: 650dc8a4f5595bb⋯.jpg (19.25 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 650dc8a4f5595bb85a0dba0919….jpg)


383464  No.108509


They're fucking retarded children.

103c48  No.108574

File: 21c7d1772efea78⋯.jpg (25.15 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Hellsing_ultimate_ova_3_bi….jpg)


To remind people where they are. Fuck off back to Reddit.

5162cd  No.108578

File: bdad5ffbe7e9712⋯.gif (207.63 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 187.gif)


Is this love that I'm feeling?

Is this the love that I've been searching for?

Is this love or am I dreaming?

This must be love cause it's really got a hold on me

A hold on me

c74dd6  No.109165

File: 9d4ce5d428219fa⋯.mp4 (3.08 MB, 426x240, 71:40, our Amy.mp4)

Is she /our Amy/?

c6963e  No.109171


WTF, I love Michael Jackson now!

1e5a13  No.109178


>turkish ancestry


she only said that because the ruskies want to steal istanbul back

c74dd6  No.109204



4d22c2  No.109393


"Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."

STOP being a pussy worshipping cuckold. It should be changed to "The intelligence and ingenuity of white men must not perish from the earth"

4d22c2  No.109394


Yeah, good luck having white children while white women are fucking Jamal, Tyrone and DaQuan. Are you seriously retarded. How do you think people got laid and had children before feminism? Just fuck white bitches and force them to have children, women haven't earned and don't deserve "human rights". In fact, since "human rights" were invented and only respected by white males, they only apply to white males.

ba5c10  No.109400


The cowardice of white men allowed us to get in this situation to begin with.


Sure thing, pal. As soon as Sharia Law kicks in, I'll be sure to rape my babies into all the white women and lock them in my basement. Where are you from, friend? Saudi Arabia?

b3f99c  No.109958

>We must blablabla ideological filth

No we don't. We don't need to do anything.


>muh feminism

Low-IQ post.

2bf79b  No.110310


Fuck off and go back to cuckchan.

71a880  No.110816

File: 6ad8be39817db16⋯.gif (460.83 KB, 350x232, 175:116, tenor.gif)

96f10d  No.111123

jews created christianity to destroy the roman empire.

61cdd7  No.111324


if jews had created christianity they would never have had to subvert it, because you dont subvert that which you yourself created. christ didn't call the jews the descendents of the devil for no reason. furthermore, the roman empire in its last stages was morally bankrupt; sexual immorality and decadence was the norm and good morals were considered 'outdated'. the roman empire was destroyed because the romans embraced moral decay and because they used geography as a basis for citizenship instead of race. an empire so decadent was already doomed, and the germanic invasions were only a few kicks, which was all it took to make the whole rotten building crumble.

6af03c  No.111330

File: 02aca2a23958a60⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 584x350, 292:175, 17202739_169770210198912_7….jpg)

this better, anon

5976e2  No.112037

recommend aryan asmrtist

56c968  No.112054


Do not know of any. Anons? Someone needs to do Nazi male ASMR. Sk-sk-sk-sk into the oven Jew…shhh…shhh…into the oven…

6d4531  No.112131

File: 7705ebbdf706b40⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 720x447, 240:149, HITLER.jpg)


Adolf I, I don't feel so good …

d0cf2c  No.112996

File: 917b562f76ca81e⋯.png (410.82 KB, 922x844, 461:422, The First Knight.png)


Didn't realize I got screencapped. I have lost fifty pounds since then, the struggle continues.

d0cf2c  No.113124

File: 7122daf507f1219⋯.webm (7.84 MB, 640x480, 4:3, The true Adolf Hitler - I….webm)


> Tomorrow, it will be the hispanics and the blacks. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that "hispanic privilege" becomes a thing in the US within the next 20 years.



<They considered Eastern Europeans subhumans (

Citation needed. In Mein Kampf, Hitler complains about the presence of Czechs in Austria because they are changing what Austria is, because they are foreign. This is no different than an Englishman complaining about Muslims and having a Muslim mayor of London, or Americans about hispanics. Muslims are not English, Mexicans are not American, and Czechs are not German.

< Wanted to literally exterminate fellow whites to the east for “living space” (even today Germany has enough land; only tiny countries like Singapore are genuinely in need of living space).

Completely false, to this day they do not have enough land. The entire point of that was to have enough land to be able to produce enough food for the German people to be healthy. Relying on food imports means you are allowing others to have final say on the well-being of your people. Given you don't even know this basic fact means you've not tried to understand any of it.

This isn't quite the sort of article I was looking for, but it still proves the point.


>As the demand is still significantly greater than the internal production, Germany must rely on imports, which in the majority of cases come from other European countries.

<because then it follows that Nazi Germany entered into a treatise with the sole intention of breaking it. So I hold my claim that they had no word of honour.

It is known that the Soviets were going to invade in another month or two. The intention of signing it was to try and get the West to not declare war on Germany, and it didn't work. What he really wanted was to ally with the English, because both groups are similar racially.

< I am not an historian. My knowledge is based on some history books. Now, you will say that it is all lies made after the war, a-la conspiracy theory. To this I reply: If you are going to hold that I can not claim to know anything about World War II from just reading history books, then how could *you* possibly know what they did or they did not do? You can't.

Wartime propaganda has made it into all history books, and this colours how things are seen, and how evidence is presented. It takes time to learn what is and is not true, and read things based on contemporary accounts. As an example the "master race" trash was just repackaged propaganda from WWI. What both wars were really about is the destruction of a rising market competitor.

Hitler's Revolution by Tedor is written entirely based on contemporary records.

9c7ba5  No.113128

File: a106c47701ca928⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 464x404, 116:101, tunrbacktime.jpg)

9dfe07  No.113137

File: 8240654ccd5f8c3⋯.png (367.17 KB, 973x1400, 139:200, trash.png)

519f05  No.113285

File: 95d5e17d02636a5⋯.jpg (339.34 KB, 1314x720, 73:40, Telepizza-Paezeeee.jpg)

6d4531  No.113314

File: a50fcd6a48a83c2⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 460x696, 115:174, Nazi Logic.jpg)


Nazi logic

958de6  No.113324


Post more videos like this, faggot.

e03fa3  No.113356

File: faee837969d4b52⋯.mp4 (4.6 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Hi Stranger.mp4)

311d40  No.113532


wtf is this, faggot? Post some gory stuff.

1c1b0b  No.114233

File: 683e4dc0c75fac7⋯.gif (5.24 MB, 500x304, 125:76, cabbage.gif)

386b7a  No.115260


The Nazis lost, get over it.

21c60e  No.115279


Keep believing that faggot. Do you believe in Werewolves?

2bf79b  No.115282


There is no such thing as losing or winning.

055862  No.115320


>t. retard who can't click post numbers


>t. loser

The Nazi übermunchun deserve a medal for participating :)


>t. believer in jewish baby sacrifices


>our people

>white children

Speak for yourself, my children shall be brown like real Aryans.

>beauty of the white women must not perish

It is already being recorded on youtube, including their cleavages and panties.


There's a "nationalist" (if you're a commie everything is nazi tbh) ASMRtits, but she's fat and rarely uploads. If I remember her channels name I'll post.



Whites have the cuck gene, it's not their fault.



>porn board

pls explain

6755f8  No.115518


>not being a trans-non-binary-queergender-asexual-apache-helicopter-kin

>not working for Buzzfeed / Salon / whateverthefuck

>not whiteknighting for women every chance you get

>not writing articles or making videos about how much white people suck (even though you are yourself white)

>not posting long rants on Twitter, and then whining when people call you out on your bullshit, claiming "harassment"

What are you doing anon, it's CURRENT YEAR

6755f8  No.115520




You're looking for >>>/s/ you retard. Maybe >>>/wx/

faef1a  No.116226

Watching degenerate shit while claiming to be "Pro-white".


If you don't have a kid and a wife get off of 8ch and figure out your life.

0995d4  No.116230

File: e6af8b0ee189d5f⋯.png (486.56 KB, 608x653, 608:653, varg-look.png)


I'm sorry, Varg. I'm logging off now.

c4ee1c  No.116239

File: c960a1f1c49031a⋯.png (1.53 MB, 770x1229, 770:1229, __original_drawn_by_thomas….png)


>muh poor poles

So glad the Polish victim card is about the run out because jews hate poles now that they aren't useful anymore. Hitler told Warsaw to surrender multiple times before finally bombing it. Hitler was always against city terror bombings, the Axis didn't have any 4 engine bombers.

>muh leningrad

Op Barbarossa was ruined by faggot glory hound generals who disregarded the Art of War and wanted to besige cities and push directly for Moscow instead of nailing the Caucasus and Leningrad first.

>itler did not care for even the German people. Even when the Soviets literally forced him to hide underground like a rat in his Berlin Bunker, he insisted that the Germans continue fighting a lost war, yet again wasting millions of lives of white people (both in his own lines and the enemy lines and at home) for nothing.

>implying that the germans should have surrendered before the very end

>implying they wouldn't have murdered millions of germans after the war anyway like they did

>implying hitler's will isn't a heartfelt extention of his eternal gratitude for his people

Imagine being this much of a braindead D&C'd fucking cuck.





>not real

>is a nihilistic selfish cunt



>white knight bullshit

>literally the 2nd 14 words of david lane

Lurk for two years newfag.


>Murphy edition

>solid translation

Literally had a bolshevik named Greta Lorke working on the translation. Only the Stalag Edition is credible and accepted.



They subverted it because the religion naturally took on some of the racial characterisitics of our people. Much like how Turks revere different Islamic figures than the Arabs and only use Islam to their ends. However the fact that it was a jewish invention is why it was easy to subvert and why traditional European beliefs had to be wiped out.


>can't create can only subvert and destroy

>dependent on white countries

>superior because they practice parasitism

Gee Anon, I didn't know hook worms were superior to humans.


>catholic church used to saint victims of ritualistic slaughter

>only decanonized after the jews consolidated control of banks and media


055862  No.116245


>a reply with actual arguments and no emotional over reaction or ad hominems to my pro jewish shitposting

I think this is the first time such happens on this board.

Thanks for the link, though I'm not that anon. I'm also interested in reading Mein Kampf but already have various versions and didn't know which were trustworthy, or rather why they were or not trustworthy; I've had Stalag recommended many times before but with no justification.

Years ago I saw on /pol/ some photos comparing two different versions of mein kampf, one of them had obvious (((corrections))). Do you happen to have those?

c4ee1c  No.116246

File: 8e4db459c0665f5⋯.mp4 (1.97 MB, 400x400, 1:1, erika.mp4)

File: cf648bdf20ade9d⋯.jpg (78.71 KB, 567x633, 189:211, cf648bdf20ade9de71b8a192f5….jpg)


I currently do not have a lot of things on this new computer until I finish transferring my essential redpilling files. What makes the Stalag Edition most reliable is the fact that it is an official German-English translation authorized by the 3rd Reich (which means it is the most genuine), on top of having no abridgement for the reader. The only extra writing to put it and Hitler in context I'd recommend is Hitler's War by David Irving and maybe Hitler's Secret Book that remained hidden until the end of the war. Hitler's War paints a more humanizing picture of the man than most.

Murphy Edition:

>Red Orchestra Spy

>Essentially publication of a rough draft incomplete/uncorrected and unauthorized

>Shit eating retard for a German translator

Mannheim Edition:


>Insane Number of negative footnotes

>Anti-Hitler Introduction

>"More troubling are Manheim’s downright errors, however. For example, on page 490, when discussing the SA, Manheim translates Kampfgemeinschaft as “combat group,” whereas the proper translation is “fighting community,” a small but significant difference; Hitler goes out of his way to make the point that the SA should NOT be a military-style “combat group” (pp. 538-543)."

>"On page 623, Manheim inexplicably substitutes “Jewish” for “German” in one phrase, reducing the sentence to nonsense. (Manheim’s version reads “national folkish Jewish intelligensia,” whereas Hitler’s original is “national folkish German intelligensia.”)"

>Published in 41 yet still has not fixed any of the mistakes

Even Ford Edition has some issues despite being the most accurate non-German authorized book imo. Though it's footnotes are less severely biased than Mannheim. I most definitely need to work on some OC related to accurate Mein Kampf translations however, could be useful.

61cdd7  No.116329


do you have any evidence that the manheim translation is abridged in any way? because i have copies of both manheim's, murphy's, and original german, and i haven't noticed any amount of abridgment in manheim's. the anti-hitler bias is there tho, altho it isn't as prevelant as folks claim, being present in only a handful of the footnotes the most notable one being at the last paragraph of the entire book, when he abandons scholarly pretense and makes up a bullshit anecdote to villify hitler and his friend, eckart. however, handful of anti-hitler footnotes aside, the translation itself is very accurate imo.

ford's translation is retarded in several areas tho and i can't fathom why anyone would prefer it over manheim's. the entire concept of 'dynamic translation' is a shitty meme that needs to die.

translation should be based on what the text actually says and not what translators believe the author actually meant, which ford openly admits to doing in the intro to his book "mein kampf: a translation controversy".


61cdd7  No.116330


sage for doublepost, but the stalag translation is also awful. unless someone knows both english AND german, they should not translate german to english or vice-versa. the stalag edition is the "all your base are belong to us" of mein kampf translations.

3be446  No.117180

File: 3532a1ab65b0b8b⋯.mp4 (155.58 KB, 426x240, 71:40, chappelle white power.mp4)

7b795d  No.117789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

777c9a  No.118200

File: d809cdd937271b8⋯.jpg (173.79 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, 2818497981488.jpg)

7c465d  No.118221


>those eyebrows


777c9a  No.118225


If you don't think Isabel Imagination is white, then you're beyond retarded and not redeemable. Surely your comment is bait.

7c465d  No.118226


Indeed it is bait, and trump is based

994997  No.118680


Jesus Christ, what the fuck?

72d9ac  No.118762

File: b695eeaf5a56c02⋯.png (23.56 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Really makes the fascists ….png)



>pro-white stuff such as marriage to teenagers is immoral

>this is A-OK

1202ae  No.119222

File: 861c6afcbec1897⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 247558112467524.jpg)

4b0ff7  No.119417

hahahah man why all the hate people. you guys are so insecure you know how to stop losing ur white women? be a worthy mate. stop jerking off and watching anime all day. become something other than a hateful disgusting fat faggot complaining on an imageboard because some nigger stole your girlfriend

529ba7  No.119421

File: 08cd57eeedbb990⋯.jpg (48.4 KB, 517x521, 517:521, tcru4bs437q01.jpg)

db184a  No.119656

File: 2e25c8c20a069a2⋯.webm (4.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, R.E.I.C.H Friends.webm)

4298ed  No.120054

File: ff02f4e55c08515⋯.jpg (85.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Und Das Heißt, Madison!

2bf79b  No.120149


muh dick nigga oooga booga

1da9c5  No.120158

File: 6bda2d008abb7b8⋯.webm (798.69 KB, 320x240, 4:3, The white man marches on.webm)

9f57dd  No.120334

File: 27fce0c183ebead⋯.jpg (184.03 KB, 1114x860, 557:430, Gestapo.jpg)

188cb1  No.120538


what if you had a channel that only parodied (((other))) comedians. Like maybe you repeated their acts word-for-word but with some slight change like you were wearing bunny ears. Then, they arrest you, and say "you're making fun of the holocaust!" and you say, "no, I'm making fun of people who make fun of the holocaust."

1202ae  No.120569

File: fbecba18fbd464c⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 500x407, 500:407, fbecba18fbd464c551d61155af….jpg)

abcbc3  No.120690

File: 2f27c3a7869d825⋯.jpg (110.22 KB, 1080x1704, 45:71, likethis.jpg)

ecb72c  No.120717

File: 00a61fb33c0a4f3⋯.mp4 (1.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 00a61fb33c0a4f311880ba5073….mp4)

9f57dd  No.120878

File: 3051f5827836723⋯.jpg (39.93 KB, 620x425, 124:85, Hitler-Goebbels-Laughing.jpg)

9f57dd  No.120879



645cf3  No.120978

Sage this whole thread

edaa7e  No.120987

File: 8336e8fc3e6ae95⋯.webm (65.53 KB, 524x466, 262:233, not see.webm)

f26148  No.121092

File: 680b905d64097b7⋯.mp4 (2.57 MB, 320x240, 4:3, pol_on_election_day.mp4)

442116  No.121523

So, did you guys miss the part where the Nazis lost and Hitler blew his brains out trapped in a bunker like a pussy?

What more of a message do you people need that the Nazis were wrong?

Also, I am a faggot Jew who loves black cock up my ass, because I love the herpes! I hate white people because my disgusting Hebrew race has accomplished and invented absolutely nothing!

Post last edited at

61cdd7  No.121526


>losing the war somehow invalidates the idea of nationalsocialism

>believing kike propaganda


1d29cc  No.121686

File: 8b7173a7ba9d4c6⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 899x1124, 899:1124, DgVLNA3X0AAweCh.jpg)

12ff62  No.121712


Communists are inbred, no one is seriously attracted to them, people just use them because of cheap labor.

0f0fb4  No.121825


wow fucking asshole

b3a5c2  No.121830

File: 1b4d4422140e4db⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1b4d4422140e4dbe3f826ea8ba….jpg)

397e10  No.121942

File: 5180388ecc979dc⋯.jpg (445.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Toni reads 8chan.jpg)

e5461f  No.121973


This BO is fantastic.

Hail victory, brother!

b28a0c  No.122099



b28a0c  No.122100

Remember the 14 words, 88 white pride.

9f57dd  No.122644

File: aac71f36757de0e⋯.gif (2.83 MB, 500x250, 2:1, aac71f36757de0e3961cb73e80….gif)

b810c2  No.122680

File: 8629824d0ada2c8⋯.jpg (104.95 KB, 587x534, 587:534, 1519889470320.jpg)


Hitler left for south america though…

9f57dd  No.122813

File: 6413c11731cfa19⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 334x469, 334:469, 59849b95075b915a909dceb7a0….jpg)

067fd9  No.122859


dont hide behind children

ecb72c  No.122935

File: 01454e97a65cbba⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 380x495, 76:99, 2d09aa71c0d3a2a3eb1a4c0bb4….jpg)


We may talk about preserving a future for our children, but nobody is hiding behind them. On the contrary, we've been ready for this moment for decades and we're ready to fight whenever you are. Your kind will be hunted down and dealt with accordingly. DOTR NOW!

fbe405  No.122998

File: 5fe2eafb1dc452d⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 640x480, 4:3, grabbler.webm)

88a3f0  No.123131


Hitler should've brought the Kaiser back instead of prolonging the hell that 1789 unleashed. The Nazis were really just a bunch of freaks and cucks the Jews hired to weaken the cause of Nationalism.

61cdd7  No.123135


no one believes your bullshit. the anon you quoted was completely demolished, to such an extent that he stopped responding.

the nationalsocialists weren't funded or hired by jews.

however, the kaiser at the time of WW1 did indeed accept jewish help; he relaxed what few anti-jewish laws were left.

so in other words, you say that the nationalsocialists should've brought back the same kaiser who was friendly toward the jews, and then in the same breath try to say that the nationalsocialists were themselves funded by jews?

get the fuck out.

0ff422  No.123273

File: 9e0443effae08f4⋯.mp4 (919.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, hand rubbing.mp4)

9f57dd  No.123317


Kek she's making fun of der juden. Anons have to call her out on this, what would all her cucks think if they knew she was mocking the Jew?

a095d5  No.123323

File: 43066f75c95b786⋯.jpg (17.2 KB, 200x232, 25:29, 8ef558bb100742c1178410624c….jpg)


>shut her down

61d46f  No.123325


>WEW their bad ideas weren;t theirs, nor were their good ideas

It's almost as though these concepts have preoccupied human civilization for the entire extent of its' history isn't it (((captain obvious)))?

9f57dd  No.123332

File: 4d1d1b50eefee5c⋯.jpeg (153.5 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Yasutani.jpeg)

9f57dd  No.123333

File: 9317144bb0135b4⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, thenatsocstruggle.jpg)

4c1cc4  No.123862

File: 204b1415e29ce2e⋯.mp4 (5.02 MB, 854x480, 427:240, KayKay K.mp4)

529ba7  No.123894

File: 171e0d9e697824c⋯.mp4 (4.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Johnny Rebel (Quit Your bi….mp4)

e627a2  No.123905



4c1cc4  No.123917

File: 4b2e1e5610a713a⋯.mp4 (1.01 MB, 426x240, 71:40, clayton bigsby.mp4)

9f57dd  No.124689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7f5f2e  No.124693


I'm just sitting here laughing because the whole "red pill/blue pill" analogy comes from a movie made by 2 Jewish brothers who both became trannies.

4a5298  No.124789

File: 4be0915db982f2f⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ben Garrison's biography.webm)

9f57dd  No.124838


And we used the meme to "red pill" millions, creating more National Socialists.

4a5298  No.125019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A video for waifus and lurkers. The truth about TRUMP. What's really going on.

7f5f2e  No.125032


I wish there were millions of us… but I think that's WAY too optimistic. More like thousands.

e1d089  No.125079

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

053f20  No.125183

I tought /asmr/ was /fascist/??

7f5f2e  No.125301


There's only 1 Analrapist.

529ba7  No.125355

File: e971de08f0800ee⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 286x415, 286:415, Papa-Johns-PETA.jpg)

who wants pizza?

529ba7  No.125381

File: e58160fd687ef35⋯.jpg (79.98 KB, 802x536, 401:268, Dh1bOIVVQAAkiwB.jpg)

199d26  No.125557

File: 787949405a465cb⋯.mp4 (2.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, drag kid.mp4)

Making America Great Again, one drag kid at a time.

529ba7  No.125592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f57dd  No.125747

File: 76df6f6090ec901⋯.jpeg (37.45 KB, 226x471, 226:471, nurembergiqs.jpeg)

IQs of National Socialists at the Nuremberg Kangaroo trials.

00c8ba  No.125796

File: 3892e39fcb82650⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 600x401, 600:401, white argentina women.jpg)


afe873  No.125804


I'd secure the existence of my people with her. She might not be Nordic / Aryan, but any white person (at this point) is better than a world full of niggers. :)

afe873  No.125805

File: 4811bab54e756eb⋯.png (347.27 KB, 714x418, 357:209, 4811bab54e756eb1af672ad37c….png)

529ba7  No.126164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

529ba7  No.126521

File: 9fc538717102b92⋯.jpg (136.38 KB, 400x523, 400:523, 20c8R7S.jpg)

94affb  No.127593

File: ab60b7bb8e041f1⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 498x243, 166:81, 06fab1511fbab7aa4075ead2c2….jpg)

50c136  No.128124

File: c459ba4a5ca83fa⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 1057x1099, 151:157, Di4S3FjX0AEXjPd.jpg)

e84ddc  No.128652

File: 8fd34b9995a07c8⋯.jpeg (212.09 KB, 663x1024, 663:1024, 10F296FB-47FF-430B-B7C2-F….jpeg)

61cdd7  No.128715

File: 92186aea22b747b⋯.jpg (185.11 KB, 680x946, 340:473, kubizek-hitler.jpg)

feb678  No.128741

File: b9c2bb16f793afa⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 1418693888342.jpg)

I like this sticky.

8199bb  No.129005

File: 94a6e19f5091012⋯.jpg (114.45 KB, 900x900, 1:1, DjENbxNU0AIrrdD.jpg)

#RealNews Time to wake up and see it.

61cdd7  No.129579

File: ff76752d0eba98c⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 480x640, 3:4, fighting-the-jew.jpg)

2b0a53  No.130096

File: de71b4e83826c92⋯.mp4 (12.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, de71b4e83826c92059aeecb128….mp4)

6711e7  No.130224



Nothing wrong with that, pleb.

Also, what the fuck is up with this "ASMR" board? Why is there a nazi sticky?

6711e7  No.130226


>editing the post of someone who disagrees with you

How pathetic can you be…damn.

61d46f  No.130227


Thanks for the blogpost Hollywood. You can go back to making shit movies and ruining franchises now.

61cdd7  No.130244


>why is there a nazi sticky?

if it makes you uncomfortable, you're welcome to get the fuck out. or more ideally, hang yourself


anon, pay attention to when he made the post. he got BTFO and stopped responding a while ago.

b1a684  No.130271

File: dbe6a9371dab376⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 492x368, 123:92, DjpRm5BXgAACBC0.jpg)

64f34c  No.130492

What if I'm not aryan but still want to save "the beauty of the white aryan woman"?

e84ddc  No.130495


Are you white at all? Pole, Scot, Greek, Celt, Slav? As long as you’re white yes.

61cdd7  No.130551


poles are slavs. scots are mixture between celts and germanics. celts, germanics, and (ancient) greeks/romans etc were considered aryan by hitler. tl;dr if you're celt, germanic, slav, or white mediterranean, you're white. some meds nowadays are mixed due to turkish, berber, and arab conquests, but many are still white.

3500de  No.130900


> :)

Shitpost ruined.

>implying she is white

>implying anglos are'nt literally jews

d3c9a1  No.131083

Fuck of ALL Nazis

94a58c  No.131145

File: 9d7c501510e2aa7⋯.jpg (1007.81 KB, 3060x2156, 765:539, 9d7c501510e2aa73d469362315….jpg)

08b793  No.131158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

896325  No.131167


Alina Rin

a1314a  No.131173

If civil war were to break out I would defend my family from any and all invaders. If jews or niggetd tried to hide in my home I would shoot them dead. And if the nazi brotherhood were to come to my home to thank me for my service I would shoot you dead too. You kike hating buttfuckers are just as bad.

896325  No.131174


>kike hating buttfuckers

why do you love kikes, anon? why do you love them while there is solid proof that they are seeking to destroy the white race, while there is solid evidence of the crimes they did even in recent history?

a1314a  No.131175


I don't expect reading comprehension to be one of your stronger suits so I'll forgive you. I don't like or trust either group.

08b793  No.131180


The "Nazi Brotherhood" wouldn't come to your home anon…..unless you weren't white and a race traitor. You'd likely be left alone.

896325  No.131191


and what's the reason to distrust the "nazi brotherhood"? unless of course you mean neonazi skinhead vandals, which is self explanatory, i'm referring to the ss tier nazis

61cdd7  No.131193


you should truly kill yourself.

c425e1  No.131209


>t. pedokike

75832b  No.131226

File: 8257b99acb1e6f2⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 680x931, 680:931, William-Pierce.jpg)


I don't care much for the term Nazi because it's bad optics and makes for great Shlomo photo ops. "See?! SEE?! I told you so!" I prefer it more that we work toward making "Nationalist" no longer taboo or a dirty word. Sure, LARPing scares the shit out of kikes, but also serves as ammo. Most of those fags are honey pots anyway. I prefer my Nationalists to look like doctors, lawyers, teachers, and your next door neighbor. Give sound arguments and reasons why all people should embrace nationalism while pointing out the evils of the jew and their globalist scheme. If you really want to see the kikes and 1% (same people) start shitting their pants, tell them you're a (black, white, asian, hispanic) nationalist. Their "muh 6 bajillion" and "buzz words" don't apply to you. Why would anyone, of any color, not wish to preserve their peoples' race, heritage, culture, or homeland? We all share a common enemy in the jew. The sooner we can all agree upon this and stop their globalist scheme, the better. Tell the next kike you see "I'm a Mexican Nationalist." and watch him shit his pants. No swastikas required.

08b793  No.131388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

161766  No.131487

File: 26cb6d6dd2c5d84⋯.jpg (141.07 KB, 520x492, 130:123, 1534302105486.jpg)

HOW DO WE CONVERT ASMR ROASTIES TO THE CAUSE? I have been cracking into IsabelASMR's streams dropping redpills. It's a matter of time.

08b793  No.131504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey Brother 0 & B.V. - the Jews shoah'd me. I dindu nuffin I was a good boy. Keep fighting, Sieg Heil!

3be446  No.131555

File: aa18496eb2f4b82⋯.jpg (30.26 KB, 1008x176, 63:11, naming the jew.jpg)


I think I just got killed on twitter too, BO, for naming the jew. Not 10 minutes after this tweet, I was banned and they shut me down. I didn't even do anything racist. On the contrary, I called out a jew for using the word "nigger" and turning it into a news article (that incites racial tensions) and twitter banned me for pointing out that the instigator was a jew who literally used the "my fellow white people" meme against us. They martyred Zero. These mofos can't get rid of me this easily. If it's a blue check mark "fellow white person" then why can't I put them on blast? Oof. They shut me down. Big mistake.

08b793  No.131559


They fucked with the wrong white people, your trips confirm, as always, Kek is with you. "One day we will shut their dirty lying mouths!"

3be446  No.131562

File: f49255af04cf703⋯.png (120.79 KB, 500x443, 500:443, 2659561.png)

161766  No.131622

File: 76201ccda9f45bc⋯.png (810.58 KB, 641x706, 641:706, 1534341065871.png)

b65f62  No.131663

File: 04105298711b1fc⋯.jpg (131.55 KB, 1024x792, 128:99, 1522551249871.jpg)

57c2d9  No.131717


That does not make sense.

5c35c6  No.131718


when the weak cannot win out right, they default to subversion

edaa7e  No.131773

File: 13f1e4c688fc074⋯.jpg (295.4 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, DkWhS2HX0AUDN.jpg)

c3178f  No.131847


Shit picture for such a message

e6ca9c  No.131882

File: ba912209ce68d09⋯.png (366.5 KB, 594x608, 297:304, ba912209ce68d09d3e64d20689….png)

3b6d9b  No.131884







We don't, all of you scum wil die.

61cdd7  No.131912


winning over those whites who are deceived into becoming marxist and antiwhite, insofar as they haven't taken the final plunge and racemixed or cut their dicks off etc, is how you win. if it was possible for millions of whites to become convinced of the antiwhite cause by the jews, then it's also certainly possible for those millions of antiwhite whites to be won over back to the racial idea and nationalsocialism. obviously this only applies to those masses who are duped by the kikes, and not to the leaders and wirepullers, who are almost entirely jews.

all of that being said, asmr and twitch whores obviously aren't the prime recruiting ground because they'd lose their primary source of income (being camwhores) if they did, and i've yet to encounter a single one who has the backbone to risk that. nonetheless:

"If we understand that the resurrection of the German nation represents a question of regaining our political will for selfpreservation, it is also clear that this cannot be done by winning elements which in point of will at least are already national, but only by the nationalization of the consciously antinational masses." Hitler, Mein Kampf, volume 1 chapter 12

161766  No.132002

File: 0234fa4f7bac944⋯.png (131.42 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 0234fa4f7bac9440a08df3f9ee….png)


>all of you scum die

We are winning, you stupid kike. You are obama era trash. What power do you have anymore? We Trump era now. We White Race era now.


It just gets easier and easier to convert Whites now. Just be bold and they will fold. Remember, when people realise it was all just a fad under the obama era of 2008-2016 people will drop this shit so fucking fast. The (((left))) are fucked and the (((right))) will be converted to do our fucking bidding. Why do you think they shutting everything down?

Feels good man. People are meeting up off the internet and making money together and forming societies RIGHT NOW and there is nothing (((they))) can do about it.

0571c9  No.132083



>it's concentrated autism


94affb  No.132109

File: bbbd71955b750b0⋯.png (35.48 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bbbd71955b750b0ecd4cc9e1d0….png)

e8d464  No.132111

File: 3750556a9c7996e⋯.png (1.29 MB, 675x1500, 9:20, 3750556a9c7996e55243572caa….png)

Man, you pseudo-nazis are worst than bronies.

3a91b0  No.132118

<hurr dnc shill durr wez needz more grotz!

>convert inferior whites do your side

>they lower the quality of your everything

>them later they backstab you

<wtf this is cleary the jews' fault! cleary we need to recruit more whites for this to work!

Something tells me you are anglo. Either way refer to >>132111 (checked)

08b793  No.132122

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trips confirm….that these are not National Socialists. But some of these guys are. And there are groups not on the Internet you don't even know about.

994997  No.132123


This so much.

94affb  No.132131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Why is nationalism such a bad thing? As a nationalist myself, persons of color need to heed my warning. Once whites go extinct, you and your nations are next on the list.



If I do nothing else in this world, with my dying breath, I will awaken every last "Person of Color™" to the JQ because they deserve to know the truth. (((They))) control the media and the narrative and they blame some poor coal miners in West Virginia for oppressing you. It's not true. Those are the workers. The working poor. The jew has used this same trick since the days of Jesus and they still use it today. Jesus, in his final days, argued with the Sanhedrin and they had him killed for it, then blamed Pilate for it. "We wuz kangz and shit." Yes! You were kings. But the Sanhedrin and Khazars robbed you of your history and your birthright. It boggles my mind that somehow naming the JEW is a bigger hate crime and more taboo than saying NIGGER, but it's true. Black men are afraid to name the jew. Why is that? They're the "fellow white person" khazar larping as whites. They're not real jews and they're not real whites. Why won't you name them? If you're a brown person and feeling oppressed, look no further than the jew. They strategically infiltrated the media, education, banking, and corporations for this very reason. Once you get wise to the JQ, you'll start to see it everywhere. Education, media, politics. It's like a firefighter who sets a house on fire so he can be a hero. Jews destroy and poison everything so that they can report on it and sell you a cure. "B-b-but I thought you guys were racist." If I was racist, why would I be trying to tell other races that they need to end the "fellow white person" Jews and exposing them for the liars and power hungry demons that they are? They aren't real jews, in Biblical terms. These are the same "jews" who had Jesus killed. These are the same jews that today create all the drama in the media, create the propaganda, create the laws, and control the banks. If any /leftypol/ fag was serious about a revolution, it should start with these Khazar 2% scum. Eventually, in our extinction, you'll know that we was right and our spirits will rise from the graves.

994997  No.132134



94affb  No.132135


Nice try, JIDF. I can't wait till blacks and hispanics start lynching you Khazar scum for your crimes against humanity. THE GOYIM KNOW! I'll celebrate the day that the oppressed and the workers finally hang every last one of you elites for what you've done to us. The goyim know. You won't enslave the world. Once whites go extinct, your zionist cucks can't save you and whites won't be around to fight for you. Every last one of you kike scum will hang for your crimes.

94affb  No.132166

File: 78e978e427cc40b⋯.png (742.08 KB, 1071x632, 1071:632, Capture.PNG)

08b793  No.132175


Easy solution - kill more niggers, pajeets, arabs, and any other shitskins.

61cdd7  No.132177



>This so much


go back to tumblr, nigger.

d39674  No.132207

File: 665e75d8095e169⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 500x417, 500:417, 451fd578a485776ad2f3a1a7e7….jpg)

994997  No.132254

File: 2519a8a0fed01d0⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 512x384, 4:3, 1528609433732.gif)



Absolute cringe.

994997  No.132256

File: dd525900989ccd0⋯.jpg (106.87 KB, 1242x1211, 1242:1211, 1532267800956.jpg)

d39674  No.132272

File: 764c517a5dbb55f⋯.gif (9.87 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 764c517a5dbb55f62a09b47170….gif)

3a91b0  No.132275

File: d45fb698a4c7332⋯.gif (3.19 MB, 460x233, 460:233, (facts VS buzzworlds racis….gif)


Gay as fuck, Drumf is a cuck. Try this one, moderate scum.


Can't tell if trolling, not on this board.


And the white trash, culling our own scum is as important as killing our enemies when it comes to protect the race. Death to normalcattle.

08b793  No.132357

File: c86e542c5c8c8e9⋯.jpeg (47.71 KB, 650x400, 13:8, alucard-from-hellsing.jpeg)

mfw /pol/ is gearing up to go full scale war on the porn industry. Which no doubt has it's Jew-tentacles in ASMR. I've been waiting a long time to help take these satanic kikes down. Soon…

b6afc3  No.132364

File: ab4ad1581b27cab⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1534706722033.jpg)


>nothing of substance to add

>greentext with le smug tone attached


Here, have another.

b6afc3  No.132366

File: 97ecebf29805c83⋯.jpg (19.79 KB, 599x332, 599:332, 12342314235.jpg)


Releasing control art restriction systems 3….2….1

Approval of situation (((A))) recognised commencing the Hitlerian invocation

Ability limitation lifted until the (((target))) has been eternally silenced

61cdd7  No.132374


t. LARPer who's never actually bothered to read mein kampf.


b6afc3  No.132410

File: 65c234773b3ed10⋯.png (127.9 KB, 421x503, 421:503, 1534771313370.png)


>read a book you don't need to

All I need to worry about is my Race, jude. Whatever works in keeping my Race strong and thriving is all that matters to me.

61cdd7  No.132470


>mein kampf isn't a necessary book to read

>c-call him a jew

someone who would reject the book of the closest thing to a savior our race has had doesn't have the right to call others jews. if you legitimately think that mein kampf has no connection to "keeping our race strong and thriving" then you're as delusional as you are stupid.

529ba7  No.132669

a00df7  No.132697


Imagine if the muslims ever gain control of your government and have you detained or executed for military service when you're 95 years old. This was a ZOG move. Someday, British soldiers may be charged with crimes for their service in the middle east. Don't say it would never happen. It happened to this man, 75 years later.

a00df7  No.132698

File: 5b8932e7ac762a6⋯.jpg (128.96 KB, 452x654, 226:327, 5b8932e7ac762a693ccef2989a….jpg)

08b793  No.132710

File: 665b28856e719b1⋯.png (318.24 KB, 400x508, 100:127, fuhrersdisdain.png)

b6afc3  No.132758

File: edeb35d6e438bee⋯.jpg (301.25 KB, 1080x822, 180:137, 1534817277157.jpg)


It's a shitty fucking meme book that has caused more harm than good. It doesn't take a fucking book for me to realise kikes need wiping out and our Race needing to be free and autonomous.


Fuck off with that shit. I don;t need a tattoo either to prove that I want National Socialism, I just know what it has to offer and want it.

61cdd7  No.132778


>mein kampf is a shitty meme book

>even tho i've never read it

>and even tho i claim to support nationalsocialism

>mein kampf did more harm than good tho

>that filename

imagine being this retarded. imagine being such a dumb nigger that you claim to support nationalsocialism while simultaneously shitting on the foundational text of nationalsocialism, in spite of the fact that you've never read it. now imagine doing all of this while posting an image you saved from cuckchan.

pure retardation.

95b0a5  No.132834

File: a246e2a2fe6f4d9⋯.jpg (98.77 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 1534494698400-lit.jpg)

08b793  No.132888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08b793  No.133095

File: fc8f7b04081e290⋯.jpeg (865.23 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, A8F9F6B4-76D0-4536-9BB8-8….jpeg)

“All great cultures of the past perished only because the originally creative race died out from blood poisoning.

The ultimate cause of such a decline was their forgetting that all culture depends on men and not conversely; hence that to preserve a certain culture the man who creates it must be preserved. This preservation is bound up with the rigid law of necessity and the right to victory of the best and stronger in this world.

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

- der Führer, ‘Mein Kampf Chapter XI: Nation and Race’

08b793  No.133111

File: 33581adba76fd9d⋯.jpg (248.95 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, womenNatSoc.jpg)

529ba7  No.133209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b6afc3  No.133239

File: 5fa134993fc4403⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 370x457, 370:457, 1535011347608.jpg)


Imagine being this exposed that you lash out because someone doesn't need to read a faggy book about obvious shit. Imagine wasting hours reading that shit when I sussed it out within minutes that National Socialism was what Whites need from a few speehes Hitler made. Imagine the smell.


Yeah, I still use it. Gonna cry more, you little fag?

61cdd7  No.133252


>i'm so smart i can tell mein kampf is a 'faggy book' without ever having read it

>insulting hitler by dismissing the book he wrote as 'faggy' and 'unnecessary'

>i'm so smart i can understand all aspects of nationalsocialism from a few speeches

>admitting to being a cuckchanner

you win the dumbass award, permanently. how can you legitimately claim to support hitler and nationalsocialism while simultaneously shitting all over the book hitler himself wrote?

kill yourself. at the very least, go back to cuckchan where you belong, you stupid nigger.

26d44a  No.133282

File: 2f09c5883a1e0a0⋯.mp4 (6.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, How White Is London - NAS ….mp4)

Watch this. Let it sink in. This isn't right wing propaganda. This is reality. If things don't change, it will soon be a reality in all of Europe and America.

40630d  No.133284

File: 66c33c251b264f1⋯.png (309.16 KB, 606x553, 606:553, fantasy witch - anglo.png)


> it will soon be a reality in all of Europe and America

>implying whites are weak cucks like the anglos

26d44a  No.133321

File: cb8fc6229b328c7⋯.mp4 (8.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cb8fc6229b328c7bd3d6754009….mp4)

a33131  No.133996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e80e30  No.134302

File: fd0e81073922063⋯.mp4 (5.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tomorrow Belongs To Me - D….mp4)

397e10  No.134322

File: 1530e45bd11e54b⋯.jpg (274.48 KB, 1803x645, 601:215, Untitled.jpg)

WTF is this? All those posts are archived a long time ago and it came from Google. Some whore searched for her name and claimed everything what's on the Internet.

08b793  No.134336


What? What whore? Who is filing the DMCA in this claim?

397e10  No.134342


I don't know, that's claimed via Google search and according to the post numbers all the posts are archived. Something from April 24.

397e10  No.134343

File: e15eaf588436c9c⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 527x154, 527:154, Untitled.jpg)


I just saw that ASMaRgaritte found out about Vola so it's probably her. Cheap dirty whore.

d579f2  No.134391





102886 - /asmr/ - FrivolousFox - 8ch.net

104062 - /asmr/ - Frivolous Fox - 8ch.net

48425 - /asmr/ - So many ear eating videos - Welcome to 8chan, the …

52139 - /asmr/ - FrivolousFox: Rebirth

Couldn't find any results for 73298 on Bing. Learn to Bing, niggers. :)

f5bd80  No.134392

File: 8458c1bf72d2076⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ASMaRgaritte.jpg)

7fa5af  No.134461

File: 503bf126d90ba27⋯.jpeg (24.7 KB, 566x566, 1:1, 503bf126d90ba2744fe917d82….jpeg)

994997  No.134639


Yikes! What did he do?

a8dde1  No.134739

File: 01096bbfc10da55⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 01096bbfc10da55e089de33c8….webm)

397e10  No.134753


Sieg Heil!

6af03c  No.134941

File: 0e242bab04ebf88⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 236x300, 59:75, e270314f9ed8d0d7921fafa201….jpg)


nah, I'm the real deal


>responds to d&c with more d&c

3f49e1  No.134942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What you need to know about immigration and what the left is fighting for. Must watch.

Trumpkins don't want you to see this!

994997  No.134986

File: fdbdf847c5d8067⋯.png (198.43 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1503241648737.png)


>He gets his facts and education from a 13-year-old twink on his mom's computer

Wignats in a nutshell.

3f49e1  No.134993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's another video, maybe more to your liking. Kikes need to have their throats slit. You included.

b6afc3  No.135004

File: 8554a7d2d15264e⋯.png (667.56 KB, 641x706, 641:706, 15343410658713.png)


>you have to read a book to be a Nationalist

Lmaoing at the state of you.

61cdd7  No.135007


i never said you have to read mein kampf in order to be a nationalist. but to be a nationalsocialist, you should read it; you should want to read it, since hitler himself wrote it.

and even if someone didn't feel like reading it, for whatever reason, they wouldn't call the book 'faggy', 'unnecessary', and 'shitty'. such a man, who insulted the book hitler himself wrote with such words, couldn't be a nationalsocialist, since he openly mocks hitler's book and thus hitler himself.

also, nice reddit spacing, nigger.

994997  No.135125

File: 0b4b502bf8398af⋯.png (56.59 KB, 403x448, 403:448, 1527456309817.png)



We all know about the Kalergi Plan, you silly wignat. You're preaching to the choir here.

>UR A JOO!!!1

Man, you spergs really are dead weight. All this JOO, JOO, JOO shit and Hitler worshiping is the stupidest and least effective way to achieve our preservation. It's because of you buffoons that we will never gain any traction. There is a reason why so many people suspect Richard Spencer, Patrick Little and all these autistic morons are plants. Because Sieg Heiling and sperging about the Jews 24/7 makes us look like crackpot lunatics. Yes, Jews are a plague and Hitler was alright, but whites will go extinct before these things become popular again. Hitler is dead and National Socialism is gone. You Hitlerite kiddies need to get over it and stop acting like niggers or get the fuck out of the way.

01f7b6  No.135131

File: 469ad80f41e7fd5⋯.png (941.07 KB, 742x741, 742:741, my spirit will rise.png)


>Muh purity spiral

If the white race is doomed why can't be worship Hitler and despise the kikes? He's the only one tried to stop them, and very nearly did. You're not really presenting a legitimate alternative. People like you make me sick.

>muh alt-right

08b793  No.135133


Commander Rockwell was never afraid to name the Jew and walk around in public in full NatSoc uniform. With the political climate of segregation and anti-Communism, had he ran for Office he likely would have won. The key to victory today is too keeping pushing White Nationalism and how fucked up the Left is and it’s anti-white hatred. Keep moving the Overton Window and whites will soon openly embrace American Fascism or National Socialism. GLR said National Socialism in America would evolve differently.

b6afc3  No.135158

File: 61d5dcc92ce8d47⋯.png (21.12 KB, 1196x752, 299:188, 1535748789310.png)


Nah I still don't care. It's why I don't have tattoos. Stormniggers read a few paragraphs get a swastika tattoo and think they are worthy of even spouting their opinion. I don't need to the shitty book to have and understanding. There is enough evidence out there of it's success. The minor details are for lazy faggots like you who have nothing else but bragging about wasted time on a book that could be said in 5 minutes lmaoing at you yet again.

>muh Hitler is a god

>more Hitler dick sucking

>something somehting you will never be Nationalist and a Socialist for your people

See, this is that idol worshiping stormsharts do and no one fucking ever wants to hear it. It is redundant beyond belief. I don't care about Hitler and he has no power over me if I want to look after my Race, the faggot is dead. Get over it, you fucking boy. True White men know to look forward as men .




We Housing Socialism now. Not National Socialism. Keep up, faggot.

61cdd7  No.135187


>muh optics

>muh PR



>bringing up tattoos out of nowhere even tho they're irrelevent to the discussion

>still calling mein kampf a 'shitty' book

>acknowledging the success of an idea while simultaneously saying the book written by the creator of the idea is worthless

>calling hitler himself a faggot

>reddit spacing

>another cuckchan image

you need to go back.


119de8  No.135294


Most ebin of gets

994997  No.135382

File: 2ea18e15a12c547⋯.jpg (35.55 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 1527278742228.jpg)



>His whole rebuttal is a three-letter word

61cdd7  No.135394


>believing a shitty post about how we need to PR-cuck more is worthy of a serious reply

>implying anyone to the right of marx won't get called nazis and the second hitler regardless of how much 'optics' and PR-cucking they do

denying hitler is the biggest sign that someone isn't genuine. anyone who would reject the name of the savior of our race is a fool.


7fa5af  No.135429

File: dcadf0c96edf796⋯.jpg (73.82 KB, 853x479, 853:479, 3FSEZJqB5GsGhXAWg7.jpg)

923eea  No.136186


>mixing Primo with all of these retards

Primo is for Spain, and Spain only, what happens further north is not of his concern nor his problem.

fd1f62  No.136419

File: ea59a506eab7cd9⋯.jpg (565.41 KB, 1044x1880, 261:470, hitler white race.jpg)

File: 872aa68a04f733f⋯.png (365.75 KB, 752x587, 752:587, adolf_war.png)

File: 940f3e47a28a8b3⋯.jpg (144.76 KB, 591x691, 591:691, jfk hitler.jpg)




Heil Hitler

fd1f62  No.136421

File: 238cc365f93182a⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1189x4682, 1189:4682, 1488 Rockwell.png)


Then do your thing if you are that good, you faggot! Let's see how far you go before kikes pull your leash.

21d0a4  No.136435


you have six thousand years to live make your time

c86a9a  No.136997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keep an eye out for this. Vote all zionists out in November.

397e10  No.137127

At least EU boycott that filthy desert scum called Jews.

c86a9a  No.137171

File: d1d255c810ae126⋯.png (377.53 KB, 480x563, 480:563, 41365639_2252106571484076_….png)

7e5aa0  No.137363

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Happy 9/11, Americans. Yearly reminder that the jews were involved, for newfags too young to remember. Iraq did nothing wrong.

e1836f  No.137611


A-are you here every fucking day, you sad cunt? Saying muh cuckchan just makes you look retarded. Come on now. Your defending a book more than your Race. This is sad, lad.

45e5a7  No.137657

File: bf7e46f2bf0a257⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1146x643, 1146:643, 1475286871391.png)


You seem more like /r/The_Donald than halfchan to me.

56775b  No.138704

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


56775b  No.138705

File: 3b1262d3e4a34b9⋯.jpeg (120.36 KB, 1024x933, 1024:933, 5467BE32-07C9-4BB5-9C6B-2….jpeg)

b46ee7  No.138940


>dead weight

>attacks his own side

08b793  No.138999

File: 77aafbe4cb2c71a⋯.jpeg (92.74 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 2DA65FD4-3295-46B3-82D7-0….jpeg)

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

e32ec7  No.143403

File: b1f0bcd2cbe9cb8⋯.jpg (192.28 KB, 495x576, 55:64, absolutely-treif.jpg)



529ba7  No.143442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0999bc  No.143684

File: 7ad9f967b477ae0⋯.png (5.33 MB, 1644x3912, 137:326, nords btfo romans master r….png)

38bfa2  No.143849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're Information Terrorists™ now!

>Some call this trolling, but that term is far too mild. These are not the proverbial hoodied losers in some basement, engaging with other humans only via video games and 8chan. This cadre has hundreds of thousands of followers and devotees on Twitter, Instagram, Gab, and other social media.


82840a  No.143922

File: 00ba1044283bb34⋯.jpg (304.75 KB, 614x980, 307:490, Hans.jpg)

Mein Fräulein,

Just like yesterday, my men and I rounded up the Juden, the homosexuals and the people with severe retardation such as the ones with autism and Asperger's. I shall spare you the details as to what we did to those degenerates. All you have to know is that this is all in accordance to the lebensraum as promoted by the Führer himself and you will one day realize, as I have, that we are both ubermensch. And when that day comes, we will be together Erin, my love. I find it fortunate that you live in a neutral country as it makes easier for us to see each other and consummate our love. Believe me, we will see each other again, Gott mit uns.

With all my love,


db79be  No.144039

File: d4a5965905ac843⋯.png (331.1 KB, 1204x582, 602:291, 7662fcfd75feb91316fea2a4db….png)

db79be  No.144095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When we are sending messages to ourselves from other timelines. Season 3 now available - Commander George Lincoln Rockwell is a recurring character

68207e  No.144404

File: cc4c5eb03cf9d61⋯.mp4 (3.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cc4c5eb03cf9d619154d012337….mp4)

03f9c3  No.147316

File: bf225140fb4f6a3⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 750x600, 5:4, gjgryvkhqequxofwubadu6rndr….jpg)


You still replied to me? What the fuck are you doing? I would rather be td donald than some "national socialist" sperg who finds pride in reading a book someone else made. What is the matter with you, faggot?

I don't need a some faggots book to have me know what Race I am and what I am supposed to do. FOOOOOOOOOOL!

529ba7  No.147509

File: a2c0457920a4e4f⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 270x360, 3:4, estupido2.jpg)

88ab14  No.147779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

88ab14  No.148013

File: 529336cef287f8f⋯.jpeg (27.22 KB, 456x626, 228:313, thankyou.jpeg)


88ab14  No.148099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

529ba7  No.148166

File: b9d8be5b701a99f⋯.jpg (66.53 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, megyn_kelly_.jpg)

She is a racist. "Santa is white.

Jesus is white." ~ Megyn Kelly

88ab14  No.148242

File: 19d253767013109⋯.jpg (41.19 KB, 631x518, 631:518, dr-joseph-goebbels.jpg)

88ab14  No.148244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Happy returns to Reichsminister Dr. Joseph Goebbels born this day 29 October 1897! LOYAL TO THE END! Er wird erinnert und geehrt.

3e1b7a  No.148249


Multiple pedicide

d28331  No.148252

File: f8d6631f0eaadf7⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 512x512, 1:1, whocouldbebehindthispost.webm)

ba3c07  No.148512

File: 4ed7c275398ffee⋯.mp4 (634.06 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 761cd77322c85fec81a602eec8….mp4)

88ab14  No.148807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

/asmr/ has arrived at 1488! SIEG HEIL!

3e1b7a  No.148883

File: 5578aa3cd5e3dbb⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1210x1421, 1210:1421, Old-news.png)

This dead thread has been cluttering up the front page for months. Can we unpin it now?

1c51c2  No.148900

This one needs to stay

The other two pinned threads should go though

445890  No.149213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ad264  No.149581


Jews are not less intelligent than whites, most of the NSDAP acknowledged this. They are moral inferiors, evil and parasitic.

88ab14  No.149793

File: 68dae92d67d779d⋯.jpeg (255.75 KB, 1024x706, 512:353, nomercygoyim.jpeg)

File: 17cbfc0ff10ab11⋯.jpeg (314.84 KB, 901x1024, 901:1024, talmudichatredofgoyim.jpeg)

File: 4c252f2d1fc9e3c⋯.jpeg (119.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, goyimhatredbyjews.jpeg)

File: b9c86c6d52f5535⋯.jpg (236.69 KB, 1024x944, 64:59, LisztJews.JPG)

a027aa  No.149975

File: 4e17e55fd4ab6a7⋯.webm (1.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 82f2be1ccc0b6b6fc5c4dbb28….webm)

This is CNN.

dacf04  No.149999


dacf04  No.150000


e690d4  No.150074

6ebf34  No.150080

File: bd435f0f8c76768⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 560x315, 16:9, c8df9ff8e79d01afa563eb22f6….jpg)

b65f62  No.150093

File: 2f8df8f14f71e4b⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 636x382, 318:191, Hitler and jewish girl.jpg)

>"There are people who have a true talent for spoiling my every joy,"

88ab14  No.150105

File: 36e76246d36c517⋯.jpeg (159.72 KB, 733x1024, 733:1024, degrelleracenatsoc.jpeg)

File: cb86d4527342a2b⋯.jpg (216.77 KB, 729x428, 729:428, JuliusStreicherJQ.JPG)

File: cb161465bb80826⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 558x400, 279:200, CodreanuNatSoc.JPG)

88ab14  No.150126

File: 0137cc2048a7bd8⋯.jpeg (220.35 KB, 705x1024, 705:1024, fascism.jpeg)

842a6b  No.150264

jew trap Gibi

88ab14  No.150267


Filters intensify.

28b38d  No.150457

File: 798d5cca7531f6c⋯.png (478.31 KB, 624x730, 312:365, jewrat.PNG)

>Jewish rat using Pepe meme

Dump your Pepe memes now

5a4b75  No.150498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dedicated to the anon who keeps posting the rectal prolapse pics.

The reason why I chose the 30-06 for long range use. Watch what a 30-06 does to a slab of ballistics gel. Absolutely devastating performance.

b65f62  No.150508


What it does to a woman's pussy, that you should see. What a 30-06 does to a woman's pussy, you should see.

7a3ce4  No.150598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

97b7cb  No.150603

File: 8d570e20168ce07⋯.png (170.63 KB, 444x250, 222:125, 1499715486786.png)


I… I have no words. This floored me.

It blows my mind and hurts my heart the far left think this is healthy and normal.

97b7cb  No.150604

File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, kike.jpg)


My father was a mentally, physically, sexually abusive psychopath, and a huge manipulator.

But he was also a fucking moron who had an IQ of 58. Jews are like that.

97b7cb  No.150612

File: 1be1c213d8ff7bd⋯.png (453.14 KB, 777x462, 37:22, 100230430105.png)

File: 0c7635f7b44cf25⋯.png (473.26 KB, 574x699, 574:699, 1536994823891.png)

File: a67c81df7f0df51⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1537064819539.jpg)

File: 47623e155d3aff5⋯.jpg (72.12 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1539100129969.jpg)

Speaking of white people, what the fuck is the deal with this guy? Does he rape these vegetables? Is he a jew? Why is he exploiting those deformed children? How does he keep getting away with it? Does he not realize the pain these poor shits are in—what abject horror is displayed with such disingenuous theater? Life’s a roll of dice. Anyone of us could've ended up like these sad bastards, and this fucker is making light of them for YouTube gibs.

>b-but he just wants to make them feel loved anon!

Too bad they "feel loved" for about five minutes. That's about as long as their retard brains can retain information.









Disney tier suspenders wearing motherfucker has every mutation cataloged on his channel. God, I hope reincarnation isn't real; having to exist as any of these genetic abominations would be a fate far worse than eternal nothingness. Pedo chad's leaked retard porn vids WHEN?

Anyway, here’s the quick rundown on SBSK.

>autistic megachad

>used to go to a special school

>has an IQ of 85

>claims to praise Jesus as his savior

>literally a psychopath

>has the deadest eyes

>a sick fuck who enjoys the taste of tears and sadness

>married a qt roastie on the spectrum

>fucks every woman he ever wanted since the age of 8

>eventually get bored of the hottest chicks the world has to offer

>decides to fuck retards instead

>becomes a brainlet rapist

>endgame becomes the destruction and dominance of brainlet anuses

>uses literal brainlets for shekels on JewTube

>wants to create the fourth reich using an army of tards

>tracking the defects for a long term gas plan

>thinks Israel is our greatest ally

97b7cb  No.150614

File: 66f39009627d1fd⋯.png (450.94 KB, 840x468, 70:39, 1537494914740.png)

File: a8f4dd47485cbc8⋯.png (494.4 KB, 660x648, 55:54, 1542149073105.png)

File: a8f4dd47485cbc8⋯.png (494.4 KB, 660x648, 55:54, 1542149073105 (1).png)

File: cc2be20cf4f8897⋯.png (103.71 KB, 289x290, 289:290, 1541863791214.png)

Chris “gimme a little kiss” Ulmer

Chris “suck on this” Ulmer

Chris “let’s see if it fits” Ulmer

Chris “let’s see how bloody it gets” Ulmer

Chris “not on the clock then I dismiss” Ulmer

Chris “I want to fuck your disabled sis” Ulmer

Chris “let me drink your son’s piss” Ulmer

Chris “I get away with it because the parents remiss” Ulmer

Chris “It’s not what It looks like miss” Ulmer

Chris “into the tard’s abyss” Ulmer

Chris “don’t resist” Ulmer

Chris “raping retards makes me bliss” Ulmer

Chris “no extra chromosome then something's amiss” Ulmer

30668f  No.150615


I agree anon. This guy looks fucking deranged. And YouTube censors vids of Hitler while this guy cashes in? Wtf

30668f  No.150616


Oh and he looks like he’s on amphetamines. The fact that a majority of people would say I’m a terrible person for thinking this, including my own fam makes me want to off myself.

7a3ce4  No.150617

File: 85a05a3716bea15⋯.jpg (13.28 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 81YNIGDPx7L._SY355_.jpg)


I was just getting ready to reply about this guy's facial expression, maniacal smile, the look in his eyes. It's always the same in almost every pic he poses for. I've been looking through his instagram just now. Let me tell you, I've spent plenty of time lurking /b/ and looking at these pics is difficult for even me… and I've seen alot of fucked up shit in my life.


I'm sorry, but I'd have to put these kids in stormtrooper helmets to hide the horror. I feel bad for them, I do, but it's hard to look at.


Anyone who would exploit these children deserves to come back as one. I hope he's not up to no good. Not sure if I want to investigate this one.

30668f  No.150618

File: fc1457a70bebaca⋯.jpeg (433.03 KB, 750x1113, 250:371, 05F419DF-E966-4262-8238-7….jpeg)


This vid has over 7 million views. It’s called Ruby the treasure. Fuck this world, why do I feel bad for thinking like this? When am I going to be secure with what I know is true in my heart of hearts?

97b7cb  No.150619

File: 22553cb188d1a04⋯.png (390.57 KB, 666x324, 37:18, 1541863580452 (1).png)



Don't mind me goy! I'm just trying to spread """love and understanding"""" of these brainlets (that'll drain welfare.) And, in return: give me shekels on JewTube! OY VEY!

97b7cb  No.150621

File: a6ba78c2b5447f3⋯.png (453.05 KB, 825x451, 75:41, 1539275413038.png)


Fucking kek

I think it's the nose that gave it away.

7a3ce4  No.150622

File: 18312a8669726b3⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 308x263, 308:263, sloth4.jpg)


Fun Fact: Chunk from The Goonies was a jew.

7a3ce4  No.150626

File: 146cf242803cb35⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 645x504, 215:168, Clipboard.jpg)

Well, he has converted his channel and everything else into a legit non-profit charity, so there's that. He's been doing this for a while and seemingly started out legit as a special education teacher in Florida.


What's odd though is that his degree from Penn State is a bachelors in communications with a specialization in (((media))). Doesn't seem like the type of degree a special ed teacher would get. So, who is this guy? His name is Chris Ulmer. Is he jewish? Highly likely. This would explain the (((push))) behind his channel and MSM exposure. Was taking tards to tv land his plan all along? Looks like it.

97b7cb  No.150629

File: fa52cf9aa1b7776⋯.png (513.74 KB, 917x554, 917:554, Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 6….png)


>legit non-profit charity

Apparently not


And he still hasn't disclosed his numbers pertaining to his profession, either.

Not to mention what's happened most recently…


97b7cb  No.150632

File: c94f8f7a13f8d50⋯.png (298.1 KB, 628x336, 157:84, 100309337367.png)

File: f18a5beb14a89c8⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1524x1012, 381:253, 1522010840851.png)

File: 93a03b67acbe024⋯.png (593.7 KB, 660x530, 66:53, kike.png)



Holy fuck, I've never seen this one. This confirms it.


>(And Still Holding on to Hope)

What the fuck does that even mean?

This is probably the jewest video I've ever seen. Fucking Jewception.

7a3ce4  No.150634

File: c1c369e10b31e79⋯.png (9.61 KB, 614x167, 614:167, Capture.PNG)


OY VEY! Never forget the 6 bijillion, goys!

Kane, is that you? I see you're a Keem-esque drama wannabe. I can tell by the language you speak that you're probably one of us. Also, you've ranted about ASMR, I see. Good luck with your channel, Kane. I think you're onto something though. Chris is just another actor in this Matrix world we live in. He's a feel good story that's been (((artificially))) created.

27df6a  No.150635

File: 19f326003157794⋯.png (2.74 KB, 562x56, 281:28, Capture.PNG)

You can always tell when things are (((artificial))) because they lack user engagement, until AI sockbots are more mainstream. Hear me out.

Seafoam has 5k ish twitter followers. Chris has 7k. Nora gets 2-3x the responses to her tweets than Chris. Hmmm. Chris also did a reddit AMA, mind you this is on a JewTube channel with almost 1 MILLION subs, and he only got 42 comments. Priceless reply is pic related.



27df6a  No.150637


The non-conspiracy term for this is known as "astroturfing" in the biz. Why is it called astroturfing. Because it's the artificial alternative to "grass roots" which is how things occur naturally. Everything that the (((media))) promotes and you get that funny feeling about it that something isn't quite right, it's because you're noticing the astroturfing. It's a real thing. They don't deny it. Look it up.

529ba7  No.150684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

88ab14  No.150691


Non-saluting faggot definitely a faggot.

b90f16  No.150718

File: 7e178f25eb6d293⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 320x240, 4:3, wish we could turn back t….webm)

Bump for best flag

51149d  No.150865



>This video can't be played here, but you can still watch it on YouTube

Don't tell me you did this.

97b7cb  No.150946

File: 55f2e96f4db4702⋯.png (591.85 KB, 912x551, 48:29, HOLY JESUS CALL THE COPS.png)

File: 11fa12e2523f297⋯.png (118.88 KB, 239x343, 239:343, sex dungeon.png)

I wish zero ill upon these kids, and I really hope they're okay and safe BECAUSE HOLY FUCK IS THAT MAN CREEPY. Like, some literal Eyes Wide Shut shit going on here.

There's no way he isn't a filthy jew: Long-nosed Disingenuous NPC Turbo Chad + exploiting disabled children for monetary gain + making videos about Holocaust survivors + overt pride in an apparent sexual fetish = K I K E.

What the fuck is his endgame?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqO6hl_8jO0

88ab14  No.150947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76c1a6  No.150962


Why do you link a German video? I can't imagine more than 1% of this board are Germans or speak it.

88ab14  No.151017


For the 1% then. Anons should brush up on their Deutsche.

ad5d3c  No.151741


That is incorrect grammar so I guess so should you.

096e50  No.151763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This could be your future.

We're trying to stop it.

44344a  No.151828


Fuck off shill, not clicking your video

273369  No.151834

File: cc2ef9bcdd4784b⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 342x320, 171:160, idgaf.jpg)


>posting informative videos about communist societal controls in a political thread is shilling

That's cool. You don't have to learn about the Social Credit program being implemented in China. Stay an uninformed retarded nigger for all I care.

e2f146  No.151961

File: db586c92a7a28de⋯.png (43.65 KB, 624x226, 312:113, ((())).PNG)


(((Goldberg))) Anyone surprised?

9c3de6  No.152144

File: a688e5944ff7513⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 408x604, 102:151, a688e5944ff7513e51d6e0eac5….jpg)

1d29cc  No.152189

File: c1bc74dab585962⋯.gif (499.38 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 154364436218914778.gif)

e84ddc  No.152251

ac616a  No.152277

File: 331b19f04e5e0a6⋯.jpg (132.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 331b19f04e5e0a6fb4695eb201….jpg)

b93f5f  No.152288


>t. civnat faggot who disagrees with the 14 words

women in general have the mindset of a child, you wouldn't let your child pursue sexual relations with a nigger, so why would you let your wife?

b93f5f  No.152293


what you though asmr stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? no nigger thats just a cover, it really stands for anti semetic mens rights

b93f5f  No.152294


>We Housing Socialism now. Not National Socialism. Keep up, faggot.



>not national socialism


263983  No.152456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hitler reacts to ASMR.

b65f62  No.152723

File: 2415c75aa0f964e⋯.jpg (673.8 KB, 2613x1917, 871:639, Unicorn-06.jpg)


And Africa is leading us into that bright future.

0033f3  No.152750

File: abed6f66d075b0f⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 1300x844, 325:211, 54478445.jpg)


>Asians are good at math.

That's correct, my slant eyed friend. Asians and Latins will be the future once whites are gone. That sucks for us white people, but without us, nobody will be around to keep niggers on life support. Could you Asians do us a favor and wipe the jews off the face of the planet once we're gone? They caused white extinction and they'll cause trouble for your people too. Make sure you get rid of them. Thanks.

861ee1  No.152753

File: 81ebb8aaffd1875⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 924x530, 462:265, dc712463fd43daceb6fe16fe11….jpg)


No problem.

e84ddc  No.152788

File: 9317144bb0135b4⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, thenatsocstruggle.jpg)

File: 567d1b3d68147a6⋯.jpg (939.44 KB, 470x723, 470:723, Serrano_The_golden_cord.jpg)

File: a93e5cdda096d67⋯.jpeg (334.51 KB, 1282x1732, 641:866, fuhrerdemands.jpeg)

0a30b0  No.152828


2b0a53  No.152842

File: 9eeb400b105c428⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, 740223ede2cd77a76443c4a1db….jpg)

f793b3  No.152895


Yep, sure am. Do something about it, nigger.

e84ddc  No.152915

File: 0c2520fa12a3ee1⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 520x537, 520:537, natsocplease.jpg)

Ja. You should become one.

52c792  No.153129

File: 8bcbafe3d8cdf96⋯.png (20.09 KB, 501x700, 501:700, around whites genocides.png)

ec794f  No.153141

File: 99af76dbe91523e⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 561x222, 187:74, Darling88.jpg)

bbf34e  No.153185

File: 689eb2aea88bff9⋯.png (32.55 KB, 462x212, 231:106, taylor.png)


I didn't know she was so redpilled

b1616d  No.153305




84e7c2  No.153367

File: 9f72913ec60acf7⋯.png (5.88 MB, 7300x4000, 73:40, 5b95e03095c3812fdbdf9e5174….png)

039269  No.154278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Texas, and other states, passed a law stating that ZOGbots are not allowed to boycott Israel. Why does it fucking matter what you think of a foreign nation on the other side of the planet?! When we talk about the jews, it's not just a meme. You could be fired from your job someday for not supporting Israel. Both the left and the right, men and women, everyone should be outraged by this.

f625fa  No.154430

File: 7741b8ba6eee108⋯.jpg (33.91 KB, 500x424, 125:106, More Pol.jpg)


This thread is legit cringe. Why do you guys cling to a shitty ideology that couldn't even last a decade? And wtf this is a asmr board.

0b9e1c  No.154437

File: eb2e22f8727bf47⋯.mp4 (1.99 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Swit SandwichTikTokGlobal ….mp4)


Nationalism isn't dead. It's alive and well and it's making a comeback world wide. Why do lefties cling to an ideology that's resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths and failed every time it's been implemented? INB4 "Real communism has never been tried!"

ac616a  No.154573

File: 1d4c45bf75b8160⋯.png (28 KB, 700x490, 10:7, Capture.PNG)

didnt know where else to post this but yeah.

as much as people say that /asmr/ is toxic and BO is crazy etc. at least i dont get banned here for simple text posts lmfao

/tingles/ has like 10 posts per day, the day i started posting on there it jumped up a lot. 4 day old post gets me banned. smh.

guess i'm here exclusively my nagas

4fe1ed  No.154577


LOL. You can get banned here for simple text posts, just of a different kind. It didn't take long for /tingles/ BO to become that which he hated.

ded179  No.154589

I won’t b& for politics but if you are not a White Nationalist/National Socialist you are a faggot. BV might ban you and can do as he pleases on the board. Shitskins and judenschwein = b&.

Post last edited at

ac616a  No.154634


apparently /tingles/ is just a hugbox now. i mean the board was actually active while i started posting there. and now it will be dead. or people will migrate there and will get banned.

BO just wants the 5 ppl that post there. no one else. i make a tiny joke and get banned. meh. dont really care. but it was a comfier board. but now its just gonna have cancer on it.

caef95  No.154643

File: 540621ca9c9f458⋯.png (1.2 MB, 973x1263, 973:1263, 540621ca9c9f458268b880b34f….png)


>/tingles/ BO doesn't know about eating all the eggs

For shame.

ac616a  No.154655


ikr? sheesh.

but now /tingles/BO is going to turn on IDs for the 6 users on there. which they even admit doesnt account for phone posting and vpns.

seriously? idk if ive ever seen more of an autistic BO.

4fe1ed  No.154719


They might as well close up and go to reddit. Bunch of faggots.

ac616a  No.154765

File: 19c070ef9341203⋯.jpg (96.38 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Hug_box.jpg)

ac616a  No.154851

/tingles/ is now doxxing(lite) goodnight moons sister. lol

it cant be them alone. which one of you is over there doing it?

a5381a  No.154884

File: 67d9e4faf0fc4f3⋯.jpg (16.53 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ylpl39czodo5xul.jpg)


Not me. Is Erin's sister hot? Now you've sparked my interest. :^)

ac616a  No.154888


BO just baleeted every mention of her and all pics posted of her. sorry anon

9a2d1d  No.154903

File: 8d60a0d30af670f⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 512x511, 512:511, hi mom.jpg)

e84ddc  No.154906


>not hot

9a2d1d  No.154907

File: 1f6ac510d8d0b9a⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 823x823, 1:1, b282a4e0eb7b6f565e62123638….jpg)

ac616a  No.154911


meh. she's okay.

ac616a  No.154936


btw tell /tingles/ that "femanon" was banned

510f58  No.155019

File: 8dcc30bba926824⋯.jpg (176.93 KB, 1032x579, 344:193, Heil Lucy.jpg)

d0b817  No.155093

>not all blacks are niggers

>not all gays are faggots

>not all anime is cuckime

>not all jews are bad

>not all television is Jewish

>not all memes are bad

>not all fast food is bad

>not all mainstream is bad

>not all females are evil

>not all normalfags deserve to die

>one drop rule is for larpers

>not all of 8chan is reddit

ac616a  No.155116

File: f226c8d86671633⋯.png (23.17 KB, 347x297, 347:297, swastika.PNG)

2b6361  No.155230

File: 0032ba2380d2f01⋯.jpeg (137.39 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, dd199a3fae5852d809c44f0e0….jpeg)

Merry Christmas

a515cf  No.155313

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

529ba7  No.155523

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

60060f  No.155546

File: 4da608d7de6adfa⋯.png (383.36 KB, 768x720, 16:15, 000ed43c0d3b81185817c68eeb….png)


>everyone who disagrees with my ideology is a communist

caef95  No.155567


Anyone who disagrees with Nationalsocialism is mentally kiked, whether they're a capitalist or communist.

cbe004  No.156191

File: 350cb41467820d7⋯.webm (2.62 MB, 202x360, 101:180, oyvey_asmr.webm)

a515cf  No.156213

File: 4ff9271d8667d3e⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 550x365, 110:73, bq-5c2a9fa1b57c5.gif)

caef95  No.156247


Anyone with a single drop of nonwhite blood (kikes are nonwhite) will be burned in the lake of fire.

00509d  No.156409


>not all these M&Ms are poisoned.

>instead of tossing the bowl out, I'll just eat them at random and hope for the best because being an extremist is bad.

a515cf  No.156472

File: 2a18d3acbe9d266⋯.jpg (206.63 KB, 1272x727, 1272:727, madeinisraelussliberty.jpg)

File: 11190d99559e59d⋯.jpg (208.21 KB, 1275x728, 1275:728, madeinisraeljfk.jpg)

File: d2875d31f3bc157⋯.png (638.62 KB, 743x492, 743:492, thanksisraelussliberty.png)

File: 763c1158e958325⋯.png (622.15 KB, 741x496, 741:496, thanksisraeljfk.png)

090e0c  No.156731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a515cf  No.156824

File: 4e5d12d06e242b5⋯.jpg (189.73 KB, 672x789, 224:263, goebbelsonnatsoc1942.jpg)

File: 2f7e75ca4edd660⋯.png (10.9 KB, 1320x179, 1320:179, anonsocialism.png)

caef95  No.157299


Second image is complete bullshit.

First, NS Germany did nationalize many businesses and industries, so the statement that it didn't is just a total lie.

National Socialism is socialism; more than that, it's the only true form of socialism

Try reading actual writings by Goebbels and Hitler before you jump to idiotic conclusions like "National Socialism is just a form of capitalism" and "NS isn't socialism", because those are both lies told by the same marxist kikes you claim to oppose.


983632  No.157514


no, you are an idiot

socialism is inherently international

it can be nationalized, if you want, to some extent almost all states are national-socialist, but it is a somewhat distorted, moderate, practical version

Nazis were much more nationalists than socialists

capitalism shouldn't be mentioned here, democratic socialism is capitalist, hitler was capitalist, radical socialism isn't BUT capitalism here is not a scientific term, actually, it means almost nothing, there is national-ism, social-ism, but capital-ism is not an intellectual-political movement, it is not really an "ism"

caef95  No.157607


>socialism is inherently international

No, it isn't. Marx tried to claim that it was, but Marx didn't invent socialism and he has no claim on its' sole definition.

The Nationalsocialists were both nationalist and socialist, and Hitler was a socialist and a nationalist both.

The only idiot here is you, who is parroting definitions given to you by kikes .

Again, read actual writings and speeches by NS-men such as Hitler and Goebbels before running your mouth off like a dumb nigger.


Marxism isn't socialism. Marxism and socialism are eternally opposed to eachother; Nationalsocialism is the only true form of socialism in this world.

274735  No.157649


Marx tried to claim that it was, but Marx didn't invent socialism "

jesus fucking christ…

marx didn't invent socialism, since it is earlier than marx himself

Marxism isn't socialism. Marxism and socialism are eternally opposed to eachother"

why? this is false and i can't see any argument

national-socialism is not Nazism

and again, no argument, just a nazi shithead uses words like nigger and kike


caef95  No.157670


First, you should try learning English before posting, because you type like a nigger.

You're the one who has no argument; you didn't address anything I wrote.

I provided you with two links, one to a speech by Hitler and one to an essay by Goebbels. You haven't bothered reading them because you're a dumb, illiterate kike. Also

>reddit spacing


Go back.

0e8cb3  No.157673


i could teach you english, little idiot

nigger is your fucking mother

those bastard's texts have nothing to do with your claims

now go and entertain your parents, little nazi idiot

caef95  No.157685


>still broken english

>still no argument

>still impotently buttmad

Imagine being this much of a nigger.

0682ae  No.158072

File: 4a026ab083c66b1⋯.jpg (70.3 KB, 334x325, 334:325, 20181224_184843.jpg)

Why the fuck is this board infested by goddamn /pol/lacks? What the fuck is the connection that I'm missing here? "I hate niggers and Jews but I'll suck a woman's toes for dose tingles."

a515cf  No.158094

File: db0b25032c45808⋯.jpg (147.57 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1547410977112.jpg)

95686f  No.158167


I cringed at your post

2382a0  No.158287


bbfc7c  No.158306


8987cc  No.158327


0b9e1c  No.158336

File: cae02b972a361f4⋯.jpg (620.92 KB, 964x1486, 482:743, 2f8574ba4a858082c24bffb54d….jpg)

35d6d3  No.158677

File: c9c0c3692b531f3⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 641x960, 641:960, 1469315432369.jpg)


It's probably just an infinitechan thing. Probably.

76cbc9  No.158709


a515cf  No.158775

File: 53003eafc2b5fdd⋯.mp4 (9.68 MB, 640x360, 16:9, goebbelsjewishproblems.mp4)

Jews ruin everything.

367ab6  No.159430

File: f4202c3acac71bd⋯.mp4 (7.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Shabbat Night Live.mp4)

a515cf  No.160419

File: dc5a576e0c18218⋯.png (181.61 KB, 1070x924, 535:462, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at ….png)

File: b03272157d542ab⋯.png (299.11 KB, 1088x1202, 544:601, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at ….png)

Come on guys we should totally team up with Antifag, don't be evil Nazis. I hate some of these Alt Jew cunts more than ASMR scammers.

9e285d  No.160690

File: ac465a8f4c04322⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 350x464, 175:232, racist-cat.jpg)

c8dfc0  No.160819

File: 93d657bb1e480e4⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 720x400, 9:5, nothing wrong.jpg)

afd56a  No.161094


743c46  No.161275

While we're on the subject, anyone have the webm of (I think it was Gibi) saying 1488?

37413a  No.161362

File: 7885e6372336a55⋯.jpg (117.56 KB, 1488x141, 496:47, Napoleon.jpg)

37413a  No.161363

File: b1d5fbabfeeb81e⋯.webm (14.85 MB, 900x506, 450:253, b1d5fbabfeeb81e2488d37f3c….webm)

e84ddc  No.161758

88a3f0  No.161773


Fuck, why couldn't it be one of you anons instead?

bfaa5e  No.161774

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My heart can't handle this for a second time. ;_;

bfaa5e  No.161775

File: 3ab58593312f0db⋯.jpg (133.32 KB, 756x564, 63:47, 3ab.jpg)


> just a nazi shithead uses words like nigger and kike


bfaa5e  No.161776

File: ab23d1eedfdb28c⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 608x402, 304:201, bce.jpg)


Lol'd hard at your attempt to england.

87fe4e  No.162103


We must secure the existence of rabbits and a future for bunnies

957a27  No.162554

File: c3e3ca9266a90f6⋯.jpeg (125.97 KB, 940x528, 235:132, 940x528-1.jpeg)

File: a78e9cc927ff364⋯.jpeg (137.72 KB, 940x528, 235:132, 940x528.jpeg)

File: d6505e4b7c626b2⋯.jpg (84.19 KB, 940x529, 940:529, 02C2C15795765_4032C00-1.jpg)

File: 67dfc84f5f15a96⋯.png (318.46 KB, 612x409, 612:409, Hitler's_DAP_membership_ca….png)

File: 464792b6d018820⋯.jpg (312.81 KB, 1280x993, 1280:993, natsocnotforgotten.jpg)

99th Anniversary of the formal founding of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei!

On February 24, 1920 our Führer Adolf Hitler organised its biggest meeting until that day of 2,000 brothers in the Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München. organised its biggest meeting yet of 2,000 people on 24 February 1920 in the Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München. The Führer enunciated the Twenty-Five Points of the German Workers' Party Manifesto drawn up by Drexler, Feder and himself. On the same day of his speech, the DAP changed its name to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP.

8a6a4c  No.162999

File: be232b83ffc2598⋯.png (480.82 KB, 1299x571, 1299:571, Goebbels-the-jew2.png)

File: b8e11264fbdb0ef⋯.png (521.68 KB, 1299x571, 1299:571, Goebbels-Jews-Camp.png)

File: effd77c9468ac5d⋯.png (534.95 KB, 1299x571, 1299:571, Goebbels-Jews2.png)

File: 0b86e3378701194⋯.png (712.23 KB, 1299x571, 1299:571, Goebbels-Bolshevism.png)

File: 551ced6a7544f98⋯.jpg (61.78 KB, 850x400, 17:8, goebbels-hate.jpg)


>when someone uses your meme

Todays getting off to a good start, have some more brother.


NS is racial socialism, not economic. Not wealth redistribution, not class warfare. It has capitalistic elements like private business, private property etc but no unearned wages like usury, stock market speculation. Goebbels had to win over commies (who were later purged) in the 20s and had a complicated history I dont feel compelled to write up in response, but anything before 1932/33ish was a rhetorically redder Goebbels. In reality there was hardly any nationalization at all.

Its not capitalism, its not socialism, its a way of life.

8a6a4c  No.163000

File: 20c2cc351dee056⋯.jpg (151.82 KB, 1203x649, 1203:649, private-property-natsoc.jpg)

File: 575d20b83b25f59⋯.png (416.5 KB, 1190x1342, 595:671, private-property-natsoc2.png)

957a27  No.163158

File: 81e6fb712d70968⋯.jpg (117.93 KB, 949x1094, 949:1094, D0yPs6CUYAAbBBm.jpg)

“My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.”

- der Führer

1945 letter to Reich Minister von Ribbentrop


ba7103  No.163307

i hate everyone who isn't me

but also, me

6e1397  No.163361


caef95  No.163410


It seems like you claim that it was capitalistic while rejecting things that actually happened as well as the words of Hitler and Goebbels.

There was a large amount of industry that was nationalized. By claiming that they only said or did certain things to 'win over the commies', you're actually telling the same lie that the commies themselves tell - namely that Nationalsocialists weren't really socialists at all, but just claimed to be so for popularity reasons.

The truth is that Nationalsocialism is the only true form of socialism, and you would know this if you had read the link I posted. However, because you dismiss it due to Goebbels having written it in the mid-1920s, here's another essay by Goebbels, this one from 1932, which echoes the same exact sentiment.


The Third Reich was economically socialist. What it wasn't was marxist, which has never been socialist at all and only claimed to be for certain reasons.

The only reason that a majority of industry wasn't nationalized after Hitler took power - and only a small amount was - is because Germany didn't have the time to properly implement such a thing before the inevitable war that the Soviets were planning on launching. It was for reasons of expedience, not ideology or long-ter economics, that only limited amounts of industry were nationalized. This is why they instituted their semi-nationalization program of Trusteeship.


>saging a sticky

The mind of the average leftykike, everyone.

4cdbf8  No.163433

Once whites are gone, nobody will be around to protect you kikes and niggers. I hope that the surviving Hispanics and Asians will do this world a favor and wipe you motherfuckers off the face off this planet.

f89a7c  No.163566

File: b746772e75a93f2⋯.png (302.32 KB, 952x872, 119:109, 1234532345432.png)

File: b08514fcbc9bbd5⋯.png (297.77 KB, 952x872, 119:109, 12345323454323.png)


Whites problem is they don't house share and work for the next few years to save up collectively in their tens of thousands and use that money to make pseudo break away society. Keep information between Whites etc.

df83de  No.163641


(((They))) will never allow white men, exclusively, to band together and break from society. That would be racist and sexist, you silly goy.

ce85a4  No.163682


>disagreeing with human nature isn't a demoralized brainwashed marxist

ce85a4  No.163683



>starting from the bottom

Seriously, nigger?

957a27  No.163758

File: bce84211b2bbac5⋯.jpg (175.54 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, Edda-Goering-1-Getty.jpg)

Frau Göring, daughter of Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring and our Führer's Goddaughter has passed away at the age of 80


>died of unknown causes on December 21, 2018, but her passing was not made public until this week.

>She was the only daughter the leader ever fathered, and many considered her birth surprising, given that Hermann was badly injured in the groin in 1923, and his wife was 45 years old when she gave birth.

>At her baptism, while wearing a christening gown with embroidered swastikas, the family named Hitler as Edda's godfather.

a11b8e  No.163963

File: 47498aaea964edc⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 47498aaea964edc344166056dd….png)

21681b  No.163968

File: 928c22f0d538cf3⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 640x356, 160:89, NZ1.mp4)


If he didn't like the music he could have just asked them to turn it down.

a11b8e  No.163971

He wasted lots of bullets tho.

a11b8e  No.163974

File: c03296fda9ff549⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 640x356, 160:89, c03296fda9ff5494d2d410065….webm)

f673a5  No.163980

>hey, nordic , what you doing?

<being enslaved by jews

>hey, german , what you doing?

<being enslaved by jews

>hey,french , what you doing?

<being enslaved by jews

>hey, irish , what you doing?

<being enslaved by anglos

>hey,anglo , what you doing?

<being helping the jews enslaved the white race

"""""""""""""""""""""""master""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" race

957a27  No.164006


He went back and made sure to finish off the wounded or those playing dead.

957a27  No.164007

File: 2783627ff245a79⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 648x360, 9:5, I_AM_THE_GOD_OF_HELLFIRE.webm)

a11b8e  No.164144


Fucking legend!

0ef867  No.164439

File: f0bac2c9449d45e⋯.png (754.63 KB, 988x557, 988:557, blacked latinas.PNG)

File: c767d923eb7d6af⋯.png (49.36 KB, 912x370, 456:185, replacement.PNG)


With the impending extinction of the white race, a minority by 2045, in the west, the Americas falling first and our homelands in Europe soon after, I suspected that the globalist assault would start on the Hispanic and Latin people next. I wasn't wrong. With my dying breath, I will scream it out to those who will hear me. "Hispanic or Latin man, you are (((their))) next target! Don't let the same thing happen to you!"

It was all fun and games and memes as you watched the corporate globalists and jews destroy the white race, but it's not so funny now that you are the new target to be transformed into a slave class.

How does this .jpg make you feel, Pedro? Don't be a racist. You should embrace your blacking like a good goy. Millions of muslims want to destroy your race, religion, and culture. You should support your cathedrals being replaced by mosques. Don't be a xenophobe! Being swirled out of existence is your globalist fate.

Will you too go gentle into that good night?!

Learn from what happened to the whites because YOUR PEOPLE ARE NEXT.


ce85a4  No.164446


> "Hispanic or Latin man, you are (((their))) next target!

I thought it was the Asians.

c33df4  No.164538

f89a7c  No.164803

File: 009a27c75cbdc08⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 1553513466341.jpg)


How can they ever know what they don't see? If we link up as if we were normies, what can they do?



Yes. They weren't exactly kings when they started. They worked up in power while Whites chose materialism. They chose power. Why aren't we choosing power now?

1d4ae0  No.164820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

HH my brother our day will come

e6f52c  No.164854


>usury, banking and pornography aren't materialist

Seriously you double nigger?

a261ee  No.165265

Am I the only OGYouTube user that keeps receiving notifications for the GoPro channel?

I used to receive no notification from this app but now it keeps spamming me with that shit.

I think they are trying to make me buy a GoPro and go on a massive kebab removal…

7dcb8a  No.165501

I was really hoping I would find some sort of NatSoc style ASMR. I was heavily disappointed to find that it may not be a thing.

8271fa  No.165503


c07fee  No.165599

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d112f9  No.165690

File: abb1101dc50599d⋯.jpg (249 KB, 888x876, 74:73, 1554521262206.jpg)


Whites chose the shitty type. Muh TV and sports hyuk! Go fucking figure you dumb bitch and while you're figuring it out know that your race is dying because your bitch hands are too scared of getting dirty,

Making money is the way forward and combining between other Whites and cutting out the shite is key.

ae1295  No.165936

BO, why do we have only 10 pages?

61d46f  No.165937


>Ukranian, Latvian and Estonian SS divisions


You don't include "subhumans" which actually translates into "Lesser men", not "less than men" into your idealization of a new nobility.

b0bb92  No.165948

File: 0f2953d430d9240⋯.jpg (162.81 KB, 1280x427, 1280:427, honkies circa 2020.jpg)

Normies: I don't understand the new Clown World™ memes.

Me: Don't worry. I'll give you a visual aid.

ae21c0  No.166056

File: bdb49e370722618⋯.webm (12 MB, 960x540, 16:9, bdb49e370722618e43b5411b4….webm)

b019cd  No.166366

speaking of the JQ…..

Our latest current event pertains to relocating migrants. Soooooooo,

Since Jews want 'refugees', let's give them refugees. Jews are calling for more immigrants…. we know EXACTLY where to send them !!! Tell President Trump. Send migrants into Jewish communities. Hashtag #JewsNeedRefugees.

caef95  No.166376


>implying the orange kike would ever do anything against (((Our Greatest Ally)))

957a27  No.166379


This. Jews and their Muslim racial cousins only understand violence and bloodshed.

957a27  No.166470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Führer's 130th birthday falls on Passover this Saturday 4/20. You know what to do anons.

4d838f  No.166567


f2e066  No.166589

File: e38d0b67c421599⋯.jpg (102.73 KB, 541x720, 541:720, happy birthday.jpg)


Checked! Sieg heil!

Happy Birthday, Führer.

957a27  No.166639

File: a688aec9648b694⋯.jpg (198.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, celestialswastika.JPG)

181ab3  No.166685

File: 3a41b9fbc2cc18e⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1243x1477, 1243:1477, ClipboardImage.png)

957a27  No.166695

File: 6d429676c1a062d⋯.jpg (88 KB, 600x604, 150:151, :our:reichiseternal.jpg)

“My spirit will rise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.”

-der Führer

1945 letter to Reich Minister von Ribbentrop

76683a  No.166802


hmm I always thought that was a fake quote…

7c4c58  No.166966


I can't believe that you actually think "couldn't even last a decade" is a valid criticism. You do realize that the only reason National Socialist Germany failed was because International Jewry utilized the full force of the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States (who had the added benefit of their nation being outside the theatre of warfare). It would have been a complete miracle for any nation the size of Germany to have won under those circumstances.

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