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File: a2c5a2b79785ddc⋯.png (826.82 KB, 972x730, 486:365, 2373473514298451988352.png)


Gibi is mah new whisper waifu because #PelageaIsOverParty. Gibi is the best girl! She's a gold medal winning athlete, ya know. I heard you guys like vidya and anime. Gibi loves vidya and anime too! What a coincidence! Let's worship this alpha millionaire illuminati princess on her road to one million subscribers. Join the Gibi Fan Club today! or else

old thread



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Hey cuck, calm down.




File: 9ee9096b5ff149a⋯.jpeg (45.13 KB, 640x677, 640:677, 4cf61dfe78440f83ca0d051d7….jpeg)


This thread was created by a Plaguefag to instigate some shit. FAIL


Fan club thread?

Where are the posts about secret fiancees, the decline of content, blonde chad boyfriends???

shit thread saged


BO was quick to identify a similar fake fan club thread/posts last month, and deleted them promptly. OP isn't fooling anyone.


This cuck was monitoring the old thread, made 250th post and quickly after that a new thread.


I wonder if it's jealousy that is making Pelagea act this way?



>Gibi loves vidya and anime too

Has gibi ever watched cyborg 009, ruroni kenshin, yuyu hakusho, cowboy bebop or even ping pong?

Outta here with that



Correction: Pelagea.



Pelagea doesnt watch anime

She watches dawsons creek



gibi i love you



Hi Pelagea. 300k sub difference eating you out lately?


I think I should start posting screenshots from her discord.

The levels of fawning and white knighting can be off the charts.

Last night she got 1100$ on twitch, and one of the orbiter mods started complaining, because it was at the end of stream, and she had to stream 2 minutes longer than announced. He said that the donation was not "genuine" because it wasn't during gameplay, and now Gibi is going to be late.



There can be more than one fan club what is this




What else keeps you up at night, Pelagea?



What are you doing

this behavior is odd

id like insight



Sorry, Pelagea.



im pelagea



She watches dragon ball



she cool


File: a81ba792b5cf4f7⋯.webm (444.15 KB, 426x240, 71:40, 1488.webm)



So what else makes you jealous of Gibi, Pelagea? Is it something other than the 300k sub difference?


File: e89d26586fe3d20⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 426x240, 71:40, e89d26586fe3d20e717bf8d08b….gif)


Little Pelagea couldnt contain her jealousy for Gibi, so she made a defamation thread in her name 😢 Will Pelagea survive the night without dying of jealousy?


File: 9edb9be8a6a0bfa⋯.gif (294.57 KB, 400x279, 400:279, delicious tears.gif)


You're so fucking triggered that I made a Gibi Fan Club. Maybe we're sick of your constant faggotry in the Pelagea thread. Low and behold, here you are being a faggot about Pelagea again in a Gibi thread. Will Gibi threads now get bumped 150 times a day? Keep crying about it, faggot. Your anguish amuses me.



You know she probably doesn’t even know this place exists right?



Lol gibi cucks are nervious that a gibi thread is getting all this attention so they divert to pelagea. Too bad gibi cucks. You’ll have to deal with a gibi thread up front for awhile.


File: d0dd44444f13630⋯.jpg (53.43 KB, 1080x605, 216:121, 15624181_1625784177448129_….jpg)

Look at how beautiful Gina is. You'd have to be an absolute faggot to not fall in love with her.



Almost makes it worse that she has biased reputation goons down here then


File: 83e7787bd81ebb1⋯.jpeg (316.86 KB, 1121x1088, 1121:1088, D5DC44B4-7FBC-4F49-85CF-6….jpeg)

If we’re going by subscribers you’re all forgetting the REAL queen of asmr. ALL OTHERS BTFO



If were going by baphomet then EVERYONE BTFO

gibi is most alpha ie hottest

maria has most experience ie hottest

pelagea is most naturally gifted ie hottest

darling is funnest ie hottest

moon is cutest ie hottest

so you all suck and you all rock

get the fuck over it



That's a fucking man. The great work is complete. Average cuck cant even tell the difference between a woman and a man in lipstick until there is a swinging dick in his face and his mouth is opening.



Gibi is a member of skull and bones. So her transformation from man to a woman is a lot more convincing to the average person.


File: 796903d5be75452⋯.png (700.7 KB, 744x422, 372:211, darling hell.png)



she has skull and bones sure


File: 019d45cf3f90316⋯.gif (5.66 MB, 600x338, 300:169, cancer.gif)

>same face

>thus same phenotype

>thus same ??????

Think about, them think about that chocolate bar video…



That hawaiian esque look is super dangerous for some reason

they even killed everyone on easter island



File: f4da6e9d8d9e005⋯.mp4 (4.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hopes and Dreams of a not ….mp4)



Isn't she one of (((them)))? I really thought she was jewish…



No. She's Italian. Well, part Italian, not by much. Typical American. Grew up in private Catholic schools and republican family. Although, they are confirmed allies of the (((chosen))). Good goys.



If she’s only part Italian what else is she?



Nothing against Gibi, but she looks like one of the boogers I flick on my wall compared to Pelagea.



Nothing against pelagea but she is a skinny fat model quickly losing her youthful metabolism and likely isn’t willing to lift.


File: c5b5cdfc8a6ea7d⋯.png (76.89 KB, 294x263, 294:263, 56.PNG)


Part Italian, part American.



She said she was italian and german.



Ah the ol wild man + aryan man mix

Greatest bloodlines

as they recognize benefits of order and chaos

Organization and freedom




>Italian and German, loves Japanese weeb shit

>All 3 Axis powers

Is Gibi, dare I say, /our girl/?




>christian, republican, wealthy and influential family

>tall and fit

>not using lewdness to attract orbiters, yet they flock to her anyway

I think she might be /ourgirl/



Hmm maybe she is the ai robot meant pacify right wingers


File: 6f4067b958e86ba⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1356x768, 113:64, America_(Hetalia).png)


Hetalia roleplay vid when?



If you want your girl to be a man than she’s your girl



What about bulma

Just put lorelai hair into ponytail and use pocket makeup thing as a dragon radar

Could be fun



are you not getting bored of this meme lol



Pelagea is already doing a bulma role play. She’s been talking about it for weeks.



Not really. Not anything anyone says here is original.




fair point i guess



Because 99% of human history has been stolen. We are just remnants trying to figure shit out. Noone is original anymore.



Exactly. So might as well say the same shit since it’s as unoriginal as everything else that’s said.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What if your dna is the alchemical bond that binds your spirit to your body. Kind of like Al and his armor.



>part American

That doesn't mean anything. Every American is descended from somewhwre else.


File: 19b3cf42adabfc4⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, image1l.jpg)



So fucking hot! I want to explore every inch of her perfect body with my tongue.



Exactly. Light skinned DNA soup.



I just wish she was a little more pale. Not a fan of tan chicks really.



gib milkies mommy



You cant imagine spear fishing with her? walking out of water with your catch. oh and a nice fish too.



Gibi with her first drum cover


File: 5d866d001064156⋯.mp4 (11.1 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Gibi drums.mp4)


Gibi is so amazing! She's pretty much perfect at everything. Totally metal. I didn't even know she could play drums, let alone totally fucking rock the drums! Just look at how /fit/ she is with her toned arms. Gibi could easily beat up every other weak ASMRtits. She could punch their stupid faces in with her ripped drummer arms or kick their heads off with her long track legs. I don't even know why other anons even bother orbiting lesser camwhore waifus at this point. Gibi completely BTFO everybody. She's the best at everything. Gibi is super cool and I wish she was my waifu in real laifu. I love you, Gibi.



Suckin her dick here won’t get her to notice you.



I'd let her face fuck me irl.



and it wouldn't be gay either, because it's 2018



Like 12 years ago or something



That's a man.



Or a young Gibi



Or a young man.



Maybe you can see braces on her teeth. Also women probably wear sports bra to drum. Its a young Gibi.



Why are you stooping so low, Hebicuck? Do you really think we're so stupid? https://www.instagram.com/schianooo/?hl=en



Well shes not a man so i was more correct id say



But she is a man



shit im gay



Everyone already knew that



I would let gibi fuck me, if I could fuck her too tbqhfam



I’d fuck gibi’s boi pussy




i seen her holes



Lies. Pics or you’re full of shit



I mean in this >>104125 pic you can clearly see she has no dick



>inb4 that's not her

yes it is. Same mouth, same front teeth, same chin, same breast size



It’s tucked in


File: a4461a8014e91e8⋯.jpg (231.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1521554302184.jpg)

why do all her big sister roleplays imply that im a girl?

i want one where she clearly acknowledges the fact that im her little brother and that she loves me and wants to cuddle with me



Obviously to manifest feminine sexual energies and undermine the last bastion of freedom. Skull and bones stepping stones friend.



Probably because she has two younger sisters, and draws from that experience.



Yeah thats probably more likely



Or it’s because she’d have to acknowledge the sexual tensions in the sister brother thing that comes from her videos.



That’s not her



>gibi has sisters



File: ee5f5be67f28c3b⋯.jpeg (279.58 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, 80D1C4A3-41BD-4A27-BCE8-D….jpeg)


Hold on now anon. We don’t know the age of these sisters.



Isnt Gibi like 30



No way she’s already at the wall.


File: 12c7052d143af7f⋯.jpg (77.59 KB, 222x372, 37:62, luffythinking2.jpg)


She exercises and stuff so that wouldnt matter

More like 28 I thought but yeah if her sisters are young im gone



She's 23, Jane Lupica is 19 or 20, other sister is in HS i believe.


File: 8d02a95e24addaf⋯.png (1015 KB, 1570x1189, 1570:1189, gibinfo.png)




Smart move











You have been masquerading as Gibi for a good while now. It's time for you to stop. I don't know what camp you belong to, but it's obvious that you are benefiting from this. This is the real GibiCuck speaking, and I have a keyword for you: Samsung Galaxy ON5. No further warnings shall be given. Have a nice day.


File: e9107b2cfa0ad54⋯.gif (4.29 MB, 348x265, 348:265, ujaK3CB.gif)


I read it in his voice



Do u get poosi in return? The waifu storm was going to end this filth of a place overnight. Looked like darling and Lauren were joining in too. I had all the top tier cock whisperers at each others necks. Go on…get your poosi. This place will fuck your waifu in the poosi anyways.


File: 815c5befda043ce⋯.mp4 (481.16 KB, 524x500, 131:125, D_N_R.mp4)



that music video was like the most unsexual fapworthy thing I've ever saw. I'm so confused.



Can you tell me where it's from?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 1865c5d561c6499⋯.mp4 (2.93 MB, 428x240, 107:60, In-A-Gadda-Da-Gina.mp4)




Alright Gibi Ive come full circle and have a clearer head. Ill keep doing what Im doing and hope for the best.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You fuckers. Lol. Matts work is awesome. Wish he had more recognition.




ass matter - The anal debris you get on your dick after fucking a woman in the ass.



your ass matters



Its over for you poor deluded bastards. you actually believe that the people trying to beat it through your spellbound brain that this is a fucking man are spreading a meme. its not a meme. there is ZERO chance that gibi wasn't born a man. z rows.



Thank you for continuing to spread the truth, anon. The power of the skull and bones is so strong that most people here don’t even believe the truth even when all the evidence is right in front of them.



its ironic that his very skull and bones condemn him to trannyland. that fuccin jawbone. those brow ridges. man hands. its obvious. its no joke. that dude is laughing his ass off so hard at his 1000 patron cuck army.




Of course. It's a song about breaking up…what did you expected?


Dua Lipa's New Rules


who here is a patreon cuck?

Is it worth it?



No it’s not



YES, especially at the highest level. For twice the fun create 2 accounts and pay twice. Do it now!




so no, got it



Goof choice. Keep your betabucks



anon, if you really like her as an artist and want to support her then just go on and pledge to her. Don't care for the reward. At least I don't care. I continue pledging to content creators even if they don't provide any rewards at all.



I like her ASMR, she is pretty much the only one I watch

but she doesn't NEED my measly betabux when she earns close to 10k a month, so unless the rewards are worth it im not pledging.



They’re not worth it.


File: 367268b68756bb3⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 240x260, 12:13, get-a-load-of-this-faggot.jpg)


File: 7a4b2979b479e30⋯.jpg (162.6 KB, 675x1000, 27:40, Beta Test.jpg)




When Gibi was starting out she did custom videos for rewards, glad I was an early patreon.



When did she stop doing this?


File: 6b5927a5757365c⋯.mp4 (1.77 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 6b5927a5757365c0326ca690ff….mp4)


any Gibi custom videos floating around?



I think it used to be that the highest patrons get custom vids, but now with a lot of patrons and sponsored vids and having more shit to do she just picks a random one per month out of all the 10$+ patron's requests.



I don't think the ones who got them are coming here, or willing to share.



Or they get pleasure out of knowing we’ll never see them.



That could be



Only one gets picked?





She stopped around the end of 2016 or very early 17 and started to do that. She was really starting to blow up and they’re a time sink.



That makes sense she’d stop after getting bigger


This thread is fucking dead


File: fcfd0b747f709bc⋯.jpg (43.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 29716153_427662461017586_5….jpg)


B-but there's no fresh Gibi, anon. Have an Amouranth in the meantime to hold you over.




Gibi is my number one asmrtist.



If people want to find something to talk about they will. Gibi has also had two new videos that didn’t get posted here.



>2 vids not posted

We're a shitty fan club.



I want to rape her while she's blindfolded then comfort her through the months of trauma that ensues.





Nobody can get excited about Gibi.




Hi Gibi.



You wish you could say that on a Saturday morning



Yes, when I see her mowing my lawn.



Hi erin



i am excited about Gibi. Gibi is my number 1 ASMRtist. i like Gibi because she is nice and good asmrtist. she makes many videos many times. DOesn't gone and dont sexual strems like pelagea. i dont like pelagea anymore. pelagea doesnt have foots and doesnt ground with earth. she doesnt have sole. she is dead inside. taths why she is prostituting in live streams using clothes to short for smaller whomen. dont trust fake blue eyes, the mirror of the sole.



Liking your foot-ground-soul connection brother. Pretty deep


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its the same as elictriciti. if you use boots you dont take shock. electricit is spirtiaul energy. it is Indra, Thor, Zeus, Shango, Jesus. it comes from the earth and conects to all bings. it is pelagea has no foots and doesnt touch the earth. pelagea is not grounded and as no life energi. she is streem prostitute now with short clothes for small girls. Gibi is mermaid. she has water and conects to earth as a hole and part of the one. Gibi doesnt make litle of sexuality in man.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is for information to all.



"pelagea doesn't have foots"

clearly you haven't seen any of her modelling photos where she shows her feet….






Not her dumbass



All I've seen from her was either low quality 48x48 pics or she was wearing shoes.

In fact, all the modelling pics I've seen are pixelated garbage. I remain sceptical.




>of the kind that is clearly and openly written for teenagers

>in the gayest way possible

>wasting your time learning how to play such filth

I'm glad that's not her. Real Gibi plays violin like any respectable lady.



Yea she seems pretty awesome if you ask me


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Facts about vidya!



i thinked that to. stay away from prostitute.



>final fantasy


>pokemon snap

This brought me back to late 90s. Thanks gibi



are you blind?



She looks Jewish.



She looks great



Is you like jews then sure.



a jewish girl once asked me to dance at homecoming and she had super nice boobs


File: 5e8585c62880ad4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.29 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1480472690303.jpg)



>she doesn't look italian

Of course not. Italians are disgusting hairy brown people.

>she doesn't look g*rman

Of course not. Germans look like disgusting 56% communist creaturas.

>she doesn't look tall

Cameras n shiet.

>she looks 3rd worlder

Yes, yes she does! She looks like a female from a country with backwards traditional gender roles. Gibi looks like a feminine lady.


Check out gibi vids from last year. Shes very consistent and makes her seem very genuine. Best roleplay is between pink elf and blue mermaid. Very cool person



White knight more



her last mermaid roleplay is her best video yet.

I think she is the GOAT as of now when it comes to roleplays.

Goodnight Moon or Phoenician sailor is second best, with way better production quality and set building skills, but worse acting, and narrower range.



Oh, I'm just beginning.



Nice analysis anon seems accurate enough. Dont watch phoenician sailor much though is he worth checking out



Hey there. I really like Gibi.


I have a feeling that tonight we're going to have a new Gibi.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>another sister roleplay


see you in a few days gentlemen


Why does she call her boyfriend Ben? We all know that's not his real name.



Alright i caved and watched

>rain ambiance

Very nice for reading

>light ambiance

Very nice for relaxing

>voice/tone quality

Also really good

Nice work here great sleep



It's not, my name is Carlos. Where did she say Ben?



Looks like I was right. I'm not a fan of book reading videos though, I'd rather read the book myself.



Right about?



Gibi posting. >>106578



I hid that for some reason but dont remember why



Because Brian is a shitty name, and she knows it. And spelling it 'Bryan' is especially idiotic.



> Gina Lupica aka Gina Bee aka Gibi

> Bryan aka Bear aka Ben

Why is one name not good enough?



wew lad. I only said

>I have a feeling that tonight we're going to have a new Gibi.

It's not like I'm posting porn shops or pajeet posting.


File: 123c726342d3319⋯.jpeg (988.09 KB, 2000x2920, 50:73, 36DFAC33-65A9-42B4-B177-7….jpeg)


You mean like this?



Oh yeah newfags



>sister roleplay

>doesn't say she loves me

>doesn't give me kisses

>doesn't scratch my back

>doesn't tell me I'm handsome

>doesn't give me flirty looks

what the hell is the point?



Who seriously is into incest anon



I really don't like ASMR videos where girls give you a million compliments, kisses, tell you how great you are, etc. So many guys like that, but I think it's so phony and hollow. They obviously aren't talking to you, so everything they are saying is meaningless. In fact, I find videos like that kind of insulting to my intelligence since they are pandering to the audience in such a fake, insincere way. The ASMRtists I like don't make such "obvious" click bait videos. They make ASMR, instead of insincere girlfriend simulation videos.



Palegea is one of the worst when it comes to that. "Hi, I like you very much, give you kisses, am your girlfriend. Am I pretty enough for you? Ok, now you give me views and attention and some of your money, all right by you?" It seems that every day I come here, there is a new Palegea thread so her acting must be highly effective for undiscriminating males.




If it weren't for ASMR I would never know what it's like to have a female give me any kind of positive attention so I like it even if it's artificial and excessive.



Damn well I hope you can use it to better yourself. Unique advantage that dudes even 30 years ago didn’t



Wow, what a jerk. Yes I'm new to Gibi. You should be more welcoming.




Her multi threads aren’t her fans doing that. Her threads get filled with incels and cucks repeating the same shit everyday. It’s annoying how many threads need to be made and I like her stuff.



feminine lady. LMAO.

man. confirmed. endofstory.


Gibi has done fart porn.




Can she fart on my face?



Only as part of some weeb cosplay.



Even better



Her diet would need to match characters just fyi


Gibi vs Glow. Lord take me now



it's pretty cringey imo.




The whole PG-13 trash talking, the guys who are fans of both channels making a big deal out of who to support, and the fact that neither of them is actually good at the game, they are just being carried by their orbiters.

It'm sure they are genuinely having fun, but it's very obviously primarily for publicity.



Thats the point though right



I guess, but they would never acknowledge it.



Perhaps you’re being a negative nancy



Perhaps you are being a phaggy philip


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How to be a full time creator.

Listen up, all of you lazy ass ASMRtits.

Especially you, Heather Feather.



Step 1: Get a BA from NWU.



A lesson from Gibi? I'm gonna watch it tonight.

did she run out of ideas?



Step 2: Be hot.

Step 3: Post regularly.

Step 4: Monetize and promote your channel.



pelagee should do more of steps 3 and 4 if she wants to be as successful as gibi…



She tried 4 but people on here still bitch and moan about pelagea monetizing steams even though all you tubers monetize steams.



Step 2: Be a tranny.




>not knowing

Who invaded this board



I don't want asmrtists to post regularly. See the quality of videos of asmrtists like gibi and other regular posters. They post shitty videos. I never subscribe to these channels.


File: 02fa878a2a7bcc6⋯.jpg (83.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tingting.jpg)


I don't think that posting regularly or rarely has any real bearing on if a video is good or not. Darling and Feather rarely post and their vids are garbage. Erin posts rarely, but it's always good stuff. Cherry Crush posts regular garbage. Nora, Bekah, Tingting, and Ppomo post regular quality content. I think it all depends on the artist, but also depends on the taste of the viewer as well. What one person considers good ASMR may not be the same as what someone else considers good ASMR. I believe it was Nora and Pelagea that once explained (not verbatim) that they make regular content to keep the creative juices flowing. If they only focused on great ideas, they'd be missing out on all of the smaller good ideas. This is where it comes down to the imagination and creativity of the artist themself. Some ASMRtists have it and some don't and some, like writer's block, lose it.


File: d212c37d3ffd63c⋯.png (456.9 KB, 475x477, 475:477, maximum.PNG)


File: 2d92cc0162e177e⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 411x604, 411:604, 2d92cc0162e177e10a4a40eeba….jpg)

Posting rare gibis where apporpiate

Super cute gibi is best gibi. Any gibi really


File: 66549768f56a772⋯.jpg (95.88 KB, 729x649, 729:649, qtbrowser.jpg)


File: 3c334b35f626b18⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 736x611, 736:611, qt5.10.jpg)



File: 4829af60173a509⋯.mp4 (108.7 KB, 334x292, 167:146, sJ8S6m.mp4)




I really want that


File: e17404b35c37fdc⋯.jpg (600.87 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, a-cute.jpg)

Last one.



Very cute



This one is the rarest I've seen so far.



It was probably taken today



No, it probably was early/pre ASMR days.

Her hair is dyed differently now.



The blonde is okay. The brunette is amazing. Thats just me though. Tanner chicks look better brunette.



Isn't that Glow the rat girl next to her?



Right, darker hair suits her much better.



That isn't Glow. Her skin is too light, and her arms are thicker.

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