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File: b08505d27d91a81⋯.jpeg (78.41 KB, 514x589, 514:589, A8276063-10EB-4115-A523-3….jpeg)


New Thread

Old Thread >>106650


Блудница, влагалище, шлюха.


has she moved out of her shitty apartment yet ? she is making a lot of money in streams after all…..



Why would she? it's cheap



30% of all donations are taken by YouTube and another chunk is taken by Germany taxes which are extremely high. She’s not making enough to move out. Especially when she spends money on her backgrounds and other things used in videos and streams.



She probably gets 50% of all her donations if German laws take a 20% chunk of it. but that's just guessing. So that prick turbo is helping youtube as much as he is pelagea.


don't they have different tax rates though in Germany ? depending on how much you earn you pay a different percentage of tax. that's how it works in England anyway !


pelagee will continue to do streams because her views on her videos have been terrible for the last two vids, (dbz + twin video)



That's because she's one trick pony.



She's bound to fall in popularity. There's more and more ASMR channels popping up.



Even as a big fan, I'll admit her videos are getting worse now, the maths one I've not even watched and the DBZ/Twin one is just another "care" thing. I'd love her to go back to the trump/sirena kinda shit


she needs to be more creative in her video ideas, like that ephemeral rift guy, he can literally make a asmr video about anything !


She is likely going to ride this stream wave until she graduates and then may pursue photography. If that doesn't work she'll likely marry a well off guy or just get a job with whatever degree she has. Either way we will have to endure the sucking up to her big donors all the while she has left.

And also I have found some new pictures that show her more as she would appear in person. Very slightly different but still very beautiful.



Eh the streams don't do anything for me, I bet even her mods are getting sick of it sitting for 6 hours moderating the fucking cancer that if youtube chat for free.



what a loser attitude you have anon…..she could easily make this youtube into a full time career, she just has to be more innovative with her ideas.

clearly if gibi and darling can do it, so can she !



She not like Gibi though. Her ideas are kinda stale and she has other things that are a higher priority. After studies she could if she actually put herself into it, A stream schedule, video's on a certain day. At the moment there's only an hour notice per stream.



Yes I see the enthusiasm is waning for some of them. Really they just like the discord and do moderating for that. Some of them rarely even do moderating.



Gibi I believe still works. Or so she said recently. She said she would be able to support herself off her channel though if she chose to.

But do you think that when Pelagea's channel was smaller it made it better in a way. Because if it is not as good now, how will it be when it is much larger. And how can she be so talented and creative yet not be creative with her concepts for her videos. Also it seems she is struggling with the dialogue in her videos more now than even months ago.



Yeah can't blame them, having to sit 5/6 …2/4 hours with nothing. If she was serious about the streams she'd at least have a set time instead of just waiting till the stream numbers fall to a certain number.



Some don't do it the whole time. She enjoys the streams and doesn't want to disappoint people by ending it while they still are watching. And the money keeps coming in too. I also feel she greatly enjoys the attention.



If she cant harness the momentum of popularity and stay focused on what makes her popular she will quickly spiral out and lose that momentum.



yeah, she'll always gain subs since she's hot. But they will slow down and she'll just stop making content when the streams die out.



or she harnesses the popularity high and still creates grounded content. Like a snowball rolling to an avalanche type thing. harnessing momentum



Beautiful avalanche. ;)


She'll end up like Olivia Kissper or Lilium unless she starts selling nudes.



Yeah…she's never gonna do that - she has solid alternatives. She's mentioned how she gets tons of good photography job offers. The only thing holding her back from becoming a full time photographer is her confidence in her abilities, and she's already starting to accept some of the offers to test out her skills. Tbh, I'm not sure how much longer she'll be doing ASMR. She said that, once she starts taking on more photography jobs, she'll have a lot less free time, which means less ASMR, so she'll probably be leaving YouTube by choice in the coming months/years.



Wishful thinking, but NO. Which million sub waifu has nudes? NONE. Pelagea keeps on keeping on and in time, she'll break 1 million too.


File: 34f79ff55721fdd⋯.png (500.21 KB, 398x601, 398:601, pelagea99.png)


best and most likely outcome. i rather see her end it on a high note. the cucks on insta would praise her for it too so it's a win/win



Maria and Taylor



Neither of them have nudes.



Oh yeah forgot



Maria has some sweet audios.


Im new here and got a question.

Whats with the cuck what does that mean also why is there all this bickering over people who like pelagea dont we all like her and thats why where here?



It seems nobody in her threads likes her for reasons I’m not really sure. I’m still a fan but everyone here just constantly shits on everything she dies no matter what. I really don’t get it. And cuck means someone that likes watching their wife get fucked by other men.



Oh wow i thought cuck was like an idiot.

I guess this should be changed to hate thread then and not the place for me then i suppose.



Welcome to the jungle we've got fun and games

We got everything you want honey, we know the names

We are the people that can find whatever you may need



Yea if you like her you should leave. This place is absolute shit and every second you’re here it will make you feel worse and worse. If you’re even semi normal you don’t want to ruin your mental health by this hellhole like I have.


File: 05394442bb75a28⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 226x255, 226:255, 5215cdddfc3121f0719578f892….jpg)

It's digusting how these fucking Plague threads are actually full of outsiders and (shits up this board with their faggot shit and slut waifus).

Fuck you faggots from yt, reddit, facebook, intagram or wherever you nigger fuckface fags.




It's digusting how these fucking Plague threads are actually full of outsiders (and also shitting up this board with their faggot shit and slut waifus).

Fuck you faggots from yt, reddit, facebook, intagram or wherever you nigger fuckface fags come from.




So where did you come from then…did you just find a random thread to start hating someone you dont know.

Explains why its full of retards that claim they dont care about pelagea but in reality they are just still feeling the pain from the butt.



I don't even like plague or follow her shit, but i remember a long time ago that plague threads in here aren't as faggy as the ones made these days. It only became shitty when faggot newfags from reddit and yt discovered this board and brought with them their yt and facebook gossip shit in here, shitting up the whole board with faggot shit in the process.

This board used to be comfy.


File: b974a5913947e14⋯.mp4 (605.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, b974a5913947e1439894d689c5….mp4)


>shitting up the whole board with faggot shit

>faggot shit


You guys are really driving Turbocuck nuts he reported the old thread 22 times. I ignored him.



Screenshot xD



I deleted them all, he was just mad anons used his name and pic, and was "threatened." Turbocuck > Turbosugardaddy.





If Turbocuck is here, you should post. Maybe we could ask you some questions. We may be able to come to an understanding. So does your cuck money come from a settlement? Because you obviously have loads of free time. Or did you hit it big and retire only to spend your days in front of a computer obsessing over some chick on the internet. With this money and effort, you could get a real live girl. Of course you would have to add a few more zeros to get a girl that is closer in looks to Pelagea.



No way he’s really here. Hey turbocuck you can post here. It’s ok. Don’t be a bitch and let’s talk.




i disagree with both of you negative attitude losers….

there is plenty of ways she can make money using her online platforms.

-e.g youtube asense



-custom videos

-sponsored youtube videos

-sponsored instagram posts (as she has 40k which is still a decent amount of followers)

unfortunately she is not as smart as she is beautiful and therefore is not making the best decisions….

for example

-she should announce streams a day before at least, therefore more people will know about it and potentially more people will donate.

-she should not make every video she does full of complex backgrounds and sound / video editing. some simple videos added in will help her save time as well as being able to post more regular content.


If the stuff on this board pissed off turbocuck, then some of the stuff I got on him would make him completely loose his shit.



part 2

she should become a twitch partner (meaning ads on twitch stream), and enable donations on twitch as well.

-she should be SMART and see what topics are trending on YouTube currently and make asmr videos around those topics, as they would likely get more views as they are popular topics

unfortunately she does not use her brain to think about these things……if i were blonde chad i would advice her to do these things……



I don't think she is that dumb. I would say she just didn't have a business mindset. Although she obviously knows how to play the game, she has more of an artistic personality. Honesty it is hard to figure out why she does what he does. But she didn't do donations for a while and now definitely loves it, so I think other things might not be far off.



Post it. If he’s here he’ll see it. We’ve only seen a few photos of him on here and some anon said those were old photos and he’s older grayer and fatter now. I’d like to see what you’ve got.



part 3

this type of attitude she has of not prioritising her opportunities to make money online is ultimately going to lead her to FAILURE !

1. she failed to become an artist

2. she failed to become a model

3 IF….she does not prioritise her monitization opportunities online then she will FAIL to become a full time youtuber as well…

only then she will likely become a full time photographer (and will probably fail at that too…)



You could be the brown/pajeet/beta neckbeard chad she needs.

We believe in u.

Suggest these shit to her.



She could be a full time escort




File: 4ea99124f506ee1⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 18096554_1241971282588767_….jpg)


i would, apparently her mods check this thread hopefully they will tell her these ideas..

if i was blonde chad i would smack her into line !

she has a GOLDEN opportunity to become rich i believe, but she is just squandering it away by making terrible decisions…….



soon she will have her college degree. i do not think that fulltime youtube is her lifegoal



if she wants to be a 9-5 wagecuck then good for her……however full time youtube offers her the opportunity to live a more comfortable / enjoyable life….



true. having a good education and beeing a 9-5 wagecuck with a 100k $ income is not enjoyable /s


It is so great that losers on a chan board have such a wealth of knowledge for someone else to be a success in life. If only they could take some of it themselves.



TRU tbh


You need to realize that not all people has getting rich and being a celebrity as top priority in their lives.

Some people are happier doing what their love, without compromising their beliefs or selling-out and earn enough to have a decent life.I think Pelagea is like that. God bless her soul.



I stopped counting sorry bro

lets restart at 3000 if youre still working for those rare webms



She needs to take video suggestions more seriously. Tons of ideas on her Facebook page that would be better than her last two vids.



Superchat your suggestion on her next stream. $5 minimum ;))



Yeah, Honestly I guess she just wants the easy things to do now and then put all her effort into streams. There are countless suggestions on FB that would be great, I also guess that her mods would have some good ideas. As long as it's not more " Oh i'll care for you " nonsense.


Why do people use volafile? Her last stream is up but that shit don't load. And when something does load it is slow as hell. The place has aids.



You are wrong in both counts. Her last two videos came from flollowers suggestions, and weren't bad either.



You're wrong by saying I'm wrong, You know this shit is subjective. the DBZ one was average. just another care for and the maths one, Na not even going to bother with that.



The DB one she had already been thinking about for a long time



Yes, but there had been people requesting it before.



Let me guess, you are a typical americunt who hadn't heard of Dragon Ball before and hated it because you are close minded to anything that isn't originated in your own enterntainment industry. The kind of people that would request her to do nothing but roleplays about the latest shitty hollywerid movies and idiotic Netflix/HBO garbage.



Lol you got triggered to fuck, I'm not American, I've been a fan of Dragon ball for over 15 years. So hell cuck, Don't make it too obvious that you're fucking triggered lol.



Butthurt DB fan. Are you a child? Who the fuck cares about Anime or cartoons as an adult?





Kill your







The same cucks who shower camwhores with betabux. Low life pond scum.






LOL. I've got so many angry replies that is plain to see that I struck a cord in your fragile yankee egos.

Thank God Pelagea is a proud Russian and slav that doesn't pander to your base tastes and lack of culture.


Go back to watch Disney channel you stupid americunts.



Yup, you're trying to deflect and wont read what people say. You're 100% the triggered American. Cheers for pointing that out even though my reply wasn't angry it just pointed out the facts.

>>107437 Also stop same fagging



Pelagea, for instance.

And I wasn't a DB fan, but appreciated the effort she put in the video, one of her best ever.



So a grown man loves cartoons.

Pander? No? Her Texas video, she loves Texas. Trump video. She scheduled things around mostly US times. Self bronzer. You know the Yanks love a good tan. Her English even sounds more American. Guns are great too. And don't forget her Turbocuck. Oh John. Thank you so much John, John, John.I don't see her doing Russian vids anymore. Probably because they are sad, depressed, angry people who love to hate the things that they love. Also they have a lot of obsessed people who say hateful things to her.



Also don't forget that most of her videos are simplistic let me wash your face and take care of you.



> starts every stream at 10 pm EU time

"She scheduled things around mostly US times"



No you're a typical Nonmoonlander that hates all things American because of the knowledge that America can ass rape your weak country if it feels like it. It's the feeling of impotence you really hate.


File: 0108c73c4e7fd80⋯.png (125.51 KB, 376x309, 376:309, 1510401309711.png)


:-P:-P My country is better than yours!! And we don't know who you are and where your from.



Funny. Ypu are still under the delusion that your country is anything but israel's little bitch.

It's a good thing that the Sackler family is killing so many of you with opioids and getting rich in the process.



You know most of these things she did, were made to please her followers in Yankeeland, but her heart isn't in it really. She only liked Trump because she hoped he would improve relationship with Russia and he's married to a fellow slav. She doesn't usef ake tan anymore. She said Cocal Cola is poison. She has been outspoken in her pride of Russia and her slavice heritage. Her favourite musicians are russians and german. She talked a lot more to that french guy than to Turbocuck in her latest stream. She knows that moving to USA is like selling your soul to the Devil, you turn everything you touch into shit, You only care abut money and fake happiness, but in fact you are so miserable that most of you are junkies hooked on antidepressants and opioids.



And by the way, who told you that guns are a Yankeeland only thing? Russians love their guns too, they don't need to be schooled by some stupid hillbillies



Ha! You know, you might be ok if you weren't trying to be a self righteous prick. I live here. Do you think I don't know of our own faults. Not that I completely agree with you. I don't know if you are larping as a Russian, but Russia has so much shit going on that I think most people would chose America over Russia any day. She adores Brittany Spears, loves Texas, and wants to visit. She said that moving to Murica would be a dream but not realistic. And guns are universal, Even people who hate guns smile when they shoot them. Also Russians are to drunk to shoot straight. Killing people through proxies and radiation seems to be their preferred methods. And these antidepressants numb our feelings, so we would not hesitate to fuck you up. JK. But not really.



>Also Russians are to drunk to shoot straight.

Are you retarded?



If I'm retarded it is only because I have some Russian genes from generations back. And you may be right. Russians can only function in their daily lives after a liter of vodka. So maybe their aim improves after the shakes go away.



That's like me saying all Americans are dumb niggers. Are you 13?



So making generalizations about the US is fine but doing the same at then expense of another country such as Russia not ok. Yeah I see your point. Are you retarded? Are you 13?



I'm not the anon who was bashing you. I'm just pointing out your stupidity about generalization.

You wanna see drunk assholes? Come during the summer to the Mediterranean coast and search for Brits and Scandinavians. I've never seen any Russian act like that.



Generalizations are stupid. But stereotypes are accurate to some degree. If only a little. The world is full of assholes and dickheads. No one has a monopoly on that. And some Russians I have met are very hospitable and fun. Also lots of artists and intellectuals there.


File: d6a48a99c7964bc⋯.jpg (7.57 KB, 593x69, 593:69, urgente.jpg)

Guys we are fucked … turbocuck will tell her about us!



100% chance she already knows about this place, If that cuck has ran to Pelagea about us then that's fucking hilarious, What does that cunt think she'll do? Stop us.


File: c54bfd3446d8c58⋯.jpg (71.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20140627_125558.jpg)

File: 81c074afb4c1422⋯.jpg (250.76 KB, 2046x2046, 1:1, John_wansley-MIX (1).jpg)


what are you going to do now 8chan !!! i have told pelagea about your hate threads !

I am the ultimate ALPHA MALE ! (apart from when i am getting cucked by blonde chad on a daily basis…)


File: 0b555e33a6e4a11⋯.png (3.07 MB, 2080x996, 520:249, sdsaddasdasdsa.png)



look what i found anons…




Aw come on guys … As much as I think he's a fucking cuck can we not try to dox the shit out of this fella?



its not doxing if its all publicly accessible information though…



The public shit yeah but, I know how fucking retarded some people get in their autism induced faggotry and will probably try to find private info out. Public shit I don't care, Private shit please don't. Fuck knows what Pelagea will do when we dox one of her biggest sources of income on streams.


File: b7af0286ae93436⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 667x529, 29:23, Untitled.jpg)


We have a lurker lmao.


You know that if you are fucking with this guy then your are fucking with her too. What if you scare away her income source.



Is that TurboCuck?



>What if you scare away her income source.

Isn't that a goal?



I guess so. Some of these assholes won't be happy until they drive her out. And then they can move on to their next one.


Turbocuck is no better than us….no he is one of us



Well we now know he reads all this shit, he is one of us but is he not better. he's a cuck with a lot of money who cannot handle the retardation of what happens here


I’m sure some of you have seen me comment a few times on her Instagram. I got messaged yesterday by turbocat claiming I posted his photo and real name here. I explained to him that I never actually posted his name and I didn’t even know his name. Apparently whichever one of you posted his name had it in the file name. He threaned me with a police report unless I removed it but I explained to him that it wasnt me and I can’t delete any post that someone else made here. Now it seems he’s told pelagea I posted his name and people on her Instagram believe him. I don’t know which of you pieces of shit posted his name but FUCK YOU. I didn’t post his fucking name. And now everyone on her Instagram sides with turbocat cause he thinks I posted his name. And pelagea must absolutely hate me now thinking I did that when it WASNT ME. I can understand why turbocat might think it was me but turbocat I’m sure you see this but you and me had been fine these last few days. We weren’t fighting anymore. And if I could delete the posts with your name I would. But I’m fucking pissed that whoever actually posted his name gets away with it but I have to be the one that gets blamed ITS BULLSHIT. It wasn’t me turbocat and I’m really pissed you claimed it was with no evidence. So again FUCK YOU to whoever posted his real name. You’re a real piece of shit.



I think Turbocuck is confused. The comments that some people made on her Instagram were in response to someone posting vulgar comments towards her. They said she should make pussy clapping trigger noises and that she probably gets wet from donations. And somehow he thinks they were defending him. I believe the guy who posted that deleted his account. So I am not sure what this name business is all about. But why does it matter what his name is. He has it on his FB and he is in her group. But how much of a cuck is he to be a middle aged man running to a young lady for help. I never post anything on her Instagram but it might be fun to screw around with him now that I know he can't handle it.



Just don’t. Please just leave him alone. If you don’t like him then just ignore him.



Someone out there really doesnt like asmr. Strange how something this benign experiences harassment like this. Theres always an issue with something and pointing it out only seems to make it worse. Theres only ever one answer when this is the case.


Case in point



Stop spamming with false reports!


Ok again turbocat has claimed others to have done things


Btw, TurboCuck is the one who has opened the last 6 threads about Pelagea. Now you know who you are dealing with, a 60 year old psychopath.


Turbocuck nuked all of his Facebook accounts lel!



Listen to me dipshit, I told you not to spam with false reports. If you have something to say, say it here like everybody else. Report button is not for chat with the mods.



post screenshots of his report messages



I've already dismissed them.



Christ, these Pelagea threads are the equivalent of a gas station toilet.



Your suggestions are purely for making financial gains. Pelagea could never make a 'fashion haul' or content of that nature. She makes every video with love, g*d bless her.



How should we know who you are? How can he know who you are? You could be him. I could be him. So stop crying please.

He himself posted all his information on the internet. His IG account wasn't private at first with his full name and pictures of him. Anyone who is able to use google could easily find more information about him. He was stupid enough to confirm that he used to live in Buford and now lives somewhere in Texas. So he is the first one to blame about his stupidness.

> Acting weird and obsessed with asmrtist

> Wonders why people hat him

> Too stupid to not put personal information on the internet

> Runs to asmrtist for help




>obsess about dude with more money than you

>takes precautionary measures against people like you who shirk responsibility of their actions

>still complain about the guy because

Honestly i dont know. You guys are losers



I agree 99 percent of the people here are full time retards but tubrocat has got to be the most retarded.


File: f8e0f5ac4aa8929⋯.jpg (136.52 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20140627_125558.jpg)

hey turbouck, we know that you are reading these threads…

why don't you use your ability to talk to pelagea on a personal basis for good instead of being a cyber stalker for once ?

you should tell her about these ideas so that she can better monitize her channel….





File: 2d92cc0162e177e⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 411x604, 411:604, 12694856_818701911591615_2….jpg)

Oh my, look at all the drama in here.

And for what? A fucking ASMRtit? Kek.


File: 3ab05526a311d7f⋯.jpg (51.95 KB, 750x541, 750:541, 14862892961313.jpg)


gibi is a BETA female compared to the APLHA pelagee !


> lied about his age

> probably show up at front door if could find her

> obsessed




File: 7e7f4dfbbb64b12⋯.png (31.64 KB, 1124x470, 562:235, muslimpel.png)

Do you think she lives in a nice pleasant Muslim area? I hope so, it will feel just like her home in Chechnya.



>> probably



Would a retard earn more money than most anons here?



Who has said that he earned it? And it is not retarded, it's autism. So he could have some brilliant form of autism and still act like a retard.



He's not donated yet, he still has a good 2 months before his chargeback window is closed. Im just waiting for him to harass her for another month then get all his money back and fuck her over for not caving to him




Jesus dude



You guys gossip worse than middle schoolers



Half probably are middle Schoolers



This tbh.

Kinda embarassing … grown ass dudes

Who gossip shit so obsessively about

a roastie asmr girl

Every aspect of her life

Her every move

They even actually

Follow evey move of her cuck yt orbiters (turbo cockk)

They should be ashamed of their words and deeds.

I'm kinda embarassed

That. We're sharing this board

With these particular

Kind of.




I have to agree

But what is with

All of



It probably is that she is hot and seems like a cool person. They know they will never have some like that, so they obsess to feel a connection. Or to try and bring her closer to their level



Shitskin kill yourself with that fucking aids formatting.


I just took another look at her last Instagram pic and do you think she positioned the bottle like that on purpose. It's obvious she makes her pics sexy but sometimes it's hard to tell if she is that dirty.



>hard to tell if she is that dirty

Go watch her videos and then ask yourself again.




Watch out! The sharia police is back.



post pic here…



well she did heart that comment which suggests she likes black dick….so you never know !



More likely reason: she noticed that pictures with some part of her in the picture get more likes and the bottle was too heavy to hold next to her face with one hand, so she took the pic in her lap.


File: 4c4a9512ced7ab0⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 650x677, 650:677, Video-Saying-Sorry-Parents….jpg)


File: b9212740ebadd9b⋯.jpg (37.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, PURE.jpg)


>it's hard to tell if she's that dirty.

Come on anon, you're better than that.


File: ad2023660f9f2dd⋯.jpg (109.89 KB, 1080x1228, 270:307, Big head bottle.jpg)



what the hell is so wrong about this pic ? is she going to get drunk AF and get gangbanged or what ?

there is nothing particularly sleazy / suggestive about this pic…..



What do you expect with the faggots on this board none of them have experience with women, they see leg and cream themselves and fucking hell if they rest anything on their lap, total whore - Welcome to the mindset of incels.



yeah i am genuinely intrigued how people would find this picture to be suggestive in any way


If I pointed my camera down right now and took a picture it would look exactly like that.



It isn't suggestive but you can very easily take good things away from it, I straight away went to her legs since she's got a fucking perfect pair on her.



i mean she is tall so she does have long sexy legs


she probably won't go for guys under 6 foot considering how tall she is…



There's a difference between what we're doing, Admiring an attractive chick and the obsessive shit some people and turbofaggot does.



yeah this is why i Purposely choose not to follow her instagram + facebook group because it is very easy to get obsessed !



Oh I follow them but the Facebook is really ,nothing to do with Pelagea. It's not easy to get obsessed if you'er a normal person. You look - Appreciate - Move the fuck on with your day.



yea but then you can get hooked on seeing every new social media update she posts…i just watch her youtube vids and occasionally comment here if there is an interesting discussion going on


File: db4020508c7ec18⋯.jpg (190.17 KB, 1080x1215, 8:9, 15025622613323.jpg)

tfw you will never be with pelagea, despite how many shekels you donate :( why live



Na fam, that shit is inspirational. You use the fact you can never have Pelagea to do better and find someone as close as possible.



Tell me about the crest. What does it mean?



She's getting drunk while Mohammad and Jamal are waiting behind her naked. Germanistan 2018.


File: 7c6daa5f2a6ab91⋯.jpg (337.28 KB, 1300x1284, 325:321, heraldry-coat-of-arms-of-t….jpg)


kingdom of saxony



>usurping the lion

Im here to say this is over



that's not what turbo cuck thinks !

he seems to be slowly getting closer and closer to her !

who knows she might take an all expenses holiday (paid for my him) to america on visit him. that's when he will have his chance !



Lol no turbo that's now what will happen, she is infinitely beyond your league. Stop crying like a faggot to Pelagea about this place since it will get worse for you and keep giving her all that money before you chargeback for her not sending you nudes.



she is into older gentlemen….she told me when we were Direct messaging each other on instagram.

what immense pleasure i will take in touching her sweet youthful body when she comes to visit me in atlanta !



If you wanna larp a fucking cuck I will aswell, I know everything since I'm a mod. I know how bad they feel for you fucking up so hard trying to get shit removed off here. It takes 1 more thing before people dox the fuck out of you. Had enough larping? It would be predictable if you where pretending to be Nazi but actually pretending to be Turbofaggot … please even you must have some pride



i can't wait to fly over sweet young pelagea to Atlanta, Georgia. that sweet white body pressed up against my thick muscular abdomen….

It would feel like heaven on earth as i slowly thrust my penis deep inside her tight pink Vagina and hear her moaning in ecstasy…….it will be well worth the 10 grand i spent on her !



Oh how you have fallen in life Anon, pretending to be Turbo, You can't win now, Pretending to be Turbofaggot means you've hit a new low and on the rare very rare chance you are him then Pelagea has literally just seen what you've said since we know her mods read this chat.



The fuck fail image is that?



I fucked something. That was a pic of Turbocuck crying but that's actually this >>107507 post. I can't find dismissed reports.



Turbo is going to really fuck himself over if he comes on here. Pelageas mods will ruin him since they read here. It's like telling the police that a police officer is doing something wrong. you're going to get your ass raped.



it doesn't matter, money always talks ! you will learn later in life…

as for pel….we'll she knows my intentions, i can't wait to fly her out to Georgia and have that tongue and luscious lips on my penis ! it will feel like Heaven on earth !



It's funny how he said he wants to call police cos someone reuploaded a pic from his public Facebook account. He has 3 Facebook accounts with his real name and God knows how many fake ones. I'm sure police would like to check his IP logs and find all the girls he stalks.



I feel sorry that he's drawn the attention of the hate dungeon. But he brings it on himself, Be more like Geekstream and Secant who just donate and say funny shit instead of old creepy bollox.



i would not be suprised if he heated up the hate dungeon to have a urgent excuse to start DM conversations with pelagee



Anyone can talk to her, I've spoken to her before. Just takes a fucking hell of a tie for her to reply, IIRC the first time i messaged her it took 3 weeks for her to reply then about 2 hour conversation and I though yeah that's nice I won't bother her again.


Well if turbocuck wasn't a cuck why is it that even the majority of this thread agree he is when no ever agree's with each other here.



110% he's a fucking cuck if so many agree on it.



What did you have a conversation about? And here I was thinking I was special.



Oh fam this was a long time ago over youtube message when she did her Oktoberfest one with the food? I asked her what she did with it and had a conversation about the food and drink before she said bye since she was going to record another video.



Was she speaking with you in German? And did she and Val eat it.



Ja, es war auf Deutsch, I though it would be better in German than English. She told me she ate what she could since it got really cold after the video. I was happy to get a reply and sorta left it there.


pelagea has some x rated videos which she made with blonde chad still on the internet…………


After someone posted that Turbocuck nuked all of his Facebook accounts, one of his reports was that he had to do it cos he was getting too much of a friend requests. You can't make this shit up.



Bad bait 0/10 unless proof is shown



And that is the summary of a 2 hr conversation? That was a lot of meat for a skinny girl.






i've seen this video which she made with blonde chad where is taking a lot of meat ! (if you know what i mean)



Na it was about the food, what it was how she made it and all that, I just wanted a conversation and I got it, Keep in mind it was youtube message so ever reply was 10-15 minutes apart



And he is upset that everyone wants to be his friend. Ha



This has to be Turbocuck. You have the same horrible humor. And lame jokes.



lets just say she is not very good at taking a lot of meat…..



And you got all that w/o betabux. Somebody is not happy.


He's a total lunatic. In this post >>107507 he's talking about himself in the third person and lying.


i can't wait for her to take my meat…



Don't need betabux if you're not a fucking creep old faggot, Literally just talking to her like a normal person works better than anything. I will admit I have donated to her once simply because I use adblock so I give her a little something for all the videos.


I know that fag above is larping but I wouldn't be that surprised if I find Pelagea's soft core "artistic" videos.



finally someone else knows what i am talking about ! she is not very good at taking blonde chad's meat, is she ?



If there were anything like that those creepy fucking Russians would have already gotten it



that's what you think ! all i will say is that she looks better than she F……….



/asmr/ at Russian 2chan is literally dead.



yea they had a significant update in their pelagea thread in months !




Still, if it were out there it would have been found.



She wouldn't need to do anything



not really, i have a lot of pelagee's modelling photos which have yet to be posted in these threads…..


all i am going to say regarding this tape is "dead fish"



And you're just going to be selfish?


Come on man no one believes you



No on ever believes people when they say this shit, everyone does without any proof.


File: 7f47dbb99b0ebd1⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 782x279, 782:279, tc.jpg)



Faggot don't do that … You know you're going to be instantly banned the moment you say anything and if Pelagea see's it she may just make the mods be stricter.


File: 5349daa0b77b410⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 631x475, 631:475, do_it_faggot.jpg)


you can just make a new account if you get banned…


File: c5b4292091b6bd0⋯.jpg (87.2 KB, 1044x508, 261:127, Untitled.jpg)


You can make several Youtube accounts with only one gmail address.


>pretend to be different people

>dox them

>harass them

>never leave them alone

>lie all the time

P.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. F.u.c.k.i.n.g. Losers.



Welcome to the aids that is Anon boards.



What do the acronyms stand for?



Hi TurboCuck! How's it going?



Ill say when your guess is correct


Leave turbocuck alone. So he treat palage like a cheap $5 tip stripper who will dance for him. Not your business.






Why is turbocuck being defended?

He is literally the scum of this place just instead he is using donations to force pelagea to reply.


File: e4791162e86e33b⋯.jpg (140.48 KB, 478x1030, 239:515, Refugee.jpg)

For less than a dollar a day, you can help a Belarusian refugee live out her dream of washing people's faces and whispers into microphones. You will receive the gift of cleavage and the joy of knowing you have helped this poor unfortunate girl live a life without knowing the harsh reality of what it means to be a Bonnistanian whore.




It's fun to fuck with autists.



You are a coward shirking the responsibility of your actions


Her goal is 1000 Patreon cucks but she can't move from 250. kek


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thread theme



It's shocking that she still has that many. She hasn't been on the site since November and completely ignores people when they bring it up. It's hilarious.



Since she got much more income on stream with superchat it's not a surprise. People on patreon still hoping for their personal rewards from her. I was wondering how many months will passed when they realized they won't get anything.


File: 6b41c0569e3e5a2⋯.jpg (168.6 KB, 500x750, 2:3, pelagea463.jpg)

New post, "I am thinking to have a certain day for streams and it is going to be Friday or Saturday. I need to try both a few time before I can say what is better manageable for me :)"

she lurks here :)

also, legs


i wonder what an average day for pelagee looks like ???


just found this website and went through the couple previous threads

i want to say that everyone here is a degenerate, pathetic, lifeless faggot

please kill your selves for the better of man kind

thank you



no thanks turbocuck…



Welcome aboard. You are one of us now.


If Pelagea starts streaming on Fridays then she will be going head to head with Valeriya. Should be interesting.



Val probably scheduled to saturday if that happens, cause Pelagea will likely rob her viewers. :D


i wonder how pelagee's life is like on a daily basis…




Why do you ask us? We are the degenerate, pathetic, lifeless faggots. Just ask her. Maybe use superchat for that. Creep!



why not ?


Watch for turbocuck new name. Palage maybe know it.


she started to following back a select few of the most loyal commenters now. it's a good strategy. this gives them a 'vip' like feeling. if it was me i'd put them on my 'close friends' list and share stuff exclusively for them. 1 turbo pays a whole month of rent, so why not collect a dozen of guys like him…



she is smart, she is keeping all of her

sugar-daddies close. too bad for them they will never get a chance to experience sex with her perfect body…


do you think she would have sex with one of her sugar daddies if they came to germany and gave her like $5000 ?



no, turbo. there is no hope for you



how about like $10,000 ? i have a feeling she would do it if no one else found out about it…



There are some names that have like 10 or more comments under each of her IG posts and she does not follow them. Even turbocuck is missing on her list.



Asmr is dangerous to elites because they want everyone on edge and uncomfortable talking to each other. This lets them manipulate us easier. Unfortunately this leads to elites henchmen hanging out trying to ruin girls lives through perpetual harassment to get them to give up the scene. Threads swing from attempting attractive hierarchy to vindictive allusions towards prostitution and religious accusations. Very strange but not everyone is like that.



I think she makes youtube vids and has sex with a man she trusts and finds attractive herself. Why you say shes a whore



You can fuck me for $10,000.



Usd? 10000 pesos is like 30 bucks



i'm am only interested in pelagea…



You’re not healthy dude please



women can't resist money…



How would you know




The only dollar that matters.

I'll dress like her and talk like her. You even won't know the difference.



New thread faggots, Don't forget Fuck turbocuck



>self loathing obsessed over a girl

Ah the projection finally comes out



She dresses pretty hoochie, but that's normal for Russian women.




I checked what this slang term means and I have to disagree strongly. She always dress sexy but tastefully. Hoochie couldonly be applied to her modelling shots.

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