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File: 94fba8e3b2bcddb⋯.png (679.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_4037.PNG)

99e196  No.108829

Anyone got vids?

3fc3d0  No.109176

ugly ass kale eating whore sent a DMCA notice to vola

2cc36d  No.109208

File: bb07cd59f300e5c⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 800x630, 80:63, love-is-over-cat.jpg)


Awww. I thought you volafags and Yumi Jimmi were best friends. Guess not. That'll teach you guys to trust those whores.

9e5c6b  No.109332

She just needs to get her tits out more often. Her new stuff is boring when shes not teasing her enhanced assets.

00bafb  No.109371



c402be  No.109567

Yep the vola room she got nuked had a video of her sitting on a vibator, was different than the norm.

She says she doesn't post nudes but give her top dollar of patreon and she'll whip them titties out faster than you can say show your tits.

9e5c6b  No.109597


So shes a camwhore in denial then lmao. Also did anyone manage to get the video and can load it elsewhere?

041635  No.109645


What did they post there? Also why are wins shared there instead of the thread? They can't DMCA 8ch

041635  No.109646


Got the vid?

172fef  No.109650

Upload that shit on some Russian server and she can go fuck herself with DMCA.

b1cac4  No.109920

Someone uploaded a vola room here before but then someone must of spread it to that other vola room she hangs out in. So hope that person see this and posts those videos again

19470a  No.109950

Lmfao shes posted lewds of other ASMRists on that Vola but when its done to her the cunt DMCAS it. They should've banned her from the room but they all assumed she was their friend lmao.

3a3cbf  No.109952

File: e126a478821bdf1⋯.gif (369.07 KB, 500x281, 500:281, anigif_sub-buzz-12238-1479….gif)

Does anyone have the video in which she does this.

b04727  No.112364


a6eab8  No.113320

I have her personal snapchat if anyone can do anything with it. i'm not gonna dox because thats silly.

d9f6d7  No.113341


Does she post nude vids/pics on it? Have you got any captured/recorded?

8435d0  No.113401


d9f6d7  No.113848

Someone must have some more wins. She seems too much of a slut not to be wins free.

92e620  No.113856

File: 0dd075f9cab0e31⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, elsa___let_it_go__by_steve….png)

c2d3d5  No.115245

File: 8945468a0559a1e⋯.mp4 (10.34 MB, 768x432, 16:9, ASMRYJBDSM.mp4)

Is this her? I cant make it out but the voice during the whispers and hands kinda look like hers.

4d22a3  No.117106

c7cd46  No.117255



this is my fetish


47a5d8  No.117442

So she's been saying she's done porn in the past, yet no one is able to reveal any o those videos? You would think SOMEONE would have SOMETHING on one o those videos.

c2d3d5  No.117458


Would be under an Alias. Since she hides her face a lot its harder to locate. Unless its amateur stuff posted on some random amateur site.

b1cac4  No.117565


That's not her. Yumi's voice is more softer and sounds more west coast. Also Yumi's hands are skinnier.

b1cac4  No.117567


Where or when has she said she has done porn. Was it on her snapchat or high tier patreon.

I know she'll send nudes if you pay high.

af1868  No.117957

Someone needs to leak her 100$ F#CK video

8435d0  No.118492

8435d0  No.118519


The fuck is that thing?

171ccd  No.118685


That's a 1972 Ford LTD 2-Door Hardtop, powered by a 460 V8. What a classic.

2886e3  No.118686


old hag

b1cac4  No.119180

Bump this shit up

b3fde1  No.122174

She's got a new $500 dollar video up. I wonder if that will ever get leaked.

92343b  No.122248

Need those Milf titties

783fe4  No.124685

Anything new on her milf tits?

a383a4  No.124719

Nah a guy on ytube i think is trying to tell her something idk what it is

350435  No.124758

Why not ask her, she is on 8ch and Vola. I have come across her porn.

b1cac4  No.124761


If you have come across her porn and are not going to link it. How about describing it?

350435  No.124763

It's fookin' yummi ;-)

b1cac4  No.125049


Fuck off cunt

350435  No.125052

Ya fer realz. F*U*C*K*O*F*F* CUNT! Shoot my dumbass for wasting my time reading about a fuckin cunt.

a383a4  No.125058

volafile.org/r/fyemkc3m if you actually got something come here bois

a383a4  No.125059

https://volafile.org/r/m4ak7854 i meant this one wrong vola lol

63e3e7  No.125062


you were told on buddy, use mega for this crap

783fe4  No.125098


The rooms been nuked.

9b543e  No.125129

I just don't get how someone on vola definitely has this video (the person who originally uploaded it) and multiple people must have downloaded it before the DMCA took down the room. But they are all so fucking cucked that they haven't posted it here or uploaded it to literally any other site.

Fuck vola "lets protect the e-whore" cucks, such cancer.

2886e3  No.125134


they are a bunch of cucks and you should've known this by now

9b543e  No.125138


I already knew it, but I didn't imagine it would be this great of magnitude.

36cc1f  No.125140

File: aaa54f979e52f98⋯.png (24.07 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 464194107829649428.png)

2886e3  No.125141


Join their Discord and ask someone via DMs.

9b543e  No.125142


>joining the vola discord

Sounds cancerous and awful. I'll just wait, not like she is worth any effort.

350435  No.125159

she isnt even worth it, why the hell are we wasting anytime posting about it. looks like we are the retarded cucks pathetically asking. rofl

9b543e  No.125163


Kill yourself

350435  No.125166

Right Why waste time fulfilling our fantasies and then acting like this whore gives us a boner. Lets KILLourselves

9b543e  No.125170


Kill yourself reddit

94ce5d  No.126975

Not asking for vids, but for anyone paying, is her patreon worth getting into, or is it just her reselling her old vids that got taken down.

350435  No.126978

youtube removed main channel. those old vids are slowly being reloaded on vimeo and a new youtube channel.

b1cac4  No.127124


Patreon is no different that youtube unless if you pay for the higher tiers. The screenshot you see in OP post is from a high tier video. Any tier you pay for is her ripping off. She lurks here and hangs out in vola. So hi Yumi and fuck you.

350435  No.127135


228293  No.127189


be my mommy please

b1cac4  No.127568

Wonder if she has a video of her shoving berries up her snatch to make it smell better.

a383a4  No.127757

Where is carl when you need him man

d3f8ec  No.128744


I used to be against state intervention in the bedroom but when I discovered cuckold was a thing, I changed my mind.

b04727  No.131759


c22090  No.135076

I wanna see more of her big fake tits and toned ass.

4ad1d8  No.139015


23e25d  No.139848

File: c2d39e5da970d7c⋯.jpeg (249.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 69584534-9492-43B2-B02D-4….jpeg)

5760c2  No.139850


She's pretty hot for being 60 years old. I'd still fuck her.

b1cac4  No.139863


not her.

350435  No.139958



Yes I heard she was 67yo. Looks like her.

350435  No.139959

I have this video of hers.

23e25d  No.139980


Highly doubt it … I’ll reveal my cards … I found the pic in the Vola, rushed to the Google image search service and found this lady’s tumblr … so I decided to post it here to have a good laugh, sleep tight, 8chan !

350435  No.139993

OhBoy are you hilarious. You should post more random pictures like this. Making ppl laugh is a good thing!

36577a  No.140052

my pajeet sensor is going off in this thread

9e4255  No.140086


Open cloth.

52dcca  No.141587

Rumor is that she's done porn before that's why she doesn't show her face. Anyone know if this is true and/or have any wins of it?

7e484e  No.142719


16bef1  No.143740

someone cough up more!

0a6026  No.143785


nobody has anymore

b1cac4  No.144304


Doesn't show her face because of where she works but she did show her face in the toys video where she "masterbates" for about ten seconds.

2886e3  No.144309


post the video

b1cac4  No.144398


I don't have it.

5074ac  No.144613


How do you not have it if you have seen it?

b1cac4  No.144743


Never downloaded it.

I want to see her tits as much as the next guy but the most you're going to get is that pic from OP. She only gives out to those who have the most $

350435  No.144744

She doesn't do nudes anymore. As far as I know those aren't even her tits. Someone posted it from google. However she does have porn online I have seen. It was several years ago but it is her. North D. Mostly girl on girl shit. Makes sense, she is a lesbo.

b1cac4  No.144793


Those are hers because you can see the necklace she is wearing is the same one she wore in other videos. As for porn. I don't know if she did as I highly doubt it but will be open to being wrong.

79c1e2  No.144814

What was her pornstar name? I wanna look those videos up.

27f67a  No.147057


me too

7a8bf9  No.152066

Anyone got any of her newer $100 videos?

ddec06  No.155732

time to leak more of her videos/pics. Its past Christmas and since I've been a naughty fucker I need wins from someone else.

ef7ed0  No.157613

File: d5a027de4e7a5c0⋯.jpg (208.66 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, asmrloveryumi_150394309898….jpg)


068f9f  No.157699

c5f1bc  No.159933

Bet she sends out loads of titty and pussy pics to her higher tier patreons.

bf2f54  No.159962


If that were so, we would've seen them already. Not everyone hogs that shit like a little faggot.

79a04e  No.160153


She does give them out and sometimes on her snap but you have to be higher tier on patreon to get those. If not then it's just a cock tease. Someone did post a vola room before but she DMCA'd the shit out of it

c5f1bc  No.160996

Are her $100 dollar videos still a massive rip off?

dba26a  No.160999


m8… Her "custom" vids are pre-recorded. She talks with background noise, then it gets quite and you hear a voice over of your name. Massively disappointing, and nothing more than what she used to do on YT for free. Ripped off big time.

350435  No.161008

Yay Just enjoy her FREE youtube content or try other artists. All Good Homie XO

124db9  No.161026


If thats the case I bet they all get the same video too or an older one. Easy con lol. She has potential to be a mature thot (she must be in her late 50's going by the wrinkles on her neck and hands). She doesn't even upload any of her old stuff in a hurry lmao.

350435  No.161055

fer realz - gross you even talk about the 80y/o hag…what is wrong with you?gross, just gross- degens get help madlove

37184b  No.161871


>m8… Her "custom" vids are pre-recorded.

nope. i got one video. she clearly says the name i wished and she did custom stuff for me on low tier patreon donation.Thats defnitive a custom video the whole thing. Maybe I was just lucky.

1595fc  No.161877


stop posting here, you scam dudes for money offering fake customs and cuck the vola boys to keep your shit off the site.

1595fc  No.161880

9b543e  No.161900


Where's 1, 2, and 4?

1149aa  No.161916


Ok I fucking give up on her. You get nothing shown only heard on Patreon. That's bullshit! Really tired of her shtick and got other ASMRists worth fapping over. Fuck her.

1595fc  No.161927


fuck if I know, it was an old mega from vola i only have those

79a04e  No.161974

Most of her stuff is pre recorded and she'll put your name on a cue card. I think Yumi is good looking, has great tits but she is a cock tease. You'd be lucky to get anything on par with op pic.

b4f940  No.162024

XO. Have Fun

79a04e  No.162068


Hi Yumi. I didn't know you still lurked on here

457e2d  No.162149

I lurk i jurk i stay and plat. I care and share. xo.

79a04e  No.162154


If you care and share then you'd share more vids.

457e2d  No.162159

I have shared over 100 [non monitized] videos on youtube and vimeo. YOU ARE SOO WELCOME. MAD.LOVE. oh and thank YOU. i love having fun.

79a04e  No.162161


We're not talking about those videos.

b2d2d7  No.163756

Any more out there?

79a04e  No.163780


There is but unless someone leaks them then there is no getting them.

dba26a  No.164723



MuSt B hEr goys!!!!!!

79a04e  No.165195


She signs every interaction she has on sites like this with XO.

cf244c  No.165199


She used to hang out on vola all the time. I don't know if she still chats there or not. She knows all about us and how we operate.

79a04e  No.165210


Exactly. someone posted her stuff to another vola room but she got that shut down. she says she doesn't care that stuff gets leaked but will copyright strike anything that does.

350435  No.165215

Please view the massive free youtube vids. Be happy. I share there. XO

9966a1  No.165216


Neck yourself you old nasty whore!

350435  No.165219


bust down

79a04e  No.165224


Be happy you share there. you delete vids then re-upload the same vids pretending they are new.

350435  No.165225

actually youtube deleted my entire channel.. so i spent time reuploading them. You Are Welcome.

79a04e  No.165226


two channels. same vids on both at different stages. you're a liar

350435  No.165232

What is your point, besides being kinda lame!

79a04e  No.165650

Her patreon is a rip off.

350435  No.165654


Yes yes just enjoy in the free Youtube Vids and Spread Love And Light. XO

79a04e  No.165658


Make better videos

cdf804  No.165904


Just show me the tiddies and it's all good.

79a04e  No.166448


Can you post these again or have any more to share.

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