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File: ab70ef5f142a292⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 608x608, 1:1, preview.jpg)


Are you prepared to kill yourself to honor the perfect human being that is Elise? I have a noose tied ready to hang myself at her request



i am ready to sacrifice myself if it means Elise will visit 8chan again.


Hey Elise does anyone in your asmr circle know you have been here actively chatting to us? Has Angelica said anything about it? considering she is the one that pointed you out to this place


File: 81ed694a1ea1a7c⋯.jpg (124.08 KB, 1024x1016, 128:127, 583b905e.jpg)

Should Elise be considered honorary?

She seems like a smart girl, but also reads shit like Jean-Paul Sartre


I'd worship those feets. More?



look dirty


File: e9bfd7a4d29fa7a⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Toph 18.JPG)


Someone's got to clean them, that's where your tongue comes in.


She's not even Aryan. I do not "worship" mud people.


She seems like a nice person. dubs I write her name in my blood


File: 3e72c857bec5706⋯.mp4 (3.66 MB, 426x240, 71:40, seppuku.mp4)


triple dubs… nice digits

If I an hero, I'm going to gut myself like a samurai. Does this count as cultural appropriation or is seppuku okay for anyone?


She's OK for having fun but that's it.



I wish, this is all I can ever find. She does have really nice feet


How did she even find here in the first place?


File: 7c40e35987af109⋯.png (251.16 KB, 488x588, 122:147, 7c40e35987af109d13aaf1d8e0….png)



triple dubs combo!


Angelica sent her the link.



sup elise


I want to lick her soles clean post workout



hopefully she doesnt work manual labor



She's too smart for manual labor. Elise is a teacher.


I want to sip wine from her shoe at the end of the day.



I want her to laugh at me and call me pathetic while I jerkoff and suck her toes


welp this thread is getting too weird. Having Elise here for 3 threads was enough I guess



Lol check her instagram, she's teasing you footfags, based Elise



I think she would be having a hearty chuckle at this. One must have a sense of humor about this place, dark and twisted humor. You can't take us too seriously.


File: b9917242a49f381⋯.png (413.56 KB, 932x444, 233:111, Capture.PNG)


She does have a sense of humor! Now I love her even more. :D


File: 2a39e1d57b67a0c⋯.jpg (110.59 KB, 896x708, 224:177, Elise1.jpg)

Based Elise



Seems like she does lol, check her insta





Exactly one second apart



wtf how does yours show up as 1hour ago and mine 6 mins?



Time zones.



Different browsers I guess. Not time zone.



that doesnt make sense


Based Elise "the footfag tease"




I wonder what normies are thinking about that caption


File: ca28a49b99218cc⋯.jpg (135.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 31966763_1978144949168336_….jpg)

Elise wallpaper size


File: 96600388e7c2d11⋯.jpg (609.95 KB, 954x960, 159:160, d6544176-975f-47ad-8cb8-55….jpg)


She's working my ding dong into a diddly shoot brother


Leg shaving video when Elise?


What size do you think her feet are?


Hey Elise whats your favourite pic of yourself?

Anons can also respond

asking for a friend



The naked ones she sent me


File: 3655fab62f6b7c3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.24 KB, 1664x981, 1664:981, haHAA.jpg)


File: 917db9be30a6ac9⋯.jpg (75 KB, 480x320, 3:2, satisfied-customer.jpg)


That pic. That filename.


File: 9a8b2a8221fec72⋯.jpg (80.83 KB, 1080x762, 180:127, 20687831_1937366549861378_….jpg)

File: 4cfee2b53b402cd⋯.jpg (41.61 KB, 432x325, 432:325, Jennifer-Aniston-Rachel-Gr….jpg)


I like some of her earlier pics. Not sure if maybe she wants to go back to her natural hair color, which is always fine because trad, and she's letting it grow out? I liked this look on her best. Maybe she'll go back to the brownish silverish color she had before? I think she looks really pretty with her hair like this. It's a great style for her and she wears it well.


I was never a big Elise fan, but just the fact she is interacting with us and even teasing you cucks is making my hearth melt.

someone send help before its too late



Yeah, she is s cool. It's unbelievable. Angelica should learn something from her and visit this place too.



She has a pretty charming personality tbh, at first I also thought I didn't really like her but now I gotta say she's pretty cool



thats pretty cool

did she say what year? or is that too specific

either way must be tough


I hope she's single. I'm willing to dedicate my entire life to her but only if she has no boyfriend



Can't even lie, she's won me over. She even replied to a post of mine. Guess I'll have to check out more of her videos now.


Have you guys noticed the no. of dislikes on her latest video? Jojo fags are such a pathetic losers. Smh.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I haven't watched much Elise vids yet, but I watched this one the other day and i like it and her French accent.

that accent would be perfect for a JOI, if I'm being quite honest with you right now families


Now make her do the Aryan salute, anon


What next? Pleasing the armpit fags?


File: 829b12794b56e55⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 633x758, 633:758, Smug wojak.jpg)


Hopefully the fetish of true patricians and men of culture, thighs.


File: 5cc28971da29614⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, elise2.jpg)

File: f350f5a76864bf7⋯.jpg (25.57 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, elise3.jpg)

File: d09aae7c2bbc8f6⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, elise4.jpg)

Elise looks bretty good with her new hair color


File: 49aafd02643789c⋯.jpg (41.09 KB, 810x810, 1:1, newhaircolor.jpg)

She just posted this to her Instagram



10 mins too late buddy





delivered again!



Is she giving that anon who sleeps with pictures of her more pics to choose from?

Dammit Elise, I already sleep with my gf pics because we are in LDR, don't make me cheat on her ;_;



Get in line faggot, I'm from the UK, France is just across the pond from here. I would drop everything in a second to hang out with her


File: bc9dec2b78bea74⋯.jpg (150.12 KB, 865x966, 865:966, g95zZBw.jpg)


Elise needs a fellow asian to breed her, and as we all know, Finns are mongols from central asia. She belongs to me.


File: b391f985841f864⋯.gif (898.5 KB, 487x560, 487:560, 1522075159818.gif)


suomi mainiddu dorilla davadaan :DDDD


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 8715a9beb94fafe⋯.jpg (117.64 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Elise5.jpg)

Bleached Elise



What is this from Anon



insta story



super hot


File: a3ef5949183a152⋯.jpg (66.38 KB, 699x599, 699:599, armpittu.jpg)

nice nip elise



shes so pretty




are you obsessed with her, or what is this about?



its an asmr board where anons can create threads and topics about people who create asmr



but unlike the first one, these new elise threads show some kind of strange obsession, arent't they?



idk freud



well since she started interacting with us the obsession grew stronger. but at the same time its the internet and people exaggerate all the time, it's fun making other people uncomfortable



it's fun making other people uncomfortable"

for trolls only:)

she interacts with you, teases you and finally, abandons you…



>she interacts with you, teases you and finally, abandons you…

All women in a nutshell tbh



so she is nothing special:)



well you cant expect her to stay here forever, she has nothing to gain by being here, other than our respect I guess




I am obsessed, idk why my love for her makes you uncomfortable though. Sounds like a personal problem tbqhwyf




People are just fucking around, I'm pretty sure she realizes that


Elise!!! Is a beast!!!


I hope Elise teases us with her feet again. Or shows off her soft thigh meat


File: f506140bf4a62cc⋯.png (6.01 KB, 285x177, 95:59, download.png)

Congrats retards


File: e99a3c0dbfd4f38⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 862x707, 862:707, ec8edf2fe54707d54dc555a96b….jpg)


>what's this about

pic related



Source fam


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 362eafb6287e06c⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 362eafb6287e06cd2d3405ef52….gif)


What are you crying about now? If you're thinking a couple anons ironically begging for feet/thigh/armpit pics drove her away, you're retarded. She isn't that delicate.




I bet they're smooth as fine silk.



Yeah, she knows we're joking




I genuinely want to worship her feet



fuck off, peelagea fag.



Sure thing anon, good for you



I don't know who that is. Reading any thread that isn't about Gibi, Angelica, Asians or Clover's downward spiral is cancer



sexy lingerie would be even better



Asmr appropriate anon



The inability to control emotion is what makes people uncomfortable. I get angry w/o violence sometimes and it makes others uncomfortable. Temper yourself brother. Im trying



It's me boys - pls chill



>Reading any thread that isn't about Gibi, Angelica, Asians or Clover's downward spiral is cancer.

Then what are you doing in this thread? Are you jealous that Elise has been grabbing all the attention of anons for the past few days?

That's why you are trying to scare her away. Isn't it? Don't do that dude. Let us have some fun.



Here comes the impersonator. Lol



Hi Elise, hey what do you think of jojofags mass disliking your last video?, bunch of queers right?


To be quite frank - if all they can do is disliking my next video which has nothing to do with the JoJo thing - well, I guess it says a lot about how intelligent and relevant they are. My detractors are obviously idiots if an undeserved thumb down is their last resort



They'll probably be gone soon anyway, if not the next video then the one after that




Isn't it like 2 am in Korea right now?, don't you have work in the morning? I doubt you're Elise


Why are you still here Elise? :)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why aren't you raising your arms in this vid?

What's your fucking problem?


In up cause I was out and I just came back home from the club. Why do I always have to justify myself to you ? I have a life sorry I can't be here 24/7. And stop being so insecure about me ditching you or not reading - I read alright you can be sure of that.


>Why do I always have to justify myself to you ? I have a life sorry I can't be here 24/7. And stop being so insecure about me ditching you or not reading - I read alright you can be sure of that.

Nah it's not that, it's only that people wouldn't want to waste time talking to somebody that they think is Elise when in reality it's just some anon trolling, it's ok though I believe you


Look if you guys have any doubt since you seem to think that no one is worth trusting ever, why don't you message me on YouTube or ig to make sure it's me. Simple as that. Stop thinking that everyone in the world is out to get you



Why not just namefag and also use tripcode so ur orbiters here know it's you


why did we stop replying to posts directly?



Hell no Elise, don't do that, probably not a good idea



Do you perhaps take me for an idiot?




>He doesn't know Elise is Asian


Hey Elise, are there any asmrtists you dislike, I mean have you ever talked/interacted with some content creator and they turned out to be assholes?



I don't think it's Elise. she never did that before.




I don't "dislike" anyone -there are some that I find.. a bit cringe (personality wise from what they show online) but idk them personally so it might be a character they are playing; And no haven't interacted with them, I have no interest interacting with other asmrtists.


This is what i'm talking about when I'm saying you guys are insecure and unable to believe someone. I didn't do it bc I was on the way home in a taxi from my phone and it's hard enough to write a message, let alone reply directly to one



You acting whiny and being so quick to call me a liar doesn't make me wanna hang out here. I wanted this to be fun but the minute I stray you guys go nuts and demonise me. I'm simply not interested. I told you that if you wanted me around you had to behave nicely.

Also- you guys talk about jojo's fans but I'm pretty sure my video got the most dislikes bc of this place. Someone reposted my video on 8ch and a bunch of people hated on me so…

anyway, i'm tired and I want to sleep. I can't be bothered with you being so doubtful- as i said, why don't you message me on ig? Say "hate dungeon" and i'll answer "don't hate on here".

Got it. It's a secret password to make sure of my identity.

Now bye.



>there are some I find a bit… Cringe

Like Articulate right? Lol, feel free to ask questions back btw. These conversations can feel like one way streets sometimes, maybe they kinda are tbh



>You acting whiny and being so quick to call me a liar doesn't make me wanna hang out here. I wanted this to be fun but the minute I stray you guys go nuts and demonise me.

Ignore the general faggotry, anons will be anons after all



We're not demonizing you we love you. Don't you see all the anons that want your feet thighs and armpits



This tbh




>you guys go nuts and demonise me. I'm simply not interested. I told you that if you wanted me around you had to behave nicely."

female manipulation:)



>I'm pretty sure my video got the most dislikes bc of this place. Someone reposted my video on 8ch and a bunch of people hated on me so…

Are you sure? there are only a few of us here and there have been thposting. If you werent the first thread about your Jojo video would still be under 200 posts, maybe even 100



you are the only faggot asking for that.



great, my text got fucking cut up

* there are only a few of us here and there have been threads about you for a long time. These ones are just getting attention because you are here posting. If you werent the first thread about your Jojo video would still be under 200 posts, maybe even 100




Post webm version of that. Also more like that if you know what i mean :^)



You sure you didn't mean that for >>112499 ?


Elise I've been re-watching your language vids all day I love your enthusiasm :)

>tfw no qt hapa gf getting wet over the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy



yeah. My apologies.



that's can be manipulation, but probably not female:)



You sure you didn't mean that for >>112501 ?



Yeah. My apologies.



no, i'm trying to write down the truth. and in this case, the truth is obvious:)


File: 5f3c13ae9c7d5e8⋯.png (167.06 KB, 700x553, 100:79, apustaja2.png)

>this thread right now



>Say "hate dungeon" and i'll answer "don't hate on here".

>Got it. It's a secret password to make sure of my identity.

Has anyone tried this yet?



Cia fbi is too scared to click on shit



Would like to try , but browser version of instagram lacks features like PMs and stuff.

I don't like to dl that app tbh. D:



She said she was going to sleep anyway, so it's pointless to try now, she'll answer that when she's lurking I think



>she'll answer that when she's lurking I think

As a way to prove she's lurking at the moment, got it



Some fags are acting retarded as fuck


File: 01923ffeae6ad94⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 550x574, 275:287, 5298668413.jpg)


And people wonder why we don't have real girlfriends.



>Also- you guys talk about jojo's fans but I'm pretty sure my video got the most dislikes bc of this place.

We didn't dislike shit. If we wanted to hate on you we would do it here



I'm convinced there are less then 10 people here



W-we will behave, I promise. Pllease don't leave us ;_;


Elise, babe can u do an asmr vid that focuses on triggers/sounds for once?

Something like close ear to ear whispering type vid.

I'm thinking about saying "i love you" in different languages that you know.

Pls do this for your dungeon friends. (=^w^=)



i second that. And Elise, if possible say that in HINDI too. I would really appreciate.



Based Pajeet poster



how often do you go to those places that give full head massages for 50 cents?


Are you faggots kidding me? She's a feminist bitch. kys.



Damn she is.



Feminism is good. All part of the master plan to convert this board into literal feminazis.



She is the good kind of feminist, you faggot. Kys


File: 156c2b28f42a27a⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 600x450, 4:3, Laughing kid.gif)


>the good kind of feminist


File: eecfee14c29788c⋯.jpg (14.4 KB, 300x295, 60:59, 1478145925726.jpg)


>the good kind of feminist


File: 91cb39b73ff38e4⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 240x260, 12:13, get-a-load-of-this-cuck[1].jpg)


>the good kind of feminist


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the good kind of feminist

The kind that acts like little miss stronk independent woman, but really just wants to be pumped full of cum?


File: 79be921c1367a9e⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 720x720, 1:1, laugh.mp4)


>>the good kind of feminist



It's funny how you guys actually didn't understand the point of my video. I advocate for freedom of speech otherwise do you think I'd be writing here? Maybe you should stop thinking that because a woman speak up that necessarily means she's some sort of feminazi.


If being a feminist means wanting equal rights for both genders- then yes I am a feminist.

Now, I don't think that women are men's victims. I believe that some people happen to be victims of other people who harass/assault them. Regardeless of their gender.




I would certainly recommend avoiding subjects like that one here, as well as politics, that's one quick way to turn this into a shitstorm



I'm not the one bringing it up.



Yeah I know, what I mean is just ignore it, you can't really have a civil discussion with most people here about that



Well, it's quite ironic how this place is about being able to say whatever you want - I guess the catch is you're free to say whatever as long as you agree on the same subject politically speaking. Doesn't sound very free to me.



Btw, how did you even decide to make and asmr channel in the first place?



I mean you're free to say it, but people will throw autistic fits, kinda like real life


What are your political views Elise




I like…

Birthday cakes!



Elise is a big girl she can talk about whatever she wants. It's literally a thread worshipping her how bad of a response could she possibly get



it's more of half worship half insults but okay



Fuck yeah, with chocolate obviously right?



I don't really follow politics but I have to say all niggers should be deported as black people are inferior.



I'm not the one saying I like bday cake lol



that's not me either …



It's ok Elise you can be honest, we won't call you racist here :)



All Asians hate everyone that isn't Asian, but they really hate blacks. Not surprising



File: aa786e1ebe621e2⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


To make sure nobody is impersonating you, you can use a letter or a number combination that can only be solved by a key word that you'd give at the end of the thread or your visit could be a good idea.

Don't get a tripcode though, nobody likes a namefag.



She probably just hates blacks and likes cake


I would have to say so yes, I would love to fuck her silly.



I know, so?, birthday cake is fucking delicious anyway


File: 3126ebd2589f642⋯.mp4 (3.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Elise Zetterlund.mp4)

Are you planning on doing more videos where you sing in a foreign language Elise? Your singing voice is very soothing, I love it



true fans would have known I uploaded

And yeah I might do a vietnamese singing vid


File: cbbc72e595dfad0⋯.jpg (59.38 KB, 980x653, 980:653, Beatles-.jpg)

Alright Elise, anons have been throwing softballs so far but now it's time to ask the real questions that pack some fucking heat

Who are your favorite Beatles? In what order? from more liked to less liked



>true fans would have known I uploaded

Oh shit it's the creepy story you talked about, nice


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I’ll watch this tomorrow afternoon kind of excited



dont worry, we know you wouldnt say that.

now liking birthday cakes is believable but also harmless



I said it not her.



i know, but it was believable it was her and if she didnt say it wasnt her it would still not cause any harm


Seriously though Elise, why won't nig nogs and Arabs integrate into French society like the Vietnamese have?


File: 8c8779c260020e5⋯.gif (745.25 KB, 220x195, 44:39, tenor.gif)


Oooo Elise looking GOODT



Well were anon so don’t assume whos who i guess


No dislikes on the video yet. When will the JoJo community come out in full force



this is a manipulative question for her, it is not true that they are not integrated, some are others aren't



Blacks yeah but Arabs literally don't integrate


Wish elise would integrate my penis into her of you know im saying



this is not true. maybe less are integrated( though this expression is a bit vague). and, of course, arab doesn" mean muslim:)



I thought you didn't want me to discuss politics



i'm not her, but OK, don't discuss politics



it's funny that most of you are "nazis" and listen to asmr to fall asleep lol



yeah that's why I watch asmr haha yeah



nazis with a soft heart and no one to fall asleep with



Who's this?



Hey im just here to tingle and shitpost no nazism here


Elise was built for BBC tbh. Do a BLACKED roleplay



mmh someone called me "dumb" bc I post here



Are you talking about that thread that says "Elise is the only one dumb/brave enough to do it…"?



Other anons might be racist losers but not all anons




Confine yourself to your quarters bridge troll. Begone!


it's idiotic. What's gonna happen if people find out ? Like i never read or posted on the "nazi" threads.



Well at least they called you brave as well lol, btw I also would like an answer to this >>112688

The world wants to know



who says that i'm a nazi??



I dont like the beatles sorry



I made that thread and three of the four Elise threads. I love you Elise my hapa Queen



aw you're sweet



But you wont work out


File: 86883c9cce85ef9⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 1200x476, 300:119, lens flare.jpg)





Are you the anon who dm me on yt ?




sumimasen ~ I'm just sick of hearing them. The songs are overplayed. I don't mind them but I'm not a fan



The one who's name starts with H?, nah that would be me, and I didn't make any of the threads



Is it the one who calls me his "korean gf" and is obsessed with feet ?





I have to work out I've dedicated my life to you. Also no having a YouTube account is for faggots



then are you calling me, your queen a faggot ?



Maybe, I don't have a way to know


File: 8e81972ccdf5698⋯.jpg (392.25 KB, 2242x1320, 1121:660, 1502545919484.jpg)



Exception to the rule



You dedicated your entire life to something that’s happened in less than 2 days?


File: 8c3d00b99b241fc⋯.jpg (47 KB, 500x490, 50:49, Nigger-Women.jpg)


Good. The beatles fucking suck.


You're kind of a faggot tbh family



We all love your feet!



There wasn't much going on before :(



ahahaha actually my feet are kind of the worst feet. They are tiny and NOT soft. Very hard. Being a little viet girl who walked without shoes for most of her childhood.

What are you guys doing tonight? I'm gonna have to go soon cause I'm going out



>What are you guys doing tonight?

Just listening to music right now tbh



There's usually around 150 unique IPs. If the old 90-10 rule still holds up then there's about 15 people you could call 'regulars'



what are you going to wear when going out?







Oh shit don't give them details on your feet



You’re feet are perfect then. Also its morning here im about to go work.


Make something happen instead of desperately latching onto a girl in hopes they save your life. Shits weak brother


File: b5c1d61299ad04c⋯.jpeg (25.68 KB, 619x453, 619:453, cc1.jpeg)

>What are you guys doing tonight?

what do you think?



Jacking it to Elise's feet?



Not a bad night now that you mention it



I would if I had more material



about to grab some beers and enjoy the weather



I'm going to fail one of my finals



>What are you guys doing tonight.

Play vidya. Listen to asmr. Masturbate. Get drunk. Eat cheap ramen. Cry myself to sleep, cold and alone. Same thing I do every night.



Living the dream I see



what's your major?


I am actually honest when I say my feet are the worst part of me lol stop worshiping


Ramen is good.




I don't need to wear special clothes to go out lol



>I am actually honest when I say my feet are the worst part of me lol stop worshiping

Tell that to them, I hate footfags


File: f12e53a73eeb1c0⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 06-men-crying.w710.h473.jpg)



please tell me you are lying

dont ruin my dreams



If your feets are bad, how are your armpits? Are they silky smooth?



Imagine that dude trying to raise a kid



Tempered feet are the best feet






>I don't need to wear special clothes to go out lol"

so we shouldn't fantasize about sexy dresses?:)



btw, if any other anon hasn't told you yet, your hair looks great in your new video

I bet you got alot of complements on it from your irl friends, didn't you? :^)



It's less about the feet for me and more about the power you'd have over me



I'm going to do it anyway



Shoulda seen her yesterday!



Autism is what autism does


File: 214c3b9e1933f1d⋯.jpg (101.55 KB, 1080x656, 135:82, 29402198_197575720847572_6….jpg)



they are smelly and gross - i got the white side for that ahahaha don't worship - i'm just a regular girl




nah. Also, it actually doesn't matter to be wearing a sexy dress or nah. It's really all about confidence as I was saying the other day. I've never had to dress up to get a guy and it's all about loving yourself and know your worth.


Aw thanks ! No my friends hate it haha they like me more as a brunette! There's this guy I kinda "like" and I sent him the pics and he was like : "it makes you look more innocent" and i was thinking shit just tell me i look great bruh. But I just said "k" (secret message for I'm pissed)


File: d35b208b1464fae⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 600x480, 5:4, max wew.jpg)




File: 87d29f29af6c9ba⋯.webm (690.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, GoodToKnow.webm)



wow, thanks:)


lso, it actually doesn't matter to be wearing a sexy dress or nah. It's really all about confidence"

sorry, but wrong. it is true for girls, who are not ugly or really fat. it is not true for boys, absolutely not true, confidence is not enough


File: 4a2d7337d072b53⋯.mp4 (4.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Finnish allies.mp4)


You're free to do it. Just be aware that the thread will be barraged with 4000 word autistic ravings about Hitler and GLR being the saviors of humanity by autists.



Well. It is really about confidence. I love confidence and I've actually never cared about a guy being "ugly" or "fat". Ugly is very subjective and I am very attracted to beautiful personalities. Bodies are just physics, what matters is your heart !


File: 703c3532494a7fb⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 400x828, 100:207, 1422921205024.jpg)

Imagine being the qt Korean boy who has captured Elise's heart. I bet he has great cheek bones and everything.



Eco isn't a very hard major. I would've much rather have done accounting but I fucked up my GPA


File: 39807adac1d6a10⋯.png (6.97 KB, 230x219, 230:219, tfwold.png)


>mfw I'll never capture Elise's heart



My grandparents' house was burnt down by the nazis. One of my aunt was so traumatised when she got old she became crazy and started hating everyone who was German. But guess what, nazis lost! So it doesn't matter to me if a few guys are nazis because they are a minority who will never win ! :)


File: efade01b11db040⋯.jpg (120.47 KB, 600x480, 5:4, 1526027539.jpg)

File: 625efb0195210eb⋯.jpg (53.53 KB, 486x622, 243:311, 152602621147039232.jpg)

File: 021426db626d45b⋯.jpg (119.26 KB, 492x700, 123:175, uCVkjdZudLuF9KPHEE-yyA_r.jpg)


We're not all nazis. :^) I made some lefty memes for you that you can show your friends and say "My friends from 8chan made these cool pics for me. See, some of them are commies!" not really


File: 4d7219e3efbb29b⋯.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, 345:337, v2R6AIg.png)


nah it's all about confidence. obviously he looks like this



He has AMAZING cheekbones, and he's actually Australian born Korean. And he didn't capture my heart haha it's a casual thing and he's going back to Aus. But I did fancy him



, what matters is your heart !"

there is a very good test for this: always have to see the girl's partner. if he is an average, or below-average guy, than OK. but if he is a tall, good-looking or really rich guy, then, well…it's complicated:)



Women are so naive to the problems men face lol



awww - i don't like Che tho. He's better than Hitler but I don't agree with a lot of things he did.

Also boys, I know this thread is about me and how I am a queen and everything but really I'm not and you would be surprised to know how many times I get rejected. And


Most of my friends look like that guy. And I love them and find them beautiful.


>guys know what gets chicks

>they dont change

>girls tell them what chicks like

>they dont listen

What the fuck is wrong with the virgins down here



youre weak



Yes your friends. I highly doubt you hooked up with someone like that


File: 7b660fd1ea3d0c1⋯.png (163.58 KB, 385x365, 77:73, 1478122706315.png)


>I get rejected

>Most of my friends look like that guy. And I love them and find them beautiful.

Now I love you even more.



We face problems too ! So you know how it was the olympics in Korea not long ago ? I was seeing that guy who was an athlete from China. And that guy was always complaining on how my breasts were not "big enough" and I'm like. Wow. Why is it always like that? For one guy your breasts are too small, for another you're too short, for another your butt is too big etc. It sometimes feels like it's too hard to be good enough



ahahaha you don't know who I hooked up with and trust me you don't wanna know



You mean different people like different things? That's fucking crazy.



No, I mean, women face problems too ! Bc there is this whole image of the perfect woman that's sold by the mainstream media and truth is, most woman don't look like that !



>some aussie shitposter is boning her




why patronize the one girl willing to talk to you?


If you guys actually think someone as attractive as Elise gets rejected and or fucks ugly people you're retarded



popular, good looking guys can complain, of course. the upper 10, max 20 percent.

average guys usually won't complain, if so, the girl will leave them:)



You know what. Youre right. Better sit in my basement and do nothing with myself!



I used to weight 15kg more two years ago and guys told me I was "chubby" and now they tell me I'm "too skinny" - it just feels like theres no way ever to please everyone - and it's true. So instead of caring about your appearance, take care of your personality - be kind and cultivate your mind !That, unlike beauty, lasts forever



You're confusing me with some other faggot



Well did they look like that? No. They might have been average by your standards but womens standards are so over inflated


File: ebc50ce85abb1c1⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 405x719, 405:719, 94684651686103.jpg)


You'll always be good enough for us, Elise.



You seem patronizing



you have to fit that image if you want top guys. for average guys, no, they will be happy with almost anyone, except for truly ugly or fat girls



Or other men are willing to work that much harder to please a woman than you are



And what kind of personalities do you like?



so you were chubby:)))


Elise thread no. 5 when?



"ugly" is subjective !! so many times I got with guys and my friends were like wtf they are so ugly and I was like … to YOU they are but not to me :)


As if men's standards weren't over inflated? You have NO idea ! It's actually crazy the shit me and my friend got - bc some don't shave or don't exercise. Like what ? Leave us alone. >>112830

come on - but yes I got with people who were overweight and had acne bc I really don't care unless they are big enough so it's putting their health in danger !


I agree we are lucky. I have this belief that the "ugliest" girl in the world could have sex tonight if she wanted to but the "prettiest" guy wouldn't be assured to have sex tonight.


Yes I was :) and I liked myself, I just lost weight cause i got tested for some allergies and wasn't able to eat bread etc.


I like confident, kind and a little bit dumb lol


File: e4b2234da8728f2⋯.png (33.72 KB, 119x392, 17:56, ichijihearteyes.PNG)


> be kind and cultivate your mind !That, unlike beauty, lasts forever



What are you talking about? The two aren't connected at all. I'm just saying Elise is an attractive girl so no she's not being rejected and no she's not hooking up with ugly guys.



Why disregard her own words? Is your spirit that hopeless



I get rejected SO MUCH ! On tinder for example omg I get rejected so much! It's actually insane ahah but then again, most korean girls don't like foreign - and it sucks to be half sometimes cause white don't see you as white and asian don't see you as asian so you feel like you don't belong anywhere


>As if men's standards weren't over inflated? You have NO idea ! It's actually crazy the shit me and my friend got

Because you only look toward the top 20%. Of course those guys have decent standards. But the other 80% will put up with anything because we barely have a choice.



you do have a choice




Well, tbh I wouldn't want to get with a guy who takes me bc he "will put up with anything". It's kinda like.. I wanna get with someone who actually likes me, not bc he has no choice.



> I have this belief that the "ugliest" girl in the world could have sex tonight if she wanted to but the "prettiest" guy wouldn't be assured to have sex tonight. "

that's true. and you admit this!! very rare, women usually deny this claim. you are special!:)



Because she's lying to make anons feel better. My spirit isn't hopeless I just see the truth


File: a8228685f534bec⋯.gif (2.68 MB, 407x202, 407:202, whip.gif)

Yo where's our boy father pedophile? This thread is booooring and we could really use the autism boost



How cynical



>and I liked myself, I just lost weight cause "

i also have to lose weight and i don' like myself…



I dont understand why a girl would come down here to lie to people yet simultaneously offer sound advice and be cool to everyone. These guys are just cynical losers I guess.



Well you're pretty and have a personality type guys adore so you won't have to deal with that anyway, but the vast minority of guys get the vast majority of the girls, that has been a constant trough history



Ofc I admit it. it's true and unfair to guys but that's life.


I'm not a liar. What would I gain from this? Do you think I'm the type to lie to strangers on 8ch to get what.. 15 new subs? First, it's pretty obvious I don't care about subs and fame - secondly I've been nothing but honest and I speak my mind. As you saw with jojo's video, regardless of the negative affect it might have on my channel.


If you want to lose weight fast, just do my diet which is the diet of someone who is wheat and beans allergic. Stop eating bread, pasta pizza. If you want to go further you can stop eating rice.


Yes and again, i'm "pretty" to your standard.I'm not "pretty" in Korea.



Stop telling someone they are wrong when you dont know



Beside as I said, "pretty" doesn't matter in the long run. I'm someone with a pretty broken personality. I'm too much to handle for most people. And it's my own fault. What I try to do is to better my personality. Because, that, I have control of.



>I'm too much to handle for most people

In what sense? are you clingy or something like that?



Stop eating bread, pasta pizza. If you want to go further you can stop eating rice"

Ok thanks. actually i eat too much bread, i like it, maybe eating is for calming myself. rice is said to be very healthy…


fresh bread




rice is a filler. Eat a little bit, it's nice and brown rice only. Stop bread and don't drink beer.



I already do


I get that but due to how picky women are we don't have much of a choice. If all average men had high standards we would never get laid.



>I already do

Then youre fucked!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you're REAAAAAALLY Elise then what song plays in the first minute and a half of your most recent video that wasn't referenced in the description?



I'm not clingy. I was assaulted twice and it broke me and it makes me very upset and I have "bad days" and it's something that I have to overcome and that is really hard for other people to deal with.



cowboy bebop ost



no bread beer pasta pizza white rice means the end of life… but i try, i must lose weight. absolutely must.



It's not the end of life I promise! I'm french so ofc I love baguette! But I stopped! I replaced it slowly with rice cakes. It's okay! Just eat heaps of meet and vegies!



>I was assaulted twice

Oh holy shit, as in sexually assaulted?, sorry to hear that…



I know, well I have started to eat less so maybe I can at least lean out. That's my only hope



You need a nice dungeon dweller who'll wash and worship your feet daily



Yes. It's okay. I didn't become a "man hater" or anything. As I said, some people do bad things regardless of their gender, and today I just feel sad for them and hope they overcome their own issues.

I hope that other people could see things like I do. I made that video and people told me I knew nothing about assault. And I don't even want to say I do, bc I shouldn't have to.



baguette, yes, we also have something like that.

you are so nice:)



With alot of hard work, determination, autism, and pampering, we could make her feet soft again.



Hhaha no. I don't feel like anyone "need" someone. Happiness comes from within. If you date someone to fill a void it will only fail. Once you are happy with who you are, you'll be able to form successful relationships.

I don't need a man, and you boys don't need a girl. Wanting and needing are different.



I don't even want a girl so there's that.



>and today I just feel sad for them and hope they overcome their own issues.

They only deserve to get shot tbh

Somebody also tried assaulting my sister once, I wish I was there but I wasn't, thakfully it turned out ok because police were there and were quickly alerted, can't imagine how terrible shit like that must feel



you shouldn't feel bad for them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I was assaulted twice

Wtf man, now I feel bad about all the sexual innuendo.



yes, we, men, must control ourselves, sexual assaults are horrible, no excuse for them


I have to go !! But it was nice talking to you and please stop going crazy when I don't speak, I have a busy life and I do take time rn to be speaking to you when I should have been with my friends 40m ago.

I really value every single person and feelings so don't disminish yourself or think that I don't post because I don't care okay ?


It's terrible, and these people don't deserve to be shot, they deserved to be helped and society needs to be protected from them - doesn't mean they need to die ! Being someone who was assaulted, I can tell you that I do not wish death upon these people. I only wish awareness.

So good night guys and lmk what you thought of my "creepy story" :) it took a lot of editing ahah i edit on my phone on some free chinese app lol

good night sweet dreams !



Talk to ya later Elise, good night


Wtf I love Elise now



haha fag


File: 96c5e707f69e524⋯.png (961.28 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, N7vVzus.png)

I want to give Elise a kiss!



I yearn for Pajeet's exotic meat


File: f1e51336cba28c1⋯.png (703.2 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1524510841732.png)


File: 5dbcff9baafc334⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 350x295, 70:59, otCqNNS.gif)


Have a wonderful evening, Elise. Till next time.



cya elise enjoy your night out :)



Happy to see another mans spirit around here sup dude



stop replying to larpers. It's cringy

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