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File: 3e957ad57e3d9df⋯.jpg (502.72 KB, 1080x1059, 360:353, Screenshot_20180721-002358….jpg)

3c4e83  No.126792

Can't stop masturbating to her

b1fd16  No.126813


woof she is getting old and whorey

6ceba3  No.126816


>"getting" whorey

19b595  No.126821

File: cb35b3ce9bf0d0a⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 475x240, 95:48, cb35b3ce9bf0d0a054b024e91a….jpg)

b1fd16  No.126823


she looks like an old prostitute not a young one.

5414b4  No.126825

I can't masturbate to her

she looks too much like my sister.

f952cf  No.126826


>spit your life juice into thin air

>hormones weaken

>stay unmotivated and alone


389638  No.126831

File: 320bd97ae244c83⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 636x358, 318:179, davecat.jpg)


I've heard of masturbating with sex dolls but never TO them.

f46ff3  No.126835

Get better taste.

8a274d  No.126837

File: 271be54b5a64993⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 338x600, 169:300, Catplant asmr.jpg)

f952cf  No.126838


your a fag if you dont think she is super smashable goodness >>126837

27b5f6  No.126839

acf286  No.126944


Looks like a Realdoll…

c5bdc5  No.127000


WTF? Is that her?

a62b47  No.127002


Yes triple 0. In one of her old threads anons all but confirmed she was escorting.

c5bdc5  No.127004


Damn. That nipple piercing supports this theory I'll say. She is WILD. And fucking HOT

8a274d  No.127005

He old IG is gone. Good job anons.

f952cf  No.127008


its because we didnt pay huh

389638  No.127011

File: 6acf451f42beaa5⋯.jpeg (141.52 KB, 708x619, 708:619, ecd901fbcab00483fa2f82e3e….jpeg)


Yeah posting a picture that's been posted in every single thread she's ever had here was the final straw.

c5bdc5  No.127064

Why both Pelagea and Catplant were verified in Youtube right when they both started to promote that betterhelp bullshit? Youtube let's you get verified the second someone wants a deal with you?

480b99  No.127066


Basically. Pretty girls sell things well

c2c020  No.127212


What content does she even have to beat it to?

284936  No.127262


I jerk off to her talking about starcraft

8a274d  No.127265

She's a little Latino whore, Twitch thot and e-beggar.

c2c020  No.127268


It's nice to have a hobby.

What is her lewdest thing so far?

1863a5  No.127273

prostitutes tend to be very lonely people, hence the obsession with videogames - a solitary sport. one can easily spot which ones are camgirls or prostitutes or former playboy models.

6afca6  No.127274


>asmr viewers tend to be very lonely people, hence the obsession with videogames - a solitary sport.


47689d  No.127278


>She's a little Latino whore

Literally my fetish

4a2f0b  No.128546


i likey!

4a2f0b  No.128619

is she a genuine sweetheart?

8960f5  No.128649


i wanna suck her chicharro

c2c020  No.128782


That's all? Fucking weak

c5bdc5  No.129109


amazing tits. i wanna hold them.

8a274d  No.129110


there is nothing to hold

d78626  No.129112

File: 1dd0e2b59c61c80⋯.jpg (100.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, catplant pasties.jpg)


She's got enough to suck on.

c5bdc5  No.129113

how anyone even found that nude pic

c07044  No.129121


How long is her arm?!

c5bdc5  No.129272

she is so freaking cute. i just wish her ASMR was better cause it sucks.

082929  No.129273

File: 91b4f7cc9feed25⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 779x432, 779:432, 91b4f7cc9feed258a11e5abee0….jpg)


>she cute

a7ae12  No.129284


I have a theory that only people who actually can feel asmr can make good asmr, so all these whores who suck at asmr don't really feel it and are making vids just because it's easy and to get that sweet betabux, that's why there are so many shitty ASMRtits out there.

From the thousands of asmr girls on youtube only a handful of top tier waifus are really good at it.

f83946  No.129288

File: d048dddb6ef832a⋯.png (41.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 580b585b2edbce24c47b2981.png)

f952cf  No.129291


GW must get it. Her up close shit is to die for. Tingles down my spine

cabb31  No.129292


Do you think asmrtists do up close whisper videos to make it sexual? Or is it just for tingles?

f952cf  No.129293


some do

some dont

cabb31  No.129294


Can you name some asmrtist who don't do it for sexual reason? Personally speaking, i get turned on by up close whisper videos no matter who is the asmrtist.

f952cf  No.129295


frivvi is first that comes to mind

cabb31  No.129298


Dude, you must be kidding me. She's literally a camwhore.

f952cf  No.129299


Oh you said dont

my bad my bad

just search close up asmr and youll find plenty of stuff

f952cf  No.129301


best video recently was gentlewhispers close up fuzzy mic video

my goodness its to die for

6da9ab  No.129488


You probably think the cunts that literally whisper while trying on bikinis for a video aren't camwhores, huh?

Just jack off and go on with your shit life like the rest of us.

afd5d5  No.129893


Being alone doesn't make you lonely. Only gregarious people who are running low on friends feel lonely. If you prefer solitude, you're right at home.

597b17  No.129927

cant wait for yet another video where she taps on plastic game boxes for 40 minutes

8a274d  No.129929

She's currently milking Fortnite and that's exactly why I unsubbed. That shit has nothing to do with ASMR anymore.

295964  No.130050


Catplant has always pandered to the contemporary geek gamer audience.

295964  No.130051


It's the easiest identifiable market to exploit. That and the Japanese anime fetish audience, with which there is a lot of overlap.

c6c8d4  No.130073


I can't stand Fortnite and Overwatch. It's like COD for girls. I like my gamer girls to play more RPGs. I used to love Miss Fushi, but then I found out she was a nigger lover and I can't watch her anymore. Shib Levels Up is pretty good for an ASMRish Let's Player. All these twitch thots playing Fortnite though, I can't deal with it.

83e057  No.130085


Truly a nazi board for real men.

752708  No.135047

File: e235b27cc92a554⋯.png (981.8 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180901-230900.png)

Are there any top asmrtits left who have kept their relationship a secret? I don't think so.

f952cf  No.135048


She likes a hairy man


a4427b  No.135057


Is that her actual b/f or is she an escort date here?

8a274d  No.135060


>escort date


752708  No.135067


>escort date

Is that even a thing? First time hearing this.

e215bc  No.135070



billionaires and millionaires will drop 5 figures on a "date" with semi-popular instagrammers and youtubers on a regular basis

I highly doubt she'll post one her escort "dates" to social media unless he's offered a juicy bonus, maybe so he can brag to his friends

>most expensive selfie ever

c5bdc5  No.135123

Dude looks so basic. I thought a nerdy girl like that would be into some weirdos.

b15749  No.135127


Where's Carl with the big bucks at?

6c762b  No.135146


isnt that the whole point of an escort? that they try to recreate more of a date feel instead of picking up a street whore? GFE: Girl Friend Experience. Some rich dudes take escorts on holidays and shit. Nowadays its often called sugarbabies but sugardaddy and -baby is more of an exlusive long term thing compared to escorts.

7d11b7  No.135151


Maybe someone can explain the whole appeal of Instagram to me. Why do people look at boring pictures of self-absorbed uninteresting strangers. Pics of hot chicks I somewhat understand, but even still, why not just porn?

53c150  No.135154


As I explained before, Instagram is a "dating" catalog for super wealthy men. Instathots are generally cleaner and more exclusive than working escorts

Girls also benefit if the fellow was ensnared in a parasitic relationship with said instathot.

>pelagea is probably making payday with her channel

>rich fucks who previously ignored her as a generic model now line up to "date" her

afd5d5  No.135179


Where do I sign up?

f952cf  No.135180


Testosterone bro

e3a03a  No.135215


Interesting take.

Thanks, anon.

c79760  No.135228


idk bout that asmrmood has giving me a lot of tigles lately, she actually has improved her content is not just tits anymore

c79760  No.135231


i thought she was gay

a4427b  No.135246



>the Instagram model was working on yachts while she traveled through Europe.


Case closed.

f952cf  No.135248


also you hear about that insta model who went to saudi arabia and they pooped on her and made her stick dead fish up her vag

8a274d  No.135250

You have to realize that she is a prostitute. If tomorrow pops out some fat rich dyke, she'll become gay again.

What do you think who paid for KittyKlaw's new boobs, vacations on Yalta or who paid for Gwen's nose job?



389638  No.135266


He meant reading instagram rather than posting on it. By definition the "super wealthy men" are going to be a tiny audience.


Women are interested in pictures, comparing themselves to pictures, tearing down people in pictures, throwing pity parties when they don't measure up to pictures, etc. Publishers, advertisers and social media managers realized awhile ago that women click more and share more, usually based only on the picture. There has not been a single "women's magazine" in history which sold because of its insightful and relatable articles. It's just pictures. The age of the women in the pictures defines entirely who their market is.

3edf22  No.135668


is that reckful

a4427b  No.135669


Also looks like Josh Robert Thompson, voice actor.

3edf22  No.135850

File: 09f26fce7202ce2⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 1414x755, 1414:755, SMbFTAG.jpg)

I want to put a baby in Catplant!

585bb8  No.135865

389638  No.135880

File: 8c6b77e0eef0408⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 600x900, 2:3, stephanie-realdoll2-config….jpg)


Gross, do you know how hard those things are to clean out afterward?

19b595  No.135882


585bb8  No.135883


So that thing is a robot right

19b595  No.135884


it's looks real.

but it's not.

5cccbd  No.135921



You didn't know this before? Isn't it suspicious enough that most instathots have pictures of them in Dubai and flaunting 7000 dollars handbags n shit?

They're escorts.nothing more. High class escorts.

c89af8  No.135935

File: b559b2e12f8dffd⋯.jpg (478.35 KB, 875x584, 875:584, typical bar.jpg)


Very true. I'll tell you a funny (not ha ha funny) true story about some of these girls. "Don't mind me, just chillin on MY FRIEND's YACHT!" When I lived in Asia, human trafficking was big business. It's all ran by organized crime like the Triads or Yakuza etc. They send scouts out to find poor girls in shithole villages in Flipland or girls on POF or other "Dating" sites. They pitch a "job" at them as an entertainer in exotic cities like Bangkok, Dubai, Seoul, Doha, Singapore, and show them videos like this. You sign a contract with them, to make it look legit, and then they take all of your identification, money, and passport… because they'll take care of everything so you won't have to worry about it. Not every girl gets to work on a yacht. Most of them end up as "juicy girls" in bars across the land. We call them "juicy girls" because they sell you a "buy me a juice drink (they're not supposed to get drunk, so you buy them juice instead)" so they will keep you company for the evening. If you want more than her company, you pay for that too, if you know what I mean. The girls are charged by the mafia for their room and board, food, clothing, etc. If they pay their debts, they can keep some of what's left over as spending money. Most girls try to get you to fall in love with them so that you'll pay their bar tab and buy their identity back from the mob and marry them. One of two ways out. The other way out is when the girls don't turn a profit and refuse to go full prostitute. The Yakuza says "We're going to move you to another location since things aren't working out for you here." After they set sail, they put a bullet in her head, and toss her in the ocean. This is part of the reason why undocumented immigrants and workers are such a big deal to the sex trade industry. Yes, they hire men too, as janitors, waiters, and so on, but not anywhere near the number of women who get duped into these scams.

tl;dr Don't ever take a shady job as an "entertainer" and give them your passport and ID. You'll never get it back.

Here's a good story that backs up pretty much everything I said, but it's about Africans, because the (((media))) doesn't want you to know about all of the hispanic, asian, or Russian girls that this happens to.


5cccbd  No.135946


Yeah well I for one am aware of these things. You notice a pattern in it, especially (but not restricted to) pretty Ukrainian or Russian chicks on insta taking pictures in front of Louis Vuitton and Hermes, in private jets, maybe the discrepancy between a day or two in between being in Dubai and then in some cycladic Greek island….you gotta wonder where the fuck they get all the money to do so.

Then among that there's the shit tier chicks that you mention, ones coming from really poor Filipino or Cambodian villages, mishandled and treated poorly by some powerful mafia underlord. Some are tricked into having a good life…..while the higher echelon ones literally sold their soul for money and the disillusionment of having a bourgeois lifestyle.

5cccbd  No.135948


I forgot to add, here's a funny dude who speaks the truth


a4427b  No.135952


The one that was just murdered in Greece on some yacht, police ruled she “hung herself.” I trolled her account and got some precious salt. White Knights will defend these skanks to the death, literally.

5754e4  No.138006



How did you get these anyway?

5754e4  No.138007


I will never understand why any guy would donate money to girl who is in a relationship and will never all because they think she’s cute. I find her entertaining but not enough to spend actual money on her.

b1fd16  No.138736

I crush on her so hard I stopped watching her. I skipped out on the gym too and let myself gain weight. Not sure if I should start watching her again to motivate myself or not. Pretty this crush is unhealthy as fuck and I'm surprised she settled for such an average dude. .

a7bad0  No.138783

File: ffc297f505bd6b2⋯.jpg (90.2 KB, 480x720, 2:3, catplant asmr 5.jpg)

52e492  No.138791


any more?

8a274d  No.138795


shitlib whore

6064da  No.138802


Not her.

4fa861  No.138804


No shit, sherlock.

c4d641  No.138805


>crushing on a degenerate hooker

top cuck

c5bdc5  No.138829

she's amazing but i wish her asmr would be actually good

a4eb67  No.138845

File: fe6167276964990⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1189x777, 1189:777, cat.png)

searched catplant nudes and found this on a ice posiden reddit thread

a4eb67  No.138847


nevermind, it some Ukrainian model

594632  No.138849


I was going to say it looks like Lisa. >>133120

19b595  No.138851


her tits is showing.

8a274d  No.138852



cc1b33  No.138972


I don't believe she's a hooker, but I do believe she is manipulative and a mankiller. Even if she was I would still probably crush. It's just a chemical reaction and not a continuous action. If she was an actual acquaintance in my city it's not like I would ask her out.

8a274d  No.138973


not hooker but slut

6ceba3  No.138985


she a thot

b1fd16  No.138986


if she breathes…

c4d641  No.138988

File: af27a9145d61229⋯.png (51.42 KB, 846x592, 423:296, asmr wojak.png)


>I crush on her so hard I stopped watching her

I had to stop watching my waifu for a while too


> If she was an actual acquaintance in my city it's not like I would ask her out

iktf, Even if she was my next door neighbor I wouldn't dare to talk to her because she mogs me to death in every way possible, I'm just subhuman compared to her

jfl at my life

not talking about catplant btw. my waifu is from a superior race

b1fd16  No.138989


I just think I would be too addicted to her. I don't have bad self-esteem issues or think about raceshit. I'm just unnecessarily sprung like a bitch.

6ceba3  No.138991


>my waifu is from a superior race

It's called the human race, and Catplant is a reptilian hologram.

b1fd16  No.138992

92ec2a  No.139559

File: d415d882eb79a01⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 540x304, 135:76, ecdf78912aa18c6f7dd52049af….jpg)

File: a1ab3d21a0db122⋯.jpg (86.72 KB, 422x750, 211:375, 15072393089700.jpg)

I wonder how many more of her pics are out there

7a132e  No.140117


Is she trying to hide them or something? They seem like stuff she would post or sell.

2afab5  No.140136


Aw look sugar daddy got her a pearl necklace.

f952cf  No.140219


Yo i would smash this chick till my spine or pelvis breaks

d05780  No.140221

Brown eyes + brown nipples = no thank you

f952cf  No.140222


Those are nice nipples son. Shape color and consistency are all on point. Ugh i want her so bad

b1fd16  No.140411

Does Catplant browse here like other ASMRists? I want to tell her I want to feed her nothing but peppers for week and then eat her ass while tickling her toes until she orgasms.

ef99b2  No.140416


Stop masturbating OP. Semen retention is the only way we can win the fight

41e1c6  No.140422

I always thought she has some Filipino mix in her

c14783  No.142640


Yeah, I can see that as well

8a274d  No.142644

She's a spic.

c14783  No.142937


And still better looking than any girl you have been with. Oh, you have been with a girl, right?

d3da38  No.142940


Different anon, no and yes.

a07d4f  No.142963


Moar like Latina tbh, if she has flip blood, her nose wouldn't be that small and pointed

a07d4f  No.142965



8a274d  No.142968

File: b73c3ac5be8b233⋯.png (28.75 KB, 500x444, 125:111, le_56__face_by_neetsfaggin….png)


Jessica Chicharro

fa2b10  No.143908

Latina? Even better

cf8b46  No.144383


She got a nose job. It’s obvious when comparing her new nose with old photos.

7825eb  No.146964

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Looks amazing in this video

87a975  No.146971


Girls with her face type always look great with their hair made up in a bun

d3da38  No.146976


Nose job paid for by lonely incels and orbiters. This world needs to burn.

f3b0bd  No.147020

7d11b7  No.147028

File: 78e3b5bcaef13bf⋯.png (872.97 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Catplant's ride.png)


Wowy, she really won the genetic lottery.

Good for Chad.

258c5c  No.147060

ade7d5  No.147605


been lifting and I'm in better shape

where do I get a catplant gf? All the women around me are blondes

5f9c64  No.147640


I feel sorry for you if you perceive that as a Chad.

f46ff3  No.147653


Where do you live?

ade7d5  No.148226


NorCal in white country. All the cute latinas are in the ghetto, thicc, and don't talk cute like catplant.

f10456  No.148229


What did you mean by "are blondes"? Blondes are some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

f10456  No.148230


Is America still considered a white country? Commiefornia definitely cannot be called a white state. Soon you white people will become a minority lol.

ade7d5  No.148386


boring to me


California is a state bigger than most European countries. There are more non-Hispanic whites in California than there is in Norway and Finland combined.

b3dc88  No.148393


Do your research. Commiefornia has most Number of non white people of all the states. Your government even accepts illegal immigrants and Muslims with open arms.

You'll also find MANY interracial couples in commiefornia.

Why you guys are like this, man?

Btw, who you ?

ade7d5  No.148491


There are more non-Hispanic white people in California now than there was both non-Hispanic and Hispanic white people in the 1960s. I live here and I know my shit. I don't really care about growing demographics as long as we can update the infrastructure to accommodate for bigger cities.

4d1aba  No.148515


>I don't really care about growing demographics

t. kike

ade7d5  No.150410


whatever, I'm looking good for a kike and I want to a catplant gf.

c5bdc5  No.150690

I just realized that I have a southern twang fetish.

ade7d5  No.151357


lift for the twang bro

244298  No.151376

File: 9e62d2f9d2ccb88⋯.jpg (12.93 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 9e62d2f9d2ccb88f16f3b9c487….jpg)


The majority of "white" americans come from the germany, anglo saxons, and celts. So basically the shitty germanic tribes. White americans are low tier whites.

afd5d5  No.151654


Just a jealous Nonmoonlander.

afd5d5  No.151655


She's pretty, but she has haughty eyes.

12cd5d  No.151761

File: a7acf351c4c5417⋯.jpg (943.97 KB, 1242x1071, 138:119, 1543309275766.jpg)

what did she mean by this?

ccfb82  No.151765

File: 909f6891dedda58⋯.jpg (29.62 KB, 703x427, 703:427, Juggalette.jpg)


wOoP WoOp!

67c363  No.151766


She likes to wear Juggalo war paint when she larps as a member of the Bloods. Mami chula is ready to challenge Michael Vick to a dog fight.

67c363  No.151767

67c363  No.151768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

23ed11  No.151774

when and where can i see her naked body?

f952cf  No.151775


She wants the sex

c5bdc5  No.152146

she's so amazing. i love her. i don't have anything hateful to say.

c4d641  No.152153

File: d90df1bc7d37d58⋯.png (14.63 KB, 644x800, 161:200, you.png)


>she's so amazing. i love her. i don't have anything hateful to say.

ade7d5  No.152808


based and redpilled

51e96a  No.152826


She’s back to escorting.

c5bdc5  No.152832

more nudes please

afd5d5  No.154796


Actually West coast Latinos North of Bakersfield wear red.

13e6d1  No.154848

i would like to see her naked body

2427e4  No.154872

petite brown women are goddess tier

this little bitch needs to post more regularly though

1bde34  No.154881



c5bdc5  No.154978

i have dreams about her butthole. i wanna lick it so bad

f57d13  No.155013


I bet its stinky as fuck

a476d2  No.155889

Still think about her bros

b00cc2  No.155960

File: dd4b758a811a7bf⋯.webm (13.63 MB, 720x480, 3:2, catplant.webm)

b00cc2  No.155961

File: 3ca055a42cbd446⋯.webm (15.24 MB, 720x480, 3:2, catplant2.webm)

621552  No.155962

They’re a dime a dozen

d52ffa  No.155980



full video please

a4901c  No.155982



are you blind

877cad  No.156008


future doctors and scientists :^)

12cd5d  No.156060


Looks legit. Has the mole on her chest where it should be.

d8f209  No.156582

I love her and I want to die because it's dumb that I love her so mich

8a274d  No.156583


Do you love her boyfriend too?

fd1921  No.156584

File: d87112bc829d676⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 600x480, 5:4, shotfun.gif)


It's not dumb at all. Die for love, anon.

d8f209  No.156585


I don't even follow her, so I don't know of she had a bf. I just vent here when I'm down.

554f6a  No.156734



Mila Azul for the second one, but I don't know sauce for the first

ba59a2  No.157061

i will marry catplant!!!!

b0ded0  No.157078


>Vegas escort

I don't know about marriage, but you could probably rent her for a few hours.

0cd4e1  No.157088

File: 9cbff696f5a3d31⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 750x903, 250:301, 1524858800433.jpg)



This is amazing

e9284b  No.157133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Look at her eyes, she's horny.

311bb9  No.157160


how would you know ya virgin

a02d4e  No.157369


pretty well done deepfake, but why use a chick with such a nasty looking gash?

7fd1a3  No.157393


Because nasty gashes are hot

09d231  No.159097

I thought she was underage?

554f6a  No.160073


she's 25 or 26

ce3d6d  No.160075


thousand cock stare

554f6a  No.160077

472084  No.160811

anyone got the missing photos from this archived thread >> especially the one "…before getting smashed at her prom,,,"

5788d1  No.160823


The thousand-yard stare. A thott gets it after she's been in the cock for too long. It's like you've really seen…beyond. I got it. All field thotts got it. You'll have it, too.

97603a  No.160840

File: aa0b14134cd76c0⋯.webm (2.24 MB, 1080x550, 108:55, catplant.webm)

I wish she'd do more videos where she doesn't have 100 pounds of cakeup on. she is actually attractive as fuck.

c6ea09  No.160847


I'm sorry to hear you have the "1000 cock stare" anon…how many cocks have you taken?

19b595  No.160927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c8e3a7  No.160942

File: 235477c463ee200⋯.png (119.15 KB, 1269x674, 1269:674, catplant.PNG)


These fuck me eyes she keeps pulling got me nutting, goddamit

12cd5d  No.160965


I hate the contacts

bcc06b  No.160983

File: 898710bef0d947c⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)






a7bd04  No.160984


next time you ask that post a webm where she isnt also caked on makeup

b4f904  No.160992


when will she start doing armpit asmr fucks sake

<i ravu her3

87559c  No.161002

File: bb89deeae64367c⋯.jpg (503.58 KB, 676x1200, 169:300, 271be54b5a6499301969832534….jpg)

1a424c  No.161005


In the military, we call girls like this "Little Brown Fucking Machines" and use them for entertainment and to get ourselves off with. If she's lucky, I might keep her. If she fails to please, we'll dump her in the ocean. That's business as usual in our world.

1a424c  No.161028

File: 84d60bb3f7373b6⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 590x303, 590:303, hispanics.jpg)



Hispanics were made to be kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. I wish I had a Catplant of my very own in my basement. Once we get the southern border open, availability will go up and prices will go down.

50a36a  No.161165


Seeing a dude this beta/weird looking able to get a girl that hot gives me hope.

396528  No.161168


Dude's probably got money, anon.

3da843  No.161169

File: 41337703b545bbd⋯.png (319.27 KB, 528x738, 88:123, Maria.png)

This bitch is gross. Her face is all out of whack. You incels have shit taste.

50a36a  No.161171


So does Jeff Bezos, but it didn't make him alpha.

c6ea09  No.161178



You mean her new "john."

ff0bde  No.161183


He isnt a model but he is good looking. Better looking than the average guy you see. They are pretty well matched.


Bezos just went public with his blackmail and that will piss off Trump, the National Enqurirer and Saudi Arabia. Thats pretty alpha.

ee4a81  No.161504

File: d4ba1c125d80b09⋯.png (696 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1522156731162 (1).png)

where's my catplant valentine's video? I need her she is my one true valentine

c6ea09  No.161528

File: 8fcbc8f00344a5f⋯.jpg (60.7 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 51741919_3067895913224111_….jpg)

19b595  No.161753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i'll started masturbating on my company time.

396528  No.161770



Who said anything about being alpha? This is about having something to offer a bitch other than incredible self-loathing.


Every time an incel blows out his brains, an angel gets its wings.

554f6a  No.162593


Hi Cat, can you send me your panties?

a4840d  No.162663


Blondes age like rotten milk. Latinas age like shit and gain a ton of weight in their late 20's.

96076c  No.163261


The sex would dry up eventually, going from twice a day to twice a week but the bitching would remain a constant. Women are not worth it after the initial period of daily fucking.

554f6a  No.163312

I broke my leg how am I supposed to do cardio to get a catplant gf. I already gained weight I'm going to die alone.

5f580e  No.163314


By not exercising you are burning fewer calories, so consume less food. It's easy anon.

8a225d  No.163323


Just wait until your leg heals that go full /fit/.

554f6a  No.163550


0627df  No.163565


>spic whore


pick one cuck

5f580e  No.163569


I pick the spic whore then

db9e3d  No.163600


She's gorgeous, but not so hot that she's completely unattainable. True wife material in terms of looks. You have good taste anon

c5bdc5  No.163635

yeah she is so gorgeous. man i would like to put my cock in her anus. her butthole is probably so tight.

dda672  No.163667



Go away, Catpoop

d67638  No.163686


Everyone is straight for the right price.

a2679c  No.164581

File: e93cec3da3f4349⋯.jpg (134.41 KB, 960x960, 1:1, P7.jpg)

If any of you freaks have ever wanted to purchase something that's touched Jessica's boobs, here's your chance: https://www.depop.com/products/catplantt-astrology-ribbed-tee-because-youre/

12cd5d  No.164661

File: f6d787b30f095e9⋯.jpg (124.73 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, catplant.jpg)

8364d7  No.164698


>didn't catplant do a clothing haul where she showed her feet a while back? can't find it on her yt anymore

828fc7  No.164703


that foot is gross

1c36f5  No.164725


Link please. I'm dying to see her feet.

2427e4  No.164747


yeah the proportions are garbage, three fucking toes longer than the big one, never seen anything like it

7b496a  No.164750


Moroccan inbred.

180749  No.164752


>sharks snapback


f0f650  No.164787


Does anyone have the insta cosplay vid saved where cat showed off her heels?

35c5af  No.166053


isnt she 17?

e2c29f  No.166054


Worst subculture.

0ca84b  No.166098


Wait does she live in San Jose? I'm finna ask her out.

14ce05  No.166125

File: 6410037b16507bb⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 1414x757, 1414:757, dkbEEdj.jpg)

hug catplant

love catplant

kiss catplant

ab89d3  No.166129


8a225d  No.166135


Why. Are you non-white?

8a225d  No.166136


Deport catplant.

Deport catplant.

Deport catplant.

0fe0de  No.166139


>thousand cock stare

15594e  No.166242

If you have seen enough Latinas then you would know she’s extremely average.

675c77  No.166252


That’s the whole appeal of her, she’s cute and attainable. Therefore an embodiment of a perfect gf. I watch her videos to imagine my life with her not to picture her getting piped down like a sow

851041  No.166299

I had a dream i put a 10 inch dildo in her ass slowly and she loved

e94dc3  No.166865

File: 2789c826580d47d⋯.webm (13.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CatCumClip.webm)

a4cb95  No.167022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Now you can worship her in 4k

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