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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3001e  No.132157

How does the hate dungeon feel about tit cows with fairly unattractive (but not outright ugly) faces?

e3001e  No.132159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

…because she did one of those "try on haul" videos and her body is quite good.

I realize I'm being mean in saying this, but maybe it's a good red pill for some idiot anon: this is the kind of girl who is only hot because she's young. Fuck her if you can, but don't marry this one unless you accept the fact that she's going to lose that body and all you'll have left is the face.

On the other hand, if you're like this girl, your best strategy is to lock down a man ASAP.

6c0bb7  No.132160


By the time she loses that figure, yours is going to be even worse. Not swallowing your 17 year-olds life experience.

888a0e  No.132250

Generally interested. It’s a shame many of the popular asmrthots are flat, but when a titcow shows up they’re usually awful. There was a small channel that showed up for me named Rachel Chotro starring a hefty heifer, but it was some low effort shit that died

fe4aad  No.132269

File: d134902e5a4c3d6⋯.png (297.7 KB, 487x251, 487:251, Capture.PNG)


>lock down a man ASAP

Looks like she already has, anon.

be44e0  No.132277


She's mentioned many times she has a boyfriend.

fe4aad  No.132279

File: cc9d3a573197b65⋯.jpg (41.18 KB, 711x722, 711:722, cori a cute.jpg)


double dubs

Boyfriend appears to have upgraded to fiance. She's been with the same guy for the past 6 years. About time he put a ring on it.


You are mean, anon. I'd wife the shit outta her. I think Cori is a lovely young lady.

18b8d0  No.132287


OHH MAYHH are those khazar milkers?

3b3481  No.132288


>double dubs

>reddit formatting

Back to 4/r9k/ with you, young incel.

fe4aad  No.132302

File: fbb33f528f9494d⋯.jpg (44.64 KB, 750x591, 250:197, ohDKCIO.jpg)


Cori doesn't have a Patreon or even a PayPal. She's never begged for betabux. She creates ASMR out of love. for now

be44e0  No.132306


You think she's gonna blow up

fe4aad  No.132322

fe4aad  No.132323


I should elaborate. No, she won't blow up. She doesn't market (sell) herself. Clearly >>132157 she has the tits for it, but she won't lewd. She's engaged. As if that matters to most cucks these days. I believe she has the potential to grow, but I think she's just doing these videos for fun.

fe4aad  No.132325



Don't take this the wrong way. Does she have to show her tits to be successful? No. My point is that I think ASMR is dying. It's too saturated and bloated. Pure waifus are quitting or go unnoticed and only twitch thots blow up anymore. I think the days of a girl like SoftlyGaloshes (an honest content creator) starting ASMR and expecting to make it big are over. I can point at girls like Prim, best Taylor, Ashley Marie, etc, are all sitting well below 100k. They're all great and make good videos. The instant e-celebs ship has set sail. That train left the station. I don't think we'll ever see another overnight star like Darling or SlimWhispers. ASMR as a genre is way too big and twitch girls are taking over. How many ASMRtits have a second channel for playing Fortnite on twitch? If you wanted to grow your channel without gaming, I'd say the old "daily vlogger" path would be the best one to take. Most of the OG youtubers that managed to stick around, started as daily vloggers.

000000  No.132373



You watch too much TV.

e3a98b  No.132375


>a girl like SoftlyGaloshes

>a girl

women don't begin going bald in their 20s, anon. roger's a dude.

e3001e  No.132459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>doesn't have a Patreon or even a PayPal

<25:57 I've been actually thinking more about

<25:59 my patreon and I was thinking if I do

<26:04 make my patreon if uh if I do go ahead

<26:21 with my patreon I was thinking you have

<26:24 to be I'm not sure if like the tiers I

<26:27 want to say yes but if I do go ahead I

<26:31 was thinking of doing like weekly eating

<26:35 videos or bi-weekly videos the only

<26:40 thing that's stopping me from my making

<26:42 the patreon right now is I honestly

<26:44 don't know how much content I want to do

Imagine living in a world where free money was this easy for you to get. "I'm not sure if I want to take the money because gosh, making a 10 minute video once a week is so much work!!"

…because you already live in a world where:

<27:02 my cousin has a patreon she

<27:04 has cosplay stuff maybe I'll ask her

beta bucks are so plentiful that a random thot has people in her family that are already doing it.

I feel so sorry for young men today. You guys have no hope of a long-term relationship. You cannot compete with the army of thirsty simps boosting women's egos into the asteroid belt.

34dd57  No.132476

File: fc87586c6a4a57d⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 44447971300.jpg)


Well fuggggg. I stand corrected. Lewds and nudes when?

438745  No.132478


There are fine women out there brother

438745  No.132479


They can as a result of high stress. Knew a chick who was a wreck after two abortions (not mine dont worry) and she started losing hair around 23. It’s whatever. Maybe social media gives people this impression that people can be this idealized form of perfection that only exists in highly edited profile pics and the like.

000000  No.134393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fresh bobs

19ab7c  No.134482


She mentioned her boyfriend two times. R.I.P, they never learn.

6c0bb7  No.134540


How I watched this video: On my 55" TV, with the sound off.

c3ccbc  No.135546

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not fresh but an attempt was made

32f38e  No.135551


>go to sleep while I flash this light in your eyes anon

4aba60  No.135566


Never understood cranium exam or follow the light ones

000000  No.135753


>What does this smell like? Good, that's right, vanilla.

>Can you feel this? Good, how about this?

32f38e  No.135888

>let's cuddle up and relax while going to sleep

>while I have all this makeup on

6c0c45  No.140280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc27cf  No.140281


Those titties are looking good. Cori lewds on insta when?!

336801  No.143601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

945586  No.143646


I want to put my penis between her boobs. What shocks me more than anything else is that she has a fiance at home who (presumably) allows her to do this.

759950  No.143661


Why wouldn't he, he's the bull and her audience are the cucks.

945586  No.143675

File: 49856c1d43a3727⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 563x552, 563:552, 0b8c4ab272d6db7e3ea405abc7….jpg)


>ywn get to prep the bull

I'm honestly surprised that Karuna and Victor haven't done a video for this yet. I wonder how it would go though. Do you think her audience would get upset about it or do you think they'd cuck out and throw more money at her?

945586  No.143676


Come to think of it, that would definitely be pushing the envelope of porn in ASMR.

(Karuna Satori) My husband fucking me ASMR MF4A [intentional] [female] [male] [fucking sounds] [nsfw]

I kinda want her to do it now. Not out of cuckery, but for the amount of chaos it would cause with assblasted fans and creators.

24dba1  No.143687


They did multiple audios.

33429a  No.143823


cranial nerve exam is just an asmr meme because early on it was a vid type that blew up. now everyone feels like they have to do it. kinetic sand is another asmr meme like that

611218  No.143837

File: c4251ab73f4f136⋯.jpg (110.07 KB, 900x900, 1:1, JUNKS.jpg)


Lighting matches is also an ASMR meme.

7cc30e  No.143914


Cranial nerve exams are great though. When done right some of the most tingly videos around

e18954  No.148254

File: c64148a331ee296⋯.webm (314.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cori.webm)


af3ccb  No.148255


Like anons here are all 10s. Fuck her good lads and go full 1488 on a normie broad like this.

4e93cc  No.148263


>fairly unattractive (but not outright ugly) faces?

The term you're thinking of is "butterface", anon. Remember it, it'll save you a little extra typing.

1eb421  No.148302


Why is my mom saying that? She would never say that anon, how did you get this video of my mom????

0e5990  No.148312


I bet she’s into cuckqueaning.

e18954  No.148321


private patreon vids yo

eb4b61  No.148335



>try on haul videos

okay these are definitely intended to be sexual.

bfefb7  No.148344

She has incredible natural tits and I'd love to see them. Question is, how far is she willing to go? She stands to make alot of money, but will she do it?

1b7533  No.151913

File: 04a1c3b96edbb2d⋯.mp4 (224.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CoriCat wants to suck your….mp4)

naughty Cori

324dab  No.151919

File: 27b430af41ad8dc⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 311x264, 311:264, 33963501.jpg)


And I would let her.

0c5444  No.151983

75d53b  No.151988

File: fa61f653faabb38⋯.jpg (92.54 KB, 866x522, 433:261, Clipboard.jpg)

Cori just did a sponsored clothing haul and shit all over her sponsor. Funniest clothing haul I've ever seen. Screen capped so you can get a chance to see just how spoiled these women are. Not liking the clothes is one thing, but publicly shitting all over a sponsor is next level.


40af09  No.152017


Thats funny but that entitlement and actions will cost her future sponsors.

029191  No.152028


>yours is going to be even worse.

Spoken like a true NPC

b3048c  No.152032


fucking dumb cunt

5bfec0  No.152039



>muh I'm redpilled about the jews but this toth getting free shit and not following their orders is a slut and should be put in a fire

lmaoing at your lifes incels

336801  No.152115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a4e3df  No.152140


yeah outside of Violets Voice, Hailey, and maybe Scottish Murmurs, I can't think of a single busty asmrtist who made more than half a dozen vids

e64eae  No.152145

File: a472957567d31be⋯.jpg (58.5 KB, 300x400, 3:4, e94b497c69a358ad93b2249985….jpg)


>not remembering thicc Asian titcow waifu

Rain was good. Too bad she's gone though.

95d81f  No.152147


lives. not lifes. you dumb nigger faggot

a4e3df  No.152152


all the asian asmrtists suck

554e3c  No.152212


Any pics of Violets Voice being busty?

5bfec0  No.152243


Vivi Alto, Mama Susurros, MinxLaura, thatasmrchick, Luz asmr, etc.

Come on anon, it's like you didn't even try

5bfec0  No.152244


Hatomugi is goat

a4e3df  No.152489


I'll give you Vivi and Luz tho no english is a dealbreaker for asmr imo. The others a ugly af


Its either the under the piano or showing paintings one, you can tell a few times throughout her vids tho. Nothing worth moving blood over, but she def is

5bfec0  No.152558


>dude there are no asmrtits with big breasts

>okay there are but they are ugly lol

fuck off underage

414fd0  No.152604


>muh wimmins age like wine bs

414fd0  No.152605



no argument found.

just ad-hominems.

are you sure you're not some tranny?

5bfec0  No.152682



no argument found

just ad-hominems

are you sure you're not some redditor?

d71453  No.156555

She has a very cute face, you must be blind.

Her straightforward sexualization of her videos and honest style have won me over. I like her much more than those qt innocent thots most of you fawn over

556fec  No.156725


>cute face

She has the empty 'college psychopath chick' face, wee lad. Be careful of those when you're older.

5111c2  No.156795


probably because you're an ugly loser from a flyover state.

9095b7  No.157971


full vid?

66e46d  No.158040

File: eedbb8066a58ab5⋯.mp4 (2.25 MB, 1278x720, 71:40, cori FMA.mp4)

8ee373  No.158043

I can't figure out what's going on with her chin.

9095b7  No.158046

674d44  No.158103

You just know she's forcing a vegetarian diet on her cat.

6ea736  No.159983

She's going to delete her channel. Next week she's planning to put out a dirty roleplay.

With enough thirsty degenerate comments the circus will leave town.

502d4a  No.160067


when did she say that?

79a63e  No.160642

File: ad525b5d8632cd7⋯.webm (7.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Cori lewd edit.webm)

924697  No.161034


I like your style.

4c1d27  No.161036


Yeah. I love this edit. I'd like to see this for more ASMRtits. Good job, anon.

846f2b  No.161071


This, there is no such thing as being "alpha enough", women want narcissistic supply and security, where do they get both?

From scores of beta orbiters and people lining up to pay attention to these hoes. These faggots will also provide money, but also in the form of government and corporate security, government and corporate jobs are the next tier down from that.

A fundamental aspect of female psychology is to take the path of absolute least resistance, so you can bet your boots these broads will always opt for something easier and more fulfilling than what YOU have to offer.

846f2b  No.161072


She looks vaguely like Softlygaloshes.

533877  No.163842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd love to fuck Cori's tits. She looks like my dead sister-in-law, tits and all, which makes it even hotter to think about.

ce8032  No.164031


Fucking EYE RAZORS video quality lately.

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