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File: 7dac3ea216bb75d⋯.gif (73.97 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1498157072049.gif)


>entire family would be homeless without greek society/networking sourced jobs

>she really has a total of zero talents. she has a degree from northwestern university but found competition among mentally handicapped individuals who live hand to mouth

>asmr rose from the blood and sweat of those who come from broken homes and have fucked up brain cells, so what kind of a sick fuck uses asmr to launch their cosplaying career?

>entire internet is rife with tales about how badly these fucktards have failed at life when competing against normal individuals outside of racetracks. hint: one of them involves american idol

>no she doesnt jill off to mitt romney every night



>asmr rose from the blood and sweat of those who come from broken homes and have fucked up brain cells

>blood and sweat


Are you drunk again, Ginny?


id jill off to mitt romney every night if i could



uh oh, ginny is back again for more threads.

how she doing and the after life?


>Are you drunk again, Ginny?

But the Good News L D is making more Single Ginny series EP Cupdisc TBA Soon.


Who is Ginny? What did I miss?



Gibi is on a war path since nora called her out. Maybe ginny made the thread for some reason idk


File: 72444f025e417b8⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1396899636188.jpg)


OMG I LOVE LASERDISC AND HIS TECHNICOLOR DIGITAL REMASTERS! I'm a huge fan of his work in music and video.



and who is Nora?



Seafoam Kitten's ASMR


File: c7b7142ce14efce⋯.mp4 (893.66 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, c7b7142ce14efceebeca2cf820….mp4)



Out of context, unfortunately. Fan-requested this on one of her streams.


I personally can't stand that rich bitch twitch thot. She's also a kike.



Shed be hotter as a jew tbqhwyf



She's definitely not hot as she is.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Doing a gym personal trainer video

>Not wearing a sports bra


File: e5ef5b5b13c8087⋯.jpg (71.22 KB, 500x600, 5:6, absolutely disgusting.jpg)



I can't be the only one who wants to just punch her in the face over and over until she's dead, right?

And not out of any kind of lust, just the pure hatred and disgust her visage inspires in the core of my being.



Gibi doesn’t have the tits for sports bras. Wise move.


File: 2bd65f77c6e52ed⋯.jpg (147.97 KB, 600x750, 4:5, w99yK3W.jpg)


Get a life , FAGGOTS !



Your words are that of a coward. Suddenly im inspired to bend you over and explore your anus.



gibi really isnt a twitch thot compared to like amaouranth i mean she just streams games like any other girl streamer and she doesnt do any shady shit or anything. i dont see why people are freaking out


I'm not even like a gibi stan or anything but she's never done any shady shit or anything


what has gibi even done since nora called her out?


She has the body of a 12 year old boy.



i know but what does that have to do with people claming shes on a war path and shit lol. i understand people might not like her but why are they claming shes doing stuff shes not



One would think, that would make the faggots who lurk here love her even more. :^)


I mean she should be one of the least controversial asmrtists


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>most likely incel

>rages because women are more successful then him

>chants about it on a online forum

>no one listens to him

>repeats the cycle indefinitely until he wanks off to tentacle porn

>in a deep depression because he realizes his life means nothing and someone who whispers into a mic makes more money then he ever will

>passes out after he crashes from too much mountain dew

>wakes up the next day and starts all over



Ha, I don't drink soda!

That's where you're wrong, buddy.


I just fucking hate her rat face. Same with (((Glow))).

I like plenty of other asmrtits just fine.



besides like being a jew idk why people act like shes a thot and stuff when she dresses extremly conserative on stream and etc



Shes shown her bare shoulders



shes jewish not muslim


daddy's multimillion dollar investment netted the family a child that finds competition among pocketless mentally challenged individuals.The power of daddy money…



That's Definitive Company Doing all the REMASTERING videos of ginny films.



thats the most skin she has ever shown right? you guys are really forcing your talking points here. others are really in your face with their tits. ofc every asmrtist is reliant on their looks. most of the stuff they do they could do without filming themselves or maybe just their hands. no coincidence that the most succesful ones are also great looking, thats the case everywhere.

she really isnt a thot. a thot is the typical ewhore that immediatly shows her butt and tits and then complains about someone merely mentioning it.

Gibi isnt very sexual in her videos. Which is the smarter strategy anyway if you are looking for big and lasting success which she is very obvious about.



Sadly, no amount of daddy money can buy IQ points



#NotAllAnons Whoever it is talking shit about Lady Gina is just mad that she's successful. I'm not personally a big fan of Gibi, and not super thrilled that she was born rich, but the girl is running an online business and she's done an honest job of it. I've got no problem with her. There's some faggot posting around here that shits on all the good ones, like calling Pelagea a camwhore. If they're not doing porn or selling nudes, they're not camwhores. Doing mental gymnastics to justify it is retarded. It'd be like if I called a cashier at Walgreens a Pharmawhore because she sells drugs to the public and gets paid to do it. The guy stocking shelves at Kroger is a Foodwhore because Monsanto is paying him to poison us with Doritos. If that's the case, then we're all whores for something unless you KYS or you're a celibate NEET who lives innawoods. Fuck what those faggots think, Gina. At the same time they talk shit about you, a "Farmin Brit" thread was created. Degenerates. I'll cheer for you, but your kike friend Glow has to go in the oven. Keep up the good work, illuminati princess.


She has a 3Dio now.

Ear-licking vids incoming.



I bet she won't do it.


With her $400,000 daddy paid education,she should move to Togo and become their president.Obviously she cant use her education properly in the US and compete for a hollywood job like she ideally should.And Target should bump every little family owned store out of our towns.frankly who needs a family owned store when there is Target?


Damn her tiny titties must look amazing in work out clothes. Why not even a little glimpse in the video?

Also she has crazy sensitive skin.



does it really cost that much?


File: 9b4f4ae7bfa6e03⋯.jpg (65.8 KB, 533x800, 533:800, jenna haze has an unbeliev….jpg)


god I'd love to see her get rodded out in a gym


It makes me feel like a muslim but I am going to jerk it to her naked shoulders.


With her $400,000 daddy paid education,she should move to Togo and become their president.Obviously she cant use her education properly in the US and compete for a hollywood job like she ideally should.And Target should bump every little family owned store out of our towns.frankly who needs a family owned store when there is Target?



File: eaf6e3c3393bc94⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 600x338, 300:169, gibi-kiss.gif)

yea all this autism is cool and all, but where did this gif come from and where is the full version?



Holy shit look at that neck.

Confirmed tranny.


File: 8ca7ca294acf12a⋯.png (162.45 KB, 320x430, 32:43, 8ca7ca294acf12abf8f198942e….png)


File: d9a5df942db76e5⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 295x1155, 59:231, 3137ec0ac895ac475ef6300963….jpg)








Jesus is the pic fucked up or is that her real neck ?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you know there are videos and pictures of her on the internet, check them out and you might figure it out.

here a little help her new video with a view of her neck.



Now Wait a minute, I thought Ginny is dead.



she does have an odd body shape but that still works for her. just like her nose is long but super cute.



What about her penis? Do you think it's long and cute?






Hope she thinks mine is long and cute


File: 64aff36fcd40ee4⋯.jpg (32.06 KB, 320x250, 32:25, ginalupica.jpg)


Lupica? Isn't that that disease where you lose your hair?


File: 495b56f572b58ac⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 620x452, 155:113, 1165681.jpg)


Seems we have a case of lupica.






i'm intrigued



Jewbi knows that the best way to control Gentiles is through degenerate porn, so she teases this idea of her getting with other women.



but is that a video or something?



meaning there is no kiss



I'd like to know too


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

guess who was on h3h3

besides…………………………. Darling.



Geeez. ROFLMAO. Nobody calls Darling for shit. (((H3H3))) would rather book a literal faggot on his show. Grats, Tony.



They don't have any guests on this podcast. It's just Ethan shitting all over ASMR. Darling does get mentioned at the beginning. "If she wasn't pretty, she wouldn't be popular." Darling rekt.

The, after Gibi shilled their merch, they shit on Gibi. Remember, Gina. With jews, you lose.

I think Ethan took care not to portray the genre as sexual, although he did say it felt like cheating on his wife and it was videos for lonely dudes. No mention or clips of ear eating. He just picked out weird stuff and "lol cringe" on most of it.



Good thing kimmel fixed that and maria on Netflix. Overshadowed h3h3 hard lol


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

do you guys think she is wearing the skirt too?

also i dont watch all that japanese crap but for fans this is probably sexy.



> They don't have any guests on this podcast.

Burnt Chrysler is there tho


File: 86c43228e5b352b⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 556x239, 556:239, good goy.jpg)


File: 3c732f482cc6908⋯.jpg (3.2 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, maj-ovens.jpg)


Very hot!


File: 6786c8da8580e4d⋯.jpg (122.32 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, DlGFEZTXoAE1YUP.jpg)


She is.



could also be wearing sweats during shooting. whatever thanks for posting. fucking instagram filter.


File: 867b3f0c7e7ae52⋯.jpg (113.8 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, DlGFEZQXcAA1XgT.jpg)




Where is that from its not on her twitter or insta?


File: b6fcd32aaa01112⋯.png (293.77 KB, 554x314, 277:157, 20160502_070543_thumb.png)

I'd prefer this cosplay




Thank you. Too stupid to scroll down further, ony looked for the last couple of days.



>gina zr

I am not worthy



She looks nice.

Very nice.



Nobody calls her because she's full of herself. She called Gibi "gibby" on that one collab they did. Taylor's cute, but not as cute as she thinks.



She's also a stuck-up cunt.



>She called Gibi "gibby" on that one collab they did




>jap crap

What do you watch anon?



wet personality type



I don't think my dick could take it



>She called Gibi "gibby" on that one collab they did.

Based Taylor


File: 4b9eff8d5beaf79⋯.jpg (410.62 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dlyfz2AU0AA5sKq.jpg large.jpg)




> no filters or photoshop btw



Lady Gina sure is beautiful. I wonder what she's thinking about. Bilderberg 2019 and money.



Gina Wealthyman sits in an airport bar, lost in thoughts she contemplates "How do I get these desperate virgins to send me even more money?"


File: 6569712d6dcdb53⋯.jpg (406.73 KB, 1534x2048, 767:1024, Dlyfz1_U0AEQvWi.jpg large.jpg)


Feelings of regret wash over her, embarrassed she stares down at the table and thinks: "I should be ashamed of myself."



i fucking hate that anime is mainstream now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thank you ms lupica, thank you!



Does Gibi ever feel shame? I doubt it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Jews never feel shame.




What does she have to feel shame about? Being too perfect?



No cuck, being an e beggar and a Twitch thot. Just like her puppet Glow-rat.


i like that she has her bed in the background of her recent vids, can imagine smashing her on it while i watch. thanks gina!


File: 74b18bda75b609c⋯.jpg (91.34 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 39526647_1077235972442283_….jpg)


i herd u liek Gibi's bed



I wanna spoon Gibi so badly. She's probably so soft and cuddly.



She seems like the kind of chick that'd force you to be the little spoon.





File: d9bbcdadc76b1d4⋯.png (663.16 KB, 707x413, 101:59, life is unfair.PNG)


>ywn be Gina's little spoon.



>tfw you manage to dig yourself out of two mkultra pits but fbi is just too butthurt to stop


File: d7498524b196693⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 737x415, 737:415, IKIFEEL.jpg)


Why even live, tbh?


File: 97de5fe59c03dff⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 1337088693894.jpg)


>she will never stroke your hair


File: ccf06086ac86b22⋯.mp4 (8.47 MB, 640x308, 160:77, gi.mp4)



gibi's tits aren't that big



whats that terribly filmed porn supposed to tell us?



what makes you think thats gibi?



what if its her bf uhoh



her boyfriend has great tits then.



oh yeah he removed his body hair via laser huh


File: 59dce30f5279c9e⋯.png (151.51 KB, 400x306, 200:153, full.png)

>Gibi has zero talents

You obviously don't know about Loopy Productions.



File: a6e2eb1e7074998⋯.png (5.28 KB, 883x264, 883:264, Capture.PNG)



Gina's had talents since 2007, nigga!



This guy gets it.



the genes are stronk!!!




Hopefully Gibi gets bigger dick than that. Are you implying anything?



D-did Gina invent Pepe?


File: c26daf3779ced84⋯.jpg (25.36 KB, 572x390, 22:15, smug gina pepe.jpg)



Its not the size of the wave but motion of the ocean you sizecuck



The amount of grease in that picture could feed an ethiopian village for a week.


File: e3756b99d69f9e0⋯.png (981.85 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Gibi on taworship.png)



She has nice feet


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



For you.





If i say something nice about you please dont think i love you



Is that Chloe Foster?

Anyway, link to vid?



She is so oddly shaped, I dont think there is any hotter than her.


her second channel makes it easier to understand what happens when u compete against real competitors



You mean her gaming channel? Its not like the top viewed gamers are "real competitors" they are just loud douchebags with a kiddy audience. Not like Mrs Gina isnt yelling, screeching and cursing like the typical american white woman but still.


File: a53a552ad03baa7⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 500x333, 500:333, a53.jpg)





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hair: cute

ears: :(

fangs: meh



white: neh


jew: yeh



TAworship chloe Foster naomi swann karley



tfw you will never get to suck on her toes slowly enjoying those nicely formed painted toenails and lick her feets while strocking those long athletic legs which i'm preety sure is smooth as foarck

why bother famalamadingdong


File: b5a3aaf1a202599⋯.jpg (104.59 KB, 625x360, 125:72, lupica_625x360.jpg)

daddy's bretty handsome, no wonder where she got her looks then



he looks like Bob Saget.



More like Bob Faggot



that man cums in pussies, we have proof.



thats a self made man.If we misdirected the hate towards him it can be construed as jealousy. Its hhis kids who act like they're entitled to daddy's money….and feel like they have a special skill set in their genes just because daddy makes 4 Bugattis a year.If i were him i'd make my entire will out to any organization that helps veterans upon my death.


File: 3f170efb5f0a4d7⋯.png (981.89 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-07-14-0….png)


File: 45a3f3a5d59cd61⋯.jpg (12.35 KB, 300x301, 300:301, Season_1_Character_Promos_….jpg)



More proof Gibi is Jewlluminati.



What character is that?


File: 503b358fc9699b0⋯.jpg (4.08 MB, 3456x5184, 2:3, lupica.jpg)


File: fce691579c5f26e⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 488x366, 4:3, c220c1df9dffc142057ecf9c4b….jpg)


thats our pan sexual princess!!!



In this picture she is either


b)revealing how she feels about her viewers

c)showing of her extra chromosome



d)seducing a rich frying pan



Jewish Sheiks are fucking. hot!


She is live right now on twitch with little make up if anyone is interested.



Who's the ugly jewish cuckboy?



its your reflection on your screen.



did she beat Pokimane yet? she used to suck off poki back in 2017. Did she get anywhere near poki's twitch success yet? Its hard. I know.



her cousin James.


File: 955e01061f175bb⋯.jpg (91.52 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, DmhFvFsWsAIoRc7.jpg large.jpg)

He is NOT cuckboy!!!



Is that a face swap pic?




She is doing his make up. She puts the wig on him at around minute 53. The pic is from her Twitter.



Gibi introduces her boyfriend on the stream and a week later Glow does the same thing. Blow is a poor man's Gibi, fucking copycat.



Its Gibis cousin. Also where did Glow show her boyfriend?



Kek, we'll see how that works out for her. Gibi is no longer dependent on Patreon so she doesn't have to worry about pissing off jealous cucks.



Her brother who's her boyfriend. Old Jewish customs.


File: 4ae7cc0fd72cd96⋯.png (802.41 KB, 845x805, 169:161, muhdik.png)


File: fa0b2396f9606f1⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 1087x228, 1087:228, sDF.jpg)

she isn't very smart



Jesus Christ Gibby



Gibby has shit taste.

-10 respect


File: 58c8c143850fd2c⋯.jpg (357.52 KB, 1312x2000, 82:125, lupica.jpg)


She does look quite a bit like him!


4 some reason she reminds me of a female Brutalmoose



Of course, that's her rich daddy!



File: 4ce7b27b8230e68⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 552x358, 276:179, IMG-20180614-WA0000.jpg)



The article fails to mention how it's only the methadone clinics that saved her




>Sarah Toth

moar like Sarah THOT





>negligent mother

>scammer and leech


>the chosen one




Next level wordsmith



wasnt she a SJW?



I like her more now, I still dislike her though


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>We're the chosen one

>Does ASMR

What a juxstaposition.



Gina is a sweet angel. She's better than Taylor and Sharon, the latter being the worst and suspiciously whoreish (I saw the video)



what video?



plz sponsor me and gibe money



Cute. Shame this version of Gina has a boyfriend.


File: cba5149c8ba9473⋯.jpg (238.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6524556.jpg)




she throw up? or she stuck her hand in the toilet?

take a pick?



link plz



File: 2377333935d3df7⋯.webm (11.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gibi socks.webm)

>ywn sniff



Make it mp4 and maybe ill check out blonde gibi


File: 42c16f33417382a⋯.png (105.89 KB, 884x159, 884:159, gibitag.PNG)


As much as I despise Guybi, I really have to admire his business acumen: he clearly intends nothing less than to own ASMR on YouTube.



She aight

Im keeping my distance because her illuminati reaches seem to know no bounds


File: cfdf203f736c436⋯.gif (5.1 MB, 480x480, 1:1, dark tay.gif)


>Gibi will own ASMR on YouTube.



As far as I know it's impossible to find anymore. I've tried looking for it multiple times but all of the websites that had it have been reported and removed, obviously by Sharon or a white knight. I should've saved it when I had the chance.



I wish Tay would go to war with Hebi. Drive-by shootings and shit. All out war for domination over the ASMR cummunity.


File: 8aa8d66e5bb2441⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 545x700, 109:140, indian from predator.jpg)


Damn her non-white ancestry gets more and more apparent each year. I told you fuckers. Pic related.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




File: f8be29946fbf812⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 185p2sxjtoihejpg.jpg)


Poor Ben seems like such a beta next to Alpha Gibi as she trains her Aryan wolfdog. Fun fact: Her wolfdog "Blitzkrieg" is still a puppy. Once he is fully grown, Lady Gina has planned a Valkyrie cosplay where she will ride Blitzkrieg into glorious battle.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Alpha Gibi




take good care of that doggo please


File: a8bb30de63c8756⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 676x575, 676:575, a8bb30de63c8756478f3d88114….jpg)



I hate Gibi too, for two main reasons. First is >>137271 this. Gibi has no shame, she makes a bunch of shitty merchandise that is nothing more than clothes with her ugly face on it. No interesting designs, no attempt at clever text, just her face. Then she shamelessly shills it on her shitty twitch stream. She did the same shit with her "Gibi stickers" which were stickers of pre-existing characters that she cosplayed as, that she sold for her own profit. There was clearly grounds for a lawsuit there, but no one ever acted on it that I can recall. In any case, Gibi is more conceited and self-obsessed than anyone should ever have the right to be.

Second thing I hate about Gibi isn't even Gibi specifically, but her filthy shills. These limp dick, spineless, beta faggots who willingly take time out of their lives to defend m'lady while receiving nothing in return. One could argue that they get paid, but considering her recent business ventures I don't this tight-fisted cunt would part with a single penny. Gibi is the most jewish non-jew I have ever seen, so I doubt she would ever pay someone to defend her when she can bat an eyelash or give a smile and have betas do it for free.



Ya her merchandise isnt the best but shes also what, 23? More successful than any business experience/ venture i could do atm. Now that ive used objectivity and rational thought please dont resort to calling me cuck



Guybi's successful is founded on her looks and personality – the je ne sais quoi that determines success in the ASMR field. If she were any uglier or less personable or a little older, the cucks wouldn't respond. Granted, she's capitalized on her modest looks in a way that most asmrtits lack either the skill or will to do, but she also has a degree from Northwestern. I'd like to know what ohter people from her graduating class are doing today: my guess is she'd be pretty embarrassed to show her face at reunion time.



> she also has a degree from Northwestern. I'd like to know what ohter people from her graduating class are doing today: my guess is she'd be pretty embarrassed to show her face at reunion time.

Non-american anon here is that good? Are those people going places based on that?

Gibi is succesful because she has a plan but I always like the whole "women do something caring as a hobby" for ASMR so it sullies it for me. There is no doubt that Gibi is by far the most determined and will likely be the most succesful. To the ones who hate her: That usually doesnt go without drama or scandal. I mean even Emma Watson had scandals like Panama Papers.

The merch came pretty early and is really not that great but most merch no matter what entertainer isnt amazing, thats pretty rare.

The whole Gibi persona annoys me because its too much of a business plan behind it. But she obviously knows its protects her private life a little bit more and "Gina" just doesnt stand out. Having a mononym helps.

I'd love to know how much merch she and Darling are moving every month.





File: f8151153a39957b⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 40463779_717238995300855_9….jpg)

I see a lot of skin



I see a whore.



Now, now. I dislike Guybi as much as anyone, but let's be accurate: one thing she is not is a whore. Not being a whore is definitely near the top of her business plan. She has been very careful to keep it clean, not even releasing anything remotely lewd on social media. At some point she assessed the ASMR cummunity and decided that sex might sell but she could make more money in the long run by maintaining a family friendly image.



Cucks don't pay attention to her outfits but her body and she knows it. A closet whore.



Your logic: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a closet chicken.



Wolf in sheeps clothing idea

I typically pride myself on being able to read people and i dont get the sense gibi is a manipulative conniver. Granted, my optimistic nature is a heavy bias for all my interpretations, i still find it difficult to see her as anything worse than a touch of vanity. But thats basically everyone ever so whatever.



>Ya her merchandise isnt the best

It's shit. Like I said, just clothes with her ugly face on it. I'm sure the fabric is decent, but the design and idea is shit.

>shes also what, 23? More successful than any business experience/ venture i could do atm

It takes money to make money, and Gibi was born in a pool of it. She also has a number of connections thanks to daddy. She'd have to be a complete fucking retard not to make some kind of money with all the resources she has at her disposal. Honestly, with all she could have done, it's pretty sad that her best ideas thus far have been cosplaying, "stuff with my face/name on it," and twitch. Fucking hell. And you defend this? Better believe I'm going to call you a cuck, you fucking cuck.


File: 6fb877eff97833c⋯.jpg (74.16 KB, 471x560, 471:560, 560[1].jpg)


> i dont get the sense gibi is a manipulative conniver

I don't either, not in the sense that Lauren is. But Gibi is certainly a manipulative conniver in teh sense that everything she does is intended to grow her channel and make money. But she does it all in the open; she's not trying to pull a fast one on anyone as far as I can tell.


Speaking of merch: fancy a $6 Tingting sticker? Just imagine the pathetic faggots who buy this shit.




You could do better in life than you are right now. I could. Everyone could. Youre not even making coherent arguments like you lack any self awareness. Understand im not necessarily defending her I am just pointing out how awful your thinking is. Grasping at straws for any excuse to be reductive a belittle someone. The worst person/personality is probably amouranth or frivvi. Amo seems actually mean and nasty while frivvi seems like she was scarred from past but wants to be a good person.


shes basically the poster child of the italian mafia. If anything with a pulse is exploitable for her gains, she'll exploit it.Dont blame her. Blame the italian genes in her. I have an italian in law…he was basically born without any moral compass.



Thats also an option. If she genuinely feels no hesitation or remorse when being manipulative, I probably wouldnt pick up on anything strange via emotive/body language.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So cute that she is wearing those Groucho Marx glasses.


File: 267dc7c29ad2014⋯.jpg (89.89 KB, 703x768, 703:768, 267dc7c29ad201423473debbd7….jpg)


How are my arguments incoherent? You claim I have flawed thinking yet you make no attempt to point out where I may be wrong. You didn't address a single thing I said, instead you just backpedal with "w-well, she's not the worst!" Look at her, she has plenty of resources to do whatever she can imagine and she chooses to do the same shit as all the other attention whores out there, just with less cleavage. Just because she's slightly better than the worst doesn't mean she's good.

>Understand im not necessarily defending her

>Grasping at straws for any excuse to be reductive a belittle someone

These are the most common twitch-whore arguments. These are exactly the same exhausted lines spoken by every white knight beta on the internet in defense of attention whores, and I lack self-awareness? You might as well fuck off, seeing as you've already outed yourself as a Gibi shill.



I absolutely despise this bitch's face. If I'm allowed to commit one crime, I'll throw hydrofluoric acid on her face.



You could be doing better in life, I've already said this you pretentious faggot. Fucking jaded asshole like you're some dime piece yourself. You're a literal baby incapable of thinking.



Saudi Arabia is that you


File: 3ec29acc13d097d⋯.gif (866.45 KB, 200x179, 200:179, 3ec29acc13d097d8ac5cde85d1….gif)


<all that ass hurt


File: 16d15a7e324de65⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


I'm throwing mine in Sharon's face. With luck Gibi will get caught in the splash.



she made Gibi look worse with that make up.



Wait. That's Gibi?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





I never was a Gibifag, but the more I see of her and the more I get to know her, the more I want to fuck her. I never paid her any attention in the past, but now, she makes my cock diamond.



holy shit

I can't believe she's done this.




All it takes to make you like a girl and forget she's a Jew is for her to do some anime loli shit?


This is what Gibi's Chad is doing to her up the butt while betas fap to her kawaii desu clickbait videos.


File: dce5fa9b59c1311⋯.gif (510.19 KB, 444x250, 222:125, 15369119541319040.gif)

>tfw she will never look at you like this IRL



Oh Lord, I now believe in you.


>I never was a Gibifag, but the more I see of her and the more I get to know her, the more I want to fuck her

same. At first I thought she looked pretty weird but she has grown a lot on me.



What a dirty look. Nice.



that makes me feel like one of those deeply closeted republicans that turn out to be gay.

I hate that fucking japanese bullshit and I fucking hate blue hair on women and here I am with a massive hard on. Fucking hell.



That jap maid stuff is so creepy but she is doing the character well and is funny.

Also Gibis nose is cute.



God she looks amazing in that. It's like God himself made this attire for her to wear


File: b75ce7b77fb4254⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 688x688, 1:1, 38254403_2188785114739032_….jpg)


File: e35970a48e8a064⋯.jpg (115.22 KB, 1000x1390, 100:139, tony-danza.jpg)


OH SHIT! It's Tony Danza!



Gibi as a man looks like someone who everyone in the office likes because he is funny, dependable and nice and then you read in the newspaper that he cut children into little pieces and stored them in his fridge.


I love Daisy <3



>Gibi as a man

Gibi is a man




So? Whats wrong with being a man? Are you a feminist?


her makeup in the new vid makes her look like a prostitute



Not this shit again.



holy shit the makeup on this one


File: 41f0bfab978e635⋯.jpg (409.75 KB, 1280x652, 320:163, teen-slut.jpg)



See, this would be a good shop if it wasnt for those big tits.



The caption says its "professionally done" I wonder what for. But yeah its too much. She actually looks better when she does it herself. Just like when "make up artist" Glow made her look worse.


Maid cafe vid has been taken down >:(


File: 51dd1d75e1558d2⋯.png (220.44 KB, 604x486, 302:243, clown.png)

The Wall is getting closer and closer.


Do we know why?



I have a speculation


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


True. She looks so much better in her earlier videos. Only two years ago…

She looks fantastic in this video here from 2016. Her eyes look amazing in it. Now she looks like a clown.



Gibi used to be a softly galoshes fan



Because of the music. She will reupload it soon. Its what she said on Twitter.

I have it, if she hasnt reuploaded it in a week or so let me know.


File: d05a2d59f8d74d6⋯.png (60.91 KB, 604x447, 604:447, greebi.PNG)

Gibi admonishing asmrtits not to get greedy = pot admonishing kettle.



funny that, but I lose interest in her vid if the first 2 minutes are just an ad for her sponsor that day.



Easy not to worry about ads when you have 1M+ subs and sponsorships out the wazoo. This bitch really thinks she's the governor of ASMR.


Maid Cafe is back by the way.


"New ASMRtists – beware of fetishists trying to take advantage of you in the comment section. I see this SO much. If someone is adamantly requesting a *very very specific video*, be cautious! (Of course, do whatever makes you happy with consent!)"




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



you can't bump after 250 replies newfriend



That has nothing to do with greed, retard. Mid-roll ads would completely ruin the ASMR by blaring something in someone's headphones.



>nora called her out

when was this

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