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File: 30162d72bf7ce73⋯.jpg (105.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


So is clover having another melt down? She deleted all her videos or hid them. A month ago she made two videos back to back. I thought we were over this shit. what the fuck is she doing now. Fucking dumb whore.


Whorbs act out when they don't get enough attention.


who gives a fuck.


I only just discovered who she was and saw that shitty sex tape where she was drugged out of her mind. There's no way she's coming back from that.


File: e21fd027bc3e561⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 550x600, 11:12, dd2019add01d508c165206f5e4….jpg)

I know she messed up, its time to leave the internet and do something usefull




>It's ASMR's fault that I got into doing sexual things.

Lulz. Clover went full retard!


File: e4461e6de2036a7⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 425x640, 85:128, pole.jpg)


It's this pole's fault that I became a stripper.


Oh wow. she become a stripper.



The 8ch faceblindness strikes again.



also body blindness, if that is a thing


File: 35bf8b777b8ad09⋯.webm (7 MB, 427x240, 427:240, Clover.webm)

She is very insecure, try to be accepted by not doing the things she wants to do. I hope she finds her way, but the internet is a rabbit hole that lures girls like her.


She'll never recover.



What's worse than Clover selling nudes, are the betas willing to pay actual money for them. She got nothing to look at unless you're into household appliances.



I felt bad for her when she hit rock bottom, but this attitude she adopted where nothing is her fault has completely turned me against her.



No, but her family did a good job, that's positive, most drug addicts don't have a family that cares about them enough to fight for them, this bitch does, her mom even soldiered on the internet trying to keep her away from lesbos and orbiters.

And by the look of it, it worked well, she looks way healthier, she's not shaking anymore, her voice is better.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much all they could do, her mind is still fucked up and in denial so likely she'll relapse in a few months, she's already meeting old scumbag friend that, predictability, are questioning her decision to be sober…

Anyway, looks like "8chan fucks" indeed helped, although not enough to save her.



Yeah, she looks good but for how long? She's back on the Internet and she'll fuck up again. Mark my words.



I hate that nonchalant attitude she fronts in the video, as if her world wasn't literally crumbling before everyone 2 months ago. As if she's a new person, as if we care.

Sure just brush it off and blame everyone else for your poor life decisions, it's obviously worked so well before.



This entire video just triggers me

>It's not muh fault, it's society

>Doesn't regret posting nudes, just blames everyone else for being dissapointed

>Repeatedly refers to her Youtube Videos as "Content"

>It wasn't muh fault for selling nudes, muh ASMR held me at gunpoint and made me

>I'm a new person, all the drug abuse and sex work that went on a few weeks ago is totally not me anymore. I've changed, my life is totally not still in shambles

>I'm happy, i.e. i'm successfully blamed everyone else psychologically, so i'm no longer pressured into maturing.

>Suggests quitting ASMR, as if she ever did much to begin with

>Video strongly suggests that she hasn't learned anything


I heard suicide helps. she will get her 72 virgins in heaven. all incels. blessed be to allah



>I live with my mom

>My mom took my phone and deleted all my shit

>She has a history of doing this kind of shit but I still didn't have it password protected

>You had no right mom!!! I am an adult!!! (even though I still live with my mom)

This sounds like the kind of shit a teenager would say. Take some responsibility for your life, dumb bitch.



fucking hell, the comments on that video, no wonder she never learns with that many dipshits telling her 24/7 that she did nothing wrong (stupid might be the better word) and is soooooo awesome…



and she even says "thank god im not in my moms house anymore"

That sounds like repeating the whole story all over again.

Wish her the best but her long term life expectatives are not really exciting.


So listening to this video it seems that 8ch won, ehehe


File: 54fdabe56ebca22⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


I'd fuck the shit outta her and make her my house wife.

She screams house wife material. Great breeding body too


File: 70ef75ea3710c16⋯.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, kesha-sebert odd.jpg)


Do you want Kesha's babies?



strong rib cage genetics, she looks like old timey strong man



That happens when your core, abdominals and perineal muscles all lose their structural integrity. Either from too much butt stuff (too large of objects or relaxing wrong muscles to take large objects) or even sedentary lifestyle like sitting too long all day can do it too. Getting all of those muscles back in harmony is super difficult as other muscles have gotten stronger to carry the core’s intended load.

See her tucking her neck forward and down while throwing her arms out all wonky? No core. Also remember folks core muscles go from top of rib cage to pelvis so it’s basically shoulders to pubic region that gets fucked up and weak. Good luck kesha


File: 9b0db13f8bf4a59⋯.jpg (84.73 KB, 634x849, 634:849, 4F24B3AE00000578-0-image-m….jpg)



File: 857142f7f7ad8c4⋯.jpg (47.28 KB, 390x512, 195:256, ESSSA DA KESHA FEIA.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's Clover up to this time?


File: 2dbc9345064bcf7⋯.png (17.22 KB, 549x432, 61:48, Capture.PNG)


>Custom ASMR Videos

Awww shit niggas! It's happening again!



>More social media

>"customized" videos

Anons tried to help her. She's gone now.



Who the fuck would pay 75bucks to hear a slut make wet mouth sounds when so many other slots do it for free



Do I have to contact auntie Debra again?



cucks with more money than sense/dignity.


File: 3fc58703d278925⋯.jpg (161.32 KB, 865x642, 865:642, Untitled.jpg)

Good luck whore!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

She should just become a gamer and do twitch streams and rake in the tips and subscribers. She's tailor made for it and would clean house on there. Just leave asmr/patreon behind, its done.



this, hear nudes are whack



this is worse than pedro


Would love to know how you all look like



sure, I'l just post my face in the hate dungeon, nothing could possibly go wrong


File: 314290af8b500c4⋯.jpg (89.06 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DPeDIwEX0AId3yW.jpg)



this is josh the cuck, an insane 8chaner


She can't break 100k views anymore and still 0 cucks on Patreon. Nudes 3,2,1…


File: 868e3dad243bc22⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 112-004-brooklyn-nine-nine….jpg)



Now I understand why you are here. Biggest beta faggot I have ever seen.

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