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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f64960  No.147766

Happy Birthday Ginny!

877989  No.147770

thank you.


877989  No.147773

877989  No.147774

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear ginny

happy birthday to you

9c43c2  No.147775


877989  No.147781

877989  No.147783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

also we wanted includes this Goofy guy.

877989  No.147784

File: 001a32c90107eb4⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 794x356, 397:178, 001a32c90107eb46fbf7003070….jpg)

>>147704 (You)

>>147705 (You)


>>147723 (You)

>>147726 (You)

>>147727 (You)

I may be a bit of a psychopath, but Laserdisc, you take the cake.

877989  No.147785


Aw. i'm scared. I'm really really scared

Shiver me Ginny Aw Shiver Me Timbers .

I can See that, you are a psychopath in a head.

I'm Just a psychological path I see the future.

but i don't really see you the future just yet.

are you off your meds? are you on weed?

I'll just send the cake back to you.

because your just a lost sad little girl who you are.

Happy Birthday Ginny!

may the cam girl wish continue.

877989  No.147833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

she is going a bit psychopathic complaining over this. some dude name HAM Radio i don't know what is doing, he's more like a outstanding character. but i'm not take a the cake for this as a gift. i'll put icing on the cake and send back to her instead constantly this is unacceptable she want me to takeing these video down for her.

the next phase of the journey she have a nervous breakdown over this.

Ginny is just a Nutty as a fruitcake. and that is it.

laserdisc dream is making a statement on saturday or sunday on youtube.

1eb73e  No.147839

File: b3351cb3151e08d⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 600x450, 4:3, top-kek-00tmwc.jpg)


shoutout at 2:13

f64960  No.147853

File: 347bdc6449e5c9b⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 681x597, 227:199, Untitled.jpg)

Look at those floppy ears ffs.

e6c38f  No.147862


i like floppy ears

877989  No.147866


ginny what with the big ears for?

877989  No.147912

File: 376f0f72a658a6e⋯.jpg (389.45 KB, 1151x938, 1151:938, 376f0f72a658a6e47788e3c753….jpg)

65a4cd  No.147961

Ginny's now missing "realistic girlfriend roleplay" nighttime video was unironically one of the best ASMR rp videos to ever be made on the entire internets

931634  No.147977

Anyone got links to her porn stuff? Can barely find anything.

096642  No.148022


google.com has a really great search function. you just type in whatever you want to find and it searches the entire internet to find it just for you!

dbd549  No.148027


Anyone else find her porn a total bore? She never seemed very into it in any of her vids.

3e0e83  No.148047


Almost like she was just doing it for the money …

1ada76  No.148055


>for the money

Their motivation for everything. I remember back when she put all of her porn on sale and was shilling it on twitter because she needed to buy a new air conditioner. I should have slid into her DMs and told her "I'll buy you a new one, in full, if you'll fuck me." I bet she would have said yes. There's a webm I saw on /b/ of a guy in class (university age, I'm sure) who passed a note around that said "$100 for tits." The third girl to see the note delivered tits. For a bit more money, I'm sure the first two would have delivered as well.

57fa2b  No.148059


True but they all do it for money yet many camwhores have way more talent than Ginny.

e2cfeb  No.148073


Are you kidding? She fucking LOVES it. She should have stuck to it. To be honest, I have so much more respect for her having done it, been great at it and quit than I would someone who just rode the camwhore business until they’re too old for it. Shows character.

877989  No.148081

with all do respect ginny might be working at the stripclub by now. it's right up her alley.

since her career job went down hill for her. she working at stripclub making $40 an hour plus tips.

e2cfeb  No.148083


Cool story Laserdisc. Remembee to kill yourself immediately. Do ut. Do it now.

877989  No.148129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Equilibrium is upload her new video. it's her Painting she showing off.

we need to get rid of her immediately. she costing a lot of problem lately.

and making a bad rant to definitive company.

he us planing to upload more video of Equilibrium some time this week.

where happy about it. oh one more thing.

let's say to Happy Birthday too Equilibrium

made the Equilibrium ASMR not continue on. as always.

3e0e83  No.148130


You pretend you want to get rid of her, but you keep bringing her up. You keep making threads about her and bumping them with uploads of her videos. When you start to run out of videos, you take them all down and start again.

You're obsessed with her. You're in love with her. And NOBODY FUCKING CARES! Go write an "edgy" poem about your feelings, cry yourself to sleep, and fuck off.

877989  No.148132


that is not true.


but i think ginny is off her meds again.

she stay up around 4 am.

she going psychopath over against laserdisc dream.

3e0e83  No.148135


It'd actually be more pathetic if you weren't obsessively in love with her, because then why devote all this attention to her?

3e0e83  No.148137


It absolutely is true. An infatuation would've fizzled out by now. You are in L-O-V-E with her. And have been constantly reminding people about it for the last … how many fucking years have you been going on with this? Three? Four? FIVE?

877989  No.148142


I don't know. maybe she have a nervous breakdown over this. i thought she not doing these asmr video anymore. and just because she has no required of atmosphere for her. and speaking of atmosphere where is laserdisc BTW? he's the one obsessively constantly over this for her.

3e0e83  No.148148


I don't want to alarm you, but laserdisc is IN YOUR HOME! In fact, he's looking back at you from INSIDE THE MIRROR!

877989  No.148169


I Never Knew she was a Painter. Nice artwork look little like salvador dali.

But I'm not make it in to a LP Vinyl sleeve to put on my album cover.

I Called This one Galaxy Cosmos.

a2d978  No.148204

If we knew more about Laserdisc, he'd be a prime lolcow. Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment you psychopath.

f64960  No.148205


>Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment

That's exactly why I support him. He's a complete and utter autist but he makes me laugh. Ginny came here two days ago saying to flag his videos but she doesn't understand that he's one of us and she's just another whore who needs to be properly dicked and hanged.

1ad576  No.148279


the thing I can't work out about laserdisc is that his one, single, solitary track is actually quite good. so you start to wonder - why is there only one of them? why has someone who has demonstrated a modicum of talent only produced one tune like that? he's been pushing himself as a musician for a long time and yet the only thing he has to show for it is that piece of music. what's going on? we know he larps as though he's got an interest in and has acquired various bits of 80s hardware (none of which he will own in reality) but I'm starting to suspect that it's actually someone else's music and this is all part of the fantasy. because he's fucking crazy.

877989  No.148284


IDK nah Just leave it be. sound like he's not giving up a fight for her. and beside that I supporting him what he's got. I'm Confused I Thought Ginny she is not making these asmr video anymore because of him.

877989  No.148285

as throwing my 2 cents. her real name is not ginny? nor neither wenborn or Ginny Whispers then who is she?

4d82ce  No.148297

her name is ………….

f64960  No.148299


whore, plain and simple

877989  No.148300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

877989  No.148327

the equilibrium asmr video will be back online soon. too due to ginny angry rants, we decided get the channel up running again. no one can't stop us now, we left a strong message music for the guys. and yes definitive company will be back this week. see you there.


877989  No.148329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

877989  No.148333

877989  No.148356

File: 53e1d2254f68a31⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 1152x720, 8:5, fd0e8405a0ae793918484d7d8d….jpg)

I was Thinking of our unwelcome Equilibrum ASMR today. whom we meet will so much. You will always be forgotten and your ASMR not of your inspired and still is not inspiring thousand of fans around the globe who anticipate with No contribution nor neither of your own future. everywhere we go where trying to explain everybody there is some sort of higher stronger consciousness. So Thank you for your spirit of ASMR.thank you very much you left planet earth for us. for your asmr videos content giveing us the reruns to watch a role play. thank you for your Wasted infinite energy and your great ASMR!




a2d978  No.148365








You are clinically insane my friend. I've never seen someone this autistic, not even CWC is this delusional and obsessive.

30d644  No.148366


I wanna laugh, but it just gets worse and worse. Can someone just find him and tell his family to be placed in a psychiatric ward?

I want more info on him. It’s pure lolcow worthy. I can only imagine what else we can uncover.

ea6398  No.148390

File: 221b23585d9563f⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 667x500, 667:500, internet-trolls-mental-dis….jpg)


This guy is a huge troll with to many time on his hands, he is getting a hard on for every feedback he gets. Ginny's reaction is like fuel on a burning mess.

877989  No.148510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

one video is up.

877989  No.148656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

will I guest posting the new tread didn't work either. Definitive Channel is up running slowly But I'm supporting his channel. I'm wish him the best.

keep uploading more video of her.

ea0512  No.148661



a4f4c1  No.148666

File: 968bf621c011913⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 221x243, 221:243, goblin slayer face.jpg)


Begone cuck

877989  No.148672


it's not Tragic day it's supposed to be Terrific day for Definitive.

Ginny best known Equilibrium ASMR is Tragic day for her.

it's supposed to be not happened like this.

3e0e83  No.148674


… what?

ea0512  No.148678


I was referring to you talking about yourself in the third person again.

877989  No.148695


Nope it's the real person. he talking about equilibrium. but he wasn't very happy to her be back again on YT.

3e0e83  No.148700


Why don't you post in a forum that's in a language you can actually comprehend?

877989  No.148701


laserdisc he's probably asleep by now. tomorrow will be a big day for him.

3e0e83  No.148702


Oh, is he gonna be wacking it all day to Ginny Whisper's full filmgraphy? Make sure he hydrates.

877989  No.148728


laughing out loud.

877989  No.148737


that's a really good one. anyways Laserdisc left the note before I've disabled the comments he said this.

I'm very glad you upload a new video of ginny AKA Equilibrium. you forgot to disabled the comments. I'm stopping by telling you I'll be leaving vienna this evening i'm going to berlin my colleagues are planning throwing me a birthday party tomorrow then the next day i;m hitting the Elektro Beats Festival this saturday. this is very exciting for me. I saw the video what she talking about. whats the documentary film she talking about? the best part she says about throwing the bomb into the mail and then killed himself LOL I don't have any clue about this girl but she's kind of weird and a different way. "A certain style of writing" she lost her mind. maybe it just the BPD has kicking in for her she totally paranoid delusion or touch in the head i have no saying about it but that's the way she is. i must go now take care of yourself. and I had fully support of your channel Definitive. Bye. oh!! one more thing, I take down the farewell to Equilibrium for now. I'll put it back up later on this year.

I Wish him a very Happy Birthday Laserdisc Dream!

and Have a Great Weekend for him.

f64960  No.148738

File: 8f9904d434c9c7e⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (1).jpg)

3e0e83  No.148746


You're playing your own secretary. That's adorable.

Are these "colleagues" you're visiting just you? Are they just all those other identities you pretend to be? Will Ham Radio be there?

877989  No.148755



is this a sick joke? you guys are idiots..

877989  No.148757

File: 99acd825a2f5669⋯.jpg (135.59 KB, 960x543, 320:181, 10629851_773902472697346_1….jpg)

a tasty german dessert with cappuccino espresso.

877989  No.148761

File: 2d4197f4e703954⋯.jpg (97 KB, 1647x1080, 61:40, 10293689_662266180527643_7….jpg)

877989  No.148772

File: 1eec8b198d54ef6⋯.jpg (313.25 KB, 912x513, 16:9, size=460x259.JPG)

Jetzt ist es Zeit deutsch zu sprechen. Ich werde diesen Samstag das Elektro Beats Festival besuchen

Verstehst du jetzt, worüber ich spreche?

877989  No.148778


Ihr seid nicht besonders Ginny eingeladen.

6c29fd  No.148781


Ginny you got low flying aircrafts making regular sweeps around your house too?

877989  No.148792


nope!! that's ginny's aircraft just taking off she hitting back home to B.C. Canada the love hate fear relationship started to Escalade for her. also ginny got banned from germany to. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Had just sign the agreement bill she won't she be entering the country legally. what a good relief it is for laserdisc.

3e0e83  No.148793


Personally, I hate it when my relationships Civic.

3e0e83  No.148798


Yeah, a country full of fecalpheliacs banned a girl for masturbating in front of a camera

877989  No.148861

UPDATE 11/02/18 - DAY ONE (after cake and champagne):

Just awesome! A million thanks go out to all birthday congratulators, you are the best! And always remember:

There is age, there's only a change of the calendrical address!

(Equilibrium ASMR quote impulsively altered by herself) ;-)

Cheers from Berlin, LASERDISC DREAM

Whoopee! Tonight, I welcome a new year in my life, full of things that have never been. Many thanks go out to all my friends and who gave me faith, support and assistance in past & present times. Hugs, LD

And now … back to cake & champagne!

(Btw. I thought it might be better to handle with burning candles on a 1998 Ibanze "Saber" series than on one of my Fender's … at least I haven't set the room on fire)


f64960  No.148863



That shithole is full of Wahhabis. Good luck tard! Rather move to BC and enjoy your camwhore.

a2d978  No.148892

Laserdisc is probably one of the most entertaining autists around.I wish he had more of an online presence so sped watchers could follow him better. I honestly think he might be legitimately mentally retarded. Also, BC is much nicer than Germoney.

8d2622  No.148952

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Blood disease

877989  No.148953


that's is exactly what ginny did. she want totally ballistic. Hitting Herself With The Hammer is not the answer, maybe she off her meds again.

877989  No.148954


Let ginny confirming her reservation at The Mentally Institute.

3e0e83  No.148961


If you close your eyes, it sounds like what laserdisc does when he thinks of Ginny hurting herself.

877989  No.149022

File: f1d80bede03f27d⋯.jpg (49.44 KB, 543x960, 181:320, 10805709_732989566788637_3….jpg)


That's crazy you saying. I Wouldn't do something like that, i'll just fly too BC too see her just get a good look at her and i'll walk away and fly back to USA Just to visit my folks and then i'll bought another ticket flight back home to vienna that's it.


Wow, that's tight! Danke, Thanks, Mercie, Grazie, Gracias, Bedankt, спасибо, Köszönöm, Dziękuję, Tack, Takk, Kiitos, Sağol, Benigne & Dankon! for 100+ birthday greetings. Sorry, but once again I'm unable to respond to all of them (need to work through a list of emails & SMS too) but I'm really delighted to be connected with all of you folks, today and in the future! All the best, L Dream

f64960  No.149023

File: 6aa318583edefa7⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 537x314, 537:314, Untitled.jpg)


Are those your friends you invited to the celebration?

877989  No.149024

File: af76694abd46bc2⋯.mp4 (484.85 KB, 400x224, 25:14, SD.mp4)

Oh yes I got proof

here's the video i just upload the concert for Electro Beats Music Festival.

I had a wonderful Great Time. Please note no audio sound on this one sorry..

I'm not making this stuff up.

3e0e83  No.149025


To what end? To tell her how much you love her? How much you beat off to her? How you have more videos and pictures of her than she does? To give her a chance to justifiably murder you?

f64960  No.149026

File: 51e3c307bc17d08⋯.jpg (422.65 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, ecstasy-e1447199120454.jpg)


Now I know why are you so burnt.

877989  No.149041

File: c5c291c8d0a2979⋯.jpg (16.81 KB, 655x960, 131:192, 10345560_629091230511805_2….jpg)


I'll ask these question the next day.


what are these. sugar pills?


will it's time turn my boots in. it now 2:50 am.

it's me riding a bike on sunset at mojave desert.

f64960  No.149042


When are you going to be in BC?

e69647  No.149144

File: 1ff1581a1128016⋯.png (33.22 KB, 695x217, 695:217, i-know-your-real-name-fagg….png)



>Electro Beats Music Festival

877989  No.149148


there is proof. looks up "radioeins elektro beats"

f64960  No.149150

File: 6ec6a97c8e679ba⋯.gif (7.03 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Untitled1_0-290.gif)


Which one is you?

877989  No.149290


>>To what end?

there never be a ending for her. it's just only beginning.

the plan is close the circle when somebody else is closing the circle with a new life or career. once return your her own very roots on a lower octave and that lower octave is ginny.

>>To tell her how much you love her?

it will be loved at a certain time. What is love or rephrasing is loving you very much. I hate you is not the given answer it's more like a let down and shot you down for that.

only way to say nicely things to ginny is. I love you. and that's it.

>>How much you beat off to her?

there is only one is most disturbing. getting abused by my girlfriend. it's an unhealthy way. unnatural way in my thoughts in bit process is Yes I got beating by my girlfriend her name is ginny. she's off her medication. it a not my blessing for me. it's very inappropriate way.

>>How you have more videos and pictures of her than she does?

I'll Talk to definitive. hand over your videos Gin's had just save it every videos on his junk drive includes all her picture. I'll just give it to her and she always complaining and moaning about it. Here this is from definitive he wanted give this back to you. he's chicken shit and scared of you. because you want to get reported or flag this video just because of that.

>>To give her a chance to justifiably murder you?

I am doubtful as to whether justifiably murder me by ginny. has really increased spiritual awareness in the world. It seems more accurate to say that it has given mankind’s greatest fears a concrete image. An increase in spiritual awareness would bring people to begin questioning the meaning of certain life-defining issues and ideas – for example, whether the values which define the Western world are really in alignment with the true purpose of mankind. Above all, the terrible idea is just limited

I always been fantasizing that's sometime, just go over your ego with honor of your big sacrifice of my life, she's a bit unsure I always wanted to get her impregnated halfaway, and like I got her knocked up instantly and ginny just kill me instead that my life has ended. i always say this so many time, in my opinion, triggered fear and the hysterical cry for revenge. It is perfectly understandable that people will react in such a fashion, but in order to change structures of coexistence among humans one will have to employ measures different from the simple “eye for an eye” approach that man has been reverting to since the Stone Age. In that sense, the consciousness of mankind has not even reached puberty at this point in time – we still behave like children fighting in the sandbox. if may i say so. ginny is just a child she want that sandbox all by herself. no one else can't share to play that sandbox.

3e0e83  No.149301


… I think you'd have more coherent answers if you smashed your fists on the keyboard and then ran the results through a German-to-English translator.

What I took away from this is that you want to halfway impregnate her.

f32e9c  No.149307


Jesus christ, this nigga’s getting worse by the day.

877989  No.149625

In my opinion driving forces those few years was separation of ginny which was due to her different working attitudes. this terminated however also destroyed her remaining delusion and of working with new musical known patterns. So that's why I decided I’m back here in berlin. I'll stop by at the recording studio in berlin i can't tell you which one, it's remaining a secret to drop off the album i made for ginny it's called "Equilibrium" everybody would know that existed. my partner and I will put it in a time capsule for a safe place. the year is set for 2061 this will be a LD unreleased album. 

d74afd  No.149626

File: 0092f5d5af18a1a⋯.gif (363.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1446241703962.gif)


When will we get a new Laserdisc Dream album? What projects will you be working on next?

99deab  No.150343

File: 356fde335c7ffe5⋯.jpg (133.67 KB, 540x512, 135:128, ..jpg)

9c43c2  No.150353

File: 669da9fcf1a7bec⋯.jpeg (262.86 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, higinny.jpeg)


"Is there someone in there with you Ginny?"

Ginny: "Sometimes…"

877989  No.150354



Aw! Ginny you still a cam girl you are now. nothing else to say the least. from her delusion consciousness, it's only hide the facts from yourself.

Once your on top of the mountain is only the choice of the one way system that mean down for you.

so I myself feel very more comfortable place being at the top of the mountain.

you still down in really dark place you can't find yourself. You are a original CRINGE Person who you are.

f64960  No.150360


Glad to see you back!

877989  No.150390

File: 53ce1e58775a98a⋯.gif (95.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, giphy (7).gif)

877989  No.150456

d16dce  No.150458

File: b52573c5627efe8⋯.jpg (161.46 KB, 809x1200, 809:1200, Clipboard.jpg)

3e0e83  No.150483


You're still here? I assumed you finally got around to killing yourself.

075484  No.150485


rip in peace ginny

3e0e83  No.150523



Get a new shtick. She posted a Youtube video within the last month.

075484  No.150528

File: 02d6c3e31fa17fa⋯.webm (281.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gibi_Hands.webm)


rip in peace, anon

877989  No.150554


what is jew trap Gibi doing? it scene she imagining and pretending wanted a hand job…

877989  No.150555


nope! I'm still alive and invisible.

877989  No.150595

The beginning of his delusion I worked with him in the music industry.


What is she talking about? did ginny work at the music industry? can you please someone tell me what did ginny put this link for.? What did Laserdisc post this video for? i just don't get it?

877989  No.150719


Hi Guys,

This is not a frustrating message to you. but this is upgrade message version to you…

I've been very shocked when I heard the shocking news about Ginny passing on the way back from my music concert in Deutschland. "EQUILIBRIUM ASMR" A K A Ginny whenborn as I called her over all the months has left this planet earth.. So many Videos and pictures immediately came to my mind. Experiences on the stage, in the studio or simply small private conversations and joking with this girl who tried to seduce me once - as cool as a school girl - that she could even do a slide over 4!!! octaves on the guitar and keyboard! Even though our musical ways I departed last couple years ago due to her attitude and behavior and other very inappropriate disagreement, But I really disrespectful Ginny very much and continue not to be very thankful it's been wasted my time with EQUILIBRIUM ASMR to the very end. I will always never keep her in very bad memory in also not my heart everywhere. Who knows… if there's something like a huge really bad reincarnation for her, a topic which I and friend often talked about lately. We will maybe probably will not meet again someday, somewhere, somehow, and who knows… we will not rock together or chat together again! I'm definitely not looking forward to that!

Farewell, "EQUILIBRIUM ASMR"… You will Always Be Missed… Rest in peace, "Queen of Camgirl".

Best Kind regards,


equilibrium asmr ginny asmr imbalance asmr Ironheartsx Ginnywhispers Ginny Wenborn

27d594  No.150749


Doesn’t Austria have some kind of socialist style free mental health programs? You need to get on one.

3e0e83  No.150750


Her mistake was responding to your claims of her death in the first place. Now you're gonna recycle that nonsense every time you want attention from her.

27d594  No.150751


Why do you go down this road still when she's already come out and said she's not dead, as if any of us ever believed you in the first place? We told you you were a psycho before, then she confirmed she's alive, now you're back with a "seriously this time though guys,she's dead, we were in a band together and she tried to sleep with me!!!!1" shit? You really should kill yourself.

d7518c  No.150755

OP pic looks like she's masturbating

f64960  No.150772


That's a video.

877989  No.150832

File: c4feeca71c79586⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 550x550, 1:1, flat,550x550,075,f.u4.jpg)

9c43c2  No.150834


Getting real old and real creepy dude. Maybe you need a 30 day mandatory break.

877989  No.151411

Oh man!! this is getting better and worse….

everybody is giving him a bad negative thoughts about him like this one for instance.

.this guy is beyond psychotic I thought he somehow knew you in real life to be that obsessed with you but I guess not? I'm really scared for you & your safety. I remember the Bjork fanatic guy you're talking about I saw his suicide video. or this one I saw a post on twitter by him, claiming that you passed away. I am so glad you are okay. That definitive company dude is fucking weird, and needs serious help. i know laserdisc tweet it about Gin's passing.. and talking about definitive company that's me I'm not give out my real name. L DREAM HE'S FINE!!!. I mean WTF is going on around here? come on man she the one is not thinking clearly ….

laserdisc just give me a video about farewell to ginny since he made this of couple years ago. he wanted me put it up on my channel switch is fine with me.

I don't know why the hell she had to come back on youtube in the first place.

this girl is a totally disaster for her. its bad for our reputation. the next thing ginny is be saying about style of person or style of movement. the only thing she need to do is give her style of disturbed creepy consciousness in her head. so knocked the FUCK off ginny..this is tantamount slap and the face for her. so drop dead ginny.

However ginny on her yam yam again.

3e0e83  No.151419


I wish you wouldn't tease us with the long periods of silence. You got my hopes up that you finally mustered up the courage to kill yourself.

877989  No.151421


don't give your hopes up just yet. he's planning to get rid of her soon.

also I had updated my about channel now.


plus A message from laserdisc dream :)


3e0e83  No.151434


Jesus Christ, you interpret English like a game of telephone being played by 400 people.

Let's see if we can simply it:


877989  No.151439


Nope, not gonna happen.

but it will happen I'm not killing myself for that. You are a sad, strange little man. you have my pity.

3e0e83  No.151442


It's really the only conclusion there is to this pathetic little obsession you've been broadcasting across the Internet. Your stalker love for Ginny is either gonna lead to intentional suicide, or accidental suicide from autoerotic asphyxiation. It would be really awesome if you'd just go ahead and do it sooner rather than later.

452bd2  No.151444

File: ff1bbf51940a64a⋯.jpg (22.22 KB, 339x465, 113:155, Bill is an hero.jpg)


>autoerotic asphyxiation

I can fap to that.

b8a34f  No.151446


>he’s planning on getting rid of her soon

This just went to full on death threat. Feb 20th obvious an important date for him. We need an IP and to get this guy seen by the authorities.

877989  No.151447


maybe just kicking off on YT instead.

877989  No.151449


I'll be fine.

like i said laser just email me and hand it over his old video from ginny i'm plan to re upload his video instead plus a bonus video with it. broadcasting across the Internet pure nonsense you won't see me on the Internet. if want to see LD ask him about it. he's brilliant and genius and insane.

877989  No.151450


>Feb 20th obvious an important date for him

it just the Vernissage in honour of Ginny on the occasion of the first anniversary of her passing. so don't get all excited about it. Exhibition Art of Equilibrium asmr well take place in europe its a private party for fundraiser he planning a built a Museum project his working on it. :)

>We need an IP and to get this guy seen by the authorities.

just relax dude he making things up it just a figure of speech you dumbass.

P.S. I spelled the beans all over floor now. damn it.

now you know what he's plan for. :)

3e0e83  No.151457


Suicide is painless. You won't have to argue with yourself anymore. Your unrequited love for Ginny will fade away into oblivion. It's like slipping into a warm bath. Do the world a favor and just do it. Give in to the inevitable.

e05e9b  No.151462

File: fa599d02c843c16⋯.gif (767 KB, 463x343, 463:343, what helium dreams may com….gif)



Anon is right. It can be painless. Wizardchan /dep/ has done some in-depth research on it. It's not just a meme. It's tried and true results. Let the wizards teach you how to turn your "Laserdisc Dream" into a helium dream.

e4ccd7  No.151480

legitimately some of the weirdest shit I've witnessed. She compared him to the Bjork guy that blew his brains out and I agree.

877989  No.151486


man, that's some really shit disturbed documentary film to watch…


laserdisc dream doing his thing because he's such a wizard i refer to him as the oracle his contribution had to be highlighted in that fashion..

2f3926  No.151500


877989  No.151545

File: c62ff99bdbc3fa5⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Im-still-here-big-1024x102….jpg)

5884d9  No.151665


anyone have the video from 00:03?

877989  No.151829


>who is maggie tango?

did ham radio trying send the money to her because she need it some help her apartment for being evicted and then she scam everybody for that, and he's accuse her for stealing his money runing off with it.? I've just don't get the picture….

877989  No.151836

File: c26c2b7082949ef⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 550x550, 1:1, flat,550x550,075,f.u4.jpg)

3e0e83  No.151837


Nice effort, but that's still not quite English.

877989  No.151841


nope. it's the universal language that is given to me..

3e0e83  No.151846


That is not a "universal language", that's a bunch of English words arranged in a poor imitation of a sentence.

877989  No.151847


don't look at me..

I think it's someone else who is using the forum the first time ever who put the words as poorly sentence….

3e0e83  No.151850



Are there no other German speakers stalking the same girl as you? I mean, if you count all your multiple online identities as individuals, you guys could have your own German thread talking about fantasies of getting Ginny "impregnated halfaway", whatever in the world that means.

f64960  No.151851


>a bunch of English words arranged in a poor imitation of a sentence

That's German sentence structure. Verbs are often put to the end of sentences.

3e0e83  No.151854


I'm sure that works fantastically when combined with German words.

4fcff1  No.151856

Hey ginny look up mk ultra shit. Theres a chance laserdisc dream is just a reason to fuck with you. Dont know why you were chosen but hopefully you can get through it. I dont have a better answer for you either. Just stay safe out there

877989  No.151857





i know it's ginny for sure. i can tell from her style of writing style of voice in the style of consciousness.

it's her It's GINNY.

3e0e83  No.151859

Sorry, I'm not. I know you desperately want some kind of contact with her, but I don't even have boobs. Maybe you can make yourself a woman suit and roleplay in front of a mirror.

877989  No.151887

I was overwhelmed by the response and even more overwhelmed about so many nice words of gratitude from everybody. Thanks a million for that! I hope you will understand that due to the large number of messages there is no way that I can respond to them all, so please don't feel disadvantaged. What else? Well, 2018 was a demanding and challenging year, and in so many cases, an exciting one as well. Many things turned out differently from how I planned them and and vice versa. In the meantime, I have recognised the unbelievable opportunities and possibilities of a major studio equipment update, which is currently getting most of my attention. ;-) So finally, many different paths are now working together in a new way. Therefore, all my further projects are (once again) taking longer than expected. But I'll keep you up to date about new things to come (hopefully very soon).

Until then … greetings from the (real) Laserdisc Dream.

248b19  No.151890

Jump off a cliff retard

2f3926  No.151891


877989  No.151965

in the meantime i unsubscribed her channel because she lost one of her fan.

but I subscribed to definitive because he's liability and responsibility. definitive company is uploading more of her videos this weekend, looking forward to the ball. and I got his support.

f64960  No.151968


You can't sub to your own channel dumbass.

877989  No.151971


what are you talking about my friend?

I am New Here….

877989  No.152050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Aw. she would have been 27 years old by now. she will be missed and will never forget you as always!

R.I.P. Ginny. but I'll make this honour her memory reception.

b8a34f  No.152060





Suicide still totally an option for you.

3e0e83  No.152071


How many times do you think she'll respond to the "she's dead" routine? I think you need to find a new bit to get her attention.

Or, alternatively, you could just get a life instead. That's always an option. Oh, and there is your inevitable suicide. You could just go ahead and do it now.

f64960  No.152072

File: 380c77e3f2bcbcf⋯.jpg (60.62 KB, 524x435, 524:435, Untitled.jpg)


I think that she secretly loves him but he's is too far and the camwhore has no money for the plain ticket. On the other hand, he probably wears a helmet and they won't let him on the plain. A sad love story.

075484  No.152149


plane not plain, dumb nigger faggot

99deab  No.152815

File: ed86f1c34403773⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 540x440, 27:22, sasdfajsldfjalskdjfowiofal….jpg)

877989  No.152830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

other video of Ginny it just her old videos.

877989  No.152831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

075484  No.152861


rip in peace

877989  No.152903

don't forget guys Ginny Wenborn best known (Equilibrium ASMR) Memorial Day is on february 20 2019, one year anniversary since Ginny "change of consciousness " In honour of her memory!

877989  No.152909


I mark my calendar, what is it for?

075484  No.152918


a day set aside to fap to her crusty asshole ans silky voice

3e0e83  No.152935



You're trying way too hard. If only you could put this kind of determination into something that actually matters, your existence might not be a garbage fire.

7b1a04  No.152939

File: 10b20d270030171⋯.jpg (25.46 KB, 510x546, 85:91, c68bb1057ee8ce45ceae4c4b58….jpg)


Agreed. You gotta hand it to ole Laserdisc. Years of larping and samefagging over a camwhore. I admire his commitment, but what a lunatic. What did she do to get in his head so deep? He probably could have cured cancer if he hadn't devoted so much time to obsessing over Ginny. Oh well. Crazy people do crazy things.

075484  No.152980


im only one of those posters. but yeah im garbage but at least im not a degenerate thot :)

3e0e83  No.153000


A "degenerate thot" that you're wasting your life obsessing over. Seems that like being a "Degenerate Thot" would actually be an upgrade.

075484  No.153001


lol butthurt thot detected. im just here to raise some shit with you betafags and roasties. plus BO is p gud. entertainment at its finest

3e0e83  No.153006


Uh huh. "I just did it for the lulz!" You're still beneath a degenerate thot. Enjoy the view.

075484  No.153027


i never said anything about lulz. but yeah. i like the view. as i said. its entertaining to watch you roasties and betacucks kill yourselves over asmr.

stay stressed faggot.

877989  No.153067

Dear Subscribers,

I would like to personally welcome you to Definitive Company Inc and thank you very much for watching with us. Our new and improved channel to offers our customers an easy way to watch Equilibrium ASMR 24/7.

We hope you'll like our expanded selection of Equilibrium ASMR, Roleplay, rarities videos, … and a lot more. Definitive will be expanded all the time.

Please remember: Nobody is perfect like Ginny! It took about three months to install this channel and we've carefully tested all functions of the videos again and again. Most things are happening behind the scenes and it's always possible that we've forgotten something. In this case please help us to improve this place by pointing out errors or malfuntions to us asap when you experience them. Thanks in advance!

And now … browse our channel and discover all the things that Definitive has to offer you.


Definitive Company Inc



P.S. we wouldn't like appreciated if given us bad comments thought to our loyal customer is especially who a bad words style of writing all negative coments will be deleted and will not be approve like this one.

Medicinal Grape Leave this girl alone

Medicinal Grape She aint dead. Look at Equilibrium Asmr

Medicinal Grape Shut the fuck up you pig

Medicinal Grape Yall are the same person* *Please note, your talking to the wrong person.

Medicinal Grape is now banned from this channel for good.

075484  No.153071


and i thought MY spelling, grammar, etc were bad

you drunk? high? retarded?

391f65  No.153073

File: d3bb52313b9a73b⋯.jpg (577.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, downs.jpg)


He's retarded.

877989  No.153104

File: 84863cec28647d7⋯.jpg (27.2 KB, 354x291, 118:97, Sodiumpentothal_thumb.jpg)


i'll take all the above. I just got injected with sodium pentothal, the street name: truth serum.

BTW The Ginny clone be notified soon in the coming months ahead.

stay safe santa, foxtrot one out.


877989  No.153122


>Medicinal Grape Leave this girl alone

>Medicinal Grape She aint dead. Look at Equilibrium Asmr

>Medicinal Grape Shut the fuck up you pig

>Medicinal Grape Yall are the same person* *Please note, your talking to the wrong person.

>Medicinal Grape is now banned from this channel for good.?

why is he never delete that comments from Medicinal Grape?

3e0e83  No.153138


It must be tiresome being pathetic 24/7. Take a year off. You've earned it.

877989  No.153140

I've heard rumors that will be the museum of equilibrium asmr project to be announced soon? is this really true?

3e0e83  No.153150


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! So many REAL fans on this thread!

957fff  No.155856

File: ed86f1c34403773⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 540x440, 27:22, 20.jpg)

877989  No.155859


Remembering Ginny Wenborn as Equilibrium ASMR We Lost Her In 2018.

957fff  No.155865

File: f68f502710742ee⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 21.jpg)

877989  No.155866

File: 6de8e7ca6483d7d⋯.gif (288.67 KB, 320x270, 32:27, d8d7b003cc98b44d2a4ca87e27….gif)

877989  No.155878

File: 2e1a971ce646ce3⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Ginny Wenborn as Equilibri….jpg)

4adfc1  No.155879


Fuck off.

0dd8bc  No.155880


Hi ginny

4adfc1  No.155882


No I'm not Ginny. Laser's shit is fucking retarded and not funny anymore even to us not-Ginny anons.

877989  No.155885

File: 16e4cf1c7031e88⋯.jpg (158.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, clone of ginny.jpg)


just to clarify that.This is the original photo of Ginny on the left side. on the right side it just of clone of her.

you can tell she has a pink mark on eye on the right side below it see it yourself. so, there you go, ginny's fans anons.

However you can't argue with that.

877989  No.155887


well. close enough. I believe your stories

f64960  No.155890


Talking to yourself again?

2a7b17  No.155892


very hot

877989  No.155897

File: b83fba2af462bfe⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 1257x520, 1257:520, b83fba2af462bfe57542e145db….jpg)

877989  No.155901


that's why we talk and discuss about ginny life and legacy. it's impossible with her own standard are too low for her quality make sure her life is real very difficult to handle with environment. but just remember her bipolar disorder will kick in any moment any time anywhere.

2425b4  No.155904


rip in peace ginny

877989  No.155992

File: 6221e8ccf484deb⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 602x401, 602:401, main-qimg-888da750a793a64a….jpg)

This is her new galaxy home, Ginny had A Change Of Cosmic Address.

Happy safe trip back home. enjoy the universe Gin's.

bcdbaa  No.156019

WTF is going on here? Who is this Laserdisc Dream nutcase? Is this thot actually dead or what?

cc30c1  No.156053

I saw Ginny today at a mall in vancouver.

I was too afraid to approach her.

I hate my life. I had one chance.

f64960  No.156055


Tell us which mall so Laser can open an investigation.

98ea4f  No.156058

Rap3 her if you ever see her again you faggot

877989  No.156069


You should told her about laserdisc dream is here in Vancouver Canada.

she'll probably be flipped out for that. then she will run out from the mall get in the car rush back to her place. and scared shit-less to deaf and hide from her apartment.


877989  No.156126

File: 558dcd5de9f4987⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Happy-New-Year-2019-Wishes.jpg)

877989  No.156233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

877989  No.156638


ask Ginny about it she know's.

877989  No.156641



you're not even close. he's not in canada for music business or ginny wanted laser using him as a "boytoy" for a reason.

he's only just here in the USA spend time with his family. maybe his just home for the holidays.

now he's stuck in the U.S. due to government shutdown. he tweeted about it.

7a58c6  No.156645


>government shutdown means planes stop flying

Why are you so fucking stupid

80e5a4  No.159438

File: 33cec638a8ff3c7⋯.png (247.7 KB, 640x360, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-01-25-12h11m1….png)

bb188f  No.159442

File: 24c3623577d84de⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 28845116.jpg)


Thanks m8!

877989  No.159446



AWWW! to are our Unbeloved Ginny the camwhore, The Cosmos is eternally grateful to you as always.

But here on planet earth since you're gone anybody had a good celebration your departure. In eternal love is really good for you,

BTW the anniversary is coming up real soon we will throw you the time of celebrating party of your passing.

rest in peace ginny the camwhore.

enjoy your new eternal universe where you belong.

0b5472  No.159453

can anybody tell us what did really happened to equilibrium ASMR?

did she died or what?

4adfc1  No.159454


No she is alive and made a video roughly a month ago. Some Leaf faggot obsessed with her still bumps her stupid threads.

0b5472  No.159455


like what for instance?

80e5a4  No.159456


No worries, let me know if I should try and rehost this Aftyn vid too >>159437


Neck yourself you fucking mentalist

877989  No.159478


probably why she was fired from her job for being a camgirl.

one thing she screwed up big time she won't be unable to get a regular job anymore hope she on her Criminal background record on her resume.

that's would happened she become a camgirl one big mistake you lose everything period.

4fb555  No.159540

Ginny is still around you know, she made a video talking about that retarded stalker faggot who can't speak English.

f7fb57  No.159657

File: dfc852f30c47f52⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 300x150, 2:1, Nicholas-Cage-Tries-Not-To….gif)

this is honestly the best ylyl thread i have ever seen.

97d7b1  No.159741

>>159540 she made a video when?

did everybody save it?

>>159657 2nd the best thread ever i've totally agreed with you.

but i don't know when his next move.

e07937  No.159742


>did everybody save it?

Yes, each and every one of us. Where have you been?

97d7b1  No.159745


I was gone doing some business can you upload this video here on this site?

i wanted to see it.

e07937  No.159746


I think he's talking about her old videos about you.

a9c6df  No.159934


Jesus Christ, learn to speak English properly you retarded faggot.

97d7b1  No.159948

there is only one way to do. she gotta admit. ginny need to confess he slept with laserdisc dream this will be the biggest topic threat ever seen on social media. go easy on subject everybody will know about it. but she always be a "CRINGE" person she was before.

her next video title will be my life perfectly fine it's not an ASMR description it about laserdisc dream

and she talking him with 1 hours at least on the subject.

it never happened.

47895c  No.159949


>it never happened

This is the only part of this post that is true you psycho faggot.

1d7412  No.160858

File: 097c5fe403999ef⋯.jpg (135.22 KB, 1194x904, 597:452, x1.jpg)

b5ab0f  No.160869


I see Laserdisc hasn't killed himself yet. He still stops by to bump the Ginny thread.

096642  No.160919


that's a picture and not a rambling incoherent wall of text so probably not him

877989  No.160952

File: 7fcd74d1a9f5c83⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1f529912601968fe038f4c5ea4….jpg)

as for the result. here's laserdisc in the future with ginny showing off with new little bundle of joy.

it's the baby of laserdisc jr.

877989  No.160962


Hey folks



I'm not getting her Knocked up for some kid if she wanted a child. there is no way and NO WAY I can't do that !:-)):

finally i made it back home from USA to Austria safe and sound.

i need it get some sleep and take care everyone.



ea6398  No.160966


Did she trapped someone by getting a child?

5d3c5f  No.160994


Oh, you're still here? I'm starting to think you're putting off your suicide just for spite. Carpe Diem

7e7d88  No.161010



You just straight trolling at this point.

877989  No.161011



laserdisc was here?

damn i missed him.

ad5159  No.161305

File: 308edfc97eb36d8⋯.webm (2.64 MB, 1280x544, 40:17, no.webm)


what a fucking joke.

877989  No.164372

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6727cf  No.164375


Can't wait to see maybe 6 new videos, for her to start a patreon, start a premium snapchat, make a video crying about her situation, and then quitting again!

877989  No.164379


that's exactly right.

ginny or nicole she doing a repeat herself all over again.

section repeat A-B.

021ff5  No.164403

File: fe4700c22b4c254⋯.png (13.74 KB, 409x100, 409:100, 2019-03-20 (2).png)

The cucks are already lining up.

6727cf  No.164404


Maybe that's just Laserdisc violating the terms of his probation.

877989  No.164405



There is No wishlist for her. the only wishlist she is getting is boot Kick in the rear end and out of youtube. for terms of his probation violating? I don't think so.

Laserdisc is free as a bird. at last the only thing to do just leave it be or let him sorted out. if somebody will step in to help to getting rid of ginny. I'll step in to help i had some perfect ideas not make it too brutal for this. I'll pretended i was dying of horrible disease then I call the "the make a wish foundation" and telling i wanted deleted her channel on Youtube and that's my wish. then next day. boom!! Equilibrium ASMR channel is gone doesn't exist anymore. I'll be happy she is gone for good. as for me I'll just dancing the night away.

life begin just now.


P.S. this is not Laserdisc authorization posting we're not responsibility or any kind of movements or damage we done.

877989  No.164406

File: b100b9672db158a⋯.gif (1.14 KB, 27x20, 27:20, rot.gif)

before I must go. i wanted let everybody know she starting a donation. on her paypal so please don't send money to her so avoid her donation at all cost

5d3c5f  No.164410


Dang it, she gave you a reason to put off your suicide. Still crossing my fingers you might go out the autoerotic asphyxiation route.

7e5cd2  No.164411

File: 8eae5ad67b83087⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 450x311, 450:311, 1386908115.jpg)


Hooray! Laserdisc Dream and Definitive Company are back and they're better than ever!

Prepare for some serious autism.

8d2622  No.164456

just want to go on record saying fuck creepy laserdisc. as in fuck that guy, not meant as advice for ginny.

8587ea  No.164457


Fuck off Laserdisc you retarded psychopath.

877989  No.164459



Will Ginny is off her meds again she her very own psychopath.

people are saying to you just a cam whore slut who you really are.

im glad that laserdisc dream reported you and fired you at the music industry because over this cam girl scandal that you created.

someday soon Ginny will had a big fall out for her. it might be come back to haunt her. this will had the national ASMR scandal incident all over on social media. this is not a comeback for her it's just a fall out for her

but I totally agree with the people what they saying or chat and posting their own comments about this. more allegations will come in the future for Ginny soon. we just wander off on YouTube. we don't like her and we want her to leave.

8be095  No.164478


>fired you at the music industry for being slutty

Why hasn’t Laserdisc Dream, HR manager of “The Music Industry”, fired literally all female singers in pop music then?

877989  No.164495


Nope, I believe she's a music writer publisher at BMI for major music clients like good Matthew and other music artists then the one and only laserdisc dream. she got terminated from her job at BMI in 2017 because of the camgirl scandal.

I guess he had made the finished complete album for Ginny. the title is called Equilibrium. using CD disc to transfer a outdated 24 track Master tape a good friend and a colleague trusted them he put it into the time capsule bookshelf archive somewhere recording studio in Berlin.

so made never heard it again. Laserdisc left BMI business Industry to join another music publishing in Germany. but get this. it D.G. it's Deutsche gramophone publishing, classic music LOL. but Laserdisc Dream is electronic rock music. I guess he had a good deal with the Deutsche gramophone.

8be095  No.164501


This is all 100% believable and you are definitely just someone who knows Laserdisc or is a fan, and not Laserdisc himself.

877989  No.165008

File: eaf8fad482d76f2⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 125468794564.jpg)

here's her new photo of equilibrium.

it was on laserdisc dream twitter account.

a76315  No.165013


I'm waiting for the new Laserdisc Dream album to drop. He needs to release a new EP to celebrate Ginny's return.

d9c015  No.165049

File: be086082cddfb92⋯.jpg (65.55 KB, 550x710, 55:71, 1955c8d6d90eaa848fae13fc87….jpg)


>has all the time in the world to take the best picture she can

>this was the best she could do

She looks like a cheap hooker.

877989  No.165140

File: 8d9d5d45c7f1dfb⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 716x531, 716:531, 121321543756979.JPG)


believe it or not. there's your answer. I think this is the sequel to ginny. I got it off on his twitter account.

e06a7c  No.165446

File: 8acce5003810cb7⋯.jpg (54.99 KB, 720x406, 360:203, 8acce5003810cb7310d4f2b0f5….jpg)

6727cf  No.165884


I'd kill for this video.

Anyway, new material.


877989  No.165892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



7f2347  No.165897

File: 0181af420ec625f⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 258x250, 129:125, QEQ.jpg)

33a5e8  No.165915

File: d2daa8a021b4506⋯.jpg (148.01 KB, 1436x800, 359:200, mine.jpg)


877989  No.165917


this will look good on my wallpaper. :)

877989  No.165918


Ginny Nicole Wenborn has her very own porn page.

Thumbs up.

877989  No.165921

File: 6c62be5ca22f589⋯.jpg (86.72 KB, 629x744, 629:744, ginny.jpg)

877989  No.166045

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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