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File: 7e6a7e21a651080⋯.png (3.41 KB, 106x186, 53:93, question.png)

542aff  No.153249

It's generally understood that people who do ASMR aren't right in the head. And it seems like ASMR is turning women into literal whores (or releasing the whore out of them). To me there are some clear psychological issues that can be attacked, but I haven't heard of anyone doing it yet. So how does one actually fuck an ASMRtits? Not a relationship (though you can put that type of advice in here).

Pls go easy I'm a /newfag/

0b6f62  No.153253

If I fucked one of these bitches I wouldn't tell anyone. Best thing to do anon is find one in your state/province etc. and start talking - don't reveal you both live in the same state at first that would be stalkerish. Talk to her find out her interests, talk about them, make her laugh and notice you. After a while, casually mention something along the lines of "you're in XYZ hey I'm in WXY…" If she doesn't stop talking, then she doesn't mind that you're in the same state. Like with any girl you like anon, you have to make connections find the same interests. Then if there's a concert/convention or some other event in the area say "hey lets met up so I can fuck your brains out while you are dressed as your favorite anime character." It could work anon.

e05c2a  No.153257

You might get some pussy but for that you have to be their top Patreon cuck.

43d41d  No.153258

what about she go crazy and rant she goes on ranting non stop talking about something or whatever, can we posting on the topic as will.

1e7bee  No.153260

Don't stick your dick in crazy.

e05c2a  No.153264


You can always kidnap a thot and lock her in the basement.

b7e33b  No.153285

> aren't right in the head

neither is anyone on this imageboard

>So how does one actually fuck an ASMRtits?

Make an asmr video then grab yourself a dildo and fuck yourself with it

0b6f62  No.153292


In all honesty you could just probably pay any ASMRtit a few hundred to fuck. They are all a half-step from escorting and some of them are actual prostitutes.

542aff  No.153307


Why does this happen? Why does ASMR turn seemingly sweet looking girls into sexual depravity?

I've seen shy girls and girls that have anxiety and didn't even want to show their face on camera just get sluttier and pop up with more red flags

43d41d  No.153308


that's disturbing and cruelty to do things like that. I just rather run outside the street to call help somebody there is crazy girl is tried to kill me.

542aff  No.153309


Does the number of subscribers matter? There are a couple that have over a half million subs where i'm at (I think).

0b6f62  No.153319


Feminism and social allure of e-celebrity status.

9334d5  No.153320


People love to reward attention whoring and what do chicks love more than anything? attention. Theh probably started the channel because they needed the attention and then realised the futher you go the more you get.

7ef844  No.153331


Because they are looking for attention. No "seemingly sweet" girl needs the validation from males to start an asmr channel (at least not for long, there were plenty of pure girls that quit)

You're only seeing the ones that weren't eliminated.

542aff  No.153671

While this thread is sliding, I'd figure i'd just ask more about women psychology on here.

Why is it that asmrtits disappear for seemingly no reason at all (for months at a time) only to come back? Surely not everyone's life is that fucking chaotic to where you can't commit to a YouTube channel

e05c2a  No.153673


mental issues

852d37  No.153675


its not the chaos in their life. its them using all the betabux to go live it up until the money runs out and comes back to grab more from thirsty faggots

143d06  No.153682

90d594  No.153716

I went to a foot fetish club an ASMR girl I know was a mistress at. I didn't get a session with her though.

f4d1ce  No.153719

28560d  No.153722

File: b7a0209be359aca⋯.gif (144.35 KB, 590x458, 295:229, -9x0FIMAqhO9uX_C1eixwAmkAv….gif)


Pathetic beta cuck.

143d06  No.153729

c43ffe  No.153769

File: a8494de8259ad56⋯.png (312.26 KB, 458x485, 458:485, 1532729988636.png)


>I'd figure i'd just ask more about women psychology on here

d72e73  No.159348

Yea someone whispering in a microphone is so like a whore. Also what is a Male asmrtist? Gay? Lmao also whores are everywhere. Has nothing to do with brushing or other stuff but yey girls get money for attention what whores. You all have no lives and will get HIV 😄

f20390  No.159352

File: 23e8abd9c332715⋯.jpg (114.55 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, asmrer_33481000_1697698403….jpg)


>Also what is a Male asmrtist? Gay?

Yeah. Are you new here?

f20390  No.159353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not even joking when I say this. I'd wager that at least half of male ASMRtits are gay. Another 25% are bi and the remainder are curious.

492982  No.159368

File: 1a7e6b01166b658⋯.jpg (101.41 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, STDPeach.jpg)

On a serious note, there are basically only a few ways to hook up with a celebrity (and famous ASMR thots are celebrities, don't let their BS "girl next door" image fool you.)

And btw, most "creative" (music, film, online) types have mental problems, not just asmrtits so that's not going to help you unless you somehow end up being their therapist/psychiatrist and use that to your advantage.

Basically, the only way to get to fuck one of these thots is to be wealthy and/or famous yourself (wealth & fame interchangeable), ideally much more than the target girl.

Then, only once you have that, you'll need to actually meet & interact with her before you get to fuck her.

Best way to do that is to try to arrange some sort of collaboration with the chick, or even "hire" her for a project.

This will make it a lot more "natural" and morally easy to hook up, rather than just offering straight up money for sex, which most will refuse as it would make them feel guilty.

Once you're regularly interacting & working/meeting IRL, use your game skills to actually hit on her and see if it leads to you two fucking.

So get rich and/or famous, 'cause if you're neither, your odds will be the same as winning the lottery.

7e2bd9  No.159380

File: d3b79175cbecc81⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 560x539, 80:77, nice boobs nothing more.jpg)


If I had fame and fortune, why would I use it to acquire one of these sociopathic trainwrecks when I could use those same resources to obtain a way hotter girl who isn't famous?

492982  No.159381


Excellent point, my "guide" applies only to those fucked in the head enough who are hell-bent on fucking a specific famous girl, asmrtist or not.

Even with no money or fame, there is a much larger number of non-asmr girls to fuck who are hotter & less broken.

I'd love to know why op wants to go for them specifically, considering they're average looking & insane, with an over-inflated ego due to internet fame.

7e2bd9  No.159384

File: 30008183d9585fd⋯.png (507.31 KB, 729x401, 729:401, Capture.PNG)


>an over-inflated ego due to internet fame

My biggest concern with these girls is the backlash from fame, once the ride is over. I watched Olga Kay in her early days and witnessed her rise to internet stardom. Now, she's 36 and sells socks. Her merch ain't going to last forever. Nobody interacts with her on twitter. Tirar pulls more views on his videos than Olga has in 2 years. I'm not trying to hate on the girl, but it's reality. Fame is like a roller coaster. These girls get an adrenaline rush from all the views, interaction, gifts, and money pouring in. Someday, like that roller coaster, the ride will end. I don't think many of these girls are going to be able to cope with it. I think alot of them will have nervous breakdowns. Look at all the Hollywood child actors who grow up to be totally fucked up from fame.

46b6c8  No.159392


Actually, selling socks is a much more stable profession than trying to maintain an elaborate public presence focused on one's self. If she can continue to design something that people want to buy, her looks and personality don't really matter.

What people need to understand is girls who are themselves the product tend to be two faced. They know what brings in the cuckbucks, but they don't want to act like that beyond interacting with fans in a prepared environment. They become disenchanted and, in a way, abusive to those who break that prepared barrier. Then, when they hit the wall and everyone else they haven't been a bitch to goes away, get incredibly vindictive.

492982  No.159398

File: 76d114d5a8f0be0⋯.jpg (145.04 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, laina_31326497_18706772860….jpg)


True, although some do manage to get over it. For example, Laina seemed to be able to give up the fame without problems and settle for a normal life.

Although she was never mentally unstable to begin with, so that may be it.

7e2bd9  No.159401

File: 4eed942d8a29f20⋯.png (406.33 KB, 596x548, 149:137, 1688450007e6fab576e4a4d273….png)


That's really cool and totally nuts at the same time. When you think about how the MSM messes with your head. The girl that was memed to be a psycho possessive girlfriend turned out to be one of the only sane few in the bunch. The girl who was memed to be the insane psychopath, was actually the best waifu all along.

We really are living in the Matrix. I wish Laina was my irl wife. I'd love her forever.

6a5910  No.159403

File: 3898ecfc855abce⋯.gif (9.37 MB, 500x376, 125:94, 1245d9c6172f81cb1de393d58b….gif)


>Ricky is confirmed gay

I have never seen even a single one of his videos, never even heard his voice. I've only come across a few thumbnails but I, like many anons, have always suspected. It's fascinating how homos are just so flamboyant and obvious that even a still image of them can manage to give off certain vibes. It's as if the mere sight of them emits a sort of strange chemical gaydiation.

011e57  No.159544


100% of women are whores, some just hide it better than others.

0b8b89  No.161045

File: 88799e409497757⋯.jpg (86.87 KB, 495x823, 495:823, Untitled.jpg)

thick or fat don't be a nigger

14a2f8  No.161046

this thread makes me embarrassed for being part of this board. I can handle the (un)ironic racism and the constant whining. But this thread is downright pathetic and I dunno how it hasn't died yet

270e33  No.161296


You must not have a very good relationship with your mother (who is apparently a whore)

7693ea  No.161297

Hasn't softlygaloshes dated like only her subs in the past several years? Like every time she gets a new bf it's one of her subs that somehow managed to message her on skype and befriend her.

58fb04  No.161415


No one on this board will ever have sex with another human being.

5f3b33  No.161771


Thank God for that - the last thing this hellhole planet needs is more genetic trash.

29dad2  No.163262


>talk to women about shared interests

This has never worked, women aren't attracted to that shit, they like money then muscles.

7693ea  No.163264

Better question, how do we get a normie girl to like asmr so that when you are fucking her she will tongue fuck your ears for you?

15888d  No.163275


Get both.

d723ee  No.164511


she asked me out on a date like 2 years ago on facebook and i ghosted her lol

43b057  No.165460

File: 026eb61802e3970⋯.jpg (68.61 KB, 821x620, 821:620, cfb80576b862a1a8533efecea6….jpg)


ladies and gentleman, the biggest cuck of them all

2d2cc5  No.165462

File: dd96178d1e4a8a5⋯.jpg (226.74 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, why-is-life-pain.jpg)

I'm still searching for a whisper waifu on GWA with low self esteem, fat, sexually abused, dark sense of humor, mildly autistic, and a perverted imagination.

I still haven't given up.

I know she's out there somewhere.

303055  No.165484

File: b516f598da3c9c4⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 576x720, 4:5, DBp0WIXWAAEGsj3.jpg)

Didn't one of you anon's fuck elise?? I thought i read something like that on here..

d30d68  No.165488


No, but I would help Elise make 75% babies.

d30d68  No.165489


Hey! Check em! I meant to say 75% white babies. My dubs verify this is the best course of action.

380daf  No.165496


basically described every girl on gonewildaudio

b00ef5  No.165755

I fucked a fairly popular asmr personality. She wasn't making asmr yet and had the same bf as now (dude still won't marry her). I met her when she did some low scale modeling, acting and such. I'd post the name but some sperg would send it to her and I'd rather avoid the slim chance that I'd hear about it.

Anyway, she's still attractive and I've actually watched a few of her videos. She's in her 30s now but so am I and I think she held up well. I know this will get called bullshit or ignored but they're just people. They're YouTube people…which means they think 2 hours of work is worth a fortune and they're mostly untalented, unoriginal and unnecessary on the whole. They tend to be lonely and easily won over by placating their undeserved, massive ego. They're extremely attainable until they start making a lot of money.

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